Systems Analysis and Design

Executive Summary of System Development in Willowbrook School

In this assignment, the system development of Willowbrook is analysed. The report mentions that identifying the need of client is key factor in system service. There shall be an interview between the client and service provider. CRUD and Waterfall model has been considered here for system development and system up-gradation. In the end, security issues are provided as a limitation to system service.



Issues associated with the present system:

Scope of the proposed system:

User stories and acceptance:

Case description:




Introduction to System Development in Willowbrook School

Implementation of software support eases the task of the operator and thus reduces the probability of error (Ahituv et al. 2020). Also, it provides better security to business data than the conventional system. As a service provider, one needs to consider, the requirement of the client, analyzing these requirements and identifying the key points. Then a draft would be made and presented to the client. There shall be a modification if the client asks for it. In this research, the researcher will verify the same to recommend a solution for Willowbrook school. The data from the interview with school authority and other similar cases on the internet has been a source of this assignment. 

Issues Associated with The Present System

The role of the information system adviser is to relate the existence of a technical requirement by understanding the voice of a non-technical person (Saarinen 2019). For example, in this group study, it has been found that issues like data mining, data editing and data processing are mentioned as an error, workload and overflow of data. Besides, the complex traditional data processing system is also a requirement that is motivating the Willowbrook School authority to opt for an information system. As per the group discussion, three major issues have been identified.

  1. Complex data operation:

As per the discussion with School authority, it was very clear that none other than Madrid is facing the actual issues due to this conventional system. According to Zeng et al. (2020), traditional worksheets are provided with a very easy interface. If the data is small then one can easily find and process data. However, it does not allow a person to make a group of data. Therefore, if the data is large then an operator has to select the entire set of data and copy it to another one. However, it consumes extra time and at the requirement of emergency services, this process is very inefficient.

  1. Error:

Saarinen (2019) stated that any organization dealing with large data is very much vulnerable to error. The reason behind this is most of them are still considering a traditional system or the operator is lagging concentration. In this case, the group has identified that increase load and the traditional system is producing an error in Madrid's work. However, the subtle fact is working on a sloth and error-sporadic system leads to mental dullness and it increases the rate of error.

  1. Data mining:

The major problem that is causing the others is not identified by any of the authority. But the group has identified that. All these issues are somehow related to data packaging. For example, if the data packaging system was better than copying then it will require a fraction of second. In addition to this, searching data will be very easy as they are somehow related to a group. Rate of error will be reduced if the system has an efficient data organization (Zeng et al. 2020). Thus, the key issue associated with the previous system is poor data mining.

 Therefore, the proposed system will focus to deliver an infinite memory and enhanced data mining ability.

Scope of The Proposed System

The proposed system will be operating in basic but with advanced technology. The scopes of this system are mentioned below.

System description:

Madrid’s computer will be provided with a system where a search box will be provided. In addition to this, there shall five different virtual keys. They are- “import”, “export”, “new file”, “new folder” and “delete”. This process is based on the CRUD model as mentioned in Appendix 1 (Zeng et al. 2020). As an operator, when a single registration application comes, Madrid can use the new file. If a new program is added to the curriculum in future, then Madrid can use a new folder. If a data is required to be found, then "import" will assist her. If a data needs to be copied to somewhere else, then Madrid can do by simply using the export key. This system will be connected to Oracle server so that a cloud backs up all the data to prevent data loss. However, the HDD of Madrid's computer will act as a local server. To improve its performance, HDD is replaced by a 1TB Solid-state drive.

If any other system improvement is required then the group will organize another interview. However, this times the operator and the executives will be interviewed only. Based on this, the functional and non-functional requirement of this system has been verified (Kishi et al. 2019). So far, the identified functional and non-functional requirements are mentioned in the table below.

Functional requirements

Non- functional requirements

· The business requirement of error-free admission

· User requirements of flexible operation

· The administrative requirement of routinely data operation

· System requirements of advanced technological support

· The system will be usable to a single person only

· The system will be reliable up to 15 years

· The system will be smaller but efficient and high performing

· As an IT official, we shall provide support for free for next years and paid support for lifetime.

· The system will be secured by an advanced anti-spyware and anti-malware software.

· A fingerprint scanner will be provided for hardware security.

 According to Kishi et al. (2019), the system requirement can be classified into two categories. They are functional and non- functional categories. As per the interview, the group has identified that the business of the school is getting affected as increasing load is dominating over sloth operation due to a poor system. The operator requires a system which is flexible and similar to a spreadsheet. The administration requires to be notified in every two weeks. This proposed system requires an advanced technology especially provided cloud operation and a high rate of data transfer with SSD support.

Non-functional requirements are those promised by the service provider as an extra (Kishi et al. 2019). For example, only Madrid will access the system. Hence, the security will be limited to her only. As the school cannot afford much money, the system should be economical. So, the system will be reliable for the next 15 years. For support, the group has proposed to deliver 12 month's free service. There shall be a record of school and personal details of students and their parents. Thus, the advanced data security system is proposed. To prevent internal invasion, the fingerprint scanner is a requirement in the system.

User Stories and Acceptance

As a professional in system manager, a group should always organize some short interviews to identify requirements in a system. These requirements are extra rather than the fundamentals one. Thus, it can be treated as secondary and least important. However, Davis and Yen (2019) mentioned that the second requirement carries personal interest of the authority. Hence, they shall be treated with serious concern. However, if they are found irrelevant then they shall be drained.

The group has confirmed that thy may listen to every stakeholder's request and change the system accordingly. However, the recommendation may not be harmful to the no-functional operation of this system. Thus, it has been adjusted as the qualifier.

Michelle Madrid seemed to be a very generous human. However, she was very much uncomfortable with a new type of software as she described. She mentioned that the proposed system may be different in look than the worksheet she works on. Therefore, things can be very difficult for her. Therefore, she requested for a system which may look similar to a worksheet page and it works efficiently. She wanted a modified worksheet. One day Michelle was working on the worksheet and she was asked to find the name of the student who was enlisted in Kindergarten in 2011.

So, she searched for the folder of 2011. Then she searched the kindergarten folder. As she found one, she opened the worksheet. As she runs the command, the file reverted that some functions are missing. At present, she could not understand its meaning later identified that the worksheet version older. Thus, it cannot support the latest commands. So, she has to search every name in the worksheet using the manual method. Madrid described that she was using a new system previously implemented in the school. But the system was so complex that they had to terminate that order.

Kathy, as an executive, wanted to minimize the cost of maintenance. As the proposed system mentions aa lot of feature, Kathy was very much scared for its maintenance. So, she said if the quality is compromised. For example, the essential qualities will be provided, but no extra feature will be there (Yang and Yang, 2020). However, the other executives have not provided any special requirement. Kathy mentioned that earlier system which was compromised for complexity was ideal for their budget. So, she wants something like that. Kathy also mentioned a story. The computer in which Madrid works contains very useful data. Data about the bank detail of Willowbrook school. One day, she came in the morning and found that the system was open as unsecured. Madrid was asked whether she forgot to shut down the system or not. She could not remember it. Besides, the school authority had to change their bank details for safety.

The key elements in this story reveal that the proposed system should be very much user friendly and it should not include a large number of features. Along with this, the budget of the system should be kept low (Yang and Yang, 2020). However, there may be no compromise of quality and security. Another key point identified from the story of Madrid is, the data assurance in their previous system was very much unsure. A digital source saved in 2011 was found corrupted 9 years later. Data corruption is mainly due to a glitch in HDD or any other semiconductor memory. However, Cloud is far more reliable than that but, the story of Kathy mentions that this cloud should be economical.

Case Description of System Development in Willowbrook School

Based on the discussion the group identified that security of data is a key function that should be presented in the proposed system. Therefore, the group members researched for other sources. One of the frightening cases found by the members is the report of K-12 Cyber security. According to Yang and Yang (2020), around 1,200 computers of Louisiana high school were hacked in 2019 and asked for a ransom. In 2019, the attack of ransom ware has gone triple than it was in 2018. This is maybe most of the schools are considering the information system and the computers are connected to the school-server.

For a non-profit school like Willowbrook, it is impossible to provide a huge ransom. However, the management cannot afford to provide vital facts on the dark web. So, it is an ethical situation.

The second case study is more concerned with the system provider. In Singapore, an IT vendor named Learn aholic was fined $60,000 for a data breach in School (Yuan et al. 2019). Around 47,000 student’s data were leaked and hacked. These data were sold on the dark web. The school authority denied responsibility as the system was assured by the IT vendor. The ministry of Education intervened in the situation and asked for an investigation. The alleged was proven accused as a security system in school was found very ordinary (Yuan et al. 2019). However, Learnaholic tried to defend themselves as the budget of the school did not allow them to provide advance security.

Key points of the case study are the security of interface is the liability of the service provider. UI of the system is required to be very smooth and it should recheck continuously regularly. There should be a biometric lock in the system. The system should be simple and operate on CRUD modelling. CRUD will apply to the user interface and it will be then connected to the main application. The actual read, write, delete and update operation will be performed in this stage of the system (See Appendix 2) (Yang and Yang, 2020). The processed data will be verified and transferred to the database. There shall be security verification for each stage.

Recommendation on System Development in Willowbrook School

  • There shall be a mixture of an internal and external database. The internal database would store immediate data. While the past long data will be uploaded to the cloud. It will keep them safe in an external environment.
  • The UI of the system should be very simple as requested by the user.
  • There shall be no compromise to foster the security of the database.
  • There should be a service policy on a regular basis. It would enhance the CRM policy of the service provider.
  • The data should be searched by ‘date’, ‘title’, ‘extension’. The cost of the system should be marginal.
  • The future maintenance of this system should be made based on the waterfall model structure (See Appendix 3).
  • The entire project should be quantized in some small tasks and assign each task in chronological order to achieve success.
  • Waterfall model will help the service provider to identify the requirement of the system. Then designing the requirements. There may an issue with the designed interface. Hence, verification will be done. In the end, the system will be maintained if it requires any change.
  • Technical support will be managed by a monthly visit to the school. If someone tries to break into this system then there shall be an alarming system. The operator may face issues to work on this new system. Hence, a video tutorial will be shared with the operator to identify the features of this new system. Instead of this, there shall be a telephone number for support to any technical queries.

Conclusion on System Development in Willowbrook School

In this assignment, the system up-gradation of Willowbrook school is analysed. In this group analysis, it has been found that an efficient, secure and highly assured system is required. Besides, an interview with officials wanted an economical and least complex network is required for them. Therefore, the CRUD model has been identified as a solution to this situation. The maintenance of this system will be made on the basis of the Waterfall model. There shall be technical assistance to guide the operator when in need.

References for System Development in Willowbrook School

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