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As the team is moving through a rough patch it is important to build the team again and get it back on track with three team members in six months of time.


To build the team again there are various objectives which include:

  • Resolution of conflict: The conflict has arisen due to the non-English speaking team member (LópezPeral, García González &Andújar-Montoya, 2017). Since, there is an inability in the team to manage the conflicts therefore there are various issues in the team. There is a requirement to resolve the conflict in the first place.

  • Training to the non-English speaking background team member: The non-English speaking team member is from different cultural background or it can be said that from a culturally diverse background. Because of this there is a resistance in the team members. To enhance proper communication among the team members it is required to give training to the non-English speaking background team member.

  • Enthusiasm building: The team member’s enthusiasm has been lost because of the incidents which happened and since the team is going through a rough patch. The team leader should focus on building the enthusiasm of the team.

  • Motivate and direct the team members as per the organisational values: As soon the enthusiasm of the team is built again the team leader is responsible for motivating and directing the team members so that they can provide better results (O'Neill &McLarnon, 2018).

As soon as these objectives will be achieved the team will start giving high performance as before.

Performance Issue

The two main performance issues which are being experienced by the team are:

  • Communication issue: There are various communication issues which can arise while working in a team. It includes passive listening, ego and attitude problem, poor written communication, cultural differences, absence of motivation and interest. The main communication issue in the presented scenario is cultural differences.

  • Lack of ability to resolve conflicts: The team was having inability to solve the conflicts since the team members were unable to manage stress rapidly, unable to remain calm and alert, unable to control the emotions, unable to respect the cultural differences(Chuang, Jackson & Jiang, 2016). Also, the team members were unable to pay attention to the feelings and spoken words of other team members.

Action Steps

The action which will be taken to deal with the situation will be:

  1. Conflict resolution

  2. Language training

  3. Building enthusiasm

  4. Motivating and directing the team members as per the organisational values

Conflict Resolution: In most of the teams conflicts can arise due to cultural differences. All the members of the team members are raised in a different manner and adapt as per the culture around them (Grubaugh& Flynn, 2018). Since all the team members come from different cultures therefore the way of handling the conflicts is different. Mostly, conflicts occur due to different values. Culture gives the way to judge and have views about something.

In the present scenario, conflicts occur due to the differences of language. For resolving the conflict, a compromising strategy will be used in which the team members will be partly positive and supportive. This strategy works on the concept that all the team members will give up small things which they desire in the team. None of the team member will require everything. The main and best result while working with compromising in a team is that the differences are split.

Language training: The team member with the different language will have to adapt and learn the language used in the team. For this the team leader should give proper training to the new team member.

Building enthusiasm: since the team members have lost the enthusiasm it is the responsibility of the team leader to build it again.

Motivating and directing the team members as per the organisational values: Lastly, it is the duty of the team leader to encourage the team members (Grubaugh & Flynn, 2018). The team leader should also direct the team members to follow right direction.

The team leader will develop the morale of the team through some simple steps which includes:

  • Communicating frequently

  • Soliciting employee feedback

  • Making firm decisions

  • Creating an incentive program

  • Using social media to admire Employees

  • Having Fun with employees

The team leader will develop a cohesive team through some simple steps which includes:

  • Forming a mission

  • Checking cultural diversity

  • Learning teamwork

  • Utilizing specific strengths

  • Communicating efficiently

  • Providing feedback

  • Requesting feedback

  • Rejoicing success

The team leader will facilitate team work through some simple steps which includes:

  • Giving every team member clear work roles

  • Having clear and simple aims

  • Providing team lively role in decision making

  • Giving rewards for high performance

  • Forcing for social activities

  • solving with difficulties as they rise

  • Holding team members accountable

  • Encouraging team building games

The team leader will encourage the team members to take responsibility for team through some simple steps which includes:

  • Payingteam members as per their value

  • Providing them with an enjoyable workplace

  • Offering chances for self-growth

  • Fostering cooperation within the team

  • Encouraging contentment

  • Not punishing failure

  • Setting clear goals

  • Not micromanaging

Policy to Ensure that Ethical Values and Cultural Diversity

Industry leaders are accountable for the business culture and morals and diversity matters are observed. If leadership is satisfied, then the team will accept agradual culture that may direct to difficulties. Every commercial should create ethics strategies and a code of conduct. These strategies should address usual worries about ethics comprising of lawful and ethical problems. They also fix the tone for how the commercial possessors and leadership wants to construct the company. For instance, if a business is focussed by high-moral values, it may accept a policy of "does the right thing".This converts part of the culture and brand (Grubaugh& Flynn, 2018).


For the company, diversity is a necessity for doing right business. The company delivers consumers with services and products which reflects the preferences of a diverse worldwide market. This needs a staff with the views, philosophies and experiences required to serve all marketplaces. The company is dedicated to attract, develop and train the best talent in the world. Identifying that quality comes in many methods and from all regions. The company fosters a culture which promotes outstanding performance, cooperation, presence, leadership, teamwork and growth. To achieve the business development purposes, the employees must be included and involved as persons and as team members. Theworker and leader diversity reflects the worldwide marketplace and population. The company does that by hiring and functioning with clever, brilliant individuals who can bring diverse viewpoints and competences. The company work to remove discrimination and harassment in each of its methods, and the company is committed to provide equal chance in all of these practices. By appreciating diversity, all the employees can completely recognise their worth (Grubaugh& Flynn, 2018).


Dear Xyz,

With due request I would like to state that previously, we had discussed about the deteriorating performance of the team due to the addition of a new team member. The performance of the team decreased, and so there was a need of incorporating some action plan to resolve the on-going issues.

I am attaching a copy of the action plan which is to be followed by our team. This is a step-by-step way for convenience. Kindly, check the attached file. Any of your recommendations will be very significant to us. Kindly consider. I shall be very thankful to you.

Thanking you.

Sincerely, Pqrs

Revised Action Plan for The Team

As per the feedback the plan is revised for the team members. There are no major changes. The minor change which should be incorporated includes:

Establishing leadership among the team members: If the team members trust the judgement of the team leader, they will work efficiently when the team leader is not present. There is a requirement to build right type of leadership skill in the team members. This does not mean affirming authority, rather than it tries to nurture trust with the help of morality and transparency (Grint, Jones, Holt, C & Storey, 2016). Learning leadership will help the team members to develop additional skills.

Networking Plan

A networking plan helps the team to develop and learn more activities (Hughes, Kinder & Cooper, 2019). It helps to learn to work in a team and attaining the team and company aims.

Internal networks: The internal network is a network which is of a local company. Another internal network can be a network working on a same project.

External networks: External network can be network of the parent company. Another external network can be a network of service provider.

Outcomes: If the team members will get involved in the internal and external networks they will be able to learn to work in a team by developing skills like leadership, teamwork and conflict resolution (Zhu, 2017).

Benefit to team:

  • The team members will learn team work

  • The team members will learn to resolve conflicts due to cultural differences

Benefit to company:

  • The company will be able to attain organizational goals

  • There will be improvement in productivity.


Chuang, C. H., Jackson, S. E., & Jiang, Y. (2016). Can knowledge-intensive teamwork be managed? Examining the roles of HRM systems, leadership, and tacit knowledge. Journal of management, 42(2), 524-554.

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Zhu, S. (2017). White Paper: Investing in the benefits of Organisational networking. Retrieved January, 3, 2017.

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