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Educational Online Games

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Gaming as a new learning method.

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Improving technology has increased the dependency of the different sector over the technology incorporation. The traditional educational is also reframed by utilizing different online game that can help the student to understand the concept by utilizing the educational game and simulations. The web-based games are now designed to support the learning of the students by incorporating different learning strategies in games. The increasing utilization of the educational games and simulation not only improving learning but it helps in better performance, greater engagement and learning motivation.

Many games have gained in importance in the educational sector which includes digital game-based learning, applied games, next-generation video games and education-based games. The motive to include the games in education is to improve the learning process by maintaining the balance between fun and learning. Many aspects are associated with improved learning via educational gaming that includes knowledge acquisition, content understanding, concept learning and problem-solving skills. The educational gaming helps to promote the playful learning that helps to improve the problem-based learning and self-efficacy to learn (Vlachopoulos & Makri, 2017).

The improvements of the technology have increased the demand for change in the traditional education by incarnating digital games in the learning process. Educational games can improve learning by increase receiver engagement and increase the individual ability to improve learning. The educational online games help to improve the perception, reasoning, critical thinking, spatial navigation and memory retention of the student that lead to better academic results. The increasing use of technology has increased the interest of the student regarding new games and methods this directly increases their involvement in educational games (Patrick et al., 2018). The educational online gaming redevelops according to different genera to improve the learning of the individual in a particular field.

The different genres that are associated with educational gaming include role-playing games, business simulation games, virtual world games and puzzles. There are different games model that are utilized to construct the educational games that can be incorporated in the educational system. One of the models that are utilized for the educational online game construction includes the initial in the gam design includes setting up the game goals that include teaching objectives and experience. The designing of the game model should be the collaboration of the teaching objectives and game fantasy to provide an excellent experience to the user (Shi & Shih, 2015).

Mind Map

flow chart shows Mind Map

Gaming as A New Learning Method

The changed education requires new techniques and method to cope up with the improved technology. The change from traditional to the new educational system has occurred by edition for much new facility and one of them is digital games that are used as the learning tool. Many approaches are utilized for accurate implementation of the game-based learning include virtual interactive student-oriented learning environment that includes multidisciplinary scaffolding, building knowledge and identifying supportive environment for student learning. The approach includes six principles and the first one state that the teacher needs to redesign the curriculum by incorporating game-based learning.

The second principle indicates that designing of the game should satisfy the curiosities, inquiry and communication of the user. The third principle indicates that student should be facilitating with cognitive, motivational, emotional and social need. The fourth principle of the approach tries to improve the incorporation of game-based learning in the traditional educational system. Teacher skill should be component to maintain the game-based learning is proposed in the fifth principle. The last principle includes teacher should promote the change in the education sector to improve the learning procedure (Foster & Shah, 2020).

Many benefits of the educational game-based learning directly help to improve the academic as well as the interpersonal skill of the individual. The first advantage that is associated with game-based learning is improved learning as it helps to understand the complex situation by experience it. The second advantage is motivation through the game as it helps to feel confident and motivation toward learning. The improved responsiveness is observed in the students as game-based learning is more enjoyable and improve the cognitive skills of the individual (Braghirolli, et al., 2016). 

Many educational games can be incorporated into the curriculum to improve the learning of the process. The incorporation of game-based learning in the educational sector is still in its initial phase and has limited use in education. The incorporation of game-based learning in the education system includes the collaboration of the student and teacher to shape the learning procedure. The game-based learning help to incorporate the creative and cheerful environment during learning that encourages the learning. The game-based learning can be very helpful if it is accurately implemented by the teachers. The teachers are expected to accurately frame, implement and facilitate the accurate use of educational game-based learning.

The game-based learning includes two phases which include game-playing and reflecting phase that help to understand the learning behind the educational game. The educational based games are designed in such a way to promote learning by following four steps. The first step includes playing that help to prove the cognitive and learning skill of the individual. The next step is to the elaboration of the learning associated with the game that can be performed by the teachers. The third step includes planning the use of game-based learning and incorporation in education. The last step includes the orientation of game-based learning as per the accurate way that will help reframe the learning process (Kangas et al., 2016).

Moreover, the study presented by Zirawaga et al., (2017) describe that educational games are considered to be the new generation learning tool that can be utilized to improve the educational pattern. The different advantages that are associated with the use of education-based games include increased engagement of the student that help to improve the educational pattern. Another advantage associated with game-based learning includes improved visual and computer literacy that helps to improve the skills of the individual. It also helps to reduce the attention disorder that can hamper individual learning.

The educational online games are considered to be one of the important factors in greater involvement of the student in education. The greater uses of educational games are considered to be improving the pre-literacy and literacy skill of the student that directly help in effective learning. The technology can be utilized to reframe the basic game into more educational and skill-based help the student in cognitive and behavioural development. The educational online games are not only based on the children level but they are also very useful in adult to improve their understanding regarding different perspective. The education-based games are very useful as they directly improve the mood of the student by proving playing environment and that game also helps the student to understand the concept related to it (Blumberg et al., 2019).

The students are more likely to utilize the educational online games during the curriculum to improve the learning. The student explained that traditional educational decrease the chances to utilize their skill to complete the task. The incorporation of game-based learning improves their skills and increases their understanding of different learning aspect. The use of game-based approach helps to enjoy the learning time by incorporation of the innovative learning technique that improper engagement with better learning ability. The student is more interested in towed the game-based learning approach it provides them interactive approach to learn and understand different concepts that can improve their academics. The game-based approach utilized the innovative learning platform that includes student participation and learning during the gaming process that makes it more appealing (Barr, 2018).

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The educational games are one of the best methods to improve the learning process as it not only creates a playful environment but they also improve the learning process. The game-based learning provides a better learning environment for the student by proving a playful environment. The educational game-based learning help in the all-round development of the individual as it improves critical thinking, improved motivation, and better memory and improved problem-thinking skills. The education system can be improved if the educational game-based learning is utilized accurately by the teachers that improve student learning. There are different models that can be utilized to design an accurate educational based model that helps the individual development. The teacher and student should collaboratively work to improve the education system by incorporating the game-based learning. The student experience also indicates that educational online games are better for the learning purpose and they experience better learning with a game-based approach.


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