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Reading 1

In the views shared of the reading, there has been a subsequent relation of the workforces that could be provided in terms sector that would focus on the technological and operational changes, It is also one of the things that could focus on the fundamental work. It is important to understand how there can be an immense pressure on HR professionals that can focus and oblige on the country representing it around the world. It is important to balance engagement that can help to make the staff and potential talent.

From eh close assessment, there have to be an industry professional that could virtually focus and build an innovative strategy which would sync into the focus on innovative methods and solutions. There has to be a better insight to discover how there can be a paradigm in terms of the social platforms that can help to relate with the employees better, Equally important is the role of the employers that could virtually represent and be flexible towards a work environment. It would be an edge to relate with an increase in freelance along with creating a significant proportion of the contract staff, that could closely work in terms of the population growth that could target the regional and rural areas.

It is equally important to terms of the challenges that could help the promising signs that would be focusing on the  HR sector. It can help to upgrade the HR skills set and also help to consider a betterment force for the Australian labor workforce.

To relate with the potential breadth of disruption, it is also important to think about how the HR skills would be improving as per the period of globalization along with creating systematic changes to the labor markets (Rmit, 2018). This would be closely be accessed in terms of the businesses across all industries that could represent human resource professionals. It would be close to change management and training skills which can help to transform and represent successful workplace transitions.


Rmit. (2018, October 9). Trends set to impact HR over the next five years. Retrieved from https://www.hrmonline.com.au/sponsored-content/trends-set-impact-hr-next-five-years/.

Reading 2

To relate with an increasing proportion of the workforce, it has to closely impact and relate to the Gen Y staff: that can focus on the population of the 1980 and 2000. There has been a close association with the delivery process, that could be identical in terms of the more engaging training and how it would equally cohort of workers that can advance in terms of the planning (Barnes, 2017). There would be a close attribution in terms of the caveat: In identifying to the given categorization methods –that could closely belong to the grouping people into different ‘generations’ – which would make it a crude and equally helpful.

To improve and focus on the human capital space, there has been a growing emphasis on the complaints managers that could equally be focused on Gen Y. This inspection would be closely be related to representing the key focus on the issues along with significantly be holding in terms of the age, their talent, and equally holding a high level of motivation. It has to be closely be related to how there can be an area of belongingness and how it would equally be obliged in terms of the lack of training which one can potentially be receiving.

There has to be a close training process and imparting of the knowledge, which can help to represent substantial corporate training needs. It has to be alike and focus on the managers that can help to support and build a training system. It needs to equally be supportive and aligned in terms of the better support system.

A close analysis has to think and relate how Generation Y would think progressively,  and it can help to identify the parallel interpretation of the given assumptions.  It has been seen how generation Y has a different approach to their peer's counterparts. In close part, it is better to develop relationships and a strong bonding, that could help to define professional goals. 


Barnes, A. (2017, June 14). How to engage Gen Y with your training. Retrieved from https://www.hrmonline.com.au/employee-engagement/engage-gen-y-training/.

Reading 3

It is important to note how the business can be evolving and inclined to uniquely integrate a better support system towards the ideologies of good people. It states, how as a business leader, it has to closely represent and manage a better system to deliver in terms of the talent and edge out in the real competitive advantage. Another factor would be how there can be a balance in terms of the stable, engaged workforce, along with developing in terms of the clients and customer relationships, In another factor there has to be a likeness that could help to identify how the right set of people would be matching with the rightful frame of development, It has to also the right people in place (MacKay, 2017). This would help to identify a parallel loses and define the business to competitors which can equally do.

To define a recruitment period, it has to edge in competing with the even out scales and also transform into a better system that could help to identify a major business challenge., This would likey to create a better analysis in terms of the talent pool. To represent how there can be identified sources that could potentially be matching in terms of the defining output. Another success, would how there would be an ability to represent the recruits the smaller businesses that could help to identify the fewer zeroes in terms of the payroll budget that could equally be defined as difficult.

Another factor would be the virtual workplace model, which could help to match the changes and all. In terms of the small and medium businesses, there can be identified flexibility that could help to evaluate them. It is also important to match the virtual workplace model that could help to identify a defining relationship in terms of thecommitments and matching deliverables. It is important to support the employees concerning work flexibility and work from home.


MacKay, R. (2017, October 20). How to have great HR in a virtual workplace. Retrieved from https://www.hrmonline.com.au/recruitment/great-hr-virtual-workplace/.

Reading 4

In the given reading, it is clear how there has been a progressive changing nature of work that could help to evaluate and present a better relation to the challenges to any organization. There has to be a close match concerning the that could help to identify the offering in terms of learning and development.

There has to be a better relation governing in terms of 2030 approximately 75 million that could include the 375 million individuals globally. it is important to include a switch occupational categories along with withholding of the desired learned new skills that could focus on the future labor demand along with the close net impact of automation (Kineo 2018).

To relate with the job retraining along with holding the enabling individuals that can help to relate with the learning new marketable skills.There has to be a systematic analysis, in terms of the lifetime that could edge in terms of the critical global challenge along with an ability to think in terms of the Australia that could provide a central challenge.

Another fact is to judge how the workforce is changing rapidly and there is a better ability to prepare in terms of the future.

It is important to interpret how there can be an ability to determine the key facts that can make the skills in an obsolete way and identifying in the accelerating rate. It is important to understand the professionals that could equally match with the marketing, sales, manufacturing, and it would be closely be related to similar demands. 

there has to be a close  attributes in the modern workers ability that could help to transform in terms of devising a better plans74 per cent and an interpretation of what has to be learned and know how to best match to learn and at the same time, how it would be devised in terms of the motivated assessment to understand the technology that could be learned through the given network.


Kineo. (2018, March 29). Are we ready for the challenges of the emerging workforce? Retrieved from https://www.hrmonline.com.au/topics/learning-and-development/challenges-emerging-workforce/.


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