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Career Development Report

Table of Contents

Executive summary.


Self-assessment tool

Career development plan.



Executive Summary

This report presents a brief summary of the individual and the ways by which a self assessment tool can be used. Along with this, in what ways, a self assessment technique could prove helpful for the person in setting a career development plan is also mentioned in a brief way.


In this world, career development plays a very essential aspect for an individual. Since, it offers a high weightage in both personal as well as professional life. This is due to the fact that every individual desires to attain a hike in the working career and does not wish to remain in single place and in single job role. Therefore, in order to accomplish such desire, it is important to enhance the inner skills and knowledge so as to augment the career development (Robinson, 2016).

In this report, the researcher tried to develop a self assessment tool and a career development plan. Finally it is completed with a conclusion. 

Self-Assessment Tool

Self assessment is one of the prime factor that need to be performed by each and every individual prior switching over to any new job or getting into a new work. It is the process that may be used to gather varied types of relevant information regarding oneself before making any decision regarding career. So, it is mandatory to know the inner qualities in an very effective way so as to reduce any sort of negative impacts.

The prime aspects of self assessment tool are mentioned below:

  • Values

  • Interests

  • Personality

  • Skills

Values: values are the aspects that help an individual to accomplish the achievements. The values need to be analysed effectively before staring any new job or changing into a fresh job role. Since, it is the values that make a person motivated towards the roles and duties thereby achieving the goals and objectives. According to the Robinson (2016) values are described as the principles and morals of life of an individual that need to be identified. Doing so, helps a person to identify the strengths and weakness and work accordingly. In contrast, it can be mentioned that failure to examine those might prove extremely troublesome for the person to become successful in the life.

Other than this, values are those activities that could be used to evaluate any specific action, thing or situation or action. However, it differs from person to person and on that basis, the job duties alters. Courage, integrity, forgiveness, honesty, peace and honesty are some of the prime examples of values that need to be taken into consideration. Apart from this, some of the prime or core values that need to be offered highest attention are accountability, diligence, perseverance, discipline and veracity. All these values gets altered from time to time but generally get reflected within the individual work and duties.

If the individual tries to complete the mentioned work in the stipulated time, then he/she is very diligent and accountable in the duties. Failure to do so, means the persons lacks the above said factors and thus, it increases the level of demotivation. Hence, the performance and productivity deteriorates day by day. Therefore, it is the values that acts as the prime pillar of success for an individual.

Interests: As per the views of Claretha (2016) it can be stated that the things preferred and not preferred by the individual. On that basis, the working profile is decided and the performance is maintained accurately. Along with this, interest also described as the philosophical, psychological and economic aspects that act as the key aspects while determining the job roles. Therefore, in regard to these self parameters, the personality of an individual can be judged. In addition to this, it is also depicted by Lenz and Sampson (2010) that interest or personal interest improves for an individual only when the knowledge and expertise over the subject augments.

As a result, the productivity and efficacy of the individual also amplifies considerably. Therefore, it can be mentioned that interest of an individual is considered as one of the key requirement that need to be followed so as to remain successful in regards. Against the latter statement, it can be said that, inadequate interest towards any specific field or subject acts as a barrier that restricts the person from accomplishing the final objective of the job or company. Therefore, it is extremely essential for any individual to judge or understand him or her accurately prior applying for the job.

Since, it may prove problematic for the person to perform successfully in the jobs and to enhance its efficacy in the coming future. It can be concluded that interest seems to be very simple in words but it plays a very essential role within the life of the individual in this current time. And to remain competitive in this changing time, interest need to be enhanced and reshulled so as to get adjusted in any sort of disturbing economic scenario.

Personality: As per the views of Robinson (2016) it can be deciphered that personality are the set of actions or behaviours as well as emotional patterns that arouse from the biological as well as emotional models. Not only this, it is also highlighted that personality is the set of traits that reflects within the individual after getting interacted with an environment. For example: if a person gets appreciated from the top management for the performance, then he/she presents a very big smile and if the opposite happens then a very depressing facial expression can be noticed.

Thus, it can be said that personality is entirely dependent over the environmental conditions and alters from time to time. Apart from this, the four types of personality that can be mainly viewed are sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic. However, most of the people include personality as said above and it can vary from one situation to another.

Skills: these are inner knowledge and skills that an individual includes. These are the inner qualities of a person and on this basis the strengths and weakness are denoted and helps to work effectually. If the individual gets into a job role, which is against the skills and talents then it might prove extremely distressing and can be troublesome in the coming years. Thus, it is good to work as per the ability and capacities. Only then, it would be fruitful for the individual to accomplish the offered job role in an accurate manner thereby boosting the expectations of the seniors. In against the latter statement, Claretha (2016) denoted that failure to identify the skills may create varied types of disturbing troubles for the individual and even he//she might get sacked for ill performance. In regard to this, it can be spotlighted that, it is better to perform or select works as per the inner requirements. Then it would be effectual to fulfil it in an exact manner.

image shows relationship between self assessment and career exploration

Source: Lenz & Sampson, 2010

Conversely, it can be described that self assessment tool is the technique to know oneself in an considerable manner. By just knowing certain factors such as interest, motivated skills, career values, personality traits etc, the career prospects of the person can be determined. The job functions, environment and activities on which, an individual can better perform can be examined in a proficient way. Along with this, all these four factors also assist an individual to remain fit to a specific organization or any job for a long time. And it is these traits that help the individual to offer varied types of advices and suggestion to the top management of the firm in order to sport out any sort of difficult situation (Lenz & Sampson, 2010). 

Career Development Plan

Background information:

Highly analytical, tactical and energetic person , enjoy to work with a team, outspoken and obedient

Short term goals: to deliver the job duties as per the requirement so as to retain the position. And to understand and perform accurately with the superiors so as to maintain team work.

Long term goals: desire to switch over to a new segment or to introduce a personal business, So needed skills and knowledge to retain with the changes of the market in current and future scenario.

Education: MBA with PHD

Competencies and skills:

loyal, hard working, inventive, tactical. Can easily coordinate and communicate with the other team members of the team. Very frank and try to mingle with all the individual

Employment: In a reputed firm

Development of new needs and skills for future: knowledge to understand the policies of the competing players, market moves, risk solving tactics, to resolve situations of distress etc.

Personal Preferences : involvement in a aggressive scenario

Action Plan: wish to work in a changed job role in the present company so as to attain the above stated skills. This can be useful in the upcoming scenario.

Values: creative and inventive in nature

A plan for the improvement of the career is developed. And to make it successful in all regards, it is essential to follow the below given structure as well. It includes five prime stages. In which, the first and foremost is the identification of the goals and interest of oneself. If such can be done, then the individual can easily try to enhance the career prospects by undergoing training sessions. i.e. as per the development plan, to become an entrepreneur in the future, the requisite skills and tactics need to be known. Then as per the interest, the person can boost the inner knowledge and expertise as well. At the same time, proper communication with the other team members is also important in order to gear new facts and figures that may prove effective in the future scenario (Bopp and Bing, 2014).

Along with this, the individual can also talk with the current employer and employees to augment the performance and output. While doing so, the changes witnessed in the current role also need to be examined so that it can be utilised in any other work profile. The strengths and weakness parts of oneself need to be determined and then it need to be verified with the supervisor and the team leader as well. The way, the individual handles a tricky or problematic situation is also evaluated so as to identify the weak points.

This is done, so that, the weaknesses can be tackled effectively thereby advancing the underlining the strengths. Apart from this, mentoring of the activities of the person by any mentor is also another essential thing. Since, in most cases, an individual can become confuse and puzzled and could not find any way out. In such situations, it is the mentor, who can easily offer path to settle it. And, the mentor can also highlight the weak points of the person that need to be rectified or trained so as to change it over to strengths.

In addition to this, constant coaching with the top management and team leaders of the current organization is also quite effectual. Since, it could offer an opportunity to discuss the career prospects and objectives. After knowing about those, the supervisor can guide him/her towards the ways leading to fulfilment of the objectives. This could result in advancement of the employee present strengths and skills. Finally, job rotation is the most explicit point for any employee or individual. This is because, it could offer an opportunity to increase the level of knowledge and tactics. At the same time, downsizing of the organization could also take place. Varied types of potentials and competencies could grow and the horizon could also broaden widely (Claretha, 2016). 

Other than this, self assessment is required to judge, whether varied types of inventive facts and information are gathered or not. To do so, the below points need to be acknowledged:

Values: judgement of the values like honesty, forgiveness, accuracy etc is maintained or any other new criteria like timeliness etc had been incorporated within an individual or not. If so, then that new value can be used for the success of the future long term plans. And it could also be effective in accomplishing the current organizational goals and objectives in an effective manner. The improvement in autonomy, status or achievement is also obtained with the help of these underlining values and so these needs to be preserves continuously.

Interests: The individual him or herself is the only person who can determine the interests. After knowing that, the individual need to work accordingly in order to remain stick to it. Failure to do so exactly might create a situation of disturbance and it may destroy the entire proficiency. The working expertise and motive of the professional career might also get damaged entirely of any sort of personal interest is not accomplished. Therefore, it can be said that the person need to critic ones own self in a significant way so that it can result in positive outcomes. If not performed, then it can be awfully problematic for the individual to perform his or her duties. Moreover, the mentor also needs to examine the teams or employees so as to understand their motives and intentions. This can result in achievement of both private and practised interests in an helpful way. If such is not done, then neighter the person can resolve the duties of neither the current organization nor the future plans can be obtained (Robinson, 2016).

Personality: the individual traits, attitudes, needs and approaches need to be recognised. If such is possible then the changes required for the future can also be possible within a smallest possible time. And the alterations essential to accomplish the future career goals can also be made or geared. Doing so, might be essential for the individual desiring or planning for any sort of changes in the mentioned job role.

image shows career development planning

Source: Robinson, 2016


Conclusively, it can be stated that career development plan seems to be very vague in language, but it plays a very important role. It is this plan that assists an individual to plan his or her duties and activities in a positive way. And it also aids a person to identify the weak points that needs special attention in the recent and current times. By doing so, the inner qualities of the person get enhanced and it could prove helpful in augmenting the current performance. And hence the current boss of the company could also appreciate him or her and alter the rank and roles. As a result, the new responsibilities might become more challenging as well as interesting for the person and this might support in improving the skills and techniques.

Wide range of new knowledge can be obtained by coordination with a novel group and this could be extremely profitable for the person in the coming future. Apart from this, the person may also get a scope to speak in various other topics such as training, productivity, sustainability, competitors policies etc which could result in obtaining a new set of facts and figures. These facts might increase the level of interest of the individual and the motivation towards work could get increased and it can be functional for the company as well as oneself. Along with company work, the idea to become an entrepreneur could also get puffed up with a small period of time. The real confidence and zeal can get boosted and it could be useful for the human being in the future.


Bopp, M. A. & Bing, D. (2014). Agile Career Development: Lessons and Approaches from IBM. Usa; Sage

Claretha, H. (2016). Impact of Diversity on Organization and Career Development. Usa:Sage

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