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Supplier Management Portfolio Section 1

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Suppliers

Every procurement team should have established certain key performance indicators (KPI’s) without fail, these includes, but not limited to:

  • Number of suppliers: the current number of suppliers tracks down the dependency level towards your suppliers,
  • The compliance rate is necessary given the requirements fulfilment,
  • The purchase order cycle will highlight any urgent orders,
  • The most important thing is to ascertain the suppler availability, how frequently do they respond to your demand requests,
  • The defect rate should be evaluated given the quality evaluation,
  • Lead time is most important,
  • Purchase order costs should be controlled (as these incurs internal costs),
  • The tangible costs should be reduced, where extra costs should be avoided,
  • ROI should be determined (in respect to procurement only).

Strategies (2-3) for Effectively Building Good Relationships with Suppliers

SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) is the interaction of supplier and procurement department for the provision of materials, goods, and services that are delivered to your organization.

  • Technology makes SRM simple – a SRM software will help you keep track of all supplier related information, which if combined with PO management, can effectively generate purchase orders requests with your suppliers (auto-generate).
  • Timely payments will strengthen the base and get you a reliable customer badge. If, due to uncertainties, timely payments are impacted, it should be communicated beforehand until the discrepancy arise.
  • Regular communication deepens the bond with the suppliers. Furthermore, update your strategy and get them more rights, such as shares, to further strengthen the bond.

Sample document/list of terms and conditions for agreements with suppliers that comply with organisational policies and procedures and attach it to your portfolio.

Most of the T&C (also known as terms and conditions) agreement with supplier is different per organisation, however, this particular “standardised agreement” will highlight:

  • Terms: Purchase Orders (P.O) terms are parts of the Supplier Agreement which is in-line with organisational policies. Terms will be executed after signed.
  • Specifications: The received goods and services should match the prewritten or agreed to description, warranties where changes should be only changed upon written consent and authorised person signature should be there or if there is a revision in the predetermined specifications.
  • The time and place, with acceptance to buyer’s inspection: This means the timing and the place will be determined with buyers having exclusive rights to reject or make modifications to order.
  • Extension to original delivery time: this could be impacted by strikes, etc.
  • Risk of loss: The risks will be transferred to the buyer once delivery is made.
  • Shipment: Sensitive equipment like electronics, etc. needs shipping from stated route/guide. If seller fails to meet the deadline, buyer has the right to change the mode and seller would bear the cost, otherwise.
  • Packing, invoicing, and marketing: There should be two invoice bills. Those should be signed by authorised individuals. Buyer should not be charged for packing etc.
  • Cash discounts: should be available on bulk purchase.
  • Waiver/Payments: payments will be made only when goods are delivered as required.
  • Warranties: the period of warranty should be vividly stated.
  • Ownership: should be passed once goods are delivered and paid for, these should be in line with laws and regulations prevailing the area of delivery and confidentiality must be respected and information should not be disclosed to core competitors.

Sample document/list of an evaluation template for suppliers suggested excel will be sufficient - and attach it to your portfolio as an addendum sample. Provide a description paragraph in the portfolio report main section.

It is a wanted desire of each organisation to get a supplier who offers quality goods at offered yet affordable price. The checklist can be formed against such targets (against a Decision Matrix Analysis tool):

  • Capacity: can they handle our requirements, especially during our peak seasons? Their resources have to scrutinised.
  • Commitment: this is core, where they need to commit to high quality standards such as ISO 9001 or Six Sigma.
  • Competency: past experiences matter where capabilities should be thoroughly assessed.
  • Control: such as compliance with GDPR and supplier following policies, procedures, processes, and supply chain.
  • Cash: supplier’s financial health should be stable and strong.
  • Consistency: a good track record would work.
  • Culture: where diversity is welcomed and should match company’s (ours) cultural value.
  • Communication: this plays an important role, especially during crisis, riots etc.
  • Clean: suppliers should follow CSR and good corporate governance (ethical) practices.
  • Cost: CBA (cost-benefit analysis) should be conducted.

Sample document/list of an assessment of current/future suppliers for your business using the template and attach it to your portfolio as an addendum sample. Provide a description paragraph in the portfolio report main section.

Supplier’s assessment should be every three-months or on an interim basis. De-selection; selection, continuance or re-selection are part of this assessment. Appraisal is based on this supplier evaluation. The examination of capacities, technology, and general aligned business practices plays an important role. This reduces risk and adds value to your products. The criteria for supplier evaluation can be based on:

  • The production capacity with particular attention to supplier’s limitations and abilities;
  • The quality and adherence to quality standards is incumbent, such as ISO 9001:2000 is a norm;
  • Adequate performance in response to your dynamic organisation and economic needs;
  • Environmental impact is most important as it enhances business strength, relationship, worth (and goodwill),
  • Risk analysis is a not-so-neglected part of supply chain management. You can provide a survey questionnaire to your supplier for better understanding too.
  • Visiting suppliers premises in person can shed more light to “oral” information. And right staff members should participate in evaluation.

Supplier Management Portfolio Section 2

Sample document list as a template for assessing goods/services delivered, with details on how you will deal with non-compliance to agreements, and contingency plans for supplies not delivered

A procurement plan has to be needed where metrics should be used to measure contractor’s performance, with particular attention to delivery work deliverables – quality is important. It can be assessed by checking number of deliveries accepted during a time period along with rejected number of goods. If a conflict arise it can be mitigated with a common criteria template for acceptance and rejection of criteria conjointly agreed by both parties (buyers and supplier).

Service Delivery – Scaling questionnaires can help here. Key areas service should be identified, and buyer can measure it against a score assessment. An SLA service Level Agreement removes any discrepancy that could take place in nearby future. Compliance with due process should be highlighted, control is needed with smooth communication with the supplier. Procurement principles such as value for money, transparency, accountability etc.

A code of conduct compliance should raise concerns related to supplier code of conduct compliance. The probable channels could be a possible non-compliance communicated through a self-report, or supplier’s behaviour can be analysed. A whistle-blower or through competitor, the corrective action plan to deal with non-compliance could be discussion and application of advice from internal legal department. There should be a written agreement on altering and implementing behavioural change, followed by an on-site inspection by authorised representatives, or terminating contract as a last resort.

For contingency planning there should be following ingredient in the standard template:

Heading: Supplier/Vendor Failure Contingency Plan

To Whom It May Concern:

The delivered service description should have a general deliverable description, the provision should be highlighted with particular attention paid to (who could face service discontinuation), contract details – underlining length of contract, onerous contract obligations, etc. The details of senior responsible officer (with their job title) and report line should be mentioned. The responsibility of contingency plan should be laid out here particularly.

Governance should be provided in an annex, joint contingency working group, department board should also be detailed out. These individuals will be involved in the contingency plan implementation. The contact details for decision makers and advisers should be given explicitly.

Sample Copies of Letters/emails to Suppliers Negotiating New Agreements - simulations in this case is sufficient

  • one email to a supplier outlining your satisfaction with the process 
  • one email to a supplier outlining your dissatisfaction with the process
  • one email to a supplier suggesting that you meet to resolve a conflict or problem

These need to be written in appropriate business language and format and included in the report structure

Sample Document list to be used as a checklist/process internally for resolving disputes with suppliers, including steps about how disagreements with suppliers are investigated to establish validity and cause - investigate dispute settling procedure suggested

Name of the organisation


City, State, Zip

To Whom It May Concern:

Hope this email finds you in the best of your health. I, on behalf of our procurement department, would like to appreciate your efforts for the fluctuating demand you met during our peak. It was an honour to meet such a great supplier, which was handled according to the aforementioned terms and conditions and in line with our organisational policies.

Our lasting business relationship has prompted me to write this email. We sincerely appreciate your role in meeting our demand and we should further strengthen our relationship, with smooth conversation. On behalf of our procurement department, we really appreciate the value you bought to our organisation. Thank you for giving our company your best.

With best wishes,


Responsible person name,

General Manager

Name of the organisation


City, State, Zip

To Whom It May Concern:

For the previous months, the customers have been returning goods, never before I had such a problem with any of your manufactured products. We traced back the origin of the complaint and saw a trend all dissatisfied client base.

The clause in our terms and conditions section clearly communicates the obligation placed on the counter party, as per our checklist for dealing with poor performance has been formed and speculated the following:

  • was our supplier aware of the problem and still failed to perform? (This is mentioned in the terms and conditions of the supplier)
  • the importance of supplies from you and the materiality of the underlying subject matter.
  • Conformance with specifications and quality standards (as mentioned and agreed to)
  • Due date should be met without expedition

Please reconsider the agreed to terms and conditions and revert back with the solution in line with the agreed terms.


Procurement Department,

Manager’s name,


Name of the organisation


City, State, Zip

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to resolve the dispute that arise on the following information, here are some fragments of the information:

  • Identity items with serial number xxx-xxx-9999 disputed by source on this date is incomplete and shows an overstatement by $50. I would request to remove the discrepancy by $50 so the information is correct.

PFA – these are enclosed copies, the conflict to be resolved in our organisation follows the patterns as listed below:

  • Negotiation Stage
  • Stage of mediation
  • Internal Legal Input
  • Arbitration

Litigation and the dispute likelihood can be diluted by – identifying the matters clearly in written, requirements can be discussed (those have been signed in terms and conditions). The language is plain language in the contract documents. Performance is reviewed and we deter the supplier default pattern to be conducted or prolonged.


  • The problem has been escalated and both parties are aware
  • Contract has the resolution dispute mechanism listed, please reread it
  • The resolution cost could be listed later
  • Contract schedules should be adhered
  • Products or service to end consumer

Please reinvestigate these matters and correct it or restore the disputed listed as soon as possible.



Head of Department.

Enclosures: Conflict

Tagged with dispute, credit report, discrepancy and procedures in line with our internal legal department

  • Provide extracts/copies of 2-3 of past examples (other companies that were public) of how specific disputes with suppliers were successfully resolved…… g.: Samsung mobiles causing fires (batteries).

Supplier Management Portfolio Section 3

High Performing Suppliers

Draft a sample of an outline/list of how suppliers who perform well are rewarded

Samsung and SK Hynix were affected by the trade war between US and China. These were political debates but these were resolved due to clear communication, gratitude, and a consideration to global supply chain (Pymnts, 2019).

There has been conflicting minerals that wrecked Huawei relationships with its suppliers. Although they aim to promote sustainable development, and resolution calls for commitment, business, government, and non-government organisation co-operations (Huawei, July 2019).

  • Draft a sample letter to a supplier to advise of review outcomes and attach it to your portfolio as an addendum sample

Name of the organisation


City, State, Zip

To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that on (insert date) we will launch our new product for which we would like to inform you as our old supplier. The product will cater to eastern Americans ranging from 18-40 years of age. This is an electronic gadget similar to Alexa or Siri.

We would like to request xyz parts of the product and would like to review the pre-payments in order to evaluate the synergy of both processes as these are effective for fraud investigation.

Addendum notification of Compliance Requirements and Certification

___________________, (supplier herein) acknowledges that the supplier has been notified

of the required products parts and the revision has been advised. It is important to have BSI 9000 certification for this task.

  1. The supplier will not employ illegal or inadequate work under any circumstances,
  2. The supplier is verified and authenticated for the basic pilot testing programme,
  3. The supplier has the required expertise in the field

Dates this _________ day of ________, 20XX



_________________________ [Printed Name]

  • Draft an internal memo to your management recommending a new supplier based on review outcomes

These need to be written in appropriate business language and format and included in the report structure

To: Senior Management

From: Procurement Management,

Date: June 6th, 20XX

Subject: New Supplier

Respected Management,

We recently came across this supplier [project/products] that matched our purchasing requisition.

After conducting few review and ascertaining the outcomes, we liked the pilot testing and the output of this supplier.

They have been operating in this industry for about 10 years and have good reviews online. We would like to share the details with you to discuss the possibilities with them. As it is our intent to filter out best suppliers to market these particular products/projects for our base. We would appreciate your output on this supplier who can be reached at [abc@protonmail.com].

They mentioned their availability within next week (during 10 am to 3 pm EST).

Best Regards,

Procurement Team.

Referencing needs to be in text as well as referenced to the Harvard Referencing System in the Bibliography

References for Supplier Management Portfolio

Anon, 2019. Huawei Statement on Conflict Minerals - About Huawei. huawei. Available at: https://www.huawei.com/en/about-huawei/declarations/statement-on-conflict-minerals [Accessed June 7, 2020].

Pymnts, 2019. Samsung Hit By Another Trade Dispute. PYMNTS.com. Available at: https://www.pymnts.com/news/b2b-payments/2019/trade-dispute-samsung-supply-chain/ [Accessed June 7, 2020].

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