Enterprise Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Network

Ans 1.1 A network threat is defined as anything that possesses a tendency to cause damage to a computer system. Some major network threats that can be considered are:

  • Rootkit

  • DOS and DDOS attack

  • Rogue security software

  • Phishing

  • Viruses

  • MITM (Man-in-the-middle) attacks

Measures for achieving the right level of security for an organization are:

  • Use of firewalls

  • Use of secure routers that include security features like IDS, IPS & VPN

  • Use of web securities like AV Scanning, Data leakage prevention function

  • Use of WPA access and secure email

Ans 1.2 Network security is not only related to the security of computers but it also focuses on the protection of serviceability, security and solidarity of the network and data. The primary goals that are needed to be considered while designing and deploying a secure perimeter are:

  • Confidentiality:- To protect precious data from any unauthorized person

  • Integrity:- To ensure the reliability of data and prevention of any modification from any unauthorized person

  • Availability:- To make sure that the data is available to authorized users, whenever required.

Some of the possible Active attacks are Masquerade, Repudiation and modification of information in a message while unwanted transmission of message information and traffic analysis could be possible passive threats.

Ans 1.3 Windows firewall with advanced security can be defined as a snap-in for windows firewall through which a user can briefly regulate all the regimes and exceptions that are responsible for governing of functions of windows firewall.

The advanced security tool is helpful in monitoring all the rules that a windows defender firewall uses and also gives the power to modify, create or disable rules.

Existing windows firewall rules can be easily managed by using windows firewall with advanced security tools. The tool is provided with the option of Inbound and Outbound rules and by clicking on them a user can easily add, disable or delete any rule.

Inbound and outbound rules can be created using windows firewall with advanced security on which option for the inbound and outbound rule is visible. Select the desired rule type after which the option of a new rule will be visible. Fulfil all the requirements of a new inbound/outbound rule wizard and the rule will be created.

Ans 1.4 VPN refers to a virtual private network that is helpful in establishing a secure connection for the user’s computer, a remote site (site-to-site VPN) and for servers present on the corporate network. VPN are available according to various protocol scalabilities such as PPTP, L2T, IPSec and SSL. VPN can also be scaled on the basis of device, a VPN device is loaded with enhanced security features and it is also known as secure sockets layer (SSL). VPN devices along with the router are helpful in providing firewall security, authorization and load balancing. The choice of VPN will depend on the business model of any organization such as if the business is not much spread on a geographical area level then the high-end solution. Furthermore, if the business model follows a more elaborated path, have several branches then multiple VPN boxes will be required.

Ans 1.5 A security audit can be defined as a systematic evaluation of IT infrastructure defence of any organization. The security professionals evaluate the efficiency of security protocols of an organization by complying it with a list of pre-defined criteria for validating the security posture. A security audit is beneficial in identifying and filling the security gaps and non-compliance in security systems. Additionally, it is helpful in creating a schedule for the retention and destruction of all the important documents.

The penetration test is an advanced method in which an attempt is made to breach the system in the same manner that a potential hacker would do. The security expert mimics the scenario by adapting the same methods that a hacker would use to breach the data of an organization. This method is useful in determining whether the current IT framework would withstand a similar attack or not.

Ans 1.6 Perimeter security in terms of the network is defined as a secure partition between a private and locally regulated portion of a network such as an intranet that is accessed by members of an organization and a side that is visible to the public, generally internet. Different perimeter security solutions may include:

  • Border router: Helps in directing the traffic inside, outside, or throughout the networks

  • Firewalls: Regulates the traffic

  • Intrusion Detection System: Serves as an alarm system for a network and helps in the detection of any suspicious activity

  • Intrusion Prevention System: It attempts to protect the target with any direct intervention of an administrator

  • De-Militarized Zones: It is a group of small networks that consists of public services that are provided with direct firewall protection

Ans 1.7 Network backup configuration is extremely important for any organization because handling the back up for a vast number of computers and network can get extremely tedious if any physical storage device is used for backing up all devices individually. Network backup configuration is helpful in many ways such as reducing human errors, making the storage easily manageable and it also improves disaster recovery abilities. There is numerous network backup configuration software available that can be used for the purpose such as NAS, Auvik, LogicVein Line Director, Backbox and so on that can be used.

For example; if an organization is using services of NAS (Network-attached storage) they can back up their data using backup & restore wizard.

Ans 1.8 Log analysis is defined as the analysis of digitally generated records that can be used to help an organization or network in alleviating various risks. Log analysis and data logging are required by most of the organizations for security purposes. Furthermore, log analysis also helps in minimizing problem diagnosis and effective regulation of applications and infrastructure.

Log analysis is a multi-step process starting with the instrumentation and collection of data followed by the integration of data on a common platform and indexing of it. Afterwards, search and analysis is conducted using pattern recognition, correlation and normalization techniques. This can be done manually or through software. Next step is the monitoring of data and report is prepared accordingly.

Ans 1.9 Network security is one of the crucial aspects while working over any network-based platform such as the internet, local area network and so on. Network security is essential as there is no network present that is absolutely protected from any attack. Therefore, in order to protect the essential data, an organization requires a stable and highly efficient network security infrastructure. An efficient network security infrastructure helps in preventing the risk of the data breach. Additionally, the network security system also helps in protecting workstations from dangerous spyware and ensures that the data of an organization is secured. Furthermore, network security also provides various levels of security to protect from MiM attacks by creating numerous fragments of the important information of an organization.

Ans 1.10 Mobile devices and applications are based on client-server architecture. These devices run on operating systems among which Android and iOS operating are mostly used. These devices are capable of connecting to the network and the data regulation on these devices is troublesome. Additionally, the applications also ask for access for data at various levels for its installation. This gives an easy opportunity for an unauthorized person to breach out the personal data of an individual or an organization very easily. There are numerous applications and devices in circulation that are designed to breach out the data. Identification of such devices and applications is a tough task. This can be prevented by using a proper network security system and strengthening the firewall of an organization.

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