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Covid -19 in Australia



Discuss what political, social, geographical, and cultural factors have contributed to a lower number of deaths occurring in Australia compared to other countries.

The determinants of health, why are a higher number of Australian females in their 20s and 30s contracting COVID19, while more deaths are occurring among older men?.




Introduction to Covid -19 in Australia

Covid-19 is a disease that is affecting different people around the world with different symptoms, and many of them have lost their lives to this deadly disease. This essay features the issues, for example, how the infection has affected the social, political, topographical and social components contrasted with different nations and what are the reasons that the pace of death in the nation isn't high. Likewise, this report centers around the determinants of wellbeing which state what estimates individuals need to make and what strides taken by them are causing and expanding the spread. Talk about what political, social, geological, and social variables have added to a lower number of casualties happening in Australia contrasted with different nations. The management of Australia regarding the spread of Corona Virus has been immensely influential as they have a deal with less no of cases and a smallernumber of deaths. There is a reason behind that, and it can be explained in many and different factors such as Moloney & Moloney, (2020).

Political Factors-

The government of Australia has taken strict actions to restrict the spread of the virus. They imposed a strict lockdown so that the rate of spread decreases and it was maintained with proper discipline. The government of Australia is taking reports from doctors and experts are serving in the line of medical, which has helped to reduce spread of the virus. The government of Australia wittiness how vulnerable other countries were trying to control the disease therefore, they made strict measures regarding social distancing, business shut down, school and universities closed, which helped to fight the spread of virus (O’Sullivan et al., 2020).

Social Factors-

 At this time, no one followed any trend or any insensible ideologies; all of them followed the measures and regulations of lockdown, quarantine and wearing masks together, which helped to reduce the rate of spread. Even the spirit of people was cooperative, which has not seen in the country but at this stage government was able to trust their public (Gandhi, Lynch & del Rio, 2020).

Cultural Factors-

Fear inspired notions have been a conspicuous component of the pandemic, from the thought that China fabricated the sickness as a biological arm and weapon to use against the countries of the west, to the possibility that 5G innovations spread it albeit no exploration to date straightforwardly interfaces confidence in paranoid ideas to independence or cooperation, there is a lot of roundabout proof proposing that they ought to be connected (Biddlestone et al., 2020). For the most part the way of life places individuals in numerous mobs which are for the maltreatment and bigotry of Asian Australians. They follow their own way of life and utilize traditional and online networking to share their perspectives. By the by, at the hour of the pandemic, all of them were all in all chipping away at improving its security. Every one of them followed the rules by clinical specialists.

Geographical Factors-

Australia situated in an island and doesn't impart its outskirts to any nation it’s encompassed by waters, it has enormous terrains with little populace. The houses are worked inside meters from one another there are not really nay tall structures inside suburbia with the exception of in the urban communities, this geographic factor has helped Australian populace to disengage and control spread of the infection without any problem. Contrast with different nations with tall structures and greater populace model in Italy the infection had saved rapidly inside such brief timeframe because of individuals living near one another's (Kamel, Boulos and Geraghty, 2020).

To this date, the country has reported not more than 22,000 cases of Covid-19, and the number of death of people is under 350 which is a unique situation even the recovery rate of Australia is good as half of them have recovered from the virusits shows how well the country has managed the spread of this deadly virus which has been a nightmare for many other countries such as Italy, the United States. They could have stopped it in a better position at the time of March when the symptoms started to appear, but they did not impose any restrictions (Clerkin et al., 2020).

The Determinants of Health- Why Are a Higher Number of Australian Females in Their 20s and 30s Contracting Covid-19, While More Deaths Are Occurring Among Older Men?

Based on statistics of Australian the confirmed cases in the age group of between 20 to 30 years old has been contracting the virus than people who are old because they are not following the regulations they are still travelling with their social groups without keeping the standards of safety with them which are making them infected. As per the reports, most of the people in this age group have been returned from other countries. They are getting infected, but the symptoms are appearing late because of which they realize it late. In order to stop it from spreading, they need to stop socializing and follow the procedure of staying in quarantine for 14 days. Other than this age group of people believe that they will not get infected because they are young, or have better immunity than older adults or they work out daily. None of it will resist the virus from entering the body until the company with the safety guidelines given to them (Mondejar-Lopez et al., 2020). Also, the females must stop attending all the social events and isolate themselves for this period in order to meet up with the level of safety which is for the benefit of themselves and their family because if even one person is contagious with the virus, then it will lead to infecting all the members of the family.

On the other hand, the analysis of the death of older people has also increased. The reason behind the high fatality rate of older men is because of age, many of them are already suffering from underline diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure. A study revealed that immunity of the older person is not stable and this is the reason why virus affects them hard (Velavan and Meyer, 2020). Other than hand old people or men have a problem of breathing and specially to those who are not fit which makes it difficult for them to wear the mask at all times that is why many of them are contracting the virus to their lungs which is leading to death. Not many of them who are old are able to survive it, only those with better immunity will be able to do that ("management of persistent pain in older persons," 2002).

Reflection on Covid -19 in Australia

I have learned that Covid-19 has affected the lives of people immensely as many innocents have lost their lives and their families are still not able to bear the loss. This is one of the most crucial things, other than these people have to sit at their homes and isolate themselves, which is not good if they had to do it for a long time. The reason behind it is that this has led many people to depression that live alone and many of them have suicide because of it which is a challenging task as getting and giving help at this time. They need to make sure that they are connected using digital medium so that no one feels alone. I feel that this virus has triggered the health of people not only physically but mentally as well.I believe that aspects such as Yoga and meditation must be given more importance as it helps people to get peace of mind and divert their mind from negativity. If they effectively do Yoga then they will be able to improve their immunity, and older people can make their breathing problems go away. I feel that if the vaccine will not make available in a short period and people had to wear masks for the rest of the period, then I feel that many of them will face breathing problems such as Asthma and if they get a disease like that then they will not be able to wear a mask. It is in the hand of people that more preventive measures they take safer they will be.It is beneficial that people eat healthy in order to win against the virus.

Conclusion on Covid -19 in Australia

From the above studies, it has been concluded that the government of Australia has been successful in limiting the spread of virus, and it has been possible with the support of people. Still, the women are contracting more as compared to men, and it is because of not following the quarantine protocols and travelling to places that they are getting contagious of this virus. It is advised that people change their method, ways and attitude in times like this and cooperate with the government so that they can control the impact of the situation as it will be under their expectation.

References for Covid -19 in Australia

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