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Context - ABC Marketing Solutions is a very well known company in the field of marketing. It is a company that was started from the scratch and now it is on the clouds, touching every possible height in the field of marketing. Mr. Sins is the manager of the ABC Marketing Solutions and have been perfectly managing the role as manager from the past ten years. As a manager of this organization, he wants the qualified applicants for marketing according to the frequency of the vacancies that is more than fifty. Mr. Sins wants the candidates who are ready to devote the long time period at organization. He decided the turnover for the recruitment should be $5,000 or less.

Job Description - The ABC Marketing Solution needs the candidates who are aspiring, qualified and have at least one year of experience in the field of marketing. Marketing needs the quality of communication at it’s best, so the applicants should have the best communication skills and should have a very pleasant personality for the comfort of the clients. The applicants should have basic knowledge of computers. The ABC Marketing Solutions deal in marketing and for that it needs the candidate who can explain the features of any product and can easily guide the clients in the best possible way. The job will need regular presentation to the clients and the regular follow ups. 

Selection Criteria - The selection criteria for a candidate in the field of marketing is very different from all the sectors. Marketing is a very critical sector that needs specific qualities in the candidates that include - 

  1. Confidence - Confidence is the major key element of any field. If a candidate is confident enough to present himself or herself then he or she is the best required candidate in marketing. Marketing requires communication and communication requires confidence. If a candidate fumbles or gets nervous during the interview then the chances of his or her selection gets low. 

  2. Knowledge - The candidate should have some basic knowledge or marketing. The ABC Marketing Solution requires those candidates who know about the marketing criteria and the basic points that are to be followed in the field of marketing. 

  3. Communication Skills - In the field of marketing, communication skills play an important role because the employees of the ABC Marketing Solutions have to meet with different kinds of clients and have to show the presentation about the deals of the organization. 

  4. Critical Thinking - While working in an organization, it’s not important that the things will always go easy in the job, there are things that can go sideways sometimes so, in this situation an employee needs to have quick thinking to overcome the unfavourable situations. 

  5. Personality - Personality of an employee says a lot about the organization. While having the meeting with the clients, the employees should be presentable to catch their attention and to build trustworthy relations.  

  6. Ambition - Ambitious employees are the ones who are the assets for the organization as they are effective and efficient. 

There are some situations that can arise in the process of selection that is there can be more applicants than anticipated and have to choose the best one then the keys of the selection criteria should include - 

  1. Learning Attitude - There are only a few applicants who are ready to learn while working and in the field of marketing the most required skill is learning attitude. 

  2. Ownership Quality - One should always have the ownership quality that can benefit the organization. 

  3. Seeks Opportunity - The employees who want more opportunities in the job are ready to go extra miles while working. 

Recruitment Strategy and advertising - The recruitment strategy that should be adapted by while selecting the candidates can include various types of ways like creating a clear vision of what kind of employees are needed in the organization, the company should create some job posts that should reflect the company’s need, the practices for attracting the employees should be implemented like opportunity for career advancement, perks, incentives, fair salary and the security.The strategies that should be used by the organization for recruiting the new employees are that they attract the candidate and provide the practical information about the job requirements. The HR manager of the company should know that a beneficial job that provides security and economic stability in life motivates the talented candidates for the jobs. So, the organization's strategy is to provide the security of the future of the employees by providing them the schemes and the services that will help them in emergencies like providing health insurance and another strategy is to make sure that every employee gets deserved perks and incentives from the organization. The overall recruitment strategy for the ABC Marketing Solutions should include advertising the recruitment process on the platform like social media, creating some jobs posts at portals that are oriented with jobs and it can also consider the recruitment from the best universities. The expected applicants for the marketing job is more than fifty. The promotion and the advertisement should be promoted on the websites, job portals, social media and at newspapers. The promotion should continue till then the organization finds the right candidates for the marketing job. The other form of advertisement can be implemented through the emails by using the applicant tracking systems that can help the organization to get the contacts of the aspiring applicants who are looking for the job. The estimated itemised costs can go upto $500 in using the applicant tracker. 

Recruitment Advertisement -

The ABC Marketing Solutions is one of the best companies in the field of marketing and the organization is well known for the perfections. The ABC Marketing Solutions have come with a great opportunity for those candidates who are looking for the jobs in the field of marketing. The recruitment process is only for a very short time of period and the company will shut down the applications very soon. The ABC solutions is looking for only fifty best candidates and the requirement includes - 

  1. Basic qualification are required

  2. Minimum experience of 1 year is necessary

  3. The candidate should have the best communication skills

  4. The personality of the candidates should be presentable

  5. The candidate must know about the basic computer skills. 

The aspiring candidates who want to give the interview can submit their applications on the portal of ABC Marketing Solutions at www.abcmarketingsolutions.com. The process of recruitment will start from May 30th, 2020. The salary is negotiable. 

Decision Making Selection Matrix - The selection method includes -

  1. Looking at the applications - The initial stage of the selection method includes searching the best applications that have been sent by the candidates. 

  2. Shortlisting the applications - After analyzing the applications, the next step is to shortlisting the applications that are appropriate and fulfill the requirements of the job. 

  3. Deciding the Interview - The next step includes deciding the dates and timings for each of the applicants to give the interview. 

  4. Introduction round - This round is a very basic stage of the interview that includes only the introduction part of the applicant

  5. Psychometric Testing - This process includes the test of checking the ability and the presence of mind.

  6. Personality testing - The next round of the interview should include the personality testing in which the gestures and other parts of personality will be judged.

Decision Making strategy and criteria - The combination of multiple regression, multiple cutoffs, and the multiple hurdles should be implemented because in the field of marketing an employee should have dynamic approaches to make the project successful and the marketing field is based on human nature as well. The combination of all these approaches will help to find the appropriate candidate for the ABC Marketing Solutions as the client needs and behaviours are not the same. There are many unexpected hindrances that come while working in marketing that is why it needs the combination of all the multiple approaches to find the best candidate. The decision making criteria will be based on qualifying all the required steps that includes the introduction round, the psychometric testing and the personality testing because all these three attributes are required in the field of marketing. The candidate who qualify all these rounds with more than 80% marks in each and every round would be the first who will be offered the job and if there will be no one who gets 80% in each of the round then the candidate who got at least 50% in each round will be the second one who will be offered the job. In the situation where no one meets the criteria and no one gets the minimum marks, then there will be the selection of the average candidates and they will be trained accordingly.

Psychometric Assessment - The psychometric assessment will be the one of the decision making criteria that will include only an assessment of handling the situation. In the assessment of handling the situation, the hypothetical questions will be given to the candidate and the candidate have to answer the questions in the context of handling the unexpected and unfavourable situation that can harm the business that is raised by the clients.The field of marketing an employee should have dynamic approaches to make the project successful and the marketing field is based on human nature as well. The business of the ABC Marketing Solutions deals with the clients and they can raise any situation that can be hard to handle. The clients nature and behaviour is not same so, it is important that an employee knows very well to handle the situations. The timing of the assessment will not be more than fifteen minutes and the cost that is included in the assessment will be very minimal that is $100. The cutoff marks for clearing the assessment will be at least 80%. The justification for this recommendation is that in the field of marketing, an employee should have the basic presence of mind to tackle each and every client on its own.

Interview plan - The basic interview that is the introductory part will be conducted by the HR and the other levels will be conducted by the HR managers or Team leaders.

The question for the basic stage of interview should be - 

  1. Tell me about yourself

The answer from the candidate should elaborate about what kind of person he or she is, what are the hobbies, what qualification he or she has done and why the candidate needs the job in the ABC Marketing Solutions. 

  1. What steps would you take if a client declines and is not interested in the products of the company?

The expected answer should mention the key points and the measured steps that includes asking the client about his or her interest and doing the follow ups on the daily basis

  1. Where do you see yourself in the organization after five years?

             The expected answer from the candidate should include the dedication and loyalty

             Towards the organization.

Reference check plan - The reference check plan will be a very strict process as it is important to get the true information about the candidate and the previous experiences of his or her. The reference will be checked by the calling team and will gather the information from the previous organization of the candidate. The required information will be based on the quality of work and the consistency of the candidate. It will also include the sincerity of the candidate. The example of the reference check is -


Sustainability - While applying the strategies and the practices for the recruitment, the major and the most important factor to take care of is sustainability. To make sure that any resource does not get waste or there is no wastage of any and time, the practices that will be adapted before the recruitment is the high level of planning and the implementation of practical practices for the recruitment. The expectations should be realistic and the actions should have a proper quality of work. To ensure the sustainability of the ABC Marketing Solutions the proper planning and discussion will be implemented. 

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