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IT Stakeholder Engagement

Executive Summary of Woolworth

Woolworth was conceptualized as Brisbane's e-Commerce when the Australian e-Commerce was a new as well as beloved age of angel investors. Reports, analysis, as well as news items for e-commerce companies were found in almost every business, daily as well as in magazines. However, when the founders started Woolworths, their purpose was not limited to having sound top as well as bottom lines. The founder felt the opportunity for what was most often described as the "Blue Ocean Strategy" in marketing terms. They focused on eRetail, a supermarket product that was basically not in Brisbane.


Executive Summary.


Analysis of the Current Environment.

Detailed Change Summary.

Identify Stakeholders.

Customer benefits.

Supplier Benefits.

Organizational benefits.

Environmental Benefits.

Change impact analysis.

Risk analysis.

Communication plan.

Proposed Governance Framework.

Detailed implementer analysis.



Introduction to Woolworth

The motive behind Woolworth was simple but emotional. It helps young people who are inexperienced in society, especially those who are uneducated, as well as who are second to their clients, create employment opportunities. There were basically three categories of customers who could benefit from Woolworth's Viz., not only housewives as well as elderly people, but also people with disabilities. Shopping usually comes from fun experience as well as some recreation. However, what is often overlooked is the pain of shopping, especially customers who come to the market as well as depend on shopping on a daily basis, or simple basic necessities such as items in supermarkets. Traffic-like elements; High fuel prices, lack of parking space, long queues at the billing counter, as well as most importantly, the waste of their time was a serious problem. Housewives are most in need of food for themselves as well as their families. Elderly people are asking for help because it is difficult to commute, carry baggage, as well as negotiate with local mothers as well as pop shops. The problems faced by people of different capacities were, to say the least, far more serious.

Analysis of the Current Environment

The created process map is for the graphical representation of the process. A series of tasks with modified versions of the standard flowchart symbol have been identified. The detailed workflow for the work process runs its inputs, tasks, as well as activities in sequence.

The customer has three options to submit the order. One is "on line mode", which is considered the best gateway for order inflow. This was discovered after many Woolworth customers sent orders through this gateway. The second recommended way to send an order is by phone or phone. In addition, customers can also send their orders in the "in-store" by meeting them directly. This order will be transferred for order processing. Once the order is transferred, the next step is to run the inventory check. Wool Worth is required to analyze the current inventory level. The amount of inventory you have is determined by the two possible options that are executed. The first option is to source goods from the storehouses in the store with a probability of about 80%. The delivery confirmation is immediately notified to the headquarters as well as the order is considered complete.

Detailed Change Summary

Migrating to the cloud with POS applications as well as databases has made it much easier to scale up your business because not only did you solve multiple database problems, but you also don't have to purchase new hardware as well as software licenses as needed to open a new warehouse. This helped the owner focus on core competencies, as well as helped find ways to improve the customer's service experience, rather than breaking down technology (Anbarasan and Sushil, 2017).

This situation was not easy to quickly grow more products as well as more users as well as hardware in the system, but it was very easy to scale up when the system was in the cloud. It also goes down according to your requirements. Now, the cloud offered many advantages in scalability, but while moving to the cloud brought costs to growing businesses like Woolworth, it had to be carefully determined to take into account not only the control of the system, but also all the advantages as well as disadvantages.

Identify Stakeholders

Stakeholders are people who are interested in the business of a company or organization. They are identified in a broader term. The following are the parties:

Through the cloud, you can consolidate your service hardware as well as software so that multiple users can use it simultaneously. You can consolidate multiple servers onto a single platform as well as take advantage of their total capacity.

Customer Benefits

You can log into your account anywhere, from any device you have. The results are the same regardless of the device you are using. It also collects information stored in your account as well as generates it through a cloud-based application, highlighting what you want to buy based on your recent purchases, available offers, as well as shopping history. They also have the ability to help customers with inquiries as well as complaint processing.

Supplier Benefits

The move to the cloud not only strengthened the network, but also strengthened connectivity with suppliers. Woolworth can now trade bills as well as payment information electronically in real time. These transparent scenarios have changed the way companies control spending. It eliminated paperwork as well as phone calls related to such transactions. Real-time inventory as well as shipping data also helped to inform suppliers about future needs as well as products in transit.

Organizational Benefits

Woolworths has improved the way to plan, manage, as well as deliver supplies by moving to cloud services. This software is available to multiple users at the same time. There is no hardware or software to maintain, as well as upgrades can reduce IT costs. It's much safer with automated upgrades as well as performance enhancements. Flexibility, disaster recovery, improved collaboration, work, document management, as well as competitive anywhere are part of the other benefits that Woolworth has achieved by moving to the cloud. Woolworths also uses cloud computing to deploy new types of analysis. This process helps measure the size as well as interest of the market as well as responds quickly to such scenarios. You can also add innovative features to your website at any time, quickly as well as inexpensively.

Environmental Benefits

By using cloud computing, Woolworths uses only the server space it needs to reduce its carbon footprint. Moving to the cloud reduces carbon emissions as well as energy consumption by 30% over on-site servers (Chang and Chang, 2014).

Change Impact Analysis

The benefits of the cloud are almost intangible, not only to help you run your business more efficiently by providing transparency as well as consistency of data from a single database, but also to make your business more scalable, or easily increased or decreased the capacity, depending on the demand. However, to justify the business, it was essential to find what financial leverage the implementation of the cloud could provide. Therefore, through the ROI methodology, Woolworths tried to measure the benefits of the cloud over on-premises implementation from a cost-saving perspective of infrastructure.

The cost of CAPEX as well as OPEX is estimated for five years (see Figure 10). In addition to the Return on Investment in the Cloud with SaaS, the previous year savings are shown below. . The benefits of the cloud are almost intangible, not only to help you run your business more efficiently by providing transparency as well as consistency of data from a single database, but also to make your business more scalable, or easily increased or decreased the capacity, depending on the demand. But to justify it to the business, we needed to know what financial leverage Woolworth could get from implementing the cloud.

The move to the cloud not only strengthened the network, but also strengthened connectivity with suppliers. Woolworths can trade invoices as well as payment information electronically in real time. These transparent scenarios have changed the way companies control spending. It will eliminate administrative processing as well as phone calls related to such transactions. Real-time inventory as well as shipping data also helps suppliers with future needs as well as products in transit (Nartey, Henisz and Dorobantu, 2018).

Risk Analysis

With the favorable investment environment introduced by the new government across the country, all states are looking forward to improving infrastructure facilities so that foreign investment in the pipeline becomes more attractive. Odisha is not too late. If you go as planned, Odisha will soon be a Wi-Fi-enabled city. And given the strategic key position that Odisha is enjoying, we need to get a lot of investment from the central government to form a "smart city.” In addition, the huge amount of natural resources can become one of the production hubs of eastern Australia. This encourages the labor union government to set up Brisbane as a knowledge center that also serves as a source of skilled as well as semi-skilled workers at the newly announced Chennai Kolkata Industrial Corridor. All this obviously will increase the state's consumer spending capacity. And the retail industry is clearly trying to capitalize on the increased demand for goods.

This is obviously beneficial to new shops like Woolworth, but new opportunities also bring new competition. The small shop will naturally face the heat of an already established retail chain like Spencer. In addition, the new opportunity will bring many small local players who try to compete with each other into the market. Therefore, the difference between leaders is scalability, excellent serviceability, as well as reliability.

The e-retailing is clearly a new thing to the Brisbane market as well as the trend is still not keeping people up with. So, Woolworth is going to open up in a phase where people who are not very tech savvy about Brisbane need to move new trends as well as find the resources to scale up quickly to get a huge market. Because all infrastructure is in the city, having the entire cloud operations is a plus for Woolworth. The cloud solved the scalability problem of Woolworth by providing the advantages of elasticity as well as flexibility (Devinney, Mcgahan and Zollo, 2013).

Communication Plan

In addition to these "hard" elements that can be defined as well as measured, leadership should consider "soft" elements that affect the success of the migration project. Because these projects have a broad range of transformative properties, they can have a significant impact not only on the organization, but also on personnel. For example, you can change roles, responsibilities, as well as work culture. Create staff confusion as well as uncertainty; Impact the IT service delivery process. We need to adapt to new technologies. These soft factors are not easily defined as well as measured, but they can have a significant negative impact if they are not properly managed. The potential for consolidation or cloud migration to succeed can increase significantly through detailed, centralized pre-planning to develop a comprehensive migration plan as well as continuous as well as appropriate communication between all stakeholders. This document helps you "kick start" as well as identifies key planning as well as communication elements to effectively define the scope of the planning process. The information as well as approach presented is focused on migration of the data center to cloud services, which are generally applicable to planning large IT projects (Devinney, Mcgahan and Zollo, 2013).

Proposed Governance Framework

Cloud governance is a policy of the use of cloud environments that businesses adopt. Policies should be standardized across all areas of the business, enabling all workers to work under the same principles. This prevents two or more departments in your enterprise from creating or processing cloud-based data in different ways to prevent scenarios that cause compatibility problems. It is also useful when you want to prevent a solo or department from "interfering" with your work by intentionally hiding your information from others.

Governance is not relevant to the enforcement of these policies. This is categorized as a category of cloud management. Managing the cloud environment involves adopting policies that the governance framework establishes as well as creating solutions that follow those policies. By managing the governance framework, you can ensure that the policies are functioning properly, as well as both are important parts of the process. This knowledge tells you which protocols you need to update in the cloud environment (Dögl and Behnam, 2014).

Detailed Implementer Analysis

Woolworths decided to go to a single cloud service provider in the public cloud. Your service provider provides billing software in the cloud. It also includes all other applications on the cloud, including CRM, HRM, as well as Payroll. This strategy not only enabled Woolworths to grow its business at any time to meet requirements, but also provided a fair share of risk.

All applications, including billing software, are migrating to a single cloud. The cloud architecture employed by Woolworths has the following attributes:

  1. Open standard
  2. Security
  3. Scalability
  4. Controls
  5. Recovery from disaster
  6. Low-sensitivity data is collected as well as stored in the archive once a month.

Conclusion on IT Stakeholder Engagement

The cloud strategy was implemented to centralize the entire data as well as better control the business. It's a solution that has both predictable as well as unpredictable risks. The risk analysis shows positive results, but only after you adds the cost of intangible loss. You need on-premises software to mitigate this risk. Buy a little! That wasn't the case before (Hoffmann and Lutz, 2014).

References for IT Stakeholder Engagement

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