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Welcome to The City of Greater Geelong Population Forecasts

1.1. Historys


My community report is regarding the fastest growing city in Victoria. Greater Geelong is located near the south-western region of Victoria. This place lies towards Melbourne CBD in the south-west region. The northern stretch of Greater Geelong is surrounded by Moorabool Shire, Wyndham City, and Borough of Queens cliffe in the east. While, the south is enclosed by Surf Coast Shrine and Bass Strait. Also, Golden Plains Shire lies in the west. In 2016, population of Geelong was about 233,429. The beautiful coastal city can be explored from tourism & businesses aspect as well. It has beautiful wineries, holiday destination especially for young people and can spend their time close to nature. Moreover, the city has developed in terms of schools, hospitals, and transport. Introduction of V-line trains has made the travelling commuting easier in the city and commute from Melbourne city and Warrnambool to Geelong.

The name Geelong means "sea bird over the white cliff" which was derived from an aboriginal. It was established in 1838. The city was called "Corayo" by Wathaurong people, who were considered first residents of the city. In 1864, a historical building was constructed named, Geelong Gaol which was built in 1864. Also, railway station was constructed by Overend and Robb in 1877 and was named Melbourne-Gelong line from Victoria railways. Moreover, churches and other many historic structures exeunt in the city. The population has risen considerably, adding 3,464 people each year. The employment opportunities have attracted many people from rural sections, adding the total population in Melbourne.

The Australian census data revealed leading countries in Geelong and include England, Italy, India, Malaysia, and China. Geelong is also known as getting away city with centre located in Victoria regional. The north western centre is enclosed by Ballarat, the great ocean road and Torquay Warrnambool towards south-west. The western centre is enclosed by Colac Hamilton and Winchelsea while the north centre is enclosed by state capital city of Melbourne. Later, the city introduced its first wool store and port for woollen industries as well. In 1860, woollen industry extended its manufacturing sector and includes, rope work and paper mills. Later, in 1960, the city was proclaimed as the manufacturing centre of state. The government authorities organises various events like Heritage collection that celebrate the great city of Geelong. Pako festa is one of the largest events for community celebration in which people from local sections like school and business advertise their business. Moreover, the Pinnacle event also focus on multi-community celebration where thousands of people participate ad enjoy together. The festival of sails happens once in year and set a platform for 4,500 sailing competitions. The city also initiates several other events which focus on community celebration.

Most of the younger population is attracted towards the centre city due to school and business purpose and most of the older population move and start living in sub-urban areas of the city. So, the government is focussing on infrastructure, employment opportunities and facilities to attract senior population to reside in the city.

Impact on health

Looking at the big picture of the City greater Geelong there are many factors that impact the determinant of health, such as following. 

Greater Geelong population is nearly 233,429 and since 2011, has increased by 10%. Further it is expected to rise to 324,779 in 2036 (CGG, 2017)

Expected population growth: Adults having age of 60-69 had the biggest population increase since 2011 (+4841 people) (CGG, 2017).

Cultural Background: Approximately10% of the Geelong population do not speak English, most of them belong to China, India, and Italy (CGG, 2017).

In Geelong about 7% do not speak English language at home, the most preferred languages are Mandarin, Croatian, and Italian (CGG, 2017) .

From 2011-2016, approximately Indian (+1244), (+650) Chinese, and around (+650) Afghanistan people added to the Geelong population (CGG, 2017).

A total of 2402, which accounts 1% of Greater Geelong population, belong to Torres Strait Islander or Croatian group. It was the highest among all the Victorian cities (CGG, 2017).

Income: The proportion whose income is lesser than $650 per week, constitute total of 23.4% which is 20.3% in other states in Victoria. (CGG, 2017).

Employment: About 6.4% of people are unemployed in Geelong and it is about 6.6% in Victoria (CGG, 2017).

992.9, is the average score for SEIFA and about 1009.6 in other Victorian cities (CGG, 2017).

Education: 12 was the maximum age who gained education and comprise a total of 13.5% in Geelong. and those who completed their higher education constitute about 28.2% of total population (CGG, 2017).

By looking at those factors as mention above Geelong does need more health services to be available to the community as the community is growing rapidly.

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1.2. Demographics


According to the census, in 2016 the population reached to 278,929 people. The percentage of male and female was 48.7% and 50% respectively in which Aboriginal and Tor Torres Strait Islanders people constitute around 1%. The people 45 years were more as compared to younger people who are 25-30 age. 18.6% of the population (ABS,2017). 0-14 years old age group constitute a total of 18.6% while, 18.4% people belong to more than 65 age. (ABS, 2017).The people are suffering more with stress, cancer, obesity, and overweight. Moreover, large proportion is drug and alcohol abuse. Most of the populations are admitted to Geelong hospitals for treatment. The health utilisation indicators also showed an average proportion (ABS,2017).

Age group



0-4 years

(17,250) 6.2%

(871,220) 6.3%

5-9 years

(17,646) 6.3%

(368,331) 6.2%

65-69 years

(16,314) 5.8%

(291,397) 3.7%

70-74 years

(12,212) 4.4%

(218,203) 3.7%


Marital status




48.8% (110,826)

48.4% (2,344,107)


48.7% (135,813)

49.1% (2,08,077)


51.3% (143,119)

50.9% (3,018549)

Impact on health

Resources and references

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1.3. Culture and/or Religion


Greater city of Geelong is a multi-cultural city. Many churches exist in the city and different religions worship in the same community. Moreover, the city is filled with many restaurants belonging to different communities. Most of the population speaks Canadian, only 10% of people speak English (ABS, 2017).

Cultural diversity of Greater city of Geelong and Greater Melbourne.



% Grater Geelong

% Greater Melbourne

Total Christian












Non-English speaker




Total overseas bourn




 Impact on health

Having a multi-cultural community is always helpful for the growth of the country. It will help to provide better provide better healthcare services as language barrier is absent in the city.

(2017). 2016 Census QuickStats. Retrieved from

2. Environment and Accessibility

2.1. Physical Surroundings


World Health Organisations states that clean water, air, and food are the basic necessities of living systems. These basic elements together create the physical environment (WHO, 2019). The necessities extend to good transport facilities in modern world. It expands the chance to have safe jobs which has become an essential part of life. The physical environment is safe, clean, and well maintained. In Geelong, air quality is 83.00 with more open areas and less factories comparing to Melbourne where the air quality is 79.24 (CGG, 2020). In Melbourne, pollution is the main reason leading towards unclean environment. Burning of fuels like wood, coal, and gas adds to the pollution in the city. Rural, urban, National Park, and coastal regions exist in Geelong. These regions are located near to the Corio Bay shore. In Melbourne, the sky seems crystal clear during clean weather. Before entering in the south coast, Barwon River flows through Connewarre Lake. Barwon River enters through Bass Strait before entering in the main lake (CGG, 2019).

Geelong is a main industrial manufacturing centre in Barwon. Geelong is connected to other regions through road links. Avalon airport and Port of Geelong joins the city internationally.

Impact on health

The roads in Geelong are maintained properly that adds to people safety. A well maintained city defines its quality living of standards and can be determined by clean and safe air and water.

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2.2. Recreation


IN 2010, a popular recreational park called leisure was introduced in the city. The park is located near the shopping centres and also lies near to wound pound railway station. Leisure link provides community, the purpose of health, wellbeing, accommodation, community recreation. It has access to school education, providing help to disable children as well (Costigan et al.,2017).

Impact on health

Leisure Park is education and health centred. The indoor swimming pool inside the leisure link can be utilized by any group. Moreover, fitness clubs and swimming pools exist in the city for recreational purpose. The leisure link is also equipped with gym with all the essential machines.

Resources and references

  • Costigan, S., Veitch, J., Crawford, D., Carver, A., & Timperio, A. (2017). A Cross-Sectional Investigation of the Importance of Park Features for Promoting Regular Physical Activity in Parks. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 14(11), 1-10.

2.3. Mobility and Transportation


Private vehicle would be preferred to visit the whole city. Moreover, the V-line trains and local buses are other good source for travelling. The station is quite and safe as well and the V-line is used by all age groups including school going children and adults as well. Tickets are fair cost to everyone and people with income or on Centre link payment can also get discount. V-line departs every half an hour to and from Geelong Satiation there are about six stations in Geelong V-line passes by. In Geelong city, more than 50% household have at least two vehicles for everyday travelling purpose, which is comparatively less in Melbourne. This is due to the fact that the Melbourne has more commute facilities than Geelong.

Impact on health

Public transport is an important commute option for people travelling every day. Using public transport can save the time and money as well. The number of vehicles in any city would impact the environmental. The local transport had proved beneficial to the city and therefore used by large number of the people.

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