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Table of Contents

Introduction 2

Identification and Analysis 2

Segmentation (Roy Morgan Value Segment) 2

Persuasion Analysis (7-tools of persuasion) 3

Analysis of Current Advertisement 4

Current IMC Practices 5

Conclusion 5

Reference List 6


Samsung Electronics is appreciated worldwide for its innovative ideas through which it inspires the world and shapes the future. The transformative technologies brought forward by the organization equip people with the capability of discovering new experiences. This report aims at examining the integrated marketing communication mix of Samsung phones. Integrated marketing communication abbreviated as IMC simply signifies that all the forms of communications as well as the messages are linked together in an appropriate manner. Samsung Electronics is a leading organization in the smartphone industry and it is quite evident that it has implemented the IMC mix in possibly the most effective way and hence it would be worth examining its IMC strategies (Damarjati, Kusumawati & Mawardi, 2016).

Identification and Analysis

Segmentation (Roy Morgan Value Segment)

The Roy Morgan Value Segments is a model which is used by the business entities in order to estimate the values and attitude of the potential customer base and thereby effectively segmenting the market. The ten segments which have been identified in the model represent the price expectations, perceived progressiveness, and satisfaction from life, attractiveness to innovation, individualism and quality expectations. On the basis of the aforesaid attributes the ten segments have been identified in the model. In this section it will be analyzed to which segment the customers of Samsung phones belong to. The first and foremost customer segment which have been identified on the basis of the Roy Morgan Value Segments is the Real Conservatism (Lee & Coughlin, 2015). This is because the people who are categorized under this segment are willing to pay more in return of guaranteed quality. The conventional family life segment can also be regarded as another customer segment of Samsung phones as the people who belong to this segment value reliable and good quality products. For the same reason visible achievement will also be considered among one of the important customer segments of Samsung (Munir et al., 2018). Finally the last two segments, something better and young optimism are also valid for the Samsung customers. This is because Samsung produces the products with topnotch technological features that will certainly attract people who belong to these segments.

Persuasion Analysis (7-tools of persuasion)

The seven tools of persuasion can be elaborated in the context of Samsung phones as follows,


This signifies returning a favor in the form of a favor, such as Samsung recently introduced Galaxy Note 9 and the S-pen comes free with the phone in the form of a gift. The person who is being persuaded to purchase the product will certainly perceive Samsung as a honest gift-giver while the rest of the companies generally charge a price for the accompaniments of their products (Jensen & Cornwell, 2017).

Commitment and Consistency

The quality and features of the Samsung phone line up effectively ensures that the people purchasing the phone will certainly remain loyal to the products of the company.

Social Proof

Samsung ensures the social proof component of the persuasion strategy through providing new products to the social influencers before introducing it in the market officially (Biraghi & Gambetti, 2015).


The design and features of the models of Samsung phones are so designed that people develops a liking about the phones. Attractive designing and mind boggling features help Samsung to stand out from the crowd and pursue a consumer to purchase the product.


The endorsement of the brand when carried out by celebrities or public figures or authoritative people such as sports coaches and teachers develops a sense of authority. The persuasion strategy of Samsung does not include this strategy.


Samsung certainly ensures to give rise to a scarcity of the products in the market. It generally offers a pre-booking of the phones and a wait time of one month. This ensures that the customers may realize the demand for the product (Odoom, 2016).

Analysis of Current Advertisement

The marketing strategies of Samsung is widely dependent over the different forms of promotional activities. The company is reliant over the fact that advertising can be considered as the best promotional technique. Samsung never participated in commercials like Coca-Cola or Pepsi rather it has always promoted its most important products. The current advertising technique of Samsung is commendable as it is precise in nature and depicts the splendid features of the products in a mor6e presentable manner (Karmasin & Apfelthaler, 2017). Furthermore, Samsung also provides certain discounts and offers when the buyers purchase the phone with certain additional services. In order to get a proper idea about the current advertisement of Samsung, the Galaxy 11 advertisement can be considered. The advertisement projects that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo come together and run for Galaxy 11, so as to save the planet from aliens. The stunning commercial will certainly drive an urge among the viewers to become interested about the brand.

Current IMC Practices

The integrated marketing mix can be outlined as the coordination between the elements of traditional marketing mix with the online marketing elements as well as the other factors of the marketing mix, so that everything can speak of the brand together. In the context of the integrated marketing communication of Samsung it can be stated that the company has effectively incorporated the key features of IMC. Primarily the organization has successfully identified the target market for its phones (Lucius & Hanson, 2016). Afterwards it has used almost all the media channels for increasing the brand awareness. Furthermore, it has successfully influenced the target customer segment and at the same point of time has also developed a loyal customer base. The basic principle which is followed by Samsung can be outlined in this regard, reducing the dependency over mass media advertising rather stressing more in focused communication, assessment of marketing communication and changing the marketing communication process in an ethical manner.


On a concluding note, it can be stated that the report has professionally evaluated the integrated marketing communication scenario of Samsung. Primarily it has focused on the persuasion methods and market segments and later on it has identified the advertising and IMC scenario of Samsung. It has been observed that Samsung has quite successfully implemented the marketing strategic framework.

Reference List

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Odoom, R. (2016). Brand marketing programs and consumer loyalty–evidence from mobile phone users in an emerging market. Journal of Product & Brand Management, 25(7), 651-662.

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