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Research and Project Management

Abstract on Research and Project Management

The document uncovers a reflection about the procedure learning in the module, just as, the advancement procedure of the project proposal. A few inquiries are replied so as to complete a basic discourse about the proposal and learnt exercises aptitudes, challenges, yearnings in connection to the research proposal project and profession desires.

1. Challenges Encountered in Each Section of The Research Proposal

When I started my Master, I knew that my dissertation will be about a new area for me. At the moment when the module started, I had the challenge to decide which topic I should select. To take a decision I read information about the topics included in the entire research proposal. When I decided to work with Peer to Peer communication protocols, the next step was to propose the topic to my professor and supervisor. After proposing the topic with aim and objectives to my supervisor, my supervisor wasn’t satisfied with the proposal, aim and objective. My supervisor further suggested me working on the same topic in different areas such as definition of Peer to peer, different implementations, where it comes from, Peer to Peer protocols that are available or existing, Data integrity, define what P2P networking is, further defining the security. Then, I had this topic in mind, “Comparative analysis of standard peer to peer protocol in terms of confidentiality, integrity, and encryption” which was finalized with the help of my supervisor and I proceeded with developing the research proposal. I further worked upon the same topic with more research and study and finally designed the research proposal.

The next step was to search information about my topic, it was somewhat difficult because not many papers have been developed on the comparative analysis of the peer to peer protocols. A good amount of information was available regarding the peer to peer networks and peer to peer communication, but finding matter regarding peer to peer protocol and developing a comparative analysis of the protocol in terms of confidentiality, integrity and encryption was a totally new topic for the research proposal, in fact, I think that it will be an important challenge in the next phases of my project, I will have to search a lot of information and use in the best way the sources of knowledge and databases to find good information.

I started with building the aim and the objectives for the research proposal, further proposing the research questions on which I worked in my entire research. Creation of research philosophy, risk log, Gantt chart, monitoring and control table emphasis on better understanding of the proposal. Overall, the research proposal on the topic “Comparative Analysis of standard peer to peer protocols in terms of confidentiality, integrity and encryption” demands a lot of study, research and understanding. It is important to analyse all the points that are to be involved in the research proposal for better evaluation.

2. Interaction with Tutors, Peers and Supervisor

Initially my professor asked me to meet the supervisor and let him know about the insight of the project proposal on the topic "Security Issues on peer-to-peer networking". Involving major subtopics such as aim, objectives and etc., where he further asked to also send him the draft for showcase. I was instructed to bring the draft to the classroom to be checked and inspected by my professor.

Further I showcased the draft to my supervisor. He was not happy with the content written and wanted to revise the entire topic of choices where he further suggested and gave me more information which should likely to be included in the research project. My supervisor instructed me regarding the aim and suggested, the aim is to compare protocol against other protocol with component like confidentiality, Encryption and Integrity. He also advised me to provide the background of the research, defining peer to peer communications and protocols, different implementation of the protocols, discussion about the available and existing peer to peer protocols, comparing the protocols on the basis of data integrity, confidentiality and encryption and also define what Peer to Peer networking is also describing and defining the security.

Other point that I consider imperative in association with mentors were the individual gatherings that they offered us. I believe that these gatherings were critical and important to clear up questions and got input about my subject and project, proposition substance, goals and extent of my undertaking. As a recommendation, I might want that this sort of gathering, in the event that it is conceivable, it begins toward the start of the semester, it would illuminate numerous inquiries and it is valuable to progress on the project proposal.

Also during the procedure to manufacture my project proposal, I got generally excellent advices by my Supervisor, we had a few gatherings where it was conceivable to check my advancement. This sort of input with a few gatherings were really critical for me as an understudy since it enabled me to know how my work is done and what issues I could improve upon.

A constructive approach is also to collaborate with smart individuals from different courses who can provide and impart with some important information regarding the project. Understanding view point of other individuals from other courses also helped me with the project proposal. Overall, in the development of the project proposal, the instructors, professor, supervisor and the peers play an important role which help in the easy formation and completion of the task.

3. Skills for A Successful Proposal

I used my skills in preparing my proposal, these skills are not only beneficial in preparing the proposal but also for future study purposes. There were many kind of skills that were used, these skills involve, learning, researching, formulation, previous knowledge about the topic and also acquiring the knowledge after studying and researching about the topic. According to Wisdom et al. (2015), Seeking advice from colleagues to help develop, clarify, and review the proposal, keeping the project design simple, logical and researchable and collaboration with supervisors and people having knowledge about the topic are the skills that will definitely lead to success of a proposal.

An important skill involvement in developing a proposal also involves proposing precise aims and objectives relevant to the title of project proposal, this is necessary because the entire proposal evolves around the aims and objectives that are identified at the initial phase. Skills also require proper framing of research questions. A successful proposal also requires using authentic research papers which helps with the appropriate flow of the project proposal.

According to Morrison et al. (2019), there are number of steps that are involved in the proper implementation and success of the project. These steps include the initial step that is determining what is actually needed in the project, listing all the requirements and identifying them is involved in the initial step, next steps involve planning the process, collecting data regarding the proposal and the topic that is selected for the proposal, analysing the data is the next step that emphasis on using the relevant information, research papers, proper guidance and the last step is compiling the overall report. In developing my project research proposal, I have successfully implemented all the phases that are illustrated by Morrison.

I think that one of my strongest abilities is to organize the skills that are present within myself. Implementing the previous knowledge, I acquire, I proposed the topic for the project proposal and discussed it with my professor and supervisor. Further, implementing my skills regarding working in collaboration and vision to learn new things, I started working on the advices provided by my supervisor and professor.

4. Lessons Learnt and Future Strategies

Working on the project proposal, dissertation and developing a research proposal helps one to learn lots of new things and also helps in understanding proper work management. While I was creating the project research proposal, I learned working on timelines, maintain proper balance in the provided time schedules, learned how important the time management is, not only with creating a research proposal but also while working with other aspects such as visiting my supervisor, professor. Another lesson that I learnt was regarding maintaining communication with the peers, supervisor and professor. Maintaining communication with my supervisor helped me with knowing more about my project and getting detailed information from him which helped me as a guidance and further I could easily complete my proposal.

It also helped me learn about working on frequent changes that are made at last moment, I started working on my project with the topic “Peer to peer networking protocol”, after proposing the topic and presenting the draft to the supervisor, he instructed me to work harder on the project proposal and add other important points to the project proposal, this helped me in learning and working immediately according to the provided circumstances. Using correct research methods with proper defining of aim and objectives also depicts made me learn proper benefit of specifying aims and objectives within the proposal initially. I imagine that the best way to achieve good grades and professor’s good feedbacks is to deliver drafts, proposal and reports within the timeline so that improvements can always be made in the content that is being delivered, the supervisor and the professor also has the time and opportunity to guide us well. Time management leads to development of a successful project report.

The strategies that I would apply in future if I get an opportunity to develop something of this kind will be collaborating and communicating with the peers and supervisors more, so that I can achieve more appropriate feedbacks timely and I can discover more ideas to work upon in a specific field. Visiting the supervisor more frequently will be my approach in future. Creating a time balance and maintained schedule will be appropriate whenever I get to work on any such project so that I can go through my work again, revise my report. This will precisely help me with finding and overcoming the mistakes in the entire project work.

5. Professional Development Plan

The professional development plan is shown below with the help of a table which provides all important information regarding my plans to develop as a student and then further professionally.

Professional Development Plan

References for Research and Project Management

Morrison, G.R., Ross, S.J., Morrison, J.R. and Kalman, H.K., 2019. Designing effective instruction. Wiley.

Wisdom, J.P., Riley, H. and Myers, N., 2015. Recommendations for writing successful grant proposals: an information synthesis. Academic Medicine, 90(12), pp.1720-1725.

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