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Impact of Covid-19 on People Management

Table of Contents


Impact on people management

Organizational working practices.

Future implications.



Introduction to Covid-19

Currently the world is going through a severe pandemic name Coronavirus or COVID-19. It is a severe infectious disease cause severe respiratory syndrome. This virus is first identified in Wuhan which is located in China. Due to its severe contagious character it is spread worldwide. Currently 187 countries are suffering from this pandemic and the number of affected patients is registered more than 4.17 million among them 286000 persons died due to its severity. The World Health Organization is declared that there is no vaccine or antivirus treatment present. 

The impact is huge on the public management in this pandemic situation. The various companies worldwide are currently working through online or work from home. The HR processes are going to online mode recruitment and trying to emerge the process of robotic automation and intelligence learning in the work. This pandemic is directly creating a huge crisis in the sector of public management and administration.

Impact on People Management

Coronavirus or COVID-19 draws a huge impact in every sector. The employment of all countries is threatened due to this virus. The business and organizations are trying to adjust to this pandemic situation.[1] The world is now facing a large number of financial and operational challenges. Every sector of every industry is affected and the huge number of employees is also facing problems in this crucial situation. The employees have to protect themselves especially those who are living in the affected region of a particular country. Previously, the world has faced a lot of outbreak for example, Ebola, MERS, SARS, etc. but this COVID-19 let all of them behind. The severity of this pandemic is accelerating day by day.

Numerous cases of affected patients are enlisting every day. The medical stuffs of every country are also affected due to its infectious nature. The virus outbreak can be controlled but not cured. Many scientists and research students of different universities around the world are trying to invent the vaccine or antivirus medicine to control this pandemic situation. Various countries are doing lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19.[2] This lockdown is impacting severely in human occupations and daily needs. Many organizations’ surveys are giving this fact that a large number of people will lose their job after this pandemic situation.

Markets, schools, universities, offices are closed. All the teachers are taking online classes. The office work is happening from home. But lots of daily wagers are affected due to this situation. After this pandemic, the scenario of the world will be completely changed and the impact of the virus will last for 1.5-2 years or more than that. Some of the organizations are giving this data that remote working is not so enriching in many cases. Due to this the productivity is decreasing.[3] There are many factors which affect this situation:-

  • The lack of proper environment: Many employees around the world are facing proper environmental problems while working from home. Home is a comfort zone for all individuals. Suddenly, it is hard to avoid the comfort and doing official work from home. Every individual from different jobs are facing this problem.
  • Time Management: The employees are the students are facing difficulties while doing proper time management for them. The officials and teachers are getting problem while doing any meeting or conferences because the activity time of every person is completely different from each other.
  • Resources: In some places, proper resources are not available. So, the people are facing problems while doing work or attending any class of schools and universities.[4]
  • Psychological reason: Every human from every part of the world especially from the affected areas are facing some psychological issues due to this pandemic situation. TV, the internet, radio, etc. are continuously broadcasting all news regarding the COVID-19 virus. It is creating anxiety, depression, and panic among each individual. The situation is very much unknown to everyone. Nobody knows the solution to get rid of this phenomenon. In some cases, the lockdown is creating loneliness and inducing arguments with the family members.[5] These are accelerating the mental health issues of the people.

The coronavirus outbreak is one kind of human tragedy in this century. It has an impact not only on human life but also in the global economy. Different countries are holding different stages of this pandemic. The sales organizations are facing delays and disputes in the delivery process. It is creating an impression on the customers. The decreasing sales are depleting the cash flow and it influence the fall of the share market and economy of that country. The operation process is reducing and the key functions, infrastructure of that industry is becoming unavailable.

The restriction of travel is having a negative impact on the business world of the country. The tourism sectors of different countries are affecting in this situation. Many people will avoid traveling after this pandemic for a long time. This will generate a huge loss in the tourism sector of every country.[6] Lots of challenges are coming in the ways of organizations. The challenges are bounding the companies to take some necessary steps and creating problems to reach the customers within an appropriate time.

Many organizations are looking for a virtual model for recruitment and encouraging people from home. The shopkeepers, vendors, medicine suppliers, administrative workers, etc. are maintaining social distancing while serving the normal people. Protective measures are taken by them while giving service to the ordinary people. Many personnel are on emergency duty and in the field for 24 hours. Many organizations are like information technology companies are fading away and they are failed to hold their position in the market like before. In this place, the products important for sustainable development are increasing their demand.[7] The customers are more focused on this area right now.

Many companies are trying to reach the products like grocery, medicine and other important materials to their doorsteps. The government and various other private organizations are helping many people to overcome this situation. They are trying to give service in this crucial time and stop affecting the people in more numbers. All the works are done by using the social distancing methods. The emergency service workers for example, doctors, medical stuffs, nurses, police, volunteer workers are doing excellent jobs to overcome this situation of the pandemic. The world health organization has already given some guidelines which are required to follow by every human being for their safety and security.[8] 

The coronavirus pandemic is giving a different knowledge about living life. The human race is stopped due to this crisis and the impacts are huge in number. The words are very limited to discuss the pandemic and its impact. The influences are not only happening currently but it will have a footprint in recent years also. The government of various countries and many universities are continuously engaging themselves to produce the anti-virus vaccine to stop the contamination of this disease.

The disease will create an impact in every economic sector and public sector also.[9] The public management will run differently after these pandemic situations. There will be some rules and regulations to be followed by the employees. Not only employees but the customers have to follow the guidelines of the company or the government to stop the spread of this infectious virus to some other people.

Organizational Working Practices

The organizations need to make various strategies to overcome the situations after this global pandemic. The World Health Organization has already declared that the impact of this pandemic will last for more than 2 years. The companies need to create some strategies and have to ensure the safety and security of the workers and managers.[10] Their wellbeing will lead to maintain the service chain and it will help the company to overcome the crisis very efficiently. The strategic considerations are:-

  • A cross functional steering committee needs to establish to maintain the collaboration between the CEO, HR, Associates and other employees.
  • The companies have to make some policies of decision making which will create a harmony among the employees. Communication among them is very important otherwise the company will face internal problems. Any problem in this stage can create a crucial situation for the company.[11]
  • The companies need to be innovative about some new ideas which will help to grasp the market and overcome the economic crisis in a better way.
  • The companies have to determine some worst case scenarios and consider the points of decision making. The companies and organizations need to refresh the crisis and make new plans to cope up with this situation.
  • The company needs to make a core management team which will work internally to address the problem and solve the problems on an emergency basis. 
  • The company should identify the critical stakeholders and try to give response on an immediate basis to create a good impact on them.
  • Ensure the values and objectives of the organization.[12] These have to be followed by other employees of the company.

Above are the strategies which can be taken by the organization to make a stronger internal system to overcome this crisis period rapidly. But the situation needs more time to gain control over it. The companies need to ensure various other factors to keep the employees safe from this contagious disease on a long term basis. The organizations have to enforce some rules and have strict decisions to implement those rules in the office premises. The atmosphere of the different organizations is totally different from each other. But in the case of safety measures it is important to have the same goal to protect the employees.[13] The decisions need to take by the companies are as follows:-

  • The companies have to set some roles and objectives for every employee and they need to enforce it in a proper manner on that particular time.
  • They have to do the meeting and accelerate the team work for companies’ growth.
  • The employees have to update with the various sources of information regarding the virus spread and impacts on the markets from time to time.[14]
  • Critical decisions have to be made like usage of masks all the time, travel restrictions, working from home etc. by the respective company on a proper time.
  • If the spreading due to virus happens in the company the restrictions need to be imposed by the authority of the company.
  • The companies need to launch various packages for the employees so that they will work more efficiently and give their 100% in this situation also.

This pandemic situation is affecting everyone in the world. So, it is important to apply these following strategies to secure the economic position in the global market and also secure the life of the employees of organizations.[15] The companies need to look out some other strategies except sue the employees. It is important to think about the life of the employees also. In this situation, everyone is directly or indirectly having some major issues due to this pandemic. But unemployment will be a very big issue after the pandemic and a large number of people will face this problem at the same time. Governments and private organizations have to make sure about the safety as well as the economic issue of the world. Economists can suggest ways to overcome this situation of global recession and these ways will help the companies to include it in their strategies to create a stronger economy again. The packages announced by various governments of different countries will help the companies to do their business in a proper way.[16]

Future Implications

The future implications needs to be specified in some following ways:-

  • All the countries will face the limitation of travelling and proper safety measures will be taken by the citizens of the country. Social distancing need to be maintained by every one for some recent years.
  • The companies need to provide some extra care to the employees and they have to give the facilities to work in a team management.
  • Proper rules and regulations need to be followed every time and the monitoring process should be strict for every one of the company.
  • All the countries need to do the collaborations to fight against the situation and help them in collecting the resources.[17]

Humans will face many problems after this coronavirus pandemic. The world will change in a different way. The implications of this virus are very vast. If we talk about the industries loss it will be huge in number and the calculation is innumerable. Proper strategies and management are important to overcome these situations rapidly. Every country should do some intervention process after the situation and make sure not a single patient will affect again due to this virus. The virus is hampering agriculture, industrialization, education and everything.

The schools and universities need to open with proper facilities of sanitizations of students and teachers. Social distancing should be maintained everywhere.[18] In work place, these rules are also implied. Every government should enforce some guidelines to guide the citizens of that particular county in a proper direction. The regulations demonstrated in the World Health Organization’s page need to be followed by every citizen of every county. The health organizations should publish some manifestoes and proper promotions are very important to fight against the pandemic.

The companies need to make the strategies to capture the market in a different way. The investors need to do the investment in daily supplements and essential needs. The markets price should be cost effective otherwise nobody will be able to purchase anything in spite of its importance. The market price needs to be controlled by the local government. The organizations need to do some voluntary work to give the service to the poorer sections of the society and the government has to make sure that every individual is getting proper essentials every day.

For the implementation of this, the government needs to introduce various economic packages for every status of the society. The hospitals need to do proper screening after these situations also to stop the spread into other patients.[19] The government has to follow the screening process after this situation also. After invention of the proper vaccine it is important to implement that in a proper way. Everyone should have the opportunity to get proper treatment from the hospital. It is important to follow all the guideline given by WHO and the government. All the protective measures need to take by everyone and the employees of every organization. The strategies will be different after the situation so the company needs to make sure that every person will follow that and help others to implement that.[20]

Conclusion on Impact of Covid-19

The conclusion of this study is to follow the strategies to overcome the situations of coronavirus. The effect of this virus will last for more than 2 years or up to the inventions of the vaccine. It is important to follow the protective measures given by the government. Medical facilities should be introduced in hospitals and companies and they have to manage it properly. It is also important to introduce some packages for the organizations to overcome this economic loss. The study also discussed how the normal people facing problems directly or indirectly due to this coronavirus pandemic. This also tells that the life after the pandemic will be changed in a drastic way.

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