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Task 1: a Meeting information statement

1. Purpose of the meeting:

The meeting will be failed if there is no specific purpose for it. The purpose of the meeting which was conducted in an organization was as follows:

  1. To achieve the common agreement.

  2. To solve the problems or discussion regarding issues.

  3.  To understand the situation and reach the final solution. 

  4. To inform and exchange the ideas.

  5. To take feedbacks.

The main purpose was to identify the issues and find the solutions for the existing problems in an organization. The employees need to participate in the discussion and put their point of view in front of others. This will lead to getting the most effective result. The purpose was precise, clear and easy to understand so that the employees will be clear about the meeting and all the topics or matter will be discussed in the meeting.

2. The style and structure of the meeting:

The meeting was formal in nature. Everyone was supposed to participate in the meeting. It was a problem-solving meeting. So, the suggestion and ideas of all the employees are necessary to make the policies which are favorable for all. The organization policies that contribute to the meeting are:

  1. It is mandatory for all the employees to attend the meeting.

  2. The meetings are scheduled in the working hours of the employees. So. The work time will be divided accordingly. The duration of the meeting will be deducted from the working hours and the employees are required to complete the task within that particular time period.

  3. The purpose of the meetings should be conveyed to the employees in prior so that they were informed that why the meeting was conducted.

The above-mentioned policies and procedures of the organization support the purpose of the meeting. Everyone was known about the purpose of the meeting which enables them to think about the possible solutions which will be discussed in the meeting.

As per my choice, face to face meeting would be more effective than the telephonic and web conferencing. The technical issue might be experienced in the telephonic and web conferencing but it is not possible in case of face to face meetings. 

3. There are 10 participants in the meeting who have discussed their ideas on the relevant titles. The list is mentioned below:

table showing details of all the participants

Any documents or literature protected by copyright cannot be duplicated by any other individual or organization legally. There are various other privacy laws which the company needs to follow very strictly. The importance of these factors while arranging and conducting meetings are: d) The timeline required for the meeting preparation was around 1-2 hrs. The participants are required to note down their points related to their issues and relative solutions. The particular members of the meetings are supposed to carry a notepad and pen to make notes which will help them in later discussions. The meeting was conducted by the manager and assistant manager of the company. The manager started the meeting with the announcement of the achievement of the company in the last month. And appreciate the engaged employees behind that success. Then the manager asks about the problems with the employees are facing in an organization. Everyone started the discussion one by one and at the end, the solution was also discussed. New policies are made by the manager to make the employees satisfied with the organization. The manager also did the follow up about the meeting to verify the effectiveness of the policies made. They took the feedback from the employee to know that whether the employee’s issues are resolved or not.

  1. It protects the work and policies of the organization so that the other organization cannot copy and duplicate it. 

  2. The privacy laws help to secure the personal information of the company. The personal information of the company is very important to keep it in private. This information is very essential for policy making of an organization which will ultimately enhance productivity.   

  3. The innovators of the company who make unique ideas which will need to secure through copyright. Otherwise, the competitors will duplicate the idea and use it for the benefits which will be very hazardous for the company. 

4. The group dynamics are the process involved in the group discussion. The meeting involves the group discussion where everyone was supposed to participate and suggest for the relative issues. The group dynamics influence the process and outcome of the meeting in the following ways:

  1. An organized group dynamics will lead to the effective outcome of the meeting. Everyone will participate equally and let others express their point of view on certain issue or discussion.  

  2. The type of discussion like brainstorming will impact the outcome of the meeting. A proper method of the meeting must be adopted by the company for the smooth conduct of the meeting.

  3. The internal structure of the meeting influences the result. If the structure is not defined properly then the employees will face difficulty to give their suggestions in the meeting.

5. Chairperson plays an important role in the meeting. Chairperson for a meeting refers to the person who has been appointed as the top ranking officer in an organization. The meeting chairperson has control over the whole meeting in order to ensure that the conventions of the meeting must be followed by the participants. The chairperson can also represent the whole organization to the public of the meeting. The purpose of the chairperson is to ensure that the participants must follow the agenda and respect the rules and regulations of the meeting. The main role of the chairperson of the meeting is to develop the agenda according to the requirements of the meeting and effectively lead it.

6. Various costs are incurred in the meeting which has to bear by the company. We can also say it an investment which the company does for the betterment of the employees. The estimated cost incurred in the meeting was around $1000 after considering the breakdown of the resources. 

Task 2: Meeting agenda

Name of the meeting: Problem-solving meeting.

Type of meeting:                     Formal meeting

Meeting conducted by:           Senior manager of CYP.

Meeting conducted for:          Executive managers of CYP

Date:                                       27 February 2019

Time:                                      11am to 1pm

Location:                                Cabin no. 7, 1st floor.

Details of the meeting:

Note: All the participants are requested to bring their notepad and pen. Moreover, they are supposed to come with the problems which they are facing in the company and a suitable solution of the same.

Task 3: Meeting notification/ invitation through Email:

Hello team,

This is an invitation for the meeting held on 27 February 2019, Wednesday, at cabin no. 7, 1st floor from 11 am to 1 pm. This will be a problem-solving meeting, so you are supposed to carry a notepad and a pen with you and prepare with the problems you are facing in the company and relative solution. New policies will be made according to the final result of the meeting. New achievers will also be recognized.  

We are expected you to come on time. 

Thanks and regards,

William D’Souza 

Senior Manager, CYP

Task 4: Confirmation of meeting arrangement:

 Hi team,

As we have already informed you about the meeting held on 27th February 2019 from 11 am to 1 pm at cabin no. 7 1st floor. This meeting has been finalized by the CEO of the company and followed by the manager of CYP. This is a confirmation notification for all the participant to be present in the meeting on time with the necessary documents informed you in the previous mail. Any reason for not attending the meeting will not be considered later. In case of an emergency, you are required to inform to the manager 1 hour prior to the meeting with specific proof or documents. 

Thanks and regards

William D’Souza 

Senior Manager, CYP

Task 5: Meeting papers are as follows:

Notice for the meeting

This is to inform all the executive managers of all the departments of the company that a meeting has been organized by Mr. William D’Souza, senior manager of the company on 27th February 2019 for the purpose of solving the issues faced by the employees of the company. All the participants are requested to join the meeting at 11 am, cabin no. 7 1st floor.

Thank you

William D’Souza 

Senior Manager, CYP

Agenda for the meeting:

A formal meeting has been conducted by the manager of the company on 27th February 2019 from 11 am to 1 pm at cabin no. 7 1st floor. The purpose of the meeting is to solve the problems of the employees which affect their working and output. The meeting will start at 11 am sharp with the warm welcome of the manager of CYP. The manager will give a speech of around 15mins and recognize the new achievers. Last one hour will be required for the problem-solving session where all the participants are supposed to come with the problems and relative solution. The meeting will be wind up at 1 pm. Agenda provide them a blueprint of the meeting.   

Task 6: Instruction to the minute taker

The minute taker of the meeting is the active participation of the meeting who has recorded the minutes of the meeting and prepared notes of the meeting. The minute takers record a short summary of the meeting includes the time when the meeting starts, the time that is required for the managers welcome speech, recognition, and decision-making process. The time taken by each participant along with their topic of discussion is also mentioned in the notes of the meeting. The organization was organized a formal face to face meeting with the employees. This method enables the participants to discuss the problem with others. The face to face discussion helps them to get immediate solutions and a clear discussion took place. The meeting was conducted very smoothly and equal participation was noted throughout the meeting. The meeting was concluded by the manager by announcing new policies related to the problem discussed by the participants. The new policies are mention below along with the relative queries:

Each and every employee is supposed to follow the new policies as well as the solutions given by the manager. The individual who will be found doing any unethical and unacceptable activity will be punishable. The managers will take feedback from the employees to identify the effectiveness of the policies. The employees are free to give feedback to the manager. Moreover, they are free to share any issue related to the company. This will improve the overall environment and productivity of the organization. The satisfied employees will able to work more effectively and efficiently which will ultimately help to attain the organizational goal.     

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