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Life Event from Your Own Experience

Introduction to Life Events Stress, Emotional Vital Signs and Hypertension

The purpose of the paper is to understand the important life event and to understand the theories that would be related to the findings. As identified, when there is an important life event likes "having a baby as the sibling", immediately as the humans, we start to form the bonds and there is also the understanding of the characteristics of the feeling and to have the secure, content emotions (Li, 2020). As per the Mary Ainsworth, who has advocated the attachment theory with Bowl by, and to devise own its own. It is important to expand with the theory and further to include the three styles of attachment (and to formulate the fourth). It is important to be proactive and be based on the acceptance of the infant’s needs and then gradually how the caregiver (and how the mother cares) who could develop the sense of security and to be transparent and be establishing the feeling of security who would adapt with the better feeling. As per the theory of Bronfenbrenner, it is important to think and be related to the person's development and how there can be transparency with the surrounding environment. It is important to balance and also mature the person's environment that could be adequately be related to the microsystem and it is important to transform into the mesosystem, the exosystem, the macrosystem, and finally into the chronosystem (König, 2018).

Discussion on Life Events Stress, Emotional Vital Signs and Hypertension

The important life event of my life was when my sibling came into life and it helps how there can be a better life. The relation to transform and check my feelings and be open was experienced, with the arrival of the new member in the family. As one could experience, the family support and due to the additional family member has helped to a better person. Due to the sibling arrival as baby, it changed my emotions, I have started to experience a change in feelings, emotions, and love. It was an out of the world to feel when he held the hand for the first time and there was better transparency and to relate with better growths (Hofer, 2020).

Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory

As per the theory, the important factor which defines how the children can experience with the commendable life and it would be holding a better enmeshed in various ecosystems, and it would be based on intimate home ecological system and to note a larger school system, and it is necessary to hold the most expansive system and it would be based on the society and culture. It is important to note how here can be ecological systems and how it would be based on the interaction and can be advanced with the influence and it would following the children’s lives.

From the above theory, the relation of the microsystem and how it would be based to the smallest and then it would be accessed as the immediate environment that could be checked with respect to the children's lives. Another there can be based on the microsystem that could be advocated the daily home, including the school or daycare, peer group and it is important to check with the community environment that could be children (Rode, 2016).

Interactions can also be anticipated with the microsystem and how there can be substantial be personal relationships and it is important to check the family members, classmates and it would be related to the teachers and caregivers. It would be checked based on the related to individuals interact and it would be advocated with children will affect can be understanding to grow.

The Bronfenbrenner theory also is anticipated and is vocal that can be accessed with the microsystem and to note the smallest and it can understand the immediate environment that can result in a better environment with the children live (Sharma, 2016). As checked and anticipated to how there can be rationality to the microsystem and to check on the basis of how one would be experiencing at the daily home or can be facing at the daily school or daycare, peer group part of the.

Interactions that could be found within the microsystem would actively involve and also be showering the personal relationships which could check and be based on how the family members, classmates would be having a better approach to the teachers and caregivers. Another finding is how there can be advocated checks and there can be individuals interaction that can be expending the children and to note how they grow. It is important to be the same ecological system that can be sustained as per the different environments (Arnarson, 2016).

Bowlby-Ainsworth Attachment Theory

Ainsworth (1970) is important and it can be advised with the three main attachment styles that cover the secure (type B) and it would progress and check with the insecure-avoidant (type A) along with the insecure ambivalent/resistant (type C). It is also important to check and how there can be an advanced attachment style and to be based on the result due to the early interactions that could be experienced with the mother. Adults would also be based on the as having four attachment styles and it would be based on the secure, can be based on the anxious-preoccupied, be check on the basis to the dismissive-avoidant, and the largely be based on the fearful-avoidant. The relation can be advanced on the based on the secure attachment style and it would be how the adults can secure the place and match with the secure attachment style that could rectify the children. It can be anticipated on the basis of four basic characteristics and how there can be based on an open clear view and how there can be an open attachment really is. It would be a check based on the safe heaven, and it can be based on the secure base and it is important to check on the basis of the proximity maintenance along with the anticipated based on the separation distress. It can be anticipated with the four attributes and how it would be anticipated with the balanced relationship that can channelize with the child and his caregiver (Arnarson, 2016).

As per the attachment theory that could be related to the four characteristics: proximity and anticipated on the basis to the safe haven, and to have the secure base along with the basis to the separation distress (Emam, 2019). Other based relations would be the proximity Maintenance and how it can be anticipated on the basis of the child that can be identified with the caregiver, and to anticipate the child safe. it is essential to check with the based on how the Bowlby would advocate the attachment behaviors, such as clinging, smiling, crying and further to check on the basis of how to evolve the behavior and to relate to an increased bonding in between the caregiver and child,

The other identification is how to form the proximity that could be identified to the system. As identified, the behavior can be based on the caregiver that can draw to the child. The relation as to why what can be based on the anticipated the way. The relation is drawn to the separation and the related threatened separation and as to how there can be a child which can be based on the theory of caregiver as to what triggers such behaviors. The theory also founds how there has been separation distress that could be experienced by Bowlby and it is important to relate and check with the child feels and it is better to check on the basis of the caregiver and it would be encouraged with the territory (Jenness, 2016). The relation can be based on the constant proximity that can be based on the caregiver which can be checked to the child with the caregiver to be a safe haven (anticipated with the constant and responsive presence) (Hofer, 2020)

Conclusion on Life Events Stress, Emotional Vital Signs and Hypertension

To conclude, the children need to be reactive and it is essential to follow the transiency to the microsystem which can help to channelize and to be evaluated based on the treatment that could be anticipated to the children in return. Another factor is to associate and find out how there can be a better supportive interaction and it would be found as a result of the understandably foster which can help in the development. Another finding is how the iconological systems can check on the basis of the significant findings and it would be better is based on the ecological systems and it would check per the siblings.

References for Life Events Stress, Emotional Vital Signs and Hypertension

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