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Elements Used for Designing Websites


The advancements in technology have resulted in an overall improvement in the field of designing through the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and newer designing approaches. The design guidelines are used to achieve good designing practices. Current trends in designing are something that should be analyzed when designing websites an include the use of innovative arts, illustrations, special fonts and style to increase its appeal to the users.

For this report, the field chosen is Web designing and its aim is to analyze and have an understanding of current design trends along with the use of good practices and guidelines when designing websites. In addition, the report would discuss usability concerns in designing plus the challenges which are faced by the designers during the designing process. In addition, this report would discuss this. Justification on the value of these guidelines and trends and the aspect of the usability will also be discussed.

Design Guidelines 

The Interaction Design Foundation (n.d.) has explained the design guidelines to be a road map of implementing steps in the process of digital designing. These guidelines come from different sources. Some of the sources are based on common understanding while some are based on multiple research studies. The need for design guidelines arises due to the fact that following guidelines allow the designers to avoid mistakes and work in a way that is efficient and provides optimum outputs without affecting the creativity of these designers.

While agreeing with the Interaction Design Foundation (n.d.), Garett, Chiu, Zhang and Young (2016) mentioned seven design elements for web-design which included navigation, organization, graphical representation, purpose, readability, content utility and simplicity. Smith (2019) has provided guidelines for web designing which include avoiding issues related to legibility. The users accessing the websites should be able to read the text which means it should be clear and understandable. It can be achieved through the use of appropriate colours and size of the different components such as text and background. The guidelines mentioned convey that the use of colours is useful for establishing visual hierarchy which can improve the understanding for the user. Another thing is the use of fonts such as using multiple fonts on the same page should be avoided as it makes the website look nonprofessional and unstructured. Furthermore, it should be ensured that the website has companys contact information so that the users can connect with them, and that unnecessary auto-playing content are avoided as it annoys and disinterests the users. The most important step in web-designing is proofreading to avoid any kind of spelling and grammatical errors and should not ever be avoided (Smith, 2019).

Design trends

Papp-Dinea, Baldean, and Themes in 2018 discussed different design trends such as general trends which include the use of bold colours, asymmetry and animations while designing websites, user interface trends, typography trends, trends in the use of logos and branding, and trends in the use of motion graphics and innovative packaging.

The elements used nowadays for the purpose of designing websites have been observed to be bold in colours along with the use of asymmetrical designs to create a balance between the variation in the content used while designing website. In addition, the use of animations and implementing the concept of augmented reality to enhance the imagery of the content has been seen. Use of UI (user interface) which engages the user and improves their experience is trending. While designing websites, special care is being given to the user interface which is done using innovative illustrations and shapes. Using video backgrounds and animations provides a better experience to the user. Use of fonts which are big and bold plus fonts specially made to meet the specific needs of the company is trending (Papp-Dinea Baldean and Themes 2018). Furthermore, companies after having learned the potential of mobile marketing, focus on designing websites that would be accessed via mobile phones. Branding is something which has been seen to receive great innovations through the use of rich graphics, animated logos and illustrations. Trends in the packaging include the use of innovative materials, big fonts, bold colours, and illustrations which aim to attract customers.


Issa and Isaias in 2015 discussed the human-computer interaction and usability. HCI has become a part of central importance when designing websites. Usability is the level of ease by which a task or service is performed and concerns with the interaction of different parameters including a number of errors and time consumed while performing tasks. Furthermore, HCI is concerned with the designing of a system of computers which facilitates the carrying out of activities of people in a safe and productive manner. It is a concept which is used in the development process of design systems. A system which is concerned with the use of computers and designing needs to be designed in an efficient way so that it is effective and acceptable by users. This means that the designing approach to be followed should be user-centred.

The system used should facilitate the ability of the users to access and avail the services intended by the website (Issa and Isaias 2015). This requires developing such systems while concerning with the useraposs requirements. HCI can be said to be concerned with the interaction between the human population and computer systems through the use of technology while also supporting people and understanding their requirements.

Challenges faced when web designing

Spadeson (2017) explains that the designing of web pages is a complex task but is also fascinating and interesting and the path in the web design has many challenges. One of the challenges is to ensure integration and synchronisation between the websites and other applications like a server, database and social media which is being used extensively for marketing purposes (Garett, Chiu, Zhang and Young 2016). Another challenge with web-design is accessibility. Ensuring that a website is accessible by everyone who is a targeted user is challenging as some people might be less privileged and the elderly population might have trouble accessing the website and its services.

When designing a website, the responsiveness aspect of the web pages needs to be considered. Generally, a website will be accessed through different platforms like computers and mobiles, so it is important to ensure that the web pages are responsive when being accessed across multiple platforms and screens. There are security concerns regarding the website as well. A website which not built to deal with security concerns, risks to loss of information and misuse as a result of malware, viruses and security hacks. Web designing is also challenging because of the need to appeal to users. The designers are required to build websites while understanding that there are millions of users and they can have different perceptions and beliefs. The use of different elements like text, images, animations and so on needs to be done in such a way that the experience of the user is great overall. Furthermore, implementing steps in designing can cause issues in the speed of page processing. It is a serious challenge as unresponsive and slow pages annoys and frustrates users resulting in the user losing interest in the website affecting the goals of retention. Retention is important for the company as companies want to avoid losing users which can only be achieved if the focus is given on overcoming all the said challenges (Spadeson, 2017).


The availability of guidelines is very helpful as the main role of these guidelines is to provide the user with instructions to perform specific tasks. Following guidelines allow the users to perform tasks effectively which justifies its role in the process of designing. Designing a website requires understanding multiple aspects such as user interface, having a user-centered approach along with following human-computer interaction (HCI) is important. The user-centered design (UCD) has benefits as it helps in avoiding inaccuracy while performing resource estimations and risks. A user interface should be one that is easy to understand, simple and yet attractive. Forming strategies that incorporate these approaches is justified because of their benefits. Furthermore, having knowledge of different ongoing trends is crucial for the implementation of effective strategies for achieving company goals.


This report discussed the various current design trends and guidelines which should be followed to achieve desired outputs. Web designing is concerned with designing websites that involves the effective use of text and images/graphics to communicate information about the company to the users and influence the decisions of the users in favor of the company/owner of the website. Following the guidelines, while understanding the trends in the market provides different benefits for the designers like it allows them to efficiently implement steps and achieve goals and helps them create websites that do not lack in aspects concerning effective communication, security and appeal to customers. Furthermore, it improves the usability factor which talks about the ease of access for its users when accessing the websites as it is crucial for the development process can poor usability can affect the performance of the website by decreasing number of users because they lose interest as a result of poor implementation of the said guidelines.


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