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MacVille Case Study - Scenario 1

By looking at scenario 1 of MacVille’s successful business operations in Sydney, Australia, the established vision of the company can be seen positively. According to Spear, (2017), a company vision can be established by projecting the business operations for five to ten years, expecting massive growth and success, and aligning with business goals and values effectively and precisely (Spear, 2017). Concerning such fact and relating to the given scenario, it is also important to look at the projection of MacVille for five to ten years, perceive the key factors, and plan the mission accordingly. In this case, the mission of MacVille appears to be systematic and reasonable to the needs of the organization.

As per the scenario, the company expects to grow as a national brand within five years and to be recognized as an essential portion of the hospitality industry. Moreover, it also anticipated being perceived as a key element, responsible for the success of the hospitality organizations, irrespective of its sizes. In addition to that, the company also defined that it is into providing espresso coffee machines to customers focusing on meeting productivity, sustainability, and consistency requirements of the hospitality standards and values. This, in turn, has enabled the MacVille to gain rewards as profits and revenue to prosper.

Now concerning the vision, it has been understood that the CEO wants to stick with the company’s existing values and principles. However, he has also focused on the stakeholders, customers, and society as a whole to stay committed to providing valuable service and products, also to adhere to the morals and ethics to safeguard wise environmental practices and adding value to the communities, it serves the business. Moreover, the CEO also explained that the last strategic plan was implemented but there are improvements required which are essential to reach organizational success.

Relating to the current practices of the organization, it is effectively supporting the mission and vision of the company. As the CEO has said that, their prime mission is to be merge as a promising and leading organization within the hospitality industry, expecting to be the market leader by adhering to quality services to its customers and stakeholders proficiently. In addition, it has also been understood that the company is in urgent need of innovation in its business processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness in delivering quality solutions to customers as they view them as rewards of profit maximization and organizational growth at the same time. By constant innovation in quality and service, it will help improve organizational standards and outcomes positively (Chen, Zheng, Yang and Bai, 2016). Correspondingly, it has been identified that the company is keen to focus on enhancing its corporate social responsibility implementations to promote and develop social causes by donating a percentage of revenue to NGO's and the communities, it operates a business (Chen, Zheng, Yang and Bai, 2016). Thus, it clarifies that the CEO wants to implement strategic change within the organization to bring change and enhancement to prosper within the hospitality industry positively.

Email to all the stakeholders: Discussing the identified mission and vision of MacVille.

To: All the stakeholders

From: General Manager of MacVille

Date: 6th June 2020

Subject: Discussion about the identified mission and vision of MacVille.

Dear Stakeholders,

With due respect, this email is concerning about the recently identified mission and vision of MacVille which is been discussed and established with our CEO precisely. After a thorough and productive discussion session, CEO and we have identified that there is a crucial need for changes and improvements in our organization to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency at all levels of business processes.

  1. Existing mission and vision: The company strives to provide customers with value-added quality services by adhering to hospitality standards and organizational value at the same time. This indicates the mission of the company. Now, vision signifies that within the next five years the company is expected to grow massively and to be a key player in the emergence of the hospitality industry in Sydney and Australia as a whole. Efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of hospitality values are the prime factors that the company endeavours to maintain and improve.
  2. Current approaches: The current approaches of the organization are smooth flowing but to compete with the competitive market, the company shall require strategic approaches to ensure effectiveness. With the growing customers' needs, wants, and desires, it is crucial to constantly develop and improve the business process to make sure it meets the customer’s requirements effectively and efficiently. Thus, strategic planning of innovation, employee’s development, and products and services improvement are key elements to focus on.
  3. Revised vision and mission: Concerning the organizational needs and requirements in the current situation as identified by our CEO, we realized that it essential to revise the present mission and vision of MacVille to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the business progressions to prosper by satisfying its every internal and external customer. The revised vision will be to establish MacVille with high productivity and promising customer service by innovation and strategic approaches to gain and contribute benefits to the communities it serves. Relating to the mission, it encompasses, to ensure efficiency, consistency, and sustainability of the hospitality values and improving the business standards to next level to ensure the effectiveness of operations in proving valuable services to its stakeholders and customers precisely.
  4. Organizational values: Organizational or company values are the most vital aspects to determine support for the revised mission and vision. Concerning to MacVille, certain organizational values need to be adhered by every stakeholder, employees, and employers as well to ensure success. It includes commitment towards innovation and excellence, responsibility, commitment to maintaining efficacy and effectiveness at all times, truthfulness, adhering to organizational ethics in building strong and sustainable communities to prosper growth.

Trust all the points described will bring your kind attention and understanding for the same. Looking forward to a fruitful association with you.

Best regards,

GM – MacVille, Sydney

MacVille Case Study - Scenario 2

4) PEST analysis - The points provided below are factors of PEST analysis as per the case scenario:

  • Political: The local or regional government of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia has propagated legislations which will help to expand MacVille business to other parts of Australia effectively. This will create a positive impact on the motive to grow and improve its business. On the other hand, the enactment of new legislation about over usage of water has been a setback for MacVille, thus, the company must adopt new technologies and innovation to safeguard interests.
  • Economic: Reprocessing or utilizing the existing set-up and facilities of the present stores will help cut costs and save money for the company positively.
  • Social: Planning to expand the business to rival areas to acquire existing customers of Hurley company and build more customer base.
  • Technology: The company is need of providing adequate fund towards its research and development sector and technology to overcome the likely risks of governmental legislation and negative impacts on the company.

The SWOT analysis is defined below:

  • Strength: Positioning the company at the customer's desired location that will help them with accessibility and availability of public transports to reach the store. Moving the existing store to the new hotspot location is assumed as the strength of meeting customers needs and wants positively.
  • Weakness: Due to the heavy traffic queues in the new location of the store has posed as a weakness for the company.
  • Opportunities: With the applied legislation by the government, it signifies that café organizations can increase their lanes for expansion. This will help MacVille to generate a greater number of customers around the premises.
  • Threat: As the regional government had planned to charge $50,000 as a penalty for over usage or wasting of water, this can endanger the company anytime. Second, market competition is emerging and developing constantly, for example, Java Estate, Ambrosia Coffee Roast, and Home Espresso Trades. The competition with these said companies is high end and competition with great strategies and planning.

MacVille Case Study - Scenario 3

The company can utilize the existing spare place or space as their new venture or adding a new service such as takeaways, and self-coffee service using a vending machine. 

The company has taken advantage of environmental disaster aid organization to identify the possibilities of getting local industrial supply to its business.

MacVille Case Study - Scenario 4

By looking at the scenario, it can be identified that several priorities target has not achieved 100%, and those are as follows:

  • Priority 1
  • Priority 2
  • Priority 4
  • Priority 5

The reason behind such ineffectiveness is due to lack of employees’ commitment, values, and adhering to business standards effectively. Hence, it can be understood that the company is in the utmost requirement of innovation, research, and development of its business process and employee effectiveness to ensure prosper in terms of growth and profitability.

MacVille Case Study - Scenario 5

  1. First, the designer should make registration of her designs as patent or copyright by the court of law before releasing the designs in the market (Legislation.gov.au, 2020).
  2. Yes, the case comes under copyright protection law of Australia under the Commonwealth Copyright Act 1968 (Legislation.gov.au, 2020).

MacVille Case Study - Scenario 6

According to The Privacy Act 1988 of Australia which signifies that all the entities are bound to have a privacy policy to ensure the protection of data from vulnerable breach or offence (oaic.gov.au, 2020). Thus, relating to the scenario, it is advised that the business must adhere to the government guidelines and laws accordingly to prevent any type of conflicts or damage to the company’s name and business negatively (oaic.gov.au, 2020).

MacVille Case Study - Scenario 7

There are few cases in which Steve has acted unethically and those are as follows:

  • Claiming someone else’s work or design as his own.
  • Non-adherence to business and legislation ethics.
  • Quoting to be indebted more in financing his new car than providing value for money services.

MacVille Case Study - Scenario 8

Concerning to the given scenario. It has been identified that Joe has negatively breached the code of ethics and the act is unethical as per the government norms and conditions. Based on the scenario, three ACS code of ethics is been compromised such as professionalism, honesty, and professional development (Acs.org.au, 2011).

Reference List for MacVille Case Study

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Spear, S., 2017. Impression Management Activity in Vision, Mission, and Values Statements: A Comparison of Commercial and Charitable Organizations. International Studies of Management & Organization, 47(2), pp.159-175.

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