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Project Management Framework

Table of Contents

Procurement strategy.

Identification of opening planning team..

Define and review..

Documentation of issues.

Development of objectives, performance indicators, and outcomes.

Identification of tactical initiatives.

Road and traffic management may be for efficient initiatives.

Approval for strategy and action plan.



Assessing the need for an opening risk assessment team..


Procurement Strategy

The preliminary objective of planning a motorway project involves the proper identification of potential risks associated with cost, time, and effective management measures. The potential road safety and traffic management issues are to be identified and addressed with maximum operational efficiency and changes associated with stakeholders and community expectations are to be strategies within the stipulated period with maximum effects. The coordination of resources and infrastructure systems has to be done along with private and public agencies for ensuring optimum teamwork. The project delivery phase can be divided into four different steps from initiation, development, implementation, finalization, and operation. The risk associated with road projects shall be prioritized and a readiness plan may be prepared to implement the planned activities and the final step is the evaluation of the effectiveness of the readiness plan. The project managers are required to identify the functional areas for consultation and assessing risk associated with the project. After assessing the suitable risk in road projects the next comes the preparation of the opening strategy. For strategizing the activities its necessary to identify the planning issues, objectives, and performance indicators regarding the project development and finalize the activities in the project. An opening strategy helps in achieving the requirements and mechanisms to manage the motorway project, The procurement strategy involves documentation of risks and associated areas of operational impact and takes proper tactical measures the different designated activities followed by understanding the planning risk and requirements during project development. The high-risk project enables input of requirements into the procurement design and construction phase of the project and this may vary concerning scale, impact, and delivery method of motorway project. The procedure in preparation of a strategy plan includes high-risk identification and assessment and the project manager shall consider some steps for the progress of the work

Identification of Opening Planning Team

The project manager shall identify the proper organizing team and the team must have functional representatives to characterize the risk and assess accordingly

Define and Review

The team shall review the risk associated and defined appropriate operational management technique

Documentation of Issues

The team shall identify the potential issues and reduce road and traffic for more pop operational performance with the surrounding network

Development of Objectives, Performance Indicators, and Outcomes

Steps shall be adopted for finalizing the objectives and performance indicators of the overall project

Identification of Tactical Initiatives

The team shall identify the tactical initiatives that are needed for effective cost management and action shall be properly documented to mitigate the risk and manage the impacts of objectives. Proper selection of tactical initiatives and countermeasures shall be checked effectively. The strategy and action plan shall be considered about relevance development and nature of implementation

Road and Traffic Management May Be for Efficient Initiatives

Incident management measures and road project may include circuit television and camera for infrastructure.

Internet, radio, and newspaper may be considered as the proper communication mean, and preliminary requirement like frequency and duration may be identified.

Subcontractor and contractor requirements may be identified as per the implementation phases.

Approval for Strategy and Action Plan

Responsibility for strategy and issues may be done as per the words of regional and general managers for effective communication in the complex natured project. (Savido et al., 2020).

The last step is the filing of strategy and action plan

Sample memorandum for strategy plan

The project manager shall document the strategy and action plan with proper records


The RTA transport and management centre plan described details of all resources, infrastructure, and services which either temporary or permanent that shall be used by the transport management centre concerned with real-time management during the opening period of the construction project.

The communication plan describes details of all resources and infrastructure for the communication area for effective communication and information to the users of corridors in the opening period

The project team opening plan may describe all details related to resources services and infrastructure with the road project. The opening plan of the contractor describes all details related to services, resources, and infrastructure associated with the road project. The referenced documents may include project pack and micro project system, all specification of environmental, design communication assessment and plan for the project an all pans shall be according to the respective guidelines and communication matters related with federal, state, and local issues related with the project and designs for the project may be developed in initiation stage and the approval for funding may be documented efficiently and other related information sources.(Turner at.al,2019).


The project manager shall priority the risk of the project as medium and high with the support of the opening team and a multi-function steering group may be selected to create and deal with the high-risk project. The project manager associated with the project shall consider the steps.

Assessing the Need for An Opening Risk Assessment Team

In all construction projects, the associated risks are characterized by the project manager and an assessment team may be considered comprising the traffic management branch. Co-operate communication and infrastructure communication. The project manager may delegate the role of the main person for the assessment or another member of the team selected by him.


While evaluating the effectiveness of the opening readiness plan it is necessary to check for continuous improvement associated with planning and delivery of the project and the project manager and team shall document the lessons effectively with consideration of positive and negative outcomes. The project may have unique and diverse aspects for future projects and recommendations may also be included. The project manager shall initiate the evaluation process and may invite feedback for participants in planning and operations. The proper evaluation shall consider the outputs from risk assessment and process for correlation and check for application of opening strategy associated with the readiness plan and the planning process alone. The outputs and comments may be related to planning risk assessment and are vital to establishing the relation with opening risk and improvement of risk management approach. Specific documentation and learning factors related to the planning recommendation are to be considered for improvement to the policy and planning process (Kuprenas et al., 2019).


The quality management plan shall be specific to the project such that all works are carried out with ensuring proper conditions, activities, and tasks. The factors affecting quality shall be planned, organized, and executed with requirements of the statutory regulations. The senior quality management executive shall be responsible for authorizing and reviewing proper quality management plan and assign responsibility to various project officers and to ensure that all officials are trained for quality and continuously monitor the quality performance to check the effectiveness and objective requirements, It is the responsibility of the project manager to ensure that all resources are properly allocated and to check whether the decisions and suggestions of stakeholders are properly implemented in the project (Jaselski et al.,  2020). The quality management plan may be prepared by the quality management representative and he shall ensure whether the procedures are properly followed and the quality management plan is correctly implemented to the general standards and requirements in the project. The project staff shall be allocated and they shall perform the inspection duties with proper checking of work statements and checklist and inspection plan. Inspection and quality reports shall be checked for any reviewing actions accordingly. The quality management representative shall ensure and verify the rectification and modification works and appropriate actions may be taken accordingly. It is also necessary to check that the targets are met and auditing and assessment reports are submitted. The other quality representatives associated with the project may be assured with assisting in the preparation of quality management plans and prepare the work inspection report and procedures associated and request quality and verification inspection as per request. Construction activities shall be properly monitored and implemented by identifying the workmanship and reporting of material. The defective workmanship and materials may be rejected and the maintenance work associated may be assisted. It is the responsibility of the quality representative to check whether the daily project report is completed and supervision is proper for construction activities (Anderson et al., 2016).

Quality Plan

The construction work shall be identified and properly documented the inspection and testing plan with the help of a checklist. The checklist shall be signed for different operations including earthwork, concrete, and finishing work including landscape work also. The inspection shall be carried out to verify that the certification process is done correctly and the requirements are properly identified (Najdawi et al., 2017). The inspections shall be completed in the presence of authorized people and non-conformance defects and works shall be made specific. The test plan may be defined for the inspection and testing requirements for the project which includes the activity description details, inspection on item and acceptance criteria and frequency and test procedure for inspection and identification of hold point, and responsibility for carrying out the inspection.(Kerzner,2018).The quality plan may be chosen for the storage of materials such that the site organization shall check for proper management plan regarding the location of material storage and it shall be checked whether the space is available for contractors' storage and approval shall be obtained for the construction of temporary sheds and buildings which are necessary for the construction work initiation. The materials and equipment shall be properly stored and protected and proper safety measures including separate spacing for flammable and explosive materials.

The quality assurance plan consists of details regarding continuous inspection and intermittent inspection. The quality check plan checklist consists of a detailed sheet in which details of landowners, project location, and description of the project are entered. The continuous inspection implies that an inspector is in site from the beginning till the end of the construction project and the inspector shall be available all the time during construction to check whether all activities are done according to relevant standards and specifications. He/she shall be completely aware of daily activities and could cross-check the drawings and specifications of the project for succeeding construction operation and continuous inspection help in =treating specific elements of work and according to conservation practice.

The intermittent inspection may also be done at irregular intervals. This depends on the work done is involved and complaint according to drawings and specifications. The potential effects on completed structures may be left unobserved.

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