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Management and Organisations in Global Environment 

Table of Contents

1.  Week 7

2.  Week 8

3. Week 9

4. Week 10

5. Week 11

1.  Week 7 

(a) Describe rational decision making. (4 marks)

Rational decision making plays an integral role in the management procedure of a company. The decisions, which are made by the company are imperative for integrating task management within the business units.  The process of rational decision-making embodies the decision that is undertaken by companies that are useful to companies in the achievement of their corporate goals. In the words of Adler (2020), there are different elements that have the ability of affecting the system. It is significant for making advantage objective data, critical analysis of subjectivity and the intuitive approach to solve a particular issue or problem. The decision that is made by the rational decision ensures that the individual can substantiate for the knowledge of the problem. It is also imperative to possess data, which comprises of evidence and the ideas of facts. Hence, it is imperative for the business organisations to be aware of practicing the growth of rational flow of ideas within the system of an organisation. 

 (b) Cite 3 reasons for and 3 reasons against rebuilding Greensburg as a “green town.” (6 marks)

The city of Greensburg was struck down by a powerful EF-5 tornado, which led to the subsequent crisis within the city.  The mayor of the city announced that town would be reshaped as a model green community. Hewitt was vested with the responsibility of managing issues and crisis in electric, water, gas , food and safety of the individuals. However, there are three reasons that can be citied for and against the building of Greensburg as a “green town”. These will be clearly elucidated below:

One of the major reasons for rebuilding the city as a green town is to ensure the safety of the people. It is also to resolve the basic problems of amenities faced by the people. It would also bring in developments within the city in the case of crisis management. However, the reason of not rebuilding the city as a green town is because of the fact that most of the citizens would not adhere to the reconstruction of the old city (Phillips and Gully, 2011). 

2.  Week 8 

(a) What is horizontal communication? (6 marks) 

Horizontal communication is also termed as lateral communication, which involves flow of messages amongst the individuals and the groups on same organisational level. It is important for the team to practice the idea of effective communication, to resolve the major issues, which are faced such as conflicts. In the words of Beigi and Mozayani, (2016) it is important for the healthcare organisations to be aware of the role of effective communications, which would bring in developments within the business units. The transmission of information is easier to access as it revolves within the same organisational hierarchy. Coordination and working together are the major determinants of bringing in change within the functioning of the business. Hence, management is easier as it involves the interaction of the people within the same unit in the organisation. Hence, it is imperative for the managers to make the use of these systems taking into account the role of team in working and fulfilling the duties of the healthcare sector. It increases and boosts efficiencies and increases employee satisfaction, which is imperative for the functioning of the business units. The collaboration and problems are resolved between these units to bring in controlled efficiency within the business. 

(b) How is the horizontal form of communication more prominent in Intermountain Healthcare? (4 marks)

The use of horizontal information is effective and prominent in Intermountain Healthcare, as the company is transparent in nature.  The company plays a major role in keeping the employees updated on the external and internal situation, which is prevalent within the company. The company ensures the utilisation of symmetric information system to bring in controlled efficiency within the functioning of the healthcare system. Hence, the staff and the professionals are aware of the need of communication to resolve conflicts that have an influence  over the development of the business. Therefore, with the systematic development of the employees, this form of communication is more prominent within the system. 

3. Week 9 

(a) Where does Hewitt’s leadership fall on the Managerial Grid discussed in the chapter? (5 marks) 

The leadership style of Hewitt falls under the category of country club leader. The manager is able to set a vision and fulfil its realities His management and leadership style is characterised as being effective and strategic in his dealings. It should be noted that team management is an important area of boosting and building the efficiency of individuals. The concern of the manager is to establish the integral understanding of the city. The manager is able to strategically lay out his plans for building a better leadership system. Hence, Hewitt is passionate and true as a leader towards his management of the Greensburg crisis. In the words of (), the leader is able to undertake challenges and build in the faith of the citizens towards the building of an effective system. Hence, Hewitt is able to secure management and rebuild the city of Greensburg from scratch. 

(b) What deficiencies or shortcomings would you identify in Hewitt’s leadership? (5 marks)

The role and the shortcoming of the system is that most of the styles, that are followed through the identification of the leadership, is that there can be misunderstanding between the leaders, It is therefore important to acknowledge the role of  the systems and help in building better systematic measures for the business. It is an under rated leadership style, as it focuses on the provision of attention to the students. It should be acknowledged that Hewitt should consider the opinions of his employees before taking into account any decisions. This would be useful in bringing in sound judgment and help him to overcome some of the crisis faced by the company. Hence, this shortcoming can act as a hindrance in the path and vision of the leader in fulfilling the corporate objectives. This is instrumental for meeting the needs of the individuals in a better manner to attain the corporate goals in business. 

4. Week 10 

(a) Based on this case study, what issues with China-based suppliers require Numi’s managers to use influence and persuasion tactics? (4 marks) 

The issues that have been highlighted here in the case study is that the managers are unable to meet the persuasion tactics that are imperative for the individuals.  It is important to note that the use of foul play can dismantle the growth and the efficacy of the business systems. This is effective for bringing in better understanding of the business. The China based suppliers are unable to grasp the basic concept of maintaining quality and sustainability, which is of major importance to the individuals. Numi should be able to inform their suppliers of the requirements and the quality, which is essential for business. Eco-packing and bamboo packing can be useful to bring in sustained efforts in the realm of business. Hence, the managers should be able to comprehend the systems of managing the resources in China.  This will be instrumental in boosting in better effective persuasion tactics for the business towards the suppliers. 

(b) How does Numi get suppliers to comply with its policies? (6 marks)

The tea company should acknowledge the rules of trade, which is instrumental for boosting and bringing in efficiency within the company. It is important for the suppliers to practice ethical trade in order to venture the flow of the organic tea industry. In order to comply the suppliers with their respective policies, it is of vital importance to build in the respective understanding of the resources, which are prevalent within China (Philip and Gully, 2013). The suppliers should be aware of the management of various portfolios that are significant for boosting the development of the business. Hence, the trade policies and the increase in tariff can bring in the desired results for the business. 

5. Week 11 

(a) Does Honest Tea have more of an organic or mechanistic structure? (4 marks) 

Honest Tea is able to boost and bring in organised structure to bring in development within its management system. It is important to be aware of the complications, that have faced by the brand in numerous occasions. This is instrumental for boosting the profit of the business. It can be said that the company has a mechanical structure and is useful for venturing into the area of business. 

(b) How can you tell (Justify)? (6 marks)

This can be substantiated, as the company has been able to improve and boost its area of profits, which are of importance to the company. It has been able to deliver the needs of the customers and secure a ground of better opportunities. There is the flow of communication, which has enhanced the area in the growth of business. 

Reference List 

Adler, R.M., 2020. Rational Decision-Making. In Bending the Law of Unintended Consequences (pp. 63-77). Springer, Cham.

Beigi, A. and Mozayani, N., 2016. Dialogue strategy for horizontal communication in MAS organization. Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory, 22(2), pp.161-183.

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Phillips, J.M. and Gully, S.M., Organizational Behavior: Tools for Success by Jean M. Phillips (2013-01-31).

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