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Table of Contents


Leadership style 

Organisation factors 

Development of leadership skills 

Key points 




People, culture, leadership techniques play a vital role in enhancement of overall business performance. A firm’s internal working environment is reflected by its employees, working activities and leadership style. In the business culture, employee obtains valuable experience about several business operations through the value, ethics and principles (Rosenbach, 2018). On the other side, the leadership emphasise on motivating the workers to attain common goals and objectives.  The leader decision affects the overall entity environment and also creates favourable changes in the business activities. The current report is based on personal reflection of related with leadership technique, worker’s habits toward operations, and entity culture.

Leadership style

I believe that leadership style should contribute a lot in enhancing an entity’s working culture. In my opinion, leadership style should focus on making positive business environment that create changes in favour of employees. I follow autocratic leadership style to make essential development within the firm. According to my preferred leadership style, I can make changes in the organization culture that affects positive on the employees also. 

I believe that the major advantage of the autocratic leadership style is it supports in carrying out quick and more effective decision making (Feser, Nielsen and Rennie, 2017). In the unfavourable condition, this leadership styles gives me competitive advantage to make quick decisions for carrying out changes. Along with this, I believe that according to my leadership style, decisions are based on the analysis of external and internal environment survey and the analysis further reflects the basic requirements of changes in firm culture. I believe that my autocratic leadership style not only makes impact on the firm structure but it is also playing an important role in my decision- making process. The major strengths of my leadership style are mentioned below as:  

Hence, my autocratic leadership style is affecting the organization environment positively and it has also helped me in enhancing my decision making. On the other side, I have also faced some difficulties in the autocratic leadership that affects internal work performance. The drawback of my leadership style is as follow-

By making improvement in the leadership techniques, I can enhance the business operations that ultimately support in the development of entity structure. I have personally analysed the above limitations of my leadership style and now I believe that I should give more attention in making development in leadership theories. I should give more preference on leadership theories to make positive impact on the staff members. With the implementation of leadership theory I can increase team members working capability along with decision- making. 

On the basis of the above drawback, I have chosen contingency theory for enhancing decision- making capabilities at the time of crisis. The contingency theory is focused on the appropriate management of organization culture according to the external environment conditions (Leithwood, 2018). With the support of this theory I will focus on carrying out certain changes in my style to create greater degree of satisfaction among the workers. I will apply the contingency theory in the organization to motivate employees for using innovative ideas and techniques to improve working process.

On the other hand, to evaluate performance of the workers and improve the working culture I will focus on the application of different organization models and theories. These models and theories will give me a competitive advantage in terms of obtaining the long term goals and vision. It can be also stated that to identify and analyse the employees needs towards improving working process I will chose decision culture model. With the support of this model and theory, I will make essential changes in the technology of the firm (Rosenbach, 2018). Along with this, I will also focus on delivering satisfactory goods and services that will further increase the business sales and revenues. I have also identified that this organizational model will improve help me in enhancing my skill set and knowledge base to a great extent. 

Hence, my leadership techniques and behavioral theory will motivate me to perform the role of leader more effectively within the entity. On the other side, I also need to make essential changes in the leadership method to attain desired and more satisfactory outcomes. 

Organization factors

As per my point of view, my leadership style is enough to handle organization culture and management. On the other side, due to some internal and external environment, my leadership method is affected, that decreases our working performance. Further, I have noticed that my leadership technique is affected by employees thinking process, economic changes, political pressure, advance infrastructure, continuous technological changes, and so on. In my leadership method, sometimes entity moral, ethics and principles become an obstacle that not only affects the working environment but also makes a negative impact on my decision-making process. The leader has capabilities to manipulate the internal and external environment to develop the working operations (Baron and Parent, 2015). On the other side, employees thinking within the entity toward my decision sometime create an impact in leadership activities. It can inhibit me from becoming an effective leader in the firm. 

Moreover, many times, my job position becomes a barrier to present my skills on a particular point in company operations. Apart from this, economic changes and social trend and its pressure create a negative effect on my leadership actions. This might be slow down my leadership activities such as decision making power. The technological and political environment factors pressure, also making a negative impact and inhibit in my leadership methods (Zheng and Muir, 2015). For example, the entity operational process needs improvement by the support of new technology implementation, so I have chosen a new technological production process. Due to the political environment changes, my leadership decision is affected. 

Hence overall, these organisational factors making a huge impact on my leadership style that increase negative impact within the firm’s culture. So I should give more focus on the development of the leadership techniques and theory to resolve negative effects.

Development of leadership skills

I think, by adopting basic leadership skills such as maintain discipline within the company culture, I can enhance my leadership skills for the long run. I should apply discipline on the business working activities, so that effectively set a positive environment for the other workers. I can also apply discipline to following organization ethics and morals that help me to take effective control over the company (Reddy and Srinivasan, 2015). Along with this, as a leader, I should also consider the team member’s suggestion in the decision- making the process for developing a leadership style. For example, an entity requires some additional human resource. In this process, I should take advice from management before taking any decision. This will helps me to take a positive and favorable decision for the company and employees welfare. It will also increase employees trust in my leadership skills. 

As per my thinking, no one is born perfect or knows everything about leadership, so I think every leader should learn continuously from the external surrounding to enchasing leadership skills. For example, in the current competitive situation, leaders mostly prefer to conduct training program and conference to share innovative business ideas within the firm. For increasing my leadership skills, I should also apply for the training program. By this process, I can also effectively communicate with the employees. Keep learning is the best way to make expansion in leadership skills (Cumberland, et al. 2016). In my leadership skills, I should also increase the habit of resolving problems and focusing on long term vision. If I apply the problems solving process in my leadership, I can save time as well as improve business performance that eventually increases my leadership skills. 

Key points

At present, in the organization’s culture, I founded that in-class activity based on discussions and cognitive exercises is a vital part of development. In the discussions process, I can easily get a different solution to particular problems. This is also supporting me to find out my leadership loophole that making negative effects on firm culture. Cognitive exercises are also valuable for me to increase my knowledge about minor business activities that increase profits in the long run. The class activity and discussions process help me for increasing interaction with the employees.  

On the other side, the feedback process on the assessment is helpful for me to identify mistakes and errors in the business operation and in my leadership method. This feedback process helps me a lot to make essential amendments in the organization culture that increase my business performance. The feedback process is to give appropriate guidance to the leader for improving productivity and creates vital changes (Khoreva, 2016).

The major third valuable point for me in the organization is theories and models for employee engagement. This is vital for me to make the development of the working culture of the entity. Employee engagement in the firm is essential to create positive change in operational activities.  

Hence overall, I have chosen these three key points to make essential improvement in my leadership style. 


It has been summarised from the above study; I choose the autocratic leadership style to make positive changes in the organization culture. Further, in my leadership method, I should need to make essential changes to the development of leadership skills because it has some limitation. On the other side, by using my leadership technique, I can avoid organizational factors that become a barrier to my leadership. For developing leadership skill, major key points are a class activity, feedback process and organization model for employee engagement.


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