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Critical literacy and critical questioning

Mathematics and the mathematical terminology used in Coronavirus (COVID-19) current situation and case numbers

Mathematical terminologies used to convey the meaning of Coronavirus (COVID-19) current situation and case numbers

Cumulative number and daily number of reported cases in Australia 

Cases of COVID-19 through age and gender




Mathematics includes the study of various topics such as quantity, geometry, mathematical analysis to change, algebra and many more topics. There is no definition of mathematics that can be used to define the term mathematics. There are different terminologies used in the mathematics, mathematics, the number is used generally to express the mathematics and to solve all the problems in the mathematics. There are various topics that individuals has to study mathematics, for instance, geometry is a topic that help in measurement about the shapes, algebra is used to solve the problems related to equations, trigonometry is used to solve the real life problems like angles and it is also used in the oceanography to measure the height of tides and waves, it is also used to prepare maps and there are many topics that come under the subjects mathematics. There are four basic operations in mathematics, such as, +, -, * and /. There are various terminologies in mathematics that are used such as, abstract structure, abstraction, adjoint, base, canonical form, differential and many more.

Mathematics and The Mathematical Terminology Used in Coronavirus (covid-19) Current Situation and Case Numbers

The topic of the news article is Coronavirus (COVID-19) current situation and case numbers. The context of the report is related to the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic. Mathematics is very necessary in the context of this pandemic as the number of cases that tested positive daily includes numbers which is mathematics, number of people died and number of recover people and many others. All are based on number, so number plays a critical role in this COVID-19 outbreak (Our World in Data, 2020). Without mathematics one cannot calculate the number of cases. The first confirmed case in Australia come forward in January 2020. It is the mathematics that is used to measure all the cases till date from late January 2020. COVID-19 cases cannot put forward without the mathematics. As mathematics is based on number so does this pandemic, because everyday number of cases increased, the death rate is increased, the recovery rate also has to calculate.

All these calculations cannot be measured without the use of mathematics, graphs, charts, pie charts and many other forms of mathematics is used to demonstrates the numbers of cases. It is easy to understand the number through the visualization form. The visualization form and image form come under are the part of critical literacy. There are some questions that need to ask before moving forward regarding the news article, what are the issues and conclusions while using the mathematical terminologies regarding the selected new article, what are the reasons for using mathematical numbers, what are the assumptions, how the evidence provided is good enough to get the answer.

Mathematical Terminologies Used to Convey the Meaning of Coronavirus (covid-19) Current Situation and Case Numbers

Mathematics is used in the news because it helps in make the news flowing and in orderly manner. There are certain aspects of mathematics that individual can only nurtured through mathematics such as creativity, reasoning, spatial thinking and abstract, solving problems, critical thinking, and even useful in enhancing the communication skills and improving the communication. If talk about COVID-19, mathematics is main source that help in demonstrating the number, can one imagine the news without mathematics, if mathematics does not exist then what is the scenario of today. Total cases, deaths, recoveries and new number of cases, every detail of this news is directly related to mathematics.

The total number of cases in Australia are 26, 942, the total recovered case id 24, 213, the total number of deaths is 854, the new cases that found in last 24 hours are 33, the active cases are 768, the cases who is in hospital are 100, the tests occurred in the last 24 hours are 31, 595. These are some important figures and it is the data up to 22nd September. Each figure is used mathematics in it. The meaning of this COVID-19 news cannot be conveyed without using numbers. If check the total number of cases and deaths in every state and territories since January 2020. The table of numbers can be used to show the different numbers in different states. It helps the reader to remember the numbers for a long time. Using table is better idea instead of just writing the numbers. These all numbers are up to 22nd September from 22nd January 2020 (News.com.au., 2020).

the table shows number of covid cases in all the states of Australia from 22nd January to 22nd September 2020

Table 1: Source: Department of health, states and territories Report 22/09/20

This table shows the number of confirmed cases according to the states and union territories since late January 2022.

Cumulative Number and Daily Number of Reported Cases in Australia

his is the mathematical graph which is used to show the total number of cases that confirmed everyday through territories and states

Figure 1. Source: Department of health, states and territories Report 22/09/20

This is the mathematical graph which is used to show the total number of cases that confirmed everyday through territories and states and the cumulative number is used to show the reports of COVI-19 over time.

Cases of Covid-19 Through Age and Gender

This graph shows the number of cases that are confirmed for the females and males according to age since late January 2020.

Figure 2. Source: NNDS date 22/09/20

This graph shows the number of cases that are confirmed for the females and males according to age since late January 2020.

The total number of cases in this graph can be less because some time delay can happen in the number of cases reported because of the notification from the NNDS which is known as National Notifiable Disease Surveillance system (Tina et.al, 2020).

Every report, every case has to be measured with the help of mathematics. There is no importance of anything if there is no mathematics in human’s life. Mathematics is very important aspect of all the news, it is part of every human life. Life is useless without mathematics. Even, if the person doesn’t have any knowledge of mathematics can also perform his/her task in daily life, such as can count the money, can give money to the shopkeeper if purchases something, without actually knowing the meaning of mathematics, without even learning the whole concept of mathematics. Mathematics is the blood line of the news and of every human life. It plays an important character in all human’s life (News.com.au., 2020).


The mathematics field has evolved at a very significant rate since the prominent G.H. Hardy demonstrated in “A mathematics Apology”, this is a fact which is very true and it proves that there is no practical mathematics without pure mathematics. This is most beautiful aesthetic value which is permanent also. It is not in the favour of applied mathematics, most of the people think that applied mathematics is trivial and dull. This was for the same cause that mathematical Alfred Nobel’s did not get this cause when he got the Nobel prize in the field of discoveries and inventions about the great logical advantages to humanity. The field medal is the most necessary awards in category of the mathematics and it is very much equivalent to the Nobel Prize. It is given conventionally for solving the problems of mathematics which are of great significance and outstanding problems. This is an evidence that plays an important role in making the people ware about the importance of mathematics.


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News.com.au. (2020, 27 July). Victoria coronavirus: Deadliest day of COVID-19 pandemic with 10 deaths in 24 hours. Retrieved from https://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/victoria-cases-and-deaths-to-rise/news-story/12de8567d714bb34717176667245f015. [Accessed on 22nd Sept, 2020]

Our World in Data. (2020, 22 Sebtember). Australia: Coronavirus Pandemic Country Profile. Retrieved from https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus/country/australia?country=~AUS. [Accessed on 22nd Sept, 2020]

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