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Part 1. Case Study Scenario

Task1 (a)

Company Overview

Lendlease Group is a multinational construction management and development company headquartered in Sydney, Australia since 1958. Serving the Australian construction, infrastructure, and development sectors efficiently, it has expanded its operations in different Asian, American, and European countries by providing extensive services under the construction, development, and investment activities including building, engineering, and on-site services.

Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. – Company Logo 

Fig1. Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. – Company Logo 

Functions of Lendlease Pvt. Ltd.

Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. provides services in the areas of construction, building, infrastructure development, investments, and management. It functions in the region of delivering critical infrastructure facilities for different amenities like hospitality, schools, urban regeneration, etc.

Apart from this, the company's function is to provide investment management platforms such as property, retirement living, co-investments, and whatnot (Clark, 2002).

Task 1 (b)

Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. has a great diversification of its services and verticals in the global market. The company majorly serves the following areas as the main verticals.

Lendlease Pvt. Ltd.- Highlights of the services provided

Fig2. Lendlease Pvt. Ltd.- Highlights of the services provided. 

Industrial Services

Lendlease provides the service of designing, construction, operation, and management of industrial infrastructure, engineering services, power stations, and others.

Power and Electronic Services

The company serves the big manufacturing and power industries by provisions of support services like power generators, energy suppliers, operators and insulators, meters and power installations, etc. in a safe, qualitative, and cost-effective manner that enhances company's worth in the domain.

Road and Bridge Construction

The company has responsibly served various roads and bridge infrastructure projects. It provides services in the field of development, management, and construction of infrastructural amenities by keeping a commitment towards corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and health and safety.

In addition to this, the company has maintained its verticals in telecommunication technology, water conservation, and tunnels construction around the globe.

Task 1 (c)

The company, Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. focuses on providing satisfactory customer service and support. The organization, with the help of its tagline, 'Whatever we do, we do for our customers' reflects out the level of association of the company and its policies and practices with that of the customers' satisfaction and engagement.

Lendlease Pvt. Ltd.’s customer service policy is inclusive of dual pillars of health and safety, and sustainability to its people.

Health and Safety Policies

To a company serving in a high-risk industry such as construction and engineering, its employees act as a primary internal customer to the company. Hence, maintenance of occupational health and safety programs, effective organizational governance, and proper work structure and methodologies are crucial towards the maintenance and welfare of employee health and safety.

Sustainability Policies

The company policy of customer service does not only aids the health measures but also focuses on the sustainability and wellbeing of the concerned people inside and outside the company.

Task 2 (a)

Understanding the customers' needs and expectations act as a roadmap for the overall success of the organization.

Lendlease Pvt. Ltd., in its 2019 reports, has shown their deep value for the customers and the need for the fulfillment of wants by utilizing the followed tactics.

  1. Measurement of customer satisfaction (CSAT) and advocacy (NPS) to understand whether the customer need and expectations are achieved.

  2. Regular customer contact is made via discussions, observation, interviews, etc. to better understand the need intentions of the clients and drive towards the address of them.

  3. Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. also involves as a research process, the survey method in concern to the identification, assessment, and redressal of delivering the right things for the first time (Lendlease, 2019).

  4. Overall track of operation, schedule, and performance is done so as to perform well on the customers' needs fulfillment and further for the achievement of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Task 2(b)

Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. has a sound level of the strategy adopted that good suits with the operations and overall needs fulfillment in the company. The company, at its strategic level, aims to provide quality of key relationships with customers, underpinned by various associative factors of environment aspects, industry, internal environment, external environment, sustainability approach, customer approach, and customer behavior (Clark, 2002).

The operational and strategic approach of the organization ensures the development and conduct of some standards and frameworks that will suit the organization's goal assessment along with the fulfillment of customers' needs and expectations.

  1. GMRs i.e. Global Minimum Requirements system, a system of standardization of organizational practices that optimally minimizes the hardships of the organization in customer service by assessing potential ways of resolution of issues and need assessment.

  2. CSAT, i.e. Consumer Satisfaction score is a metric that measures customer satisfaction arisen from the utilization of provided services, and also checks on the improvement areas available if any.

  3. NPS, i.e. Net Promoter Score is an indicator of growth that assists the company to find and analyze the satisfaction level, loyalty, and delight of customers from the services utilized.

Task 3 (a)

Health and Safety

Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. has taken radical steps for the development and achievement of the best suitable and necessary health and safety policies by accounting the following steps.

  1. The company operates a structured format of health and safety provisions for people across project areas and sites, to save them from misleads.

  2. Use of GMRs i.e. Global Minimum Requirements Framework that establishes the minimum standardization to be adopted at different stages of operational processes.

Adequacy analysis

To analyze the adequacy and success factors of these policies, the company uses the following statistical measures.

  1. Critical Incident Frequency Ratio

  2. Lost Time Injury Frequency Ratio

These ratios derive out the rate of critical incidents happening or happened in the organization and the rate of time elapsed by the worker or employee in the treatment of the same and the total days of absence of his or her duties at the workplace.


It is critical for an organization, especially in a high-risk industry, to adopt and maintain green and sustainable practices as elaborated by Shurrab, (2019)as it impacts all levels of the organization i.e. social, economic, and environmental. Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. aims to achieve sustainability in its arena by:

  1. Adoption of green practices in the field of service as well as operations, for instance, the adoption of green buildings, climate-resilient communications, etc.

  2. Assess the continuous improvement in operations to reduce the negative impact of climate change.

Adequacy analysis

To analyze the organizational adequacy in sustainability achievement, the following steps have been taken.

  1. Yearly targets are set up by the organization that is aimed at the conservation of sustainable tools and reduction in unwanted emissions.

  2. Committing towards total green building management across developmental pipelines.

Task 3(b)

Maintenance of efficient talents as a human resource in the organization is a key element for the generation of effective, productive, and advantageous results from the organizational processes (Mwesigwa, 2019). Moreover, the maintenance and fostering of the individuals and teams in the workplace is a challenging task.

Hence, to obtain and achieve higher organizational success factors in terms of quality and standards, the inculcation of employee engagement becomes evident.

Organizational Strategies Towards the Assurance of Quality and Standards

Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. focuses on maintaining a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement among its human resources where rewards have been set up as a measurement scale of human success.

  1. The human resource section of the company creates its unique value in the industry by developing the committed, motivated, and capable manpower in the organization.

  2. Developing a sense of employee engagement in the organization, and hence the long-term commitment within for the sake of optimum organizational success.

  3. Retention of key talents and prospective workforce to develop them as a source of quality outcomes and success of the company.

  4. Gender diversity is also crucial for the achievement of quality outcomes. Hence, Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. strategizes its workforce in a manner to develop and motivate women section of the society by staffing women on the higher levels of leadership in the organizational structure.

The achievement of success factors along with the estimated quality standards is a laborious task where involvement of talents in human capital formation can prove to be lucrative (Hitka et al., 2019).

Task 3(c)

For the sake of establishing an efficient range of customer service facilities and provisions, organizations must develop their employees and people and convert them into resources. Coaching and mentoring practices in such organizational areas become necessary and fruitful activity.

To meet and create awareness of the personal inherent skills of employees that can be efficiently utilized in the workplace, development, and implementation of coaching and mentoring practices become essential (Delmondes, 2018).

In order to achieve the coaching and mentoring program goals of development of human resource of the organization and thus customer service fulfillment capability, Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. operates with a range of such development tactics like:

  1. Provision of guidance to employees and subordinates about the working systems and strategies in a way that creates a sense of learning and maintaining the workforce at the company. As per the reports of 2018 Lendlease Pvt. Ltd., the company recorded a retention rate of its key talents which is more than 90% in the organization.

  2. Routine coaching sessions for employees to aware of the activities and strategies essential in fostering the organization's work system and success factors. In addition to this, Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. has maintained a culture of employee wellbeing by robustly coaching them and also by developing flexible and easy customer connectivity.

  3. Development of effective communication levels, both formal and informal ways, among all levels of employees by the use of vertical and horizontal styles of corporate communication.

  4. Lendlease also adopts for the Australian Network on Disability that largely focuses on employing people as talents with inherent skills, and competencies, irrespective of the employees’ physical abilities and disabilities, where the skills can be furnished by the usage of coaching and mentoring practices and thus be useful for the organizational works for the sake of accomplishment of costumer satiety.

Task 4(a)

Specific Actions

The industrial robustness of any company or organization lies in its propensity to drive its customer service, inquiries, and complaints in a compelling manner.

Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. commits to creating an enjoyable life and culture at the workplace, meanwhile developing a decorous service experience for its patron members throughout the work-cycle and even after that (Lendlease, 2018).

Lendlease takes into account, manifolds of possible specific actions for the optimum handling and address of inquiries and complaints received in all sectors of its service like construction, infrastructure, housing, water systems, telecommunication, etc.

The company uses a collaborative approach in handling and resolution of customer grievances as discussed in the points below.

  1. A platform for customer service

    The company Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. has, for the sake of structured collection, formulated a platform for customer issues and grievance sharing with the organization.

  2. Unique identifier code

    The company has developed a system for the provision of a unique identifier code to the complainant for the real-time analysis and tracking of redressal process continuity and processing.

  3. Transparency in resolution

    Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. is focused on service provision by creating a transparent grievance handling system by establishing a person-to-person (say, face-to-face) communication arrangement for quick and transparent resolution.

  4. Code of conduct

    Lendlease aims to systemize its working methodologies without hampering sustainability aspects in any way. Hence, it acts in resolution and feedback provided to the complainant by means of overall follow-up of its code of conduct and derives the most flexible solution out of it for sustainability management.

  5. Lesson sharing

    Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. has developed a culture of sharing the lessons learned by the employees form any unintended and drastic complications under customer service for the sake of acknowledging a learning experience for other organization members as well.

Task 4(b)

In any organization dealing in any industry, the concern for the prevention and privacy of its customer or client's data or information is an important function. Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. being an Australia based company, is obliged to follow the laws and principles of privacy amended under the Acts of the Australian constitution.

Australian Privacy Principles are the principle-based laws furnished and established for organizational and business support and to provide them the outline of the ethical boundaries of work (Kumar, 2018).

In relation to the collection, storage, and use of customer information for the organization, the Australian Privacy Principles explain and elaborate them under the hold, use, disclose, and purpose categories.

The 'hold' refers to the privacy law referring that an organization possesses and has control over the records of the customer with bonafide interests. The ‘use’ component of the principle constitutes the principle of handling information where the organization undertakes, for the sake of utilization, the information within their effective control, in fair means.

The term ‘disclose’ in the privacy policy allows the organization to get access to and control over the use of information for specific and required situations only.

To conclude, Lendlease Pvt. Ltd., is an Australian established business entity, follows the required legislative and customer privacy laws, and hence, is liable to hold, use, and disclose the information, with the authentic ‘purpose’ of prime and ethical utilization of data (Privacy Policy, 2018).

Task 1(1)

Choose a Strategy

Training and development practices in favor of the organization's activities must be strategically developed for the sake of the best possible secretion of productivity factors out of the manpower and resources available (Ramsay, 2018). The adoption of such strategies is significant as it develops a sight of expected future realities and long-term credibility of organizational success and performance management.

To monitor the quality and customer service outcome and productivity to agreed standards by easing out the progress in providing quality customer services in the following ways.

  1. A sound training and development strategy aids the achievement of customer satisfaction through organizational interaction and communication practices.

  2. Training and development as a strategy in the company lead to fostering employees' decision-making and problem-solving capabilities, further easing the provision of robust and coherent customer services.

  3. A strategic process and frame of training and development among organizational employees induce higher customer retention and invites new prospects to join the community, eventually provoking the rise in market grabbing and thus towards a good rise in profits.

Task 1(2)

Use of Resources in Strategy

For the practice of Training and development as the chosen strategy, the two of the major resource towards the achievement of the organizational success are (a) its human resources and trainers, and (b) financial strength and position of the organization.

Human Resources and Trainers as Resource

In terms of providing quality customer service, employee training and human resource become a motivational player, as stated by Mwesigwa, (2019), that requires to be developed as an efficient source of customer attraction.

Lendlease Pvt, Ltd. uses its human resources by developing a commitment to developing and retaining the best people and providing the best possible learning opportunities.

  1. The company uses its human resource in the training of employees with on-the-job practices that sharpens the employee knowledge generation tools, accelerate careers, and helps to set up future career prospects.

  2. Career Planning assistance to employees such as by facilitating the employee to work beyond the fields, in multidirectional ways. This leverages the sense of learning and their continuous improvement scope.

Finance as A Resource to The Strategy

At Lendlease Pvt. Ltd., a strong financial position and advantage achieved by the company enable it to fund the execution of its other activities and deliver the quality earnings for all resources and departments.

Good financial stability and performance of a company, however, is a key element that draws out the organization's stability, position, and leadership in the industry in the views of the customer. Hence, the maintenance and effective running of finance in a company becomes important for gaining higher customer insights.

Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. uses portfolio performance framework as the core of financial strategy, designed in a way to:

  1. Maximize the long-term security holder value through a diversified portfolio, thus removal of risk for financial disturbances.

  2. Attainment of financial competitive advantage in the industry.

Task 2(1)

Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. has numerous sources available as platforms for its clients, employees, and event third party people for the easy provision of feedback. The company focuses on providing the finest possible services and quality, with the aim to create an idealistic service approach and receive positive feedback from its clients (Clark, 2002).

In the circumstances of receipt of any non-satisfactory feedback, the company uses the process of overall assessment and check of the service provided, its quality check, and factors related to service provision and customer relationship.

However, feedbacks help the company in enforcing a more suitable and idealistic service pattern. Along with the provision of efficient service and redressal on feedback, the company aims to not go beyond the sustainability limits so as to follow the principle of environmental conservation, sustainable developments, and social responsibility in inclination to customer relationship management.

To improve the activities and service provision quality and capability, the organization takes into account its core values and standards.

  1. The company aims at maintaining a collaborative approach in grievance handling and redressal.

  2. Integrity adoption by providing the optimum level of services.

  3. Development of charters for clients in a way to deliver improvements and achieve the company's KPIs.

Task 2(2)

Quality, in different terms and different industries, has a different context (Howarth, 2012). The concept of quality has distinct meanings in every individual industry and organization.

Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. has maintained the quality of its services soundly. It uses the following techniques and approaches to deliver the most effective quality services.


ISO, an acronym for International Organization for Standardization puts a standard for the industries to produce more effectiveness and efficiency from the services and operations (Shaikh, 2020).

Adoption of ISO standards, for example, ISO 9001, in Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. has aided the quality improvement and robust evolutions in its quality of services.

Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management (TQM) is a management system and framework that assists the organization in the development and achievement of high standards of quality in its operational and service sectors.

The adoption of a concrete TQM approach has a direct influence on sustainable performance and quality service approach, leading to creating a benchmark for others in the industry (Jermsittiparsert, 2019).

In addition to this, the company develops research on the new developments to be made or formulated in the organization and serviceability, targeting its employees and customers as consultants. The company performs the consultation process intending to get knowledge about the areas of development and innovation for the organization.

The employees are vital resources for any organization (Mwesigwa, 2019). They are the primary internal stakeholders in the businesses, and hence stated as a good source of information and suggestion for the organization and its culture, practices, and environment. Hence, finding the fruitful suggestions and consultations from them constructively assists the organizational development.

Similarly, the customers are the vital and prime holder of stakes of the organization in the external environment. The feedback and expectations of the customers generate new platforms and areas for the development and quality maintenance of the organizational services.

Task 2(3)

Managing the organizational records, reports and other management data and information that is business sensitive is crucial. An effective and standard record management practice must be ensured in the organizations for its revival when required (Lee & Chung, 2016).

Lendlease uses a list of record management tools and software for the sake of ease in handling of data, and its security purpose as well. Some of these are mentioned in the study.

HRIS, i.e. Human Resource Information System, is a system of record management of the information about the organizational employees (Qadir, 2017).

File management systems, that manage the important files for the organization and its policy retirements.

Drivers and record management systems, that help the Lendlease company to securely manage and handle the customer's information and data.

To conclude, Lendlease Pvt. Ltd. has a good, formal, and structured layout for the management and maintenance of data handling techniques.

Part 3. Scenario and Short Answer Questions

Task 1(a)

Two External Customer Relationships

For any organization, the external customers are considered to be its customer, society, suppliers, etc. Here, in the provided scenario, two external customer relationships are identifiable.

  1. Consumers and organization, and

  2. Organization and society, where organization represents its relationship with external customers i.e. its consumers and the society.

There are certain needs and wants of each segment of customers of an organization such as the consumers' needs and wants from the organization are receipt and intake of high-end quality products and services along with the overall satisfaction to be realized from the consumption of the same.

Society, in relation to the organization, needs it to adopt corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies, environmental conservation, etc., and societal welfare.

Task 1(b)

Internal Customer Relationships

As studied and assessed from the case provided, one of the internal customers identifiable in the organizational scenario is the relationship between the production team manager and its front line staff.

The needs and wants of the nominated customers vary from department to department. However, the case for the pharmaceutical industry, as stated in the case, the front line staff needs and wants for the development of the democratic and participative style of inter-team management and thus the development of collaborative practices and a team-building spirit.

Task 1(c)

Key Issue

(a) One of the major customer service issues that arise out in any organizational process as studied in the provided case can say to be the issue of provision of customer assistance since the organization has been observed in the need for more efficient people who can be the right advisor to the customers.

The lack of efficiency in customer assistance might be seen as the result of limited organization resources such as:

  1. Lack of people or employee availability in the customer support department.

  2. Low financial capabilities to employ more people for it or to set up any technology-aided applications and support for further help in customer assistance.

(b) In order to resolve the issues aroused, as per the personal point of view, the organization must adopt the following.

  1. Workforce diversity and multidisciplinary employee activities to take advantage of providing customer assistance from skilled people within.

  2. Raising the incentives and rewards provision for people or employees capable to provide efficient customer service.

Task 2(a) 

Table of three specific actions aimed at ensuring the proposed standard is met

Task 2(b)

Representation of a form that could be used by one of the organisations for recording informal comments made by customers

Task 3(a) Survey

Purpose of The Survey

A survey method is used to collect data regarding the subject or research understudy with the aim to get valuable insights and findings that could assist the interpretation and assessment of results (Kumar, 2019). The purpose of the survey collected is to identify and gain insights regarding the organizational capability to serve its clients with quality assistance and redressals.

Task 3(b)

The case study provided highlights a situation where the organization and its concerned authorities fall short of providing constructive customer service when a customer requested a change or postponement in the time of an appointment or call to be done within the organization.

The customer received a null response from the organization's behalf, followed by the increase in dissatisfaction and sense of distort of the organization's image in the minds of customers, and hence the receipt of negative feedback from the customer's side.

Task 3(c)

An organization may inculcate few actions in its worklist to assure the wellness and quality factors provided during the customer service and redressal.

  1. Periodic such as, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. records of the ratio of reopened or queried projects to that of the total projects delivered must be assessed and measured with the aim to understand the viability, productivity, and efficiency factors of organization in terms of service provision.

  2. Department or service wise keeping and maintenance of records for the case of customer grievances so that it can be easy to understand and chalk out the department, sub-department of service responsible for the faults aroused. Also, this may aid to identify the most responsible factors for ineffectiveness and non-standardization of service provision.


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