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Project Schedule Document- Personal Trainer Business Setup

Executive Summary

The report illustrated a project plan to the client for starting a business in personal trainer space. The work breakdown structure created operations structure from the initial project to its final set for enrolling in the market to be completed within 1 year. The work breakdown structure is structured for schedule. The report highlighted a change in resource allocation to streamline work and reduce the overhead costs to accommodate $58850.

Table of Contents

Executive summary.



Eliciting requirements.

Client requirements.


Literature review..

Material and methods.

Work breakdown structure.

Project network.



Reference list


The purpose of this project scheduling document is to display scheduling and control recommendation for a personal trainer business in Australia


The project scheduling document is related to the setup of the personal trainer business. The client has a project plan for this business. We have adapted the necessary project plan requirements, enlisting scheduling likely activities, and their sequence that is required for this project to get started.

Eliciting requirements

The information is gathered through client briefing and our research through online and customers and industry stakeholders.

Client requirements

The requirement put forward by the client is for setting up the personal trainer business. Flexibility is associated with the budget to be completed in a span of 1 year to gain a competitive edge through diversification and business line. The budget specified is $58850 outlined for the project.


The key objective of the project is to create proper schedule work for setting up a successful business. The project will be conducted for a year to create a sustainable and deliverable of the project, creating a work structure through project management and lastly creating a value chain for its operation.


  • The project task budget and allocation of resource is available.

  • The project is time bound with budget overrun is accepted

Literature review

Business setup is crucial, it requires adequate research and execution. The study of similar research and project outcomes provide accurate knowledge about structuring project. The process followed by a feasibility schedule and possible outcome through business set up to approach cost timeline (Schwalbe, 2016). Business accountability and schedule is driven by resource working on the development and progress of scheduled projects created on track. The lifestyle and disposal income shows spending on leisure and health. The business plan provides guidance by business advisors to determine the business structure (Australian government, 2020).

Material and Methods

Project plan and research requirements through online sources, business, and project schedule to create a proposed plan. The fulfillment through the below structure is designed-

  • Work breakdown structure

The work breakdown structure (WBS) is prepared through information gathered through resources. WBS is helpful in determining project requirement and breakdown by creating schedule and accountability for the overall deliverable of the project (Siegel, 2019)

  • Project network

Project network crease a track of activities. The start and finish of activities through a measure by critical path prevents timely completion and reduction of delays. The project network addresses the task through prioritization using estimation for task completion (Harrison, 2016)

  • Schedule

The schedule is the time frame for the deliverable of the project through the project network. It predicts a timeline for completion of the task.

  • Critical path

The critical path is the shortest time taken to complete and deliver a project. It is a project planning method for focus on providing a realistic deadline for projects to forecast dependent activities. Critical path assists in assigning projects on the basis of importance to prevent delay (White, 2019).

Work Breakdown Structure

Work breakdown structure will breakdown the task into work pockets for major deliveries. WBS is useful in schedule and resource allocation as it build work plan for process path (Schwalbe 2016) .The subdivision of work describes project network through resource management and reference point .The setup of a personal trainer business requires capital to and physical office to tap customers and increase outreach.

  • Step-1-Project setup

  • Step-2-Initiation of operations

  • Step-3-Preparation of operations

The business advisors and consultants provide assistance in line with the timelines decided to ensure timely completion of work. The decomposition of the process in smaller and manageable components will help focus on advertising costs for trainers to include different workgroups in taking customized plans. The individual resource for control in management helps in taking scheduled investment through operations for collaborative meetings (Siegel 2019) .The hierarchy of schedule is with the owner to take actions in accordance with the budget allocated as a project manager. Resource allocations are a priority in physical deliverable.

Project Network

The project network is designed for planning, scheduling, and creating a sequence of activities for their dependence on each other for completion of the project. The project network assures business framework applicability in task determined through the work breakdown structure (Ramani, 2016) .The time-based processing of task and non-critical path identified are kept in track through the project network. It encompasses actions and project association with quick elements and feedback for reliance on resource allocation for initiating business. Business requires determination of order and WBS structure for resource completion and task associated with its implementation. The decomposition will give manageable components that will help focus on field cost with rentals for office advertising costs for trainers to include different workgroups in taking customized plans. The terminal points of task creates sequence of task or duration for task assignment and accountability (Zwikael, 2019).


The resources identified are key pillars for identifying and completing the project by using available materials. Resources hold physical and tangibility aspect with them to create logical relationship between project schedules (Kim, 2015). Physical equipment, capital, and people are key resources to complete the project. This includes IT consultant, project manager, and financial broker.

Scheduling resources as a measure for effective and timely completion of project is required for resource allocation and reducing spending on non-urgent task .The key timeline for each task by the professional is determined through the project network so that there is alignment in the task. The time available for the project is 1 year and estimated completion task is 1 year 5 days .The major cost per resource is shown in the Appendix. The timeline shows IT consultant and finance broken requires a higher number of hours. Monetary budget on resource requires cost of resource with time spend on business plan to complete at scheduled hours.


The schedule is identified through work breakdown structure with sequence and framing of business in prioritizing work to ensure timely delivery (PMI, 2019).

Stage 1 is the project management phase where enlist of the project plan is done .Second stage includes an assessment of business parameters and creating online research to ascertain customer sentiments and market structure. The last stage is operations of the business with process build through the above stages as foundation to forward pass. Understanding of competitors and allocating employees are essential to ensure the business is running smoothly (Reid, 2018).This phase is critical for success of project as it facilitates end to end business operations

Critical Path

Task with critical path

I1-Project management Business ready for operation

I12-Pricing of service

I2-Business plan and cost allocation

I13-Office utilities setup

I3-Developing business vision

I14-Business ready for operations

I4-Identifying business structure


I5-Market research


I6-Registering business


I7-Licensing business


I8-Identifying location


I9-Applying for finance


I10-Insuring business


I11-Establishing customer service


Potential Issue

The timeline shows scheduling and planning are in order. Risk metrics due to unavoidable reasons are not listed for delay of projects.

  • The major shortcomings are people employed as a resource may provide unsatisfactory service and meeting with an external party may not materialize which could increase the project cost.

  • Deliverable may not blend well with overall structure with diversifications of work as clear methodology will not be applicable to overall project process


The project timeline is for one year. Personal trainers work as only contract employees. A proper general liability policy should be set up for contract trainers. The organization and overall project scope is deliverable in work packages

  • Cost setup

The project is running on a budget. Establishing equipment may run over cost. This includes private gym membership for initial customer pull and specialized equipment and training accessories required. The owner should set up the task below on priority to streamline work and prevent the overhead costs. Below is the list of tasks that can significantly reduce costs by $17100.

The activities

  • Business structure development

  • Market research and competitive analysis

  • Registration of business name

  • Hiring and training of staff

Set up of business structure and setting up pricing will helps to put forth a reliable business model. Additional resource employed will increase effectiveness on completion of work on time.The additional resource will establish the work hours according to timeline.

Reference list

Australian government. (2020). New business planning. Retrieved from https://www.business.gov.au/planning/new-businesses

Harrison, F. Lock, D. (2016). Advanced project management: A structured approach (4th ed .).Routledge

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Zwikael, O. Smyrk, R.J. (2019). Project management: A benefits realization approach. Springer

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