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Movie and Theme Exploion

The movie chosen in this regard is I am Legend. The theme that has been well proposed throughout is Epidemics. The film is about a man and his dog in a post-epidemic world. The man's name is Robert Neville and he is portrayed as a military scientist trying to discover a cure for the virus that has wiped out the world. He lives in City of New York with his dog Samantha. They have been surviving for three years before seeing another man. The movie started which seems to be a flashback to Roberts ’life before the virus but will end abruptly when ones wake up in the cold sweat. He does his morning routine before leaving home to start his day. He sprays his clothes with garlic juice and on her doorstep before heading as it was a way to be safe from the monster that has been invested in the city (Commonsensemedia.org, 2007).

This virus has turned everyone into vampires so to speak. The virus came from the cure of cancer which is ironic. He goes out every day to talk to these mannequins that he has put up to make it seem like people. It can be from this behavior that he has lost a little bit of his mind from the isolation. He traps one of the vampires so he can take it back to his house and test which medicine will cure it. The vampires don’t like that he took one of their own so they do the same. One day he sees the mannequins out of place and freaks out thinking its real and moved by itself.

He shoots it than goes to the body as he does this he steps in a puddle which springs a trap and knocks him uncurious and hanging upside down for hours. When he wakes up the sun is going down and as he tries to untie himself he gets a knife stuck in his leg causing him to crawl slowly to his car. The dog is walking by him but starts barking at the vampire dogs coming toward them. Robert tries to hurry because his dog is not immune to the virus like him. In a big fight the dogs attack him and his dog but his dogs kills them leaving her severely injured. He takes them home to try and give her something to help her but it’s no use and ends up having to kill her before she attacked him (Wired.com, 2007).

He is now completely alone and he is lost because he doesn’t know what to do. He plans revenge on the vampires by ramming them with his car but there are too many he almost dies but someone saves him. A woman named Anna who brings her son Ethan. She was looking for Robert to tell him there are more survivors. She accidentally led the vampires to where he lives and they attack until they are held up in room with a breaking class door between the vampires and them. Robert than relatives that the cure is his blood he gives it to Anna and puts her and Ethan in a safe door and tells them to wait till morning. He knows that the vampires are not going to stop so he gets a grenade and runs that the killing them all and himself. Anna and Ethan are shown to be driving off and make into the survivors colony.

The sound of the movie is very much realistic and one can solely relate to it. In regard to the beginning scene of I am Legend (2007), the city of New York is lonely, silenent, and all that can be heard is the birds chirping as they take to the air over the city that was once filled with millions of individuals. Blowing of wind, which intensifies the loneliness, can be heard. The camera descends from the top of the city to emphasize the stillness around. Sound effects have been used very dramatically in the movie. One can hear the echo of a car through the empty building. The camera emphasizes focus on Robert Neville from head to toe and as he picks up the gun to set it in his lap. In this regard, the audience can hear the sound that is made while holding a gun (Commonsensemedia.org, 2007).

The audience can hear and see Neville's rolling down the window, so that Samantha can keep her head out. In the car they see lots of birds on the road. These all seem very realistic.

Neville shows up moving from side to side to the empty city and asks Samantha what she sees. A few seconds later, one can hear the deer tremble with fear, which is again a notable thing.

Music used in the film is not until Neville finds out that Anna has not listened music of the famous Bob Marley. The conversation began after Anna saw an image of Neville's daughter Marley. Neville and his wife named their daughter after Bob Marley. Anna by no means listened to him or his songs. Neville explained how Bob Marley can literally heal racism and hate with his music. The effects of sound used throughout this film go together with the scene because the sounds that are heard remain from nature and what Neville and Samantha do. If the sound effects were to be detached from this film, it should have been very inappropriate.

In an unusual departure from the passage of the standard action film, the opening is conventional and almost without dialogue (although Neville's dog, Sam's presence provides an excuse to postpone the plot, while he was driving hiding the puppy in town). When one looks at a collapsed (digitally) Brooklyn Bridge, an individual keeps on thinking about the erosion of history, getting worse over time.

The rationale of Neville's dystopian world gets significantly fuzzier when a kindred survivor, a faithful Brazilian lady named Anna (Alice Braga) appears with Ethan (Charlie Tahan), a quiet prop who might possibly be her child; he's given nary a line of discourse to build up his character. Having been decreased to playing with store mannequins, you'd think Neville, who lost a spouse and little girl in the clearing of Manhattan, would sob with satisfaction at seeing a kindred human, substantially less a hot-looking one. Rather, he's dubious of Anna's thought processes and scornful of her cases about a survivors' province in Vermont (with all due respect, the main proof she offers is "God let me know")

The ending of the alternative drama versions differ from the main edge. As an alternative of blowing up himself and hemocytes with grenade, Neville discovers that the hemocytes in point of fact came for the woman he captured earlier in the picture. After that, the hemocytes leave and let Neville, Anna and Ethan stay. Anna then sent a message to the three survivors on their way from New York to the Vermont shelter, informing the three survivors that she was with Neville and going to the safety zone. There are several new scenes in the alternative dramatic version like Neville, after capturing the alpha woman he notices that she has a butterfly tattoo on the back of her shoulder (Screenrant.com, 2019).

There were few Continuity mistakes noted in context to the movie. Some series errors were mentioned in the context of the film. At first, when Robert seals his house, the height of the sun changes amid the shots. In the scene where Robert Neville is hanging upside down from the trap, after hitting his head on the ground, he began to bleed on the back of his head. However, the next day, when Robert shows Anna his CD of Bob Marley, there is a shot of Robert’s head where there are no cuts, bruises or injuries (imdb.com, 2020) .

The actor who plays Robert is Will Smith, and the actress who plays Anna is Alice Braga. They both do a great job. The story is about how we interpret what a post epidemic world would be like. The movie really appreciated because it is interesting so see what human mind is actually capable of doing. The movie got mass appreciation from the audience due to the characters and especially because of Samantha. This film makes everyone think about how one should always be prepared for the worst even if it never happens.

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