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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:


1.1 Literature Review:

1.1.1 Important factors responsible majority for threating of E-commerce business by the Cyber-Security problems

1.2 Theoretical Framework:

1.3 Conceptual or methodological framework:

Planning of the Research methodological Design

1.4 Research Question, Problems, and Hypothesis:

Research Problem.

Research Questions:

Research Hypothesis

1.5 Ethical Issues:


Research Methodology

2.1 Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Method:

2.2 Research Methods or Data Collection Methods:

2.2.1 Primary method for Data Collection:

2.3 The Sample Method:


Presentation of Data


Chapter 1:


1.1 Literature Review:

The electronic commerce (E-commerce) is the selling and purchasing of ventures and merchandise, as well as, information or assets transmissions, by using an electronic network, such as internet. Basically, these exchanges of the business either happens as b – b (i.e. business to the business), b – c (i.e. business to the consumer), c – c (i.e. consumer to the consumer), and c – b (i.e. consumer – business). Hence, it’s the exchanging of services or items by using computer networks. Here, all the business is conducting by using computers, fax machines, telephones, credit cards, barcode readers, ATM, and many other electronic applications without exchanging the paper-based reports/documents or not got to the shopping centre physically.

It comprises activities, let's say, order entry, procurement, online payment, exchange processing, inventory control, authentication, order fulfilment, customer bolster, and shipment. When a purchaser pays using bank card swiped through the magnetic-stripe-reader, she or he is taking an utmost interest in the e-commerce. Generally, E-commerce Security is considered as the important part of an Information Security framework which is applied specifically to all components which affect e-commerce comprising of the Data security as well as other extensive realms of an Information Security framework. The appropriate security of E-commerce is essential to protect all assets of e-commerce from an unauthorized use, access, destruction or alteration.

E-commerce provides the management of the account industry, however, yet additionally, it also develops many new dangers as well as vulnerability, e.g., hackings and security threats. So, it is a technical requirement and essential management for any effective and efficient Payment exchange actions on the internet. Nowadays, shopping through e-commerce also has penetrated each merchandise segments i.e. going from electronic products to groceries and also even vehicles. The fastest mobile figuring development and communication technologies also has facilitated the e-commerce ubiquity. A fundamental impediment in e-commerce development is the cyber misrepresentation plus identity theft (Khan, 2019)

There are many significant reasons for analysing the challenges and issues of cyber security in E-commerce because they are the most important aspects or features for E-commerce leaders in the market. In accordance with Tracy (2019), using of an E-commerce can cause malicious access towards numerous codes transferring process, and hence it causes data replication into a system (Tracy, 2019). In contrast, Gupta, Khanna, and Sharma (2019), claimed that use of Data Encryption medium also provides possibility or likelihood of getting easily hacked in the E-commerce business (Sharma, 2019).

1.1.1 Important factors responsible majority for threating of E-commerce business by the Cyber-Security problems.

The most significant factors involved in E-commerce are basically the online transaction processes and adding the shopping items into the Cart such as in Amazon.com and Ebay.com.

In 2000 February, Ebay.com and Amazon.com are the most victim websites who were involved in the cybercrime attacks, the websites of these companies were victimized and then hacked. Further, the thief also made automations to the program coding. Eventually, the both corporations had to stop or shut down their business because of attack brutality and then companies needed an extensive amount of time for repairing such damages as well as for impeding unauthorized access. Hence, it become necessary to strengthen the security features for system’s safeguard against the future attackers (FIANYI, 2014).

All these means i.e. shopping online, add to cart, etc. provides an open entrance scope to the weekend system. According to Prisma in 2017, cyber attacker’s entrance decreases the system’s power and stops the system in between. The author suggested Operationalized Cyber security theory, involved strategic or approachable way to resolve attacks and threats within the cyber world of business and also provide optimum solutions to cover the cyber-attacks (Prisha, 2017).

Hence, it is noted that security is the continuing and principal concerns which restricts organizations and customers to engage with the commerce. Therefore, this research thesis also involves the exploration of security perception in E-commerce C2C and B2B websites from both organizational and customer perspective. The significant enhance in the E-commerce development also arising the security issues and it draws the attention of people. The transactional security is the key and core issues for the E-commerce development. In this research, Cyber Security issues and challenges due to Ecommerce activities are mentioned and then strategies are put forward for improving the environment for the E-commerce development and also to promote the further E-commerce development.

1.2 Theoretical Framework:

The following theoretical framework is designed to mention the concepts of cybercrime:

1.3 Conceptual or methodological framework:

  • Planning of the Research methodological Design

The method will be used to conduct the research is qualitative method i.e. it will involve the conduction of survey by developing survey questionnaire and then these questionnaire will be sent to the number of key Board for supervising and guiding its associated business E- commerce (Moore, 2016). In this case, this research will cover approximately largest volume of data by using suitable and appropriate website sources and another secondary research.

  • Appropriate Tools to analyze the data

It comprises of relationship analysis on the basis of hypothesis to analyse the data by collecting information and data from an online survey through questionnaires.

1.4 Research Question, Problems, and Hypothesis:

  • Research Problem

It is observed from the market analysis that growing and largest number of the transaction take place online causes greater amount of unauthorized access towards the customer’s profile all across the world through spamming attacks and sometimes viruses enter the system which leaks all the information. No doubt, these issues are creating a lot of problems within the organizational and business platform and it also causing threating to the owners of E-commerce business.

Hence, business owners should take top most security measures for the security and privacy of their data. Presently, we all are living in the world wherein every information is saved or maintained in the form of digital or the cyber-form. All the Social networking websites offers the huge space in which users feel safer because they interact easily with their families and friends. In home user’s case, cyber-criminals will continue to target all sites of social media for stealing the personal data. Thus, the user must take great care and use safety measures not only social networking as well as also during money transactions through bank.

  • Research Questions:

On the basis of market analysis, the following research objectives are made:

1. What are the most important and significant cyber-attacks types being tackled by the leaders of E-commerce in the present market?

2. What are the major access points which causes cyber-attacks in an E-commerce business platform?

3. How to uncover all the problems and challenges associated with the E-commerce security?

4. How online frauds and problems are handled and what types of suitable operational and strategic applications are needed to minimize or decrease the cyber threats possibility in the E-commerce business?

  • Research Hypothesis

The following two hypothesis are considered for this research: The two concepts are considered for the hypothesis i.e. null hypothesis showed with H0 and alternative hypothesis showed with H1.

Hypothesis One –

H0- Null Hypothesis: In this case, no relationship among Secured Electronic Transaction (SET) and E-commerce would be considered when it tested by conducting Cloud-based automation test.

H1- Alternate Hypothesis: In this case, the relation among Secured Electronic Transaction (SET) and E-commerce would be considered when it tested by performing Cloud-based automation test.

Hypothesis Two-:

H0- Null Hypothesis: In this case, no relationship among Secured Electronic Transaction (SET) and Hyper Text-Transfer Protocol would be considered when it tested by doing Cloud-based automation test

H1- Alternate Hypothesis: In this case, the relationship among Secured Electronic Transaction (SET) and Hyper Text-Transfer Protocol would be considered when it tested by doing Cloud-based automation test.

1.5 Ethical Issues:

Nowadays, a large number of companies perform their business tasks by using the internet and hence it is important for them to adhere with the similar ethical standards online as they do offline. But, if these similar ethical standards are not followed by the company’s owners, the, they have to face some serious consequences. It is noted a long-term trust loss as well as damaged reputation could result due to not obeying ethical standards.

For the E-commerce business the protection of consumer information is their major concern. But, in spite of its utmost importance, few businesses owners do not really feel the requirement or need to appropriately secure or safe their websites of e-commerce because it involved a high amount of cost and it gives them lesser benefits. While purchase online, a customer must have the greater security sense. While there’s no way for securing completely the information of consumer, businesses owners must take maximum precautionary measures, while allowing still for usability.

But, currently, the technology has been revolutionized the way society operates and does business. However, due continuous change in the technology the criminals are also finding constantly new attacks methods, thus, it now became the users and administrators’ responsibilities to use various technologies in such a way that all internet ethics meet the terms of laws, rules and regulations. Further, the businesses should assure that infrastructures of e-commerce are up-to-date and also have security necessities and latest updates (FIANYI, 2014).

Chapter 2

Research Methodology

2.1 Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Method:

The two fundamental approaches for research methodology are qualitative and quantitative approaches. In Quantitative approach, the data is generated or produced in the quantitative format and it’s subject to detailed quantitative analysis is in the formal and rigid manner. Other sections of this approach are inferential, simulation and experimental approach. In quantitative analysis, a subject is finding in the statistical format, then, calculated with computer software’s i.e. Epi-info or SPSS excel. Such research strategies were used only for the data analysis using SPSS software together with Excel to obtain the data as well as to test hypotheses. By using Excel, diagrams are generated and then secondary data interpretation is done wherein the researcher observes only and makes only deductions from the exiting findings without using statistical application.

While, the qualitative research approach itself concerns with a subjective view’s analysis, attitudes analysis and behaviour analysis of the existing findings. In this approach, the research is dependent completely on the insights and impressions of the researcher. Rigorous quantitative or Non-quantitative forms are produced due to this approach. Few techniques used in this research approach is focus group discussions, observations, and interviews.

The mixed research approach means the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data, then, both of the data are together analysed to get results (COZBY, 2001).

This paper main purpose is to investigate or examine the E-commerce as well as the corresponding security problems and considering user convenience. Thus, for this research design paper Qualitative approach is employed.

2.2 Research Methods or Data Collection Methods:

2.2.1 Primary method for Data Collection:

By using the primary data researchers get first-hand data or information from all respondents, further, the collected responses are evaluated. The main primary data collection types are interviews, questionnaires, and observation. I used this method for collecting data for this research project.

  • Interview:

The interview is considering as the expensive medium for collection of primary data. In this case, all the respondents are contacted by the consultants independently for data collection (COZBY, 2001).

  • Observation

This is method is the commonly used for natural science but currently it is also used in a social science. In this, the researcher places her/ his study objects under the critical surveillance for specific time so that they can get or determine an expected result.

  • Questionnaire

The most commonly used form for data collection is questionnaire. In this form, we printed out the predetermined questioned and then it is given to all respondent to answer. Then, the results from collected data is analysed as well as interpret to check whether is meet the research objectives or not.

2.3 The Sample Method:

This is the main concerned for selecting individuals from the given population that will assist or help in the research project. In sampling methods, populations are identifying out of which the sample can be choose to get solution for the given research issues. The main types of sampling are non - probability sampling and probability sampling. In Probability sampling; every sample size is given equal chance of participation in the research. In this research, I used probability sampling method. I selected total size of population as 100 people who have transacted any form of business online before, out of which 60 were used as sample size to represent respondents. These were given the questions to respond to. Any of these 100 people could have the questions.

While, non-probability sampling is where populace do not have equal chances of participating in a research. The actual sample size is chosen according to the research.

Chapter 3

Presentation of Data

For findings, data analysis, and results, different presentation are used such as Pie Charts, Descriptive statistics, Scorecard, Images, geo Map, and many more. It is important what form you adopted you clearly presented the data. Such as for this project, I have selected the Descriptive statistics which is based on observations of findings constituting the analysis of data and interpretation of the research conducted.

In this data is presented in form of tables. These table can represent gender distribution of respondents, educational background of respondents, the paying behaviour of respondents, etc. Using this form of data, its easier summarizing the given data that represent the sample data. This type of analysis is broken down into central tendency measurements and variability. It is useful for describing basic features of the data.


Online trading only applies to a company with an attractive website and goods and services waiting to be sold to clients. The emphasis on e-commerce as an emerging business cannot be overemphasized, as it has undergone a series of changes over the years. Most successful Companies are now using online trading, it is faster, cheaper and easier to trade online, and companies can reach millions of clients throughout the universe without any physical contact. This is a huge development in commercial transactions. Unlike the usual brick and mortar works, the company is limited to a group of clients who choose to do business with the company in question

There is a dire need to address the cyber insecurity for increasing the security among ecommerce websites. There is a need of reducing risks in an acceptable manner, taking into account the legitimate interests of others. It requires assessing the needs of each organization, and determining the nature of the expected risks and how to manage information systems. Due to the changing nature of cybersecurity threats, risk management becomes a dynamic process that in turn requires a periodic re-evaluation of risks and coping methods. Building an effective cybersecurity approach also requires engaging government and business leaders on the one hand, and integrating cyber risk management into the mainstream of corporate and government practices on the other hand.


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Tracy, S. J., 2019. Qualitative research methods: Collecting evidence, crafting analysis, communicating impact, s.l.: s.n.

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