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Human Resource Management Introduction

Part A


Answer 2


Human resources work dynamics

The future of the HR work is to bring changes bought to the business and also for the overall transformation. A company with vital roles and even would hold an important role in the future. It would be flexible and dynamic reorganization which can be in sync to the part of the hierarchical structure and it would further be structured concerning the companies having small work teams (Armstrong).

Human resource is imparting more learning -digital

The trend is all the employees of the various division and departments are working for the latest roles and the upcoming divisions. As observed, the companies would hold continuous learning. It is important to synchronize concerning the content that can help to attain continuous learning. To equip employees and also follow the skills and knowledge, it is necessary for the organization's key training and development that can hold a flexible and curated learning model in the specific real-time. The companies need to integrate the Learning Management Systems (LMS) and include videos, mobile content, micro-learning, techniques, and learning (Armstrong). It includes the training and the development and all the findings, that has gone virtual.

Talent acquisition

The importance of talent acquisition is to scrutinize for the human capital-based economy, including talent acquisition, and to have the technological revolution. The companies essential edge is to bring out the best recruit (and then retain)  with the rightful set of right people, human resources leaders, and can be hired with the help of(HireVue), online forms, social networks (not just LinkedIn) and Skype interviews (Collings).

Human resource networking

The key for the human leaders is to focus on maintaining the corporate culture of companies, to improve employee motivation and engagement, and to develop an environment that can be fine support to the demanding environment) and facilitate the transition (Garavan).

Appraising employee performance

The way a new employee performance would be evaluated would be based on the performance and the promotion that can work in changing.  It is how there can be an experience, seniority, and examinations that can necessary shift with the changing dynamics.

Human resource is the strategic role

The leaders can also bring the essential needs and it is necessary to address the diverse leaders that can be agile and be in command of the continuous learning and development.

The trends provided with the brief of the impact on human resource management would be as follows-:

Digital-: More talent which has collaborated with the unique designing and can be developed with the insights It would help to bring in more cloud services such as to develop the more course, workings, and even the learning’s with the new learning’s and the set workings.

Online Virtual-: As everything is in the cloud space and it is connected, the virtual key connection has helped to bring in the more revolution and the more command. The online virtual courses, new learning’s and to update oneself continuously, has helped to demand more job-related workings (Nankervis). 

Human resource is more dynamic and with the online trends, the online training, development and the learning have also become robust and more connected. Human resource has become more versatile and it includes, researching and scrutinizing the employees working globally. For example, if they are targeting China, the HR role in the India would be to target the staff in China and hire the more experienced and knowledgeable person within the company, that can help the company to grow and expand in China.  

Answer 4

A job analysis is defined as how one can be a more comprehensive way to understand the desired way of “can do” and “will do” related to the service, sales, and support job. The necessary job analysis would help to identify job candidates and can include the highest potential ways to become high performers. To use the job analysis with the selection foundation, it is essential to bring in the organization that can include benefits further with higher customer satisfaction, includes the higher revenue per call, and one who can rightfully fit into the company culture (Orna).

Job Analysis is a part of the essential services of the human resource management process which can be linked with the strategic planning that can be related to the analysis of tasks and responsibilities. Through the SHRM it would be essential to access the risks and hazards, functions and duties and it is best to understand the tools and equipment that can denote the expected output. It is important to have the conducting process that can note how there would be essential steps for the fit into a particular place that can lead to work done (Armstrong). Due to Strategic Human Resource Management, it is essential to note how one can exploit human capital which can achieve the organizational goals.

Job Analysis helps to identify how it can bring in the efficiency to the training needs analysis and how the employees, can note to match with the desired output such as SHRM relates to the training content, when and how to train, and to achieve the higher business profits (Stewart). It is also essential to note how there can be key successful plans over the future strategies of a company, and further, it can be helpful to note the job analysis that can be served based on the information achieved with the help of the process that can be genuine, managers would approach the information with the set strategies and policies that can remain pro-active to deal with unforeseen situations (Stewart).

It is essential to relate to the job analysis process that can be identified in the process of human behavior within the organization. To sync in the ideas to achieve successful jobs, it is important to achieve the strategies and it can be related to the Strategic Human Resource Management (White). The rightful understanding of the right person at the right place can help to relate to the right time with the employees. The optimal utilization of human resources can be understood strategically.

Job analysis can be described as to how and when it can be fit into the specific place and why. It is essential to have the process to align the HR processes and functions. To include the organizational strategy this can identify the talent crisis along with the market competition. The process of job analysis would involve the job-related information and assembling that can integrate with the corporate strategy and how it would be helpful for the HR managers that can determine the target and further can relate to filling a particular job vacancy. 

The observed HR verticals would include the recruitment and selection, training needs analysis, and further would include the performance evaluation and appraisal. It is essential to include the analysis of the entry and exit of talent and can connect to the various HR functions with organizational goals, having a set of work quality, organizational culture, and related to the annual turnover and profit for future organizational needs.

SHRM is aimed to understand all the basics of the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an organization and include the jobs likewise (White).

Part B

1. The Google organization can approach the performance management systems that can include the key assessment of all the employees and even can evaluate with the organization parameters. The performance can be distinguished and be including the organizational member and how to achieve the goals of the organization (Armstrong) Performance management is defined as the regular system that can access how the organizational performance would be improving and how the performance of individual persons along with the teams can improve. The performance management strategy can help to understand the strategy, which would include the procedure of providing the study and it would help to attain the performance of the employee and further, can improve the important tool to relate with the decisions of the human resource department. Performance management is integrated with the one-step approach that can relate to attaining sustained success to organizations and the people need to work and support the key capabilities of teams and individual contributors.

Performance management is also one of the key methods for the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of the work performance of employees that can work alongside the goals and objectives.  Due to the successful performance management, the step is to work over with the performance and understand the performance requirements, and further to provide the feedback requirements to support the career development (Armstrong).

‘Google has included the performance management as it is in sync to the overall high-performance culture that would further include the individual's support and the teams that can own the responsibility with the continuous improvement of business processes and it is essential to relate with own skills and contributions to support the leadership (Armstrong)

Google goals and performance management objectives are-:

  • To make the employees supportive and find the knowledge and skills with the job well,

  • To make the ability of improved standards and further to including an overall work performance of the employee (Armstrong)

2. Due to the performance management systems, while the achievers get the rewards and the recognition, the other would get the low bonus and low profit. Google with the PMS has  more and less the survival tricks, which can work under the people's defined roles and the objectives. The Google Company focuses on goal settings is every individual contributing significantly and achieving the crux of the goals. The value-based objectives and the goals can be under the desired match and the roles. It should work under the key objectives and can relate to it (Armstrong). The organization can further work in accordance to the goals settings that can be desirable and achievable with the entire framework. As the performance management systems, only recognize the achievers, based on the various assessments like the productivity, quality, domains, and the knowledge base, the drawbacks can be biasedness and favoritism. Every individual can work collaboratively, only if they can work under the given goals (Armstrong). The drawbacks can be a lack of output and productivity and even taking away the credibility. So the performance management systems should be 360 degrees and should be transparent, with the line manager support and the cross-functional manager review support. 


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