Employment Relations

1.Do you agree or agree or disagree with the following statement? Inclusivity and diversity are the most important employment relations issues at the present time.

Inclusivity and diversity are definitely of the most important areas emphasis in the current work environment structures and has become a top management level issues around the world in the past few years. People can no longer ignore the unconscious or explicit bias that is exercised at the workplace. Individuals all over the world are getting more and more aware of this inequality when it comes to inclusion and companies have no choice but to ensure fairness at the workplace recruitment.

Racial or gender inequality was always present but now the new generation is more vigilant because they want their voices to be heard. When it comes to any work place setting, if you put a high performing team against allow performing team, you will notice that people can only perform well when they are given the opportunity to speak up or when they feel completely included.

Organisational performance at higher levels demands transparency, employee engagement improved brand name and this is not possible if the company in question continues to practice bias, racial profiling discrimination and pay inequality.

The talent of the new generation is invaluable to companies in the current global market, if the talent feels undervalued or underrepresented, they will leave the company and this will not reinforce organisational behaviour in any sense. Therefore, it is of vital importance that company listens to them at work, creates a framework of transparency and has enough awareness during recruitment or talent acquisition.

This decision to be more inclusive and diverse helps in overarching the company confidence and allows for more innovation and creativity. The momentum and creation of a safe and fair environment actually helps in engaging and motivating the employee to produce their best work thus helping the brand even more. It enhances company performance and helps in building the brand which further attracts more talent. Creation of a safe and diverse environment is elemental comprehensive strategy that can change the future of a company completely.

One invaluable impact of having diversity at the workplace is that it enables everyone to learn more from their environment. The talent from different parts of the world and various countries can do a great job in expanding the employee sensibilities. This way employees can become more aware and develop a deeper understanding, all of this can be extremely helpful in in enhancing the company name in global context. companies can no longer afford to have just a singular mentality that does include numerous though processes.

Even at a management level, heterogenous knowledge is of crucial importance as it helps the senior employees decide the future of a company with larger perspective. Confining themselves to the world around them will lead to them falling behind , which is why they need to include inclusion and diversity to introduce a plethora of idea at the table that help them think better and hence act better in making conscious corporate decisions for better organisational behaviour.

In order to further enhance company performance. The organisation should have the vision and the courage to employ from larger much more talented pool of employees while keeping their traditional prejudices and bias aside. This is not just about creating an opportunity for the workers but also to foster a sense of equality in talent recruitment and increase the company’s accessibility. Somehow, this will help not just certain groups, but the entire company at large as they will be working towards improvement of quality of services or products and not focussing on whether they being represented or heard correctly. This kind of work environment will strengthen the belief of employees in the company ideal and encourage them to work harder.

2.Discuss the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on employment relations in Australia at the present time.

Even though it has been a tumultuous time for employees all over the world, the effect of COVID -19 are not going to be transient in nature. The implications on employment relations are bound to change irreversibly in the corporate context and the impact is pretty visible. It has been some time since the pandemic struck the whole world and shook the current working order and companies and still trying to recover from the impact. But despite the passage of sometime it looks as if, recovery is not going to be so smooth.

To battle the pandemic and its effect, business in Australia has suffered. From reducing working hours of their staff to sending the majority away on unpaid leaves the companies in Australia have taken drastic measures that have impacted the employment situation adversely.

The economy all over the world was already trying to stabilize itself before the pandemic hit. As and when a calamity of this proportion strikes any country, they need some time to gather themselves, but with no sign of this pandemic going any time soon, people will now have to adapt to this changed way of life. The ones most affected will be not just the companies and corporations but also the middle level employees.

When discussing the changing workplace relations employees must not adapt to remote working conditions as face to face engagements will not be happening for a long time. Companies will have to review and reform their employment arrangements so as to adjust to the restrictions and norms set by the government. 7 million of the population has already been unemployed in Australia since the beginning of the pandemic. Almost 80 % of the population believes that their employment status and work life is going to be severely affected by the pandemic. Only 63% of the working population believes that they employer companies will put the health and well being of the employees before their profit. Almost 46% of the population ants to get back to working their offices and previous arrangements because the remote working order has disrupted their work-life balance.

Companies have still not been able to asses the direct relation between remote working conditions ad productivity simply because almost all of them are trying this for the first time. This how ever has brought up the need for dialogue where in management must discuss the new policies regarding the remote working conditions that must be implemented with due diligence and conscience.

But if there is one ting that has been highlighted because of the pandemic it is the fact that the human resource department of a company is invaluable and indispensable when it comes to the conduction of proper company management operations. As more and more employees are working remotely, the need to monitor and administer their behaviours with regard to their work has changed and the agility of people management is proving to be more efficient in ensuring enhanced operations even from home.

Employees now definitely feel more valued as the needless paraphernalia around office infrastructure has been removed due to the pandemic and people just simply have to work so the contribution of the forever valuable employees is what’s holing a company together in these troubling times. The urgency of the global situation and importance of continuing brand continuity in markets is making companies value and realize the importance of employee satisfaction even more. Companies are not going to take this lightly hence new policies and the need to be tech savvy is being reinforced so that people are able to accept remote working conditions as soon as possible and make a smooth transition into it while helping the companies stay afloat in the current pandemic affected global market.

3.How important have unions been in employment relations in Australia? Do unions have a future in the Australian system of employment relations? Justify your answer.

The presence of an employee union often proves to be an invaluable source of support for an employee when it comes to their job security. Trade unions and employee relations in Australia have been of immense significance in ensuring the smooth running of any company but no one can deny the steady decline it has witnessed in the past twenty years.

But even then, unions enjoy an envious level pf power when it comes to workplace bargaining decisions despite not organising strikes at the level they used to. The most important union body in Australia is called the Australian council of trade unions which is a representative of the needs, concerns and demands of the all the employee unions of Australia that are its members.

Unions are responsible for enforcing company behaviour with employees and labour laws. It represents a functional entity that more serious and older worker opt for in order to ensure their job security young workers or part time employees are less likely to sign up as a union member.

The role of a union is to team up with the management to help in resolving of workplace conflicts and issues. They are here to be the voice of the employees and make sure that they are nit exploited. A union is a safe guard for the employees that helps in ensuring that employees meet their minimum obligations too.

The unions are responsible for maintaining a sense of workplace safety laws for all its members and also taking care of the work place laws in accordance with the company. It’s the unions that have protected the rights of the employees and workers of company by ensuring that they are not discriminated against.

Unions are responsible for the negotiations on employment conditions provided by the company as they know the employees better and can put forth their concerns to the employers in a unified and effective manner. Terms of agreement when it comes to enterprise management is also bargained by unions. A union official has to be present when these conditions are being set.

The role of a union thus becomes indispensable in ensuring a good working life for the employee despite this Australia has seen a steady decline in industry unions in past few years and this is because of some major structural changes. Though unions still continue to exercise some power over their employers, their role has changed significantly.

With the change in technology and global market, more and more flexible ways of employment are coming to the world. The older methods of trade unions are proving to be more and more redundant in the current working environment. Only the unions associated with healthcare or education or few other sectors have been able to maintain their level of significance and managed to increase their members in such changing times.

As more and more companies opt for part time workers or skilled labour on their own accord, they tend to render the system of unions as obsolete. They very first reason that unions came into being were the fact that employees were not being paid their due or being mistreated by their employers.

But with changing times the level of transparency and the regard for employee right is not some knowledge that is restricted to unions. There are certain mandates that have been set by the government regarding minimum wage and employee rights too. The companies employing people have to adhere to these laws no matter what.

The future of unions is unpredictable but not completely over in Australia. The sectors where the workload is too high and the employees may be not represented properly may require the use of unions but for the larger art of the employment relation sector, it is to possible that companies will get away with treating them wrongly.

4. Identify the ways in which employees have a “voice” in employment relations. How important is it for employees to have a “voice” in employment relations?

The parameters with which an employee’s potential is judged are many, but most of them are central to every company. If an employee is able to consistently meet these standards without having to compromise on their dignity it is ideal for not just the company but also for the wellbeing of the employee.

This is an ideal situation. There are many companies across the world that follow this norm, but for the ones tat don’t, or the ones that seek to exploit their employees, it becomes mandatory that the employee decides to stand up for themselves.

Whether it is through a proper agreement documents, contract law or legal representation, no matter what their personal equation with their employer is, an employee must ensure that their needs and concerns are being met. Companies must have a system in place wherein they engage their employees to have a voice.

Hosting regular meeting and personally interacting with their employees should be a must for the senior management of a company. When it comes to high performance oriented, innovative work place, transparency is of paramount importance and this can only be promoted when there exists a system that encourages the employees to feel safe in sharing their thoughts and suggestions in project management.

The Australian unions and their impact have reduced in the last twenty years as they were not functioning as direct channel anymore. Now companies have more team meetings, briefings semi-autonomous teams that are way more direct channels of putting forth the ideas and showing the direct cause and effect of employee-employer relations.

Non union employee councils are another way of having a voice at the work place. Statistics clearly show that employees have benefited a lot more due to the change in direct voice as it enables them to cater to their subjective needs and asserting their value at the company.

This is also extremely important for positive organisational behaviour as employees can have a direct impact and be immediately answerable and accountable for the decision-making process. This gives them the sense of value and also ensure better employee-employer relations.

By giving them a voice, a company can also ensure that its employees will work harder for the organisation as it is not just linked to their performance anymore but also their personal subjective motives. There is a lot more at stake but with a feeling of belongingness. This will reinforce positive organisational behaviour.

Companies ned to give their employees voice as the lack of it will result in shutting down of creativity. One of the ways in which they can give their employees voice by giving them more control over their to do list and schedule. By doing this they ensure that they give their employees a sense of autonomy that helps them get more responsible as they understand the kind of faith the company has in them.

By letting employees choose their area of expertise they are also liberating them from excessive scrutiny and ensuring that they can work accordingly. This kind of flexibility give employees a sense of power and also a place of their own in the company. This is also a way of giving them a voice.

Another way would be to ensure that the moth end review of their performance by a manger is not a one way , traditional analysis but more like an interaction sessions where the employee can also talk about their working experience. This gives them the freedom to talk freely and explain the factors that motivate their company behaviour. It creates the room for improvement but also creates a transparent atmosphere that does not pressurize the employee but makes them feel heard, seen and valued by their employer.

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