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Business Psychology, Coaching And Mentoring

Table of Contents


Discussion of what job satisfaction/dissatisfaction with the use of appropriate theories.

A description of the job and role.

Descriptive application of 3 motivation theories.

Analysis of selected job in relation to theories of motivation and own experience.



Introduction to Professional Development: Counseling and Psychology

This particular essay will aim to determine the motivational theories in relation to my job role as a marketing manager. As a marketing manager I comprehend that job satisfaction plays a very pivotal role. This particular study will reflect how I have related the three motivational theories to my practice. This particular study will go on to define job satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the 3 theories: Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory, Maslow’s needs hierarchy theory, as well as Job Characteristics Model. My job role and responsibilities will be wrought out in this study which will help to understand why these theories are important to me.

Discussion of What Job Satisfaction/dissatisfaction with The Use of Appropriate Theories

In my opinion the aspect of job satisfaction can be defined in terms of employee’s self-motivational extent, with the assigned job role. As a marketing manager I think that work life balance is necessary for an individual to excel in their professional fields as it helps to induce job related satisfaction to them. As in context to this paper 3 motivational theories are discussed believing in the fact that all these 3 theories will be instrumental in inculcating feelings of high job satisfaction. Going further these applications of these contextual theories lessen the levels of stress and anxiety amongst the employees. In order to become a high achiever as well as a good performer an employee needs to be satisfied with his/her job. On the other hand it was found that lower job satisfaction brings an individual psychologically down (Kampkötter, 2017). This can lead to Job dissatisfaction, which tend to arise when one is not satisfied with their job. I being a marketing manager must identify the reasons or the results due to which an employee is getting depressed with his/her job environment. It can be due to some personal issues but my priority will be to motivate them by providing psychological support on all grounds. They even show off signs of discontentment and emotional imbalance. My way of motivating them is described in the below mentioned example:

If a employee is unwilling to work at an unscheduled time and is resisting then I need to understand that he/she is probably dissatisfied. Another example as observed by me is that job dissatisfaction leads to a high turnover rate for staffs. The theories of job satisfaction that I comprehend important to my job role as a marketing manager are Maslow’s needs hierarchy theory, Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory and Job Characteristics Model. All these theories help me to understand the need and importance of job satisfaction in an organization (Lu et al. 2016).

A Description of The Job and Role

The job that I selected was that of a marketing manager. My roles were to

  • Maintains marketing staff through proper selection, recruiting, as well as provide training to the employees;
  • I ensure the maintaining of a safe and secure working environment specially for the women employees
  • I emphasized on the developing of growth opportunities both at the personal and professional levels.
  • I always try to accomplish my targets by communicating with my team about the results and job expectations.
  • I take interest in planning my efforts as well as implement them on my employees thus ensuring a smooth monitoring process that helps me to appraise their efforts.
  • I cater my ideals and the mission and vision of the company to my employees through proper analyzing of their job results; by coaching as well as counseling them.
  • I induce disciple in my employees through a process of initiation, coordination, along with the enforcing of systems based on their policies, and procedures.

All of the above initiatives as undertaken by me during my job tenure at the company for 2 years help me in the maintenance of high quality service as per the established standards. My practice involved intense training monitoring their efforts surveying the customers as well as evaluation of the desired outcomes in collaboration with my superiors (service managers). I prepare reports by providing presentations as well as interpret the information through which recommendations can be made. All these help me to contribute highly toward making a satisfied team with result oriented accomplishments from the employee’s part ensuring high levels of work engagements. With varying job responsibilities I concentrate my efforts toward the development and execution of the marketing strategy with help from two staff members. This helps me in the process of streamlining policies associated with the geological demographical and sociological aspects of the employees (Mackenstein and Santosa, 2019).

Descriptive Application of 3 Motivation Theories

The 3 motivational theories in the direction of my job role as a marketing manager are:

Maslow's needs hierarchy theory: It is a 5 hierarchical level of human needs representation based on present conditions depicted in the shape of a pyramid. It helps in the fulfillment of the Human necessities reflecting five life stages in which the first 4 tiers comprise of Deficiency of Needs, and the upper levels address the Growth Needs. Deficiency needs classify itself into Physiological, Safety, feelings of Love or Belonging, Self-Esteem. Maslow states that unsatisfied needs tend to motivate individuals. Each need is satisfied, it drives an individual toward the next need with emergence. 5 needs are categorized under 2 categories - Internally satisfied Higher-order (social esteem, as well as self-actualization) needs, as well as externally satisfied Lower-order (physiological as well as the safety), needs (Hopper, 2019).

Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory: Some job factors result in employee satisfaction whereas others are there that help in reducing dissatisfaction. As per Herzberg's views, "Satisfaction's" opposite is "No satisfaction" similarly, "No Dissatisfaction" signifies the opposite of "Dissatisfaction". The Hygiene factors refer to the essentials of motivation at the workplace not leading to positive long-term satisfaction for the employees. Hence hygiene is an extrinsic factor if placed reasonably can pacify the employees and reduce the discontentment index also known as maintenance or dissatisfaction avoidance factors. This includes the remuneration, and administrative policies as well as guidelines for fringing benefits to the working conditions. In Herzberg's opinion, hygiene factors are not motivators as they do not yield positive satisfaction. Motivational factors motivate in availing superior employee performance also known as satisfiers involved with job performance hence are found intrinsically rewarding by the employees. They symbolize psychological needs as an additional benefit used to Recognise, sense achievement, ensures growth with opportunities to the employees addressing the aspect of job responsibility (Alshmemri et al. 2017).

Job Characteristics Model: A task can itself lead to an employee's motivation as a monotonous job can harm the employee's motivation contrary to a challenging job that induces positive motivation.
5 job characteristics are predicted instrumental in benefitting the psychological state as well as impacts the employee's results in job. Individual variables function as moderators in the direction of representing the variables associated with job characteristics as well as related outcomes.
Work redesign aims to restructure the job responsibilities which motivate the employees. This theory focuses on enriching job roles to increase motivation by reducing the monotonous tone and inducing a challenging atmosphere (Khakpour et al. 2018).

Analysis of Selected Job in Relation to Theories of Motivation and Own Experience

As a marketing manager, I comprehend the importance of Maslow's needs hierarchy theory, Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory as well as the Job Characteristics Model. Maslow's human behavior or decision-making motivated the five need levels in his hierarchy. Applied in the direction of marketing theory, it let to ability increase in appealing to one of the motivational drivers as a potential success determinant. I feel a deficiency lookout makes the process more effective from my evaluation of the first four Deficiency Needs levels whereas, the uppermost part of the pyramid highlights Growth Needs to be incorporated in the direction of the understanding objective of the business hence ensuring satisfaction (Jonas, 2016). I comprehended that Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory to determine organizational job satisfaction. I comprehended that the managers must guarantee the hygiene factor adequately reducing employee dissatisfaction. The managers must recognize and reward the employees work and make it stimulating this will increase employee engagement with organization (Alshmemri et al. 2017). In the direction of the Job Characteristics Model I comprehended as a marketing manager that implementation of this theory can form a motivating potential score (MPS). Using the index of the ways to assess the impacts on the employee's attitudes as well as behaviors Hackman as well as Oldham's job characteristics theory proposes high motivational experiences through 3 psychological states during the work (Kotni and Karumuri, 2018)

Conclusion on Professional Development: Counseling and Psychology

It will be good to conclude that, an employee can be satisfied with the job when he/she feels they have stability, in terms of their job role, avails a growth in career and to balance work with their personal life comfortably. As in context to this paper I attempt to discuss the appropriate motivational model that can turn out to be very important in an individual’s life. As in my opinion the higher the level of job satisfaction, higher a company enjoys employee engagement index. I will apply these theories and will stop my employees feel drained or out of energy. The right kind of intervention can motivate them and get ready despite a long and tough day. Lower job satisfaction can de-motivate them toward their work to the extreme extent. Alongside it was observed by me as a marketing manager that digressional mental breakdown often happens in them as created due to job pressure .

References for Professional Development: Counseling and Psychology

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