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Introduction to Micro-Study Authentic Social Situation

 This particular study is a micro-study of an authentic social situation of COVID 19 and its impact in social terms. COVID 19 is a deadly virus that had gone on to be a global pandemic. This paper will reflect on the social situation of COVID through authentic resources. The resources and references were collected through reports as the present situation did not abide to go out and conduct face to face interviews. Data gathering which brings into contact with a wider public or that puts anybody at risk of breaches in context to the social distancing guidelines were prevented. This study presented the problem, method, evidence, analysis and conclusion.


This study will be instrumental in reflectingthe real situation of the society during COVID-19. Going further the interest observations have proved a fact that the outbreak of COVID-19 has affected almost all the sectors of human social-economic life segments (Karaye & Horney, 2020). This is detrimental in the direction of the members associated with social groups during vulnerable situations that continue affectingthe populations. These includepoverty stricken societal beings living with disabilities, and people who are old or issues with the youth, as well as the indigenous peoples. Proper policy addresses the social crisis that is created by COVID-19 pandemic might let to an increase in terms of inequality, exclusion, as well as leads to discrimination unemployment at the global medium/long term levels. Complete, social protection systems act as automatic stabilizers, that plays durable role in the protection of the workers as well as helps in the process of reducing the poverty. They focuses toward the providing of a basic security in terms of income which in turn enhancethe societal being’s capacity in the direction of managing as well as overcoming the shocks (Karaye& Horney, 2020).


The investigation in context to Covid and its social impact will be based on reports. The reports taken into consideration are authentic. Most of the resources cited are from United Nations, OECD and The information subjected from these websites is very true and factual. They give a wide representation of Covid 19 and the social situation surrounding it. The reports subjected by these authentic sites will be evaluated and reflected to get a better picture of the situation.


The data in this context are achieved from authentic and trustworthy sources. The interest was to find the impact of the situation of COVID 19 in social terms. It is a known fact that Covid 19 has impacted the world and this study goes on to understand the extend through the resources. The data was selected keeping in mind the authenticity and the fact that the data would reflect the actual surroundings.

Analysis of Micro-Study Authentic Social Situation

The United Nation’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) is considered to be as in the form of a pioneer which is associated with those of the sustainable development (United Nations, 2020). It is on going further can be considered as in the form of a home associated with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is where each and every goal tends to find the space in which every stakeholder can perform their duty of playing a part. The United Nation’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs all the way through the Division that is all Inclusive of the Social Development or in short the DISD, is instrumental in monitoring the nationalized as well as socio-economic trends that are globally identified. These emerging issues are in need to be assessed in terms of their respective implications toward the societal policies both at international as well as national levels (United Nations, 2020).

To this end, it is required to work with people living in imperfect situations, the elderly, the disabled, youth as well as indigenous peoples. Preliminary evidence suggests that the healths, as well as economic effects associated with the virus, are not fully borne by the poor. Wives, in context to example, are very exposed in the direction of the risks associated with the virus because they cannot take refuge in safe places. People with unrestricted access in the direction of dihydrogen monoxide, refugees, migrants, or internally displaced people can individually suffer from the epidemic as well as its consequences - obstacles in the direction of mobility, poor employment, increased xenophobia, etc. only adds to this miserable (United Nations, 2020).

The "social economy" has played an important role in addressing as well as mitigating the short/long term effects associated with the COVID-19 crisis on the economy as well as society (OECD, 2020). In the short term, independent economists came out to assist in this crisis stage by proposing innovative solutions aimed at further strengthening social housing in addition to the direction of administrative activities. Over the long term, macroeconomic organizations can reshape post-crisis economies by promoting inclusive as well as sustainable business models. Depending on the decennium associated with the experience, its classified characteristics as well as underlying principles can create models associated with great innovation as well as perceptions. This is particularly associated with the aspect of attaining perfection in context to companies operating in the market economy associated with the core economy. The COVID-19 crisis calls in context to restoring efficiency as well as resilience across the economy. Developing the regional social economy was seen as a complete "remedy" in context to a confidence disorder or rebalancing reformatory actions (Poudel&Subedi, 2020). The groups that are impacted include societal beings suffering from homelessness, exclusion from the labor market as well as the exclusion associated with other forms of social exclusions of risk-sensitive (vulnerable groups). But it is in the direction of inspiring regional economies and is also acts in the direction of becoming more inclusive. There is a need for a sustainable economy as well as a need to transform societies. Service could later play a huge role in the pursuit associated with an economy as well as that of attaining sustainable societal norms (OECD, 2020).

The COVID-19 epidemic represents a huge global health crisis. As the crisis requires vast expulsion changes as well as the resulting psychological burden on individuals, insight social knowledge, as well as behavioral sciences, can be honored in the direction of aligning human behavioral deportation with the advice associated with epidemiologists as well as health experts. The audience discusses a variety associated with research topics ranging from epidemics in the direction of its navigation, including work on threats, experiments, science communication, ethical decision making, and leadership. It has also a cultural impact that is based on the aspect of coping with stress that leads to environmental adaptation. In each section, it is noted that nature as well as qualities associated with previous research are instrumental in including skepticism as well as unresolved issues. It furthermore identifies a number associated with ideas in context to effective solution-oriented replicas associated with COVID-19 outbreaks. Not only this its resulting gaps highlight the move in the direction of filling the recurring weeks along with the months. The behavioral parameters associated with progressive viral infections must change during epidemics (Van Bavel et al., 2020).

Beautiful aspects in the society, as well as cultural context, affect the amount as well as quantity associated with behavior change in humans. In this section, the ways are described in context to the societal contexts such as socio-political aspects, credible inequality, culture, as well as polarization, enable policymakers in the direction to identify risk factors as well as intervene effectively (Tai et al., 2020).

Deporting people is influenced by criminal law: what they understand is what others do or enjoy, others approve or underestimate. The desire in the direction of learning from others starts with endless literature works in this field. This is instrumental in forming a relative value or through recognition is associated with attachments that stay differentiated. Accordingly, it works in the direction of making different rules, as people are influenced by rules. Their perceptions are often wrong. in context to the given example, in which people may underestimate health-promoting evictions (e.g, washing hands) as well as pay extra in context to unhealthy behavioral evictions.Correcting this misconception reinforces positive rules through public behavioral messages (such as health promotion). Providing precise information about what most people do can help provide healthy publicity in context to what most people do (He& Harris, 2020).

Conclusion on Micro-Study Authentic Social Situation

It will be good to conclude that what most people do in terms of addressing the societal issues that has emerged during the COVID outbreak however is considered to be undesirable. On the notary it was observed and can be concluded that these societal norms are instrumental in providing fully descriptive ideological information, if not already accompanied by already provided society based information. It can backfire by reducing the positive behaviors associated with already employed individuals. This indicates that most people's approval that is associated with these actions (ideological values as opposed to the direction of descriptive values). On the other hand it was observed duly that, hypothetical rules associated with the perceived norms are most effective when the promotion is associated with physical behavior of the societal beings. It is more effectively refer to those with whom earthly society specified identities are shared. So they post a message within a template provided by standard group templates or (for example, members associated with the community) may be more effective.

References for Micro-Study Authentic Social Situation

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