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Introduction to Indigenous People

Indigenous people's lives have always rooted to their core land and have embarked with the ideas that recognize their rights to territories and eventually be seen as ownership in any Western legal sense. Due to this, when Western civilization embarked into the Aboriginal lives with the European efforts to confiscate Indigenous land and settle their inhabitants, it eventually became catastrophic. In 1976 the government even tried to protect them with the injustices under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act. All these years, the Indigenous have suffered a lot due to colonization, and due to the vast massacre which ended in the 1920 lead to only survival of the 60,000 from the total population (Duff, 2020).

Colonization of Indigenous People

Indigenous groups have also built on their unique lives, identities, and cultures which have been associated with the ancestral lands that have been now been prevented from controlling on account of the domination and oppression faced on account of the jurisdiction of nation-states. It has also been identified with the claims to such rights as self-determination along with experiencing the ownership of land, territories, and resources that have covered the cultural and collective rights that are known to be unique (Mitchell, 2020). This demand to check the unique protection stems and it is essential to work for the colonization characterized by slavery, genocide, and racism destitution giving the Aboriginal further low socioeconomic along with facing the low political status and impacting the academic underachievement, etc. Indigenous communities have been impacted due to the wide people suffering from the pre-invasion and pre-colonial societies that have further caused the problem and leading to the preserve, develop, and transmit impacting the lives (Paterson, 2020).

The Indigenous population was vastly impacted by the political systems that have covered the entire continent and impacting Indigenous elders. Gradually, its consistency leads to deteriorating authority of men that has been achieved as a result of the status of elders belonging to the community (Sheppard, 2020). The colonization has identified with the councils of men that have been made as to the political decisions, identified with the kindship systems that have adequately monitored and checked the balances that tempered power of the elders leading to the women could exercise influence. Colonization has impacted and created inequity, racism, and the disruption of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures (Carson, 2020). Due to the cruelty and violence, it has spanned over the years that has caused the intergenerational trauma continuing to haunt till now to experience today (Byrne, 2020).

Survival of Indigenous People

In the past, while the Aborigines that have been traditionally nomads. While the men were more engaged in the animals; women hunted smaller ones and then would check the unearth eggs, roots, and grubs. Women use to provide 80 percent of the staples and further would process the food (Burke, 2020). Now the Aboriginal people have become more urban and many rural aborigines that can rely on stores. The government has always positively made them a positive part of the system. Such as the aboriginal communities and adopting more of the balanced European diet. But the problem of the Aboriginal lies in their poverty and having low wages, lack of jobs. Subsequently, unemployment is also six times the national average (Duff, 2020). The aboriginal men work as "stockmen" (cowboys) and now they are working in the survival of the health care, clerical work, store-keeping along teaching. Subsequently, traditional dwelling range has ranged desert militia - round huts made with boughs is now replaced with and given with the practical, temporary shelters that came in the European shelters.

Aboriginal religious beliefs were also the sidelined with the ritual shape that has impacted the aboriginal life from the ground, cave, and bark painting which can be healed with the celebration towards the life events. Subsequently, the religion is sex-segregated, where the sexes perform major rituals, along with the further men and women that have respected the artists and healers. Aborigines also have the firm belief in the deities which has created the universe within the Dreamtime. This sacred time also has the moment of creation that could fine-tune with the profane time human beings live in. Some of the examples of the Aboriginal first nation movers were the Cathy Freeman who is the most well-known Aboriginal Australians and she have known as the skilled owned runner that has competed globally in the multiple Olympic Games. Freeman's greatest achievement is also known as the first Aboriginal person that wins the Olympic gold medal in an individual event (400 meters sprint). The other is the Neville Bonner was Australia's first Aboriginal politician who has become a senior senator for Queensland and has even served the vast twelve years (1971-1983) and furthers the first Aboriginal person who would sit within the federal parliament (Mitchell, 2020). The other example is the Archie is Australia's who belongs to the beloved, respected, and is respected as the Aboriginal singer/songwriter.

Some examples of survival have been purely due to the Aboriginal own command and the inspiration to do work. Since the early exploitation of the Aboriginal people, there was the low initial exposure to the basic everyday needs and it has further caused the low evaluating needs in the 1920s, indigenous peoples have been facing the international institutions to build the reciprocal relationships (HealthInfoNet, 2020). To protect the rights of the Aboriginal people further, the protected and respected need for the marginalization and destruction to take place. The Aboriginal people also have to face their struggles and persistent demands have evaluated with the international legal instruments and further support the standards recognize their rights, slowly emerged


To conclude, the physical, spiritual, and emotional wounds have impacted most of Australia's First Peoples which have tragically still understood to create an impact over the current health status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The Aboriginal people have also experienced how it would impact the overall factors that could cause the most detrimental of the determinants of health that have further lead to the negative outcomes until today.


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