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Internet of Things (IoT)


Internet and smartphones are part of the day to day life. It is possible to have a smartphone and internet with person 24x7. In this era of technology, all stuff is available over the internet. If it is possible to handle devices over the internet or over the Smartphone that is will save the time consumption for the process which is required to do by the person (IoT For All, 2019). By analyzing the outcome from one device there is a requirement process on data, and if this process got automatically done and if it is possible to send to the concerned person without any interference or involvement of humans than it will improve the performance and productivity (www.SecurityInfoWatch.com, 2019).

Details report on IoT
IoT stands for the internet of things. The main intention behind the IoT is to enable each and every device available online which can take decisions automatically and can be controlled over online via the application. For the derails understating the concept and understating, taking the example of IoT for home automation system.

How IoT works
In each and every IoT enabled device, there will be sensors based on the sensors some programming is required for the appropriate device. After the configuration of the Software of the device, network connectivity is required to provide to the device or devices. The software is enabled and capable of sending data to the appropriate server. From this type of server, data and notification will be sent to the appropriate Smartphone, via text or app notification. This is the basic fundamentals of each and every IoT enabled resource, and the main component of the IoT will be a sensor (Medium, 2019).

IoT enabled A.C
In normal cases what happened if A.C of the room is started via remote control then it will remain started and never shutdown until the shutdown command from the remote control. So, basically user need to manually shut down the A.C., but when a person not present in room than A.C. will remain ON but in such a situation there is no need of any cool air. Because nobody is present in the room to utilized the facility provided by the A.C. in this case, to overcome such kind to situation IoT sensor can be enabled in the A.C., which is able to track human in the room, if specified amount time, any human or person is not present in the room than it will send the text message or e-mail to the authorized person for the reporting of such situation, and from the remote user end, this A.C can be shutdown.
In the above case, it is also possible to have reported A.C health, like uptime of the A.C, current temperature, etc. so, it will help to save energy and efficiency of the device effectively (Ieeexplore.ieee.org, 2019)

IoT application in Car
When the person is driving the car will not have any idea about the issue with the car. It is obvious that the concentration of the driver will be on road, not in other stuff in the car. Assume that some component is a malfunction in the car and the driver has no idea about that, what happened if car will stop and drive has to suffer. It is also possible that there is no car garage, nearby to the driver and the driver has to call for help to his friend or family.
In the above situation, IoT can help to get details about the health of the component of the car. This car may be connoted with the company of cars, and the company can track the car. In the system of the care provider, the particular car will be sent the notification regarding the car and based on that the car manufacture or service provider can send the on-road car service to the driver of Car. But before this IOT process, Car must be enabled with a GPS system and must able to connect with the internet. Using the internet, the car can send health details to the service provider or to the driver based on that, the next step can be determined by the user (Aeris India, 2019).
IoT enabled traffic signal
In megacities, it is possible to have a traffic issue due to the same working hours as the person. It is also possible, due to the incident on the road, there will be traffic jams. In such a situation, IoT devices can sense the traffic, and based on that system can share new traffic routes to the driver, as well as traffic signals can share the notification to the driver via traffic signs about the situation of the road. Based that provided information he/she can reach to their destination without any interference of the traffic JAM (dzone.com, 2019).


IoT is a future upgrade for each and every device which is used by the consumer. Each device can be controlled or monitored using the Smartphone and with the help of IoT technology. If all the devices are controlled over the internet and smart device like mobile phones that it is possible to reduce the cost of maintenance of the device.
With all facilities, there is also a major concern for security. If the device is available online, and the servicer which is available in the cloud, which is able to handle the traffic from the IoT enabled device is compromised then there will be a negative impact. The device will run out of control, i.e. door is enabled with the smart door lock, and the server is compromised then it is possible to enter the premises which have a smart door and server for that smart door is compromised. So, to get rid of such a situation there must be a backup way to undo the stuff, with the help of blockchain technology this type of malfunctions and compromisation of the server can be avoided.


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