Global Competition in an Organization

Q.1. Describe the five conflict management styles. What are the consequences when employees are inflexible in applying the relevant conflict style to the appropriate situations? Give examples to support your discussion.

The five conflict management styles are collaborating, avoiding, competing, accommodating and compromising.

The collaboration style is a combined form of strategy that is used for managing the conflicts in a manner of cooperativeness and assertiveness.

In the competing style, the assertiveness is present between the parties though there is a lack of cooperation by the parties. This conflict management style is followed when an entity does not provide importance to the relationship it has with its competitor.

The process of diplomatic sidestepping the issues arisen and to remain unassertive and uncooperative in order to withdraw from the threatening situation. It is mostly safe to implement when postponing the deal will not have much effect. This is considered the style of stress management through avoidance.

Members having conflict between each other may sacrifice their interest for reducing the stress which is considered as accommodating style. A manually acceptable solution is generated that has the ability to partially satisfy the interests of both the conflicting parties; which is considered as compromising style.

It can be stated that inability to apply appropriate conflict management style will differently hamper the role exercise and accomplishing the organizational goals by the employees. Example:

Person A spotted his colleague B stealing office supplies. When person B asked denied and proposed to share the supplies with person A. as it was against personal and professional ethics of person A it is refused. As person A shares a good relationship with person B the case of stealing was not reported. Here, it can be stated that conflicts has been clearly avoided, though the employee’s roles to maintain ethical conduct is breached.

Q.2. Explain the three levels of organizational culture. Use real-life business examples to explain how those organizations have applied rituals, stories and symbols in building their culture.

The three levels of organizational culture include artifacts. These are the obvious and observable factors within an organization such as dressing norms, office layout, furniture and others. The building blocks of a culture, the societal norms and values are considered as the espoused values. The driving force behind representation of the organization and interaction procedures of the employees depicts the espoused values. On the other hand, the deeply embedded beliefs and behaviors of the organizational culture are considered as Shared basic assumptions.

FedEx-the overnight delivery service is such an exemplary company that applied stories as this helps in making people remember of the facts and repeating them as these promotes culture, values, and rules. The U.S military applies symbols to remind the people about the devotion and respect to be carried out throughout their conduct.

Q.3. Douglas McGregor used Maslow’s theory of motivation as the basis for his model. Explain how the two models link and what the implications are to you as a manager

Both the theories provided by the theorist are based upon the motivation of the employees. The relation between the two theories is both the theorists have emphasized upon the fact that more importance is to be given upon the self actualization and esteem need of the employees. Both the theorists have acknowledged that the motivation used by the employees to meet the need of self actualization may help them developing themselves and accelerate to their full potential.

As a manager it is required to arrange self evaluation and self development programs to help the employees in improving their skill set so that they become able to achieve their future goals by using their full potential. As this will help in increasing the confidence and satisfaction of the employees, it will also result in better organizational outcome.

Q.4. What are the positives and negatives for organizations operating in a globalised world? Using examples, discuss how global competition can create opportunities for organizations.

The positive influence upon an organization by globalised world is it increases the ability of the organization to tap into wider talent pool. The cultural diversity will open the path for implementation of creative and innovative ideas to operation. Markets will also be opened in nature and possibility of sales and profit will increase as the opportunities for expanding business in foreign market is wider. The process through which the negative outcomes may be faced by the organizations is losing connectivity with the workers working in the branches all over the world if collaborative attempt from the parties aiming at developing a solution that can be developed effectively. A potential IT theft may also take place. And issues with supply chain such as exploitation of the factory workers, farmers and others may take place.

It can be stated that for example, if employees cannot come to a solution to the problems such as how to deal with the diverse organizational culture due to globalization, the performance of the organization will start to deteriorate due to lack of communication and interactions between the employees. It will impact negatively upon the employees as well. On the other hand, the globalization opens up the opportunities for the organizations to have access to a wide market. For instance Nestlé was shipping milk to 16 different countries from the starting of its business as globalization has helped to expand its business into a greater world. Globalization also opens up the opportunity to acquire resources to a greater level. A resource such as cheaper labor force that reduces the organizational operational cost and this allows the organization to strategically allocate to low cost and high earning region. For instance, Nike has the manufacturing facilities in different Asian countries where labor cost is very low. Businesses operating in a emerging world are likely to have the accessibility to upgrade its business up to the global standard.

Also businesses of these countries are impacting upon the global businesses. For instance, competition between Texas to Ireland for billions of dollars in contracts has been altered by the response of India. On the other hand, globalization may also impact upon the businesses positively that are equipped for meeting the expectations of customers from different culture and regions. For instance, Starbucks has its product differentiation policy for competing in western as well as eastern zone.

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