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Honey encryption.




Brute Forcing.

Password Breaches.








Application to contemporary cybersecurity.



Introduction to Honey Encryption

Honey encryption is a type of data encryption created by Ari Jules and Thomas Ristenpart in 2014. The first encryption was presented at the euro crypt conference in Copenhagen. Honey encryption is such a type of security tool that is used for securing a password. It makes difficult for hacker or attacker to crack a correct password or to know that he guessed the correct password or encryption key (Jaeger et al, 2016). If we use honey encryption so when any attacker or hacker tries to crack password every time because of honey encryption phony results will generate and it looks genuine. This will happen because each incorrect guess appears as the right result so it makes it difficult for an attacker to know when he guesses the password correct. So the term honey referred to as a fake password or resource.

Concept of Honey Encryption

The main concept of honey encryption is to detect attackers or hackers when they are trying to decrypt the data that has been encrypted (Choi et al, 2019). There is much more software that is also used for the same problem but the method or technique of honey encryption made difficult it from others so we cannot compare it with others because it is designed perfectly to overcome the risks of hacking. Traps are continually determined to the Internet to catch programmers to look into their conduct and strategies. A considerable lot of these snares are honeypots or honeynets that appear as intentionally unpatched PCs or foundation presented to the Internet that bait aggressors to break in while their activities are recorded.

Problems of Honey Encryption

Brute Forcing

Now a day’s cybercriminals used different software to crack passwords and some of those almost get success because there are many tools, machines, or software by using them this is easy for attackers to crack the password. So now brute forcing job becomes fun or the tool of enjoyment for anyone. Mostly those user’s passwords get crack easily whose passwords are weak. According to search, 1% of people passwords are the same and 50% of people passwords get crack easily because they choose their name or city etcetera as a password because it’s easy to remember. So this type of weak password gets rack easily. Only limited people use complex or strong passwords that contain digits or symbols that are a little bit hard to crack.

Password Breaches

 Hackers are cracking passwords everywhere mostly because of popular password breaches. The users are getting worried to hear this. To solve this computer engineers develop many mechanisms but in this case, there is a never-ending game because they develop some mechanisms to overcome password breaches and hackers also find more tools or machines to crack those mechanisms so because of this reason it’s a never-ending game (Murthy and Mulchandani, 2017). The venture is called Honey Encryption and it will be officially turned out at the Eurocrypt meeting in Copenhagen this spring by previous RSA Security boss researcher Ari Juels and Thomas Ristenpart of the University of Wisconsin. The idea includes pulling a touch of double-dealing against an aggressor who has taken some arrangement of information encoded with Honey Encryption. The device delivers a ciphertext, which, when decoded with a wrong key as speculated by the aggressor, presents a conceivable looking yet erroneous plaintext secret phrase or encryption key.


Hashing is a mechanism to protect the password. In password hatches, salted hatches is a mainly used mechanism. In salted hashes when we give or write password it adds salt to it which increase the cryptographic property of result (Yin et al, 2017). Hatches also used for storing password it works like when an application asks for a password so the password user enter is not the password but it is the hash value of at the early time this technique works and it reduces the chance of password cracking or a hacker cannot crack the password.

But now hackers also getaway to it to crack it that’s they can reverse the hash value to password. So salting also cannot provide much strength to help to hatch not to reverse the password with the help of rainbow tables. So nowadays hatching or salting is failed to avoid password breaches.


Honey encryption is much similar to honey spots but they both works in different ways, so we cannot say that they both are same except one fact there are no similarity in them and the one similarity, is that they both work for defending the attacks of hacking or to save the passwords from any hacking or attacking.

Hackers were able to crack the password by checking whether it’s true or not but when it comes to honey encryption, honey encryption make difficult for attackers to crack it by making or generating fake passwords, honey encryption does confuse to hackers by choosing which one is the real password so we can say that honey encryption acts like defense to now a day thriving computer security breaches or to threats (Beunardeau et al, 2016). We took these words as if any cyber-criminal enters in a large encryption password vault. So in that case without honey encryption hacker can easily crack the password but when we use honey encryption so it makes impossible for a hacker to crack it because honey encryption produces fake passwords make impossible for the user to crack it. The passwords which are used by honey encryption are taken from the internet where a large number of dump passwords are available. So these passwords are used in the manufacture of honey encryption so it will hide the real password and confuse the hacker. So it’s mean that honey encryption can protect your password from any kind of hacking because of its unique method, and due to its ability of producing password hackers get confused between real and fake passwords because it shows the fake password as a real one. Basically in honey encryption the word honey describes the fake passwords that are taken from the internet to confuse the hacker, so it forced the hacker to accept that the invalid password or key is correct.

Basically in honey encryption there are many passwords one is right and the other is just fake passwords called bogus passwords. These fake or bogus passwords are called honey words or decoys nor the whole list of honey decoys are called sweet words. The importance of honey encryption was to get when most of the serious incident was happen and the software fails to protect the passwords. But it will not happen in honey encryption because in it if hackers or any attacker tries to crack a password or put the wrong password he will be flagged for trying honey decoys (Aldawood and Skinner, 2019).

So in a normal way we can verify our password in a honey world by the honey checker that is used for storing the index of passwords. So in this way we can say that the computer system may have some bogus or fake passwords and the honey checker have the index of passwords. So now the process gets in two ways, first when the user enters the correct password so the systems will check the honey checkers so the user only gets access or no alarm will fire if the indexes are the same. And on the second way if the user enters the wrong password then honey encryption will then work in its way as it produces the fake or bogus passwords to confuse the hacker or to make the impossible for anyone to crack the password. So in this way we can say that by adopting this method or technique we can decrease the risk of hacking or to set up strict security against hackers.

And the most important thing and the biggest benefit of honey encryption are that it will not stop work when the computer is off. Even if the computer is off it can still capable of comparing the cache or indexes to detect the breach when it comes to online again (Choi et al, 2017). In not very many occasions are distractions incorporated with security forms? Notwithstanding, two specialists are in the examination period of building a device that the state will do only that. With customary encryption, an assailant making a mistaken theory receives nonsense consequently to their solicitation. "With Honey Encryption," Juels told Threatpost, "he gets something that resembles genuine setting." An aggressor would have no chance to get of realizing which conceivable looking worth is the right one (Bangera et al, 2020).

Structure of Honey Encryption


The main use of honey encryption is to protect our information by protecting our password not allow any hacker to crack it (Lindholm et al, 2019). It can be used in the credit card to the protection it so your credit


  • The main benefit of honey encryption is that it protects our password by producing fake passwords.
  • The main theme of it have to produce dump passwords when user firstly tried to crack the password with the wrong one.
  • It’s a big source of protecting our password and to stop hackers or an attacker to crack our password.


  • There’s is no disadvantage of honey encryption except it that in some situations it’s not easy to produce a fake password.


Cybersecurity is used to protect computer systems and networks from any kind of distraction or from any disruption or misdirection from the services they provide. Now day cybersecurity is used worldwide to protect the computer systems or any other systems. Due to an increase in computer systems, networks, servers, smart devices, wireless network standards, cybersecurity owes more importance (Kim and Yoon, 2016). We can also call the cybersecurity as information technology security or electronic information security. Cybersecurity protects the computer network from attacks, it keeps the software and devices away or free from any sort of threats, it also protects the privacy of data, it also includes the permissions that users have to access and making a decision where the data has taken (Tselios et al, 2019).

Secret key directors like LastPass and Dashlane store numerous passwords in scrambled structures, which thus are secured by an ace secret key. A framework can be manufactured where secret phrase chief administrations like LastPass and Dashlane can be secured by utilizing the Honey encryption strategy.

Application to Contemporary Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity used in many ways or more places. It uses for business protection against irrelevant actions or from social engineering. It protects data and computer networks from any sort of hacking or the chance of losing data because of any problem. It also makes sure that after a breach it improves or makes it fast to recover. It also improved or develop the confidence to both developers and customers with this site it can also protect the end-users. So to protect our computer systems, computer networks, servers, wireless standard, smart devices, we are using cybersecurity (Abiodun et al, 2020). With the increase in the number of these devices or systems the cybersecurity usage is also increasing and its technology is also getting an upgrade from time to time. So as the more technologies or the usage of wireless standards (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) are increasing there is more need for cybersecurity to protect data and information. It is continually challenged by a hacker, data loss, risk, so there is more need to just getting more strategies in cybersecurity because there is no chance or have any news of decreasing attack in cybersecurity so we need more cybersecurity to secure our systems or networks from data loss, risk, hackers.

Honey encryption can be utilized in charge of card information encryption, pin, and CVV. At the point when an assailant attempts to decode the Mastercard information by entering an inappropriate key, at that point they will be given a phony key that seems to be like the genuine one. Consider the case if an assailant savage powers to decode the charge card number. For whatever length of time that the assailant is giving the information, he/she will likewise be given the phony reaction as the yield. Along these lines the aggressor won't have the option to recognize the genuine secret phrase from this enormous number of created counterfeit passwords.

In cybersecurity there is a challenge that we have to keep updating it according to the security risks are increasing. If cybersecurity will not get an update so the security risks get increased. Because of the increase in security risks the investments in cybersecurity are also increasing. Day by day new technologies are introducing so they can be used in different ways so to walk side by side to everything cybersecurity is also increasing (Li et al, 2017).

Conclusion on Honey Encryption

To conclude, this assignment contains a detailed discussion about the Honey Encryption. The concept behind the Honey encryption and its structure also discussed in detail. Honey encryption is an innovative and best way to secure your password from any hacking or attacking so your password will be saved and no one can crack your password. So we can say that honey encryption is the best way to secure your passwords.

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