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  • Subject Name : Human Resource Management

HR Policy and Design

Part 1:

Policy analysis of Intro Travel Australia

The Human resource management policy of a tour and travel industry is required to be very effective as the industry is completely volatile. There is no possible prediction can be made to identify future market growth. For example, Madera et al. (2017) mentioned that one year you can see a hike in Europe and you start to prepare your business for the next year. But next year hives came for Asia. However, the greatest challenge for the HRs to manage the schedule for a complete year. Here the researcher shall analyze the policies associated with Intro Travel which is an Australian travel industry, mostly responsible for domestic business.

Internal analysis of Intro travel:

Organizational objectives and issue

The objective of the organization is to provide assistance to solo and group travellers. They are mainly targeting the Asia Pacific region. Most popular places are like Bali and Thailand. To remove the language barrier it is offering a part time job for foreign workers in Australia. HR needs to manage a minimum payment of 19.49$ per hour (Scherrer, 2020). However, the payment offered by the HR of Intro travel is between 18 to 25$ per hour.

Culture and management

The employees of Intro travel are mostly from different races creating a huge cultural barrier among themselves. They do their job rather than enjoying it. The management is also subtle to create a bond among the employees as they are part-time employees.

Ethical treatment to employees

The HR of Intro Travel is very accurate to pay the remuneration of the employees on time. However, the employee expects a bit higher payment as minimum wages in Australia is 19.49$ and some of the employees are getting less than that. This is creating a huge barrier between employees and management. Besides, it can create a barrier between the high paid workers and underpaid workers (Madera et al. 2017).

The ethical business practice of Intro travel:

Intro travel is loyal, honest, keeps the promises made to its customers. However, HR fails to maintain the same towards its employees. For example, HR never thinks about a hike for the payment of the workers. No motivational programs are practiced in the organizational premises.

Approaches to the CRS:

The organization hires people from all religion and races. Thus, it is not creating any issue in Corporate Social Responsibility. However, the organization has hired a very few aboriginals people compared to other tourism industries in Australia. Thus, it may be an issue.

External Analysis:

An issue associated with Intro Travel is that, according to Deloitte, the demand for skilled labour in the Australian tourism industry is decreasing since 2019 (Sharma, 2019). The reason for this is the current HR policy. For example, Intro travel is targeting mostly part-time workers to work on behalf of them. These people are mainly the students and migrants in the nation (Sharma, 2019). Thus, they are to be considered as unskilled labour. Therefore, intro travel was having some issues in customer satisfactory policy


The organization has been a sufferer of sexual assault and racial discrimination. However, the Occupational safety and health policy in the nation ensures to form a cell that directly deals with this type of situation. However, Intro travel is missing such policy.

Government policies:

The government of Australia is very flexible to promote the tourism business in the nation. Training program is being appointed to enhance personal skills. Open Immigration policy of Australia is also supporting tourism industry. The nation has achieved a 110 billion dollars revenue in 2019 and the target for this year was more (Sharma, 2019). However, the government policies not creating any issue for Intro Travel HR.

Economic condition:

Australian are 7th highest lifestyle people in the world. It creates an ideal place for tourism business (Madera et al. 2017). According to the world economic forum, the Australian per capita income is in the world top 10 nations. Thus, Intro Travel was enjoying the economic condition of the nation. However, the recent pandemic choked the economy of the nation. Thus it is a huge challenge for the organization at present.

Societal issues:

Intro Travel freelances jobs in Asia. However, these stakeholders are rarely verified by the organization. In Asia, complaints are coming that children are used by freelance organizations for supporting staff. Thus, it may alarm a huge ring across as Dell and Apple already faced similar things in 2019 (Madera et al. 2017).

High Priority Issues:

  • Implementation of proper ethical structure

  • High pricing

  • Employee management relationship

  • Low paid workers

  • Non-verified Freelancers

  • Engagement of Aboriginals

Issues Associated with Existing HR Policies

The present HR policy of Intro Travel is completely violating the Australian worker policy. Thus, the issue can very vulnerable if the government initiates any steps. Apart from that this is completely violating the Australian worker policy. Thus, the issue can be very vulnerable if the government initiates any steps. The management shows a pittance amount of responsibility toward these part-time workers. Therefore, they are suffering from a lack of motivation for the job. Very few fulltime workers are present in the organization. The full-time workers are provided facilities such as paid leave and a structure of payment (Elsayed &Daif 2019). However, the freelancers are deprived of these facilities. Also, Intro travel HRs are violating the Fair Work Act as they are not maintaining a minimum wages policy.

Part 2:

1. Overview

The proposed model is similar to the 5P model. It is defined as five fundamentals associated with an organization. These variables are product, Place, Price, Promotion and Personnel. Elsayed &Daif (2019) stated that this model helps one HR to consider a micro development policy. As the large tasks is divided into smaller tasks. HR gets a scope to solve the issues associated with these targets. The mangers will consider digital platforms to advertise for recruitment. The model will not be an appropriate theoretical approach rather than a modified one.

The rationale for choosing this model is mentioned below

Price: As the complaints are kept coming for high pricing policy of Intro Travels. This model will help the HR to reconsider the variable. Francis & Baum (2018) stated that quality is preferred above price in the tourism industry. Therefore, to reduce the price they should not sacrifice the quality of service.

Personnel: The freelancers are not well trained and the issue of unskilled labour was mentioned above. Thus, this model is expected to provide a training culture in the organization. Summers, Cavaye &Woolcock (2019) believes that one trained worker can be equivalent to 100 unskilled labour.

Promotion: The analysis pointed out that aboriginals are introvert toward this sector. However, promoting their social standing is the highest priority of the Australian government. Thus, the organization must organize some promotional program to make the involvement of Torres Strait Islanders more boisterous.

Place: The issue associated with all the travel industry is to predict which part of the world will be the next demand of the tourism industry. If HR is aware of this, then HR can arrange advance stakeholder policy with these nations. It may also help the organization choose the best hotels and restaurants for their clients. A feedback policy in 5P can help Intro Travel HRs to identify the future demand and thus proceed accordingly.

2. Scopes of the Policy

According to the analysis made above, I recommend using 5P’s model to reestablish the HR policies of Intro Travel. It will help people who are deprived of the organization. For example the part-timers. Also, it will help to target the training process of aboriginals to be a more active part of the organization. Besides, the model will help to assimilate the obligations of the clients. Hence, Intro travel can recover their customer satisfaction policy. Apart from this, the feedback policy from the existing clients will help the organization to predict the future demand of the tourism industry. Intro travel, however, made it clear that they are avoiding the Law and orders as they are violating FW act. However, the implemented program will work in a cycle. Thus, it will ring a bell whenever an unfinished task is discovered. Thus, it is expected to get solved very soon (Summers, Cavaye &Woolcock, 2019).

The previous analysis mentioned that pricing of Intro Travel was higher than other similar organizations in Australia. 5P’s model will analyse the same (Francis & Baum, 2018). If the acquisition is found correctly then it is expected to be solved. The tourism industry changes with time. 5p model may help to identify the existing flaws associated with their present product policies. Thus, it will pave a way for product innovation for the organization. Product innovation will further help them to sustain the CRM policy.

3. Statements:

The objectives of the policy are

  • To reshape the personnel’s skill and creating an environment to make them more engaged for the Intro travel

  • To sustain the fair work act by promoting a discrimination-free environment in the organization

  • To create a safe place of work with the help of the Occupational Safety and Health policy.

  • To create a training process for the aboriginals to increase their engagement

  • To analyze the payment structure and employee motivation and change if required

Selection and Hiring professionals:

  • Favouring should be provided to people with different abilities to promote CSR

  • Clear terms and conditions will be provided during the hiring process that distinguishes between a full-time and part-time worker.

  • The hiring process should be done with the competitive environment in remuneration and qualification standards

  • The proper contract should be made with the employee during the hiring process.

Talents management and Training:

  • The training of the employees should create a Vision, Mission and Value which is synced with the objectives of the Intro Travel

  • The training and its qualification will the ultimate key of an employee to work with Intro Travel.

  • The training process will focus the company engagement and knowledge management policy.

Evaluation of performances:

  • HR will communicate with clients and employees to cream off any issue with performance.


  • To provide a minimum wage of 19.49$ per hour by the government policy

  • Providing a lucrative structure of payment to hire the best officials

  • Providing attractive reward to the best performer to improve their engagement during a tour.

  • The target of Intro Travel will be providing higher remuneration for multilinguistic employees.

Diverse culture:

  • The target will be fostering gender equality to reduce any possibility of sexual assault

  • The aboriginals should be treated and provided with similar scope to diminish racial conflicts.

  • Child labour should be diminished completely by creating proper stakeholder policy

Work Ethics:

  • Every employee will be trained with the code of conducts of Intro Travel.

  • This codes will contain the social and professional responsibility of one employee

  • Thee code will educate the employee to treat a client like a god during the travel

  • The code will instruct the employee to serve but nor serve as a servant but a friend.

4. Legislation:

Equal Employment Opportunity act 1984:

Intro Travel will ensure that no allegations come for violating The EEO. The proposed HR policy will hire people without considering their sex, religion, language or origin (Summers, Cavaye&Woolcock, 2019). To maintain this policy a competitive recruitment process is proposed to Intro Travel.

Work Health and Safety act 2011

The proposed HR policy will provide an Application installed on the employee mobile phone. That continuously tracks the location of the employee. The employee can send SOS with four double taps in the device and an emergency message with the location of the employee will be delivered immediately to the nearby police station.

Privacy act 1988

The information of the clients will be saved in a database under Oracle server. The most secured server in the world (Summers, Cavaye&Woolcock, 2019). Therefore, the personal information of the customers will be secure. It will help Intro travel to abide by the Privacy Act.

Discrimination Act

Implementation of equal opportunity act and diverse culture policy under the proposed HR regulations will help Intro Travel to maintain the discrimination act.

5. Process of HR Establishment

image shows The process of HR policy

Diagram 1: The process of HR policy

6. Accountability:

The policy will be accomplished in the four different steps. According to Nankervis et al. (2019), any HR policy or change is associated with four stages. At first, the policy is designed by the HRM and then the policy is handed over the higher authority. The higher authority approves if the project is found relevant. After that, the policy is handed over the team leaders who implement the strategy accordingly.

HRM: The policy has been designed by the author based on the analysis made in part 1. Therefore, considering the issues I have designed this policy. Here, I can be considered as the HRM. Francis & Baum (2018) stated that the task of a Human Resource Manager is to develop and draft the actual policy. During the development process, the objectives and scopes are required to be clear for the manager. However, Elsayed & Daif (2019) mentioned that drafting is mainly done by using professional and simple language sense. Use of any jargon or anecdotes is strictly prohibited here. I have certainly maintained this basic grammar of drafting.

MD and CEO: The Drafting report made by an HRM is handed over to the CEO and Managing Directors of an organization. Here, the same approach will be done. If the managers find that an issue is associated with this drafting then the report is sent back to the HRM (Francis & Baum, 2018). Based on the requirement, further changes will be done. If my report is following the objectives then the higher authority will sign on this as approved.

Line managers: As mentioned in the flow chart (Part 2, sec 5), the policy will be managed by the various department. For example, the stakeholders’ policy will be reviewed by the Law officers to follow domestic and international laws. Trainers will inject the eradication of discrimination from the employee. Thus, each small task will be analyzed by the line managers as instructed by the higher authority.

Employee: If any line manager finds that some employees are not taking serious concern over the changes made by present HR policy then the line manager will be strictly instructed to report on the same. However, the action of the employee will be verified. If no improvement is observed then the employee will be fired (Singh, 2018). This way the new HR policy may be established by Intro Travel to diminish all issues.

7. Monitoring the Effectiveness of The Policy

According to Madera et al. (2017), the tools used for monitoring an HRM policy should be a completely metric-based tool. Therefore, I have considered three metric tools to measure the effectiveness of the program.

e-NPS: Using this tool, the promotion of employee will be measured. The mathematical formula of employee Net Promoters Score is net detractors is subtracted from net promoters. The score will determine the willingness or loyalty of one employee to work under Intro Travel (Boella& Goss-Turner, 2019). If the score is higher than previous hen positive effectiveness of the policy will be considered.

ESI: Employee satisfaction index is a tool that rates the satisfactory level of one employee in range 0 to 100 (Madera et al. 2017). The satisfactory level of the employee will be measured on average. After the implementation of policy, the same value will be calculated so compared the effectiveness.

EPR: Employee Productivity rate is the most common and easiest way to calculate the engagement of employee due to an updated HR policy. It is the ratio of output and input. If the current HR policy is improving this ratio then it considered being a good change for the organization. Similar measurement will be considered for Intro Travel. The value ranges in 0 to 1. Often it is considered in percentage. Then the range becomes 0 to 100 (Madera et al. 2017).


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