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  • Subject Code : BSBCUS501
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  • Subject Name : Manage quality customer service

Diploma of Leadership and Management


1. With reference to the Colesworth scenario, identify one (1) need of their customers for EACH expectation of

a) Quality

b) Time

c) Cost

2. In relation to your response in #1 above, describe your plan to ensure satisfaction of the identified customer need for



5. Explain how team performance is monitored to ensure quality and delivery standards are met.

6. Explain how a manager (such as yourself) would

7. Some of your team members are having difficulties in meeting expected customer service standards

a) How will you assist team members in overcoming these difficulties?

b) What communication skills would you use to assist in the above?


a. For each legislation, provide a brief definition to serve as basis for further discussion. (1 mark per legislation)

b. Explain the impact of each operation within the context of colesworth

Anti-discrimination law

Australian Consumer Law

Industry codes of practice

Work, health & safety

Ethical principles


Explain the importance of the following business functions to a company like Colesworths

a. public relations 

b. product promotion 


Assessment 1

Part A– Written Assessment 

1. With reference to the Colesworth scenario, identify one (1) need of their customers for EACH expectation of: 

Quality: A Colesworth client can expect fitness facilities to models completed with high quality fabrics and cozy facilities.

Time: Quick time to supply, answer to the customer, buy the item as much as you have online products or in the shops, because they don't have to waste too much time searching for the item or another product you have to meet your customer in time.

Cost: Some clients think that cost should represent this when performance seems low and thus also think that cost should be high. The significant thing is to comprehend and provide clients with information about what they can purchase.

2. In relation to your response in #1 above, describe your plan to ensure satisfaction of the identified customer need for:


1. Customer kinds & where to explore 

2. Internal & foreign client satisfaction surveys 

3. Measure present client service results 

4. Process map each customer service method that requires enhancement 

5. Benchmarking against comparable businesses or procedures (Williams et al. 2015)

6. Identify possibilities to improve every client service procedure.

7. Develop client service in the client service business system.


1. Delays of shipping are an inevitable component of life not keeping clients or people in the dark. However, study has demonstrated that clients are still happy with a delay while on the road. Even if the delays in shipment lie beyond your control, let your customer understand that you are doing all you can to deliver the product. Leverage GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology (Ahmad and Omar 2019)

2. The greatest task for the shipment of products is to know where your shipping conductors are at any specified time. GPS tracking technology is an easy, affordable technique to track riders and warn clients when they have packages on the manner to their destination. You can see your conductors in real time with an internet tacking gateway, calculate the most economical paths, effectively ship and provide your customer with up-to-date ETAs.

There are many other solutions that you can exploit, including:

1. Providing your client with on-line access to their orders (Travis 2017)

2. Sending instant SMS or telephone alerts when status modifications are being shipped

3. Automatic invoicing after receipt of products

4. Ask for Feedback

When did you last request honest feedback from your customers on your service? It should be component of the fulfilment of your client. After all, how can you improve it if you don't understand what you're incorrect?

It might be wanted to combine your delivery driver handheld devices with a short customer satisfaction study or email a variety of customers to request feedback monthly. Make sure that your feedback is numerical, so your outcomes can be measured. When taking measures to enhance customer service, please email this customer to let him understand that the customer's advice has been replied to and enforced.

3. Describe the process of how you will identify market trends for the products of Colesworth.

It's never simple to keep pace with market developments–after all you have a company to operate every day. However, it is essential to recognize that sector is constantly changing and that you need to be willing to progress through the time to gain long-term business planning in order to remain ahead and prevent rivals from crossing your distance. The assessment of market trends should not be as frightening as it sounds. It is merely a comparison of sector information over a fixed span of moment that recognizes any coherent developments or outcomes that might be used to map your company approach–aligning it with your industry's overall path.

The patterns of market behaviour and practices of consumers tend to be strongly affected. By conducting the following kinds of trend assessment in the sector, you can determine how your general company output could have a significant effect:

1. Maintain a trail of the influencers of sector and publishing

2. Absorb up-to-date studies in the sector and the trend report such as a sponge

3. Take advantage of the electronic instruments and databases to evaluate industrial conduct (Johansson and Thollander 2018

4. The Customer Service section of Colesworth’s business plan has a goal of delivering its products to its customers within targeted quality, time and cost. As an extension to your response in #2 above, from a business plan perspective, how will you ensure these are delivered accordingly?

These are the following steps that are required to be taken to ensure quality, time and cost are delivered accordingly: 

Ensure the communication of minimum norms to employees: ensure that the leadership region in Colesworth effectively communicates the norms to employees engaged in the delivery of quality products (Iglesias et al. 2019). That will inform the employees of the contracts comprising technical requirements, or other accurate requirements which should be continuously used to guarantee that materials, goods, procedures and facilities are suited to its function, as regulations, guidelines or definitions of features.

Monitor performance: Monitor the process and coaching personnel where appropriate to guarantee that they develop the abilities and expertise needed to guarantee proper distribution of Colesworths ' quality goods.

Investigate any issues as quickly as you know them: event leadership has a part to play in restoring service as quickly as feasible, without necessarily defining the root cause of the occurrences or fixing the issues. Where incidents happen rarely or have little impact, it cannot be allowed to assign funds for root cause assessment. In cases where, however, a single incident or a series of occurrences has an impact, the diagnosis of the underlying cause of the incidents is a task of problem management and ultimately a method to remove that cause.

5. Explain how team performance is monitored to ensure quality and delivery standards are met.

The following steps can be taken to monitor performance: 

1. The group should have a director who understands how each of its staff performed and must let the worker understand their input on the job that has been accomplished. An undercover client who operates for Colesworth and can realize about the team's benefit and disadvantage to reinforce their weaknesses is a useful way to determine Colesworth's team efficiency (Papp 2018).

2. KPI analysis (Kaliappen and Chee 2018): Metrics assist businesses essentially assess their efficiency.  For example, organisations are using marketing monitoring metrics, identifying concentrations of client assistance, and determining median time to fix problems.  KPIs are generally designed to assist guide efficiency and to indicate whether an objective (critical to the organization's achievement) is being achieved. KPIs are often less numerous than their metric counterparts, but are much more focused and connected to the company's vision and objectives. Using the SMART criteria, the significance of a KPI can be evaluated and analysed. Specific, Measurable, Relevant and Time-bound should be the KPI

3. Communicate with teams via conferences or individuals: one on one: meetings are crucial if you have to interact with your team efficiently. Effective communication via a conference will also make your job faster and easier.

6. Explain how a manager (such as yourself) would

1. The way to assess and monitor performance should take consideration of employee outcomes, which implies that the company's objectives will therefore be achieved if they do stuff in the right manner to meet client satisfaction, which implies there is a good management and management. Periodic sessions should be organized to assess advancement of the action scheme and to assess advancement towards that objective the next customer satisfaction study should (Keegan and Hartog 2019).

2. Seek learning opportunities to improve their performance: Improving the performance of the employees is really important, because they are going to be seen as the image of the company, therefore is totally important to give the leverage and appreciation, and also platform to continuous learn and grow.  

7. Some of your team members are having difficulties in meeting expected customer service standards. 

1. How will you assist team members in overcoming these difficulties?
The management officer should guarantee team leaders have the necessary abilities to efficiently interact with clients who offer excellent customer service. In order to satisfy these demands, good interaction between managers and the team is crucial. Team leaders must understand how and what to do the organization wants its staff to do. They should measure and adjust their output in line with the objectives of the organization. The manager must provide assistance and retraining, training and mentoring (Randel et al. 2018). 

2. What communication skills would you use to assist in the above? 

Communication is about understanding the information's emotions and meanings. It's not just how you communicate the signal and how the other individual got, if that was what you were trying to do. Effective communication is shared. This is also how you hear, how the other individual is heard and interpreted and how he gains its complete significance (Gorman et al. 2016). Effective interaction brings together a number of abilities including non-verbal interaction, active hearing, tension management at the time, the capacity to interact effectively and to comprehend and acknowledge your own feelings and those of the individual you interact with. 

Some of the skills for good communication are: 

1. Hearing. To be a healthy speaker

2. Nonverbal: Your body language, your eye, your ear and your sound.

3. Confidence

4. Impartiality

5. Respect

6. Clarity and Concision

7. Clearing-mindedness / Concision

Part B – Written or Oral Questions 


a. For each legislation, provide a brief definition to serve as basis for further discussion. (1 mark per legislation)

b. Explain the impact of each operation within the context of colesworth

Anti-discrimination law 

Australian Human Rights Committee Law (1986): Discrimination based on ethnicity, colour, gender, religion, political view, domestic removal, social origins, age, medical records, legal records, marital status, impairment, mental, emotional or mental illness, physical disability, citizenship, sexual orientation and participation in the trade union.

Also covers discrimination on the basis of the imputation of one of the above grounds.

Australian Consumer Law 

The ACL regulations offer practical application to the ACL regulations:

1. Prescribed payment rights criteria

2. Contracts that are not unsolicited customer contracts

3. Warranty criteria and repair notices

4. Reporting conditions of products or facilities related to murder, severe accident or severe illness (Bant and Paterson 2019).

Industry codes of practice 

A code of practice for the sector is a collection of enforceable regulations and regulations to control business behaviour, employees and consumer relations. The function of an enterprise code is to enhance sector norms and support legislation through a versatile and cost-effective way of regulating sector. Practice codes can be compulsory or voluntary, apply to a company or a whole sector.

Work, health & safety 

The primary objective of this Act is the provision, by: 

1. Protecting employees and others from harms to their safety, health, security and well-being by eliminating and minimize risk resulting from job

2. Ensuring reasonable and efficient representation at the job place, consultation, collaboration.

3. Encourage unions and employer organizations to assist in the promotion of workplace health and security changes, as well as supporting employees or enterprises and employees for a healthier and happier operating atmosphere (Talbot 2016)

4. Foster guidance, data, education, and instruction on health and security at job

5. Secure cooperation

6. Ensure that measures made by individuals with responsibilities and performing tasks under the provisions of this Act have been appropriately scrutinized and reviewed 

7. Establish a structure to continue improving and gradually increasing labour health and safety standards

8. Maintain and strengthen domestic harmonization of legislation on health and safety at job and promote a coherent domestic level.

Ethical principles 

The three basic elements of research morality are as follows:

1. Respect for individuals.

2. Property

3. Justice 


Explain the importance of the following business functions to a company like Colesworths:

a. public relations 

b. product promotion 

The data that an organisation would like to learn about its public (clients, staff, actors, the public) is included in the Public Relations Program. PR consists of developing a favourable picture through advertising for a business, offer or individual. In the last few years PR has become more crucial because so many media outlets, among them YouTube, social networking sites and blogs, are currently being looked after. It is quite simple for anyone to tell anything in government forums about a business. Advertising in fact is a double-edged sword; it can give rise to adverse news like bad film reviews, restaurants, cars, or favourable news Organizations operate hard to get favourable news, so construction relations with reporter’s costs cash while advertising feels safe. Like publicity, public relations and sales promotions are critical elements of many enterprises ' promotion budgets (Pearson 2017).

Organizations also use sales promotions to create favourable views and marketing for their customers. In relation to marketing, government affairs and private sales to sell an item, promotional actions are carried out by businesses. Examples of sales promotions include coupons, contests, games, rebates and mail-in offers. This chapter examines the tools that organizations use for public relations and sales promotion and how they contribute to the success of a company. 


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