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Use of Chatbot 

Enhance customer service:

Chatbots excite customers

Boost sales by changing the nature of marketing:




This report aims to analyze the importance of Chatbot in customer services. A Chatbot is a software based on artificial intelligence which is used to chat or simulate conversation with users through telephones, mobile apps, websites or massaging application in a natural language. AI-enabled chatbots are used to conduct conversations with visitors on websites (Brandtzaeg and Følstad 2018). With recent technological advances, particularly regarding machine-learning, they are becoming an increasingly common sight. When it comes to sales and support, chatbots have turned out to be very useful indeed. In today’s world, there is a high competition in every sector. This is the reason cutting-edge technologies are must to include in business.

Chatbot development services providing companies are helping the businesses by creating feature-rich chatbots. It would not be wrong to say that embracing newfangled technologies eventually enables businesses to reach new heights. It helps to increase customers with each passing day. Bots play an important role for providing immense customer support and also for enhancing the employees’ productivity in an organization. The cherry on cake is that bots are designed to offer remarkable services to customers (Zumstein and Hundertmark 2017). It lets the business owner take the business to the next level in no time. Chatbots have been a magic from AI which are not only simple message applications but they can reach out to whole herd of people in seconds without keeping them waiting for a reply or two to their prescribed questions. Chatbots are present everywhere integrated in every social media namely Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and others where they are customer friendly saving time, money and efforts on the part of the business runner and the customer interested in the business.

Use of Chatbot

The use of chatbot in customer services is a great idea and it will improve the quality of services.

The three reasons why they are important are as follows:

  1. It enhances customer services by providing service irrespective of time. It answers the questions of visitors or customers to the point and enables them to get their required knowledge about the product or services. Daily or regular updates are also sent by the chatbot to customer in order to inform the customers about latest product and services.

  2. It excite the customer and improve the experience of their visit by providing exceptional and detailed information about the products and services. It attracts the customers by providing wonderful visual experience (Nordheim, Følstad and Bjørkli 2019).

  3. Changes the nature of Marketing and reduces operational costs as the chatbots are equal to number of employees. It can communicate to thousands of customers at a time resulting in reduction of expenses and adding into the increase in organization’s revenue and customer satisfaction (Adam, Wessel and Benlian 2020).

Enhance Customer Service:

Chatbots are not only great for chatting with humans, but they can also help you collect user data - name, email, and past conversations. These data can be used to profile customers and drive context-driven engagement, creating custom messages to deliver a personalized service. No matter what hour it is of the day or what the question is, chatbots are ever ready to answer the questions with their automated setup for 24*7 each day either you are up for collaboration or want to buckle up for the services or products available (Brandtzaeg and Følstad 2017). The chatbots do not miscommunicate or misinterpret but always answer to the point, precisely to the questions that are asked. They can easily make sales and create running ROI when the companies track what their users are likely to ask or obtain suggestion from the bot to answer accordingly by predicting the former.

Another essential factor to include a chatbot is that it allows the customer or visitor to add their essential feedback. This is must because it will help the organization to know about the important changes it needs to make for business according to the feedback it receives from the customers or visitors to the website. The feedback will help the organization to advance their business (Brandtzaeg and Følstad 2017). In addition, they never gets tired with their job resulting in enhanced customer services. A brand is supposed to create an image or experience which is associated with the picture portrayed or the action perceived by the consumers. Through chatbots, it is possible to create the required impression associated with the service or product where certain characteristics or qualities are displayed making the brand unique.

Chatbots Excite Customers

The thought of interacting with cutting-edge technology still gives people a thrill. People love AI so much that around 44 per cent of U.S. consumers prefer chatbots over humans for communication. Whenever a visitor drops at website, chatbots provide wonderful visual experience so that the chances of them converting into customers will increase as it involves thrilling emojis in the chat so that the visitor or customer get attracted towards the services and products (Følstad and Skjuve 2019). Moreover, whenever a person likes a certain image of a blog or company’s website, chatbots further updates them about the new post or new image the company adds on the website. It saves the visitor’s or customer’s time. To be successful in any business updating yourself according to the latest and current trends is important. AI-Based Chatbots are trending all over the world with its impeccable features. Especially, AI-based chatbots benefit in increasing customer engagement. Augmenting customer engagement has ample benefits. Chatbots have the ability to deal with multiple customers at a time. One of the main skills of catboats is that it provides ease of use and they can be deployed in whatever platform the target group to which they’re directed. Communicating with the audience in the right way, and in the right place and time, is a big deal for digital marketers (Følstad, Nordheim and Bjørkli 2018.).

Chatbots are designed to handle repetitive queries without the need to pass them on to customer support staff. To businesses, active staff members will be able to use their time and resources to help with more complex customer questions and improve customer experience as much as possible. The ability of any organization to fully satisfy its customers is entrenched in its unwritten rules and its trademark products that build its legacy. This is not possible for an organization whose culture is deeply rooted on the belief that it should satisfy as many customers as possible. The organization’s aim to satisfy various customers will result in poor advertising programs. For instance, due to the magnitude of the products that the organization will be selling to its customers the best advertisement methods that can be implemented would only be the use of flyers that only show the name of the business, a few basics features of the product being sold and lastly, the address of the organization. However, this problem can be resolved with the use of chatbots (Zumstein and Hundertmark 2017). The direct engagement of consumers allows for one- to -one communication which enables markets to communicate with consumers appropriately anytime they want and anywhere.

Boost Sales by Changing the Nature of Marketing:

Business is all about reaching target audiences. Chatbots transform your marketing strategy for the better, allowing you to observe customers' behavior and therefore push out relevant notifications, driving contextual conversations. Over the years, correspondence with bots has expanded. When anyone call a phone expert, it is very likely that one of them is actually approaching. Initially, these bots had problems solving the problem, but over time, they became much brighter due to the continuous improvement of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Chatbot helps in making necessary changes in business functioning for the future so that it gives 100 per cent customer satisfaction (Nordheim, Følstad and Bjørkli 2019).

It will eventually take business to the next level in no time. Organizations using chatbots are able to know which group of people, youth, professionals, etc, drop in to the company’s website often. It helps the organization to plan in order to make changes to attract that group of customers. The major feature to include a high-functionality chatbot is the payment gateway. These particular software is designed to help businesses to easily indulge in a conversation with the prospective customer that drops in on a website, irrespective of any time of the day. Different industrial segments are utilizing the full potential of chatbot software in order to increase revenues and augment the customer base. The customer will be able to make payment without any hassle, after using the bot. In addition, chatbot help the organization by improving its brand image through effective marketing. It build great brand trust and streamlines customer communications (Adam, Wessel and Benlian 2020).


It can be concluded that chatbots improve the quality of customer services. Chatbot plays an important role for providing immense customer support and also for enhancing the employees’ productivity in an organization. AI-enabled chatbots are used to conduct conversations with visitors on websites. The chatbots do not miscommunicate or misinterpret but always answer to the point, precisely to the questions that are asked. Moreover, they never get bored from their job and are available 24*7 for customer services. Chatbot helps in making necessary changes in business functioning for the future and helps in enhancing the customer satisfaction.


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