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Digital Marketing and Communication

Executive Summary of Alinta Energy

This study will explain and utilize all the goals of marketing digitally which help in the growth of digital marketing which explore the field of growth within the organization. In today’s digital world almost every firm is dependent on digital tools to generate leads and sales, etc. However, everyone uses different social media resources according to their nature of business. The limitation of this study is limited to one region which also limits the generalizability of results.

Introduction to Alinta Energy

Digitalization is now a part of our daily professional routine. It is cutting down the old traditional methods which were there physically to interact between the consumer and the businesses. It is revealed that social media platforms are transforming the behaviour of the consumer (Kaplan and Haenlein 2010). Nowadays people do not go to shops to purchase products but spend their time online to explore and even bargain products (Forrester Research 2008). The increasing number of Small and medium enterprises all over the world and capturing around 75 per cent of private-sector jobs (European Commission 2011).

Alinta also called Westnet Infrastructure Group Limited is Australian energy providing gas distributing company and one of the fastest retailers with millions of happy customers (“About Us | Energy Company – Alinta Energy”, 2020). It is located in different parts of Australia like Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Pilbara, and the southwest region. Alinta took up its business to 1,000 MW by 2020. Alinta Energy has acquired seven power plants in Australia and New Zealand and executing marketing strategies to offer cost-effective services. Alinta is a small business entity but provides lock-free contracts and flexible digital payment options with a toll-free number 133908 where customers can contact freely to have price rates. It also contains five-star reviews on customer satisfaction, plan options, online advice, and quality services for both residential and businesses. Alinta is also providing moving services to provide comfortable services to Alinta clients. Here, the customers can easily book Anita’s moving truck which is known as Adlam Transport which is advertised through online, social, and radio mediums (Green 2019).

Implementation of Digital Platforms to Expand Businesses

Digital marketing strategies help to increase customer satisfaction. It is a fact that today a large number of the population spend time on the internet and digital channels which gives easy access to digital products and services. Digital marketing means the use of digital technology to increase marketing growth (Wiklund and Shepard 2003). Companies market their products and services with the use of digital technology so that more and more people could see it. It’s all about good content and visibility. Many companies are investing a high amount of money to generate digital leads for their company as nowadays people are working and searching smartly with their smartphones and pads. Digital marketing can be done online and offline. Let’s understand the important pillars of digital marketing first-

Offline Digital Marketing

Offline digital marketing can be recognized as Radio and Television marketing wherein the internet medium is not used (Hallam, 2019). An electronic device gives you the details regarding new and updated products and services offered by the companies. One of the leading examples of offline digital marketing is Electronic billboards wherein the digital images are visible to the customers, used for advertising which you can see on buildings, and so on.

Online Digital Marketing

Online digital marketing simply means advertising of a particular product or service (“What is Digital Marketing? Explained in Simple Terms”, 2020). There are a number of online marketing programs, for example, Content and copy writing marketing, Social media platform marketing, banner advertisement, paid marketing, and so on. The nature of every marketing is different but the purpose is one. Through various platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, advertisements, websites, blogs try to attract customers towards its services so that the company can increase their growth and success of the company and also to reduce the competition. However, it is also a fact that every business is taking the help of digital marketing in order to grow in this competitive world (“10 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy in 2020 | Smart Insights”, 2020).

Marketing Mode Used by Alinta

There are a large number of companies that struggle through advertising and media and websites to attract the target audiences to generate leads to achieve success (Thalamus 2020). Through which the company can also understand the needs and choices of customers by their reviews which will initially increase customer satisfaction and quality service. Some of the digital marketing Alinta uses to attract customers are-

Inbound Review and Lead Generation

Real-time inbound quality leads have been created through this inbound marketing (The History of Inbound Marketing and Why It’s Here to Stay”). Through attractive content displayed on campaign attract visitors which is later converted into Leads and then sales by the sales team person who works hard to convince and to provide quality service. It also helps in brand making and to be visible in the market through various search engines as well as social media platforms. Inbound lead generation is most likely to be an inbound customer service process than a sales process (“Lead Generation”, 2020). It helps buyers to recognize and to solve their problems. It also helps in decision making and to build trust within the customers for the brand. Content marketing, Blogs, Lead generation, 24X7 support to help the company to gain a trust level of customers. The objective is to create a demand for products and services by marketing.

Omnichannel Marketing

Digital Marketing is a big world it is very hard to find yourself within it. Omnichannel marketing and Multichannel marketing are two different types of marketing but people often get confused between the two. Omnichannel marketing is to create a unique and unified experience for its customers (“What is Omnichannel Marketing? (+4 Tips for Ecommerce)”, 2020). It can be done through digital and traditional channels and many of the online experiences and reviews of the customers. It also focusses on customer behavior through sales and their experiences. For example, Alinta focusses and runs a campaign through which a message has been sending to the customer's phone to make him aware of our services and details. He might receive the message regarding the promotion or free coupon for the first service wherein a quality service should be given to the customers to form a loyal bond for future businesses. However, messages can be sent through other social media sites as well, for example, Facebook, Instagram, or other mediums. It is very important to create a safe and secure database as our customers share their personal information with us. Due to data protection failure Alinta energy unintentionally releases its 1 million customer’s data which later faces media investigation as well (Page, 2020).

Energy markets are expected to give quality service as it is related to the safety within the residential and business locations (Quality Is More Than Making a Good Product”, 2020). Energy markets have to face increased competition, adjustments in price, and to achieve the market entry. Customers choose other operators once they will find a good and cost-effective offer. Alinta notes that competition within the industry will create barriers. Here, the marketing strategy works as a map and also focuses on the appropriate customers. By doing deep research on the market, it is very important to apply marketing goals to achieve the profits and to grow the business (Adams, 2020). It is important to win the hearts of new customers with your services so that they can adapt your services for life, also to give improved services to the existing customers as they choose us first it is important to provide them the services and to give them proper time. Some companies got too much engaged with new customers that they forget the old customers which result in a lack of trust and a decreased list of loyal customers (“Customer Retention: 5 Unique Strategies to Increase Profits”, 2020). To make future management maps and plan it is important to think about it with patience, time, and focus.

Performance of Generation Capacity by Fuel Source

Here, it shows that Natural gas is the highest business for Alinta energy. Alinta does not upstream or work much on gas production fields but deals with the suppliers to get fuel for electricity. The electricity generation assets can be measured by the availability and other factors.

Competitors for Alinta Energy

All businesses have a competition to face. To face the challenges of Competitive Rivalry within the business it is important to monitor the activities of your Competitor (“Rivalry between Competitors | Netrivals”, 2020). For example-

  • What products or services they are offering to the Customers.
  • The prices they charge.
  • The procedure of delivering
  • Packing and designing of the product
  • New schemes and free promotions or gifts
  • What technology they use
  • Monitor their annual report
  • Media and digital activities they promote
  • Red Energy, Simply energy, Energy Australia, Western Power, Hydro Tasmania, AGL, Origin, Dodo Services, Perth Energy and Active Stream are the competition of Alinta energy in Australia(“Alinta energy, 2020”) . Here, Alinta energy rewards people for their contribution within the country. In this program they offer various free coupons like movie tickets, gift cards, and so on. Promoting free coupons to customers, but it can be a loss for your company if you do not work smart (Ackner, 2020). It is necessary to calculate the discount and also to calculate your profit margin to make your new and old customers happy with a small gift of gesture. It is not necessary to provide free coupons of gifts to each and every customers but the company should judge the customer purchasing history and other things to avoid loss. Discount strategy plays an important role for any company and work for them (“The Pros & Cons of using coupons for your Business”, 2020). When a small or a medium size business plans to expand themselves, they also plans new services, products and, discounts but it is also a fact that discounts can affect your brand if done without strategy. With right discount the customer will feel good and will make a bond with you which will automatically drive sales (“How does the Coupon Interest Rate of a Bond Affect Its Price?”,2020). It can be beneficial for long term benefits for the organization. This will also reduce the competition in the market. By giving discounts and gift people will get attracted to your brand but it is very important to give quality service. Discounts alone will never work for people (Roque, 2020).
  • It is not just limited to natural gas services but also provides geothermal solutions with an experienced and qualified team that takes care of this. They have a wide range of services and projects. Alinta Energy has two separate models working simultaneously on the east and west coast of Australia. Alinta has designed two different designs and maps to serve the east coast (“Alinta Energy: Hearing the Voice of the Customer | Proto”, 2020). Alinta energy brings changes to its customer program service to communicate and understand the need of the customer more briefly. Alinta online customer surveys helped the company to have the detailed needs of the users so that they can redesign their products or services according to the customers. Door to door surveys can help the business to improve their customer's data, and strong software design is very necessary for the safety of the customer’s data as it is the most important thing that customer shares with the company.

Conclusion on Alinta Energy Analysis

Alinta has issues to handle and secure to the customer database as it is increasing in millions but it is very important to resolve it. Alinta should focus on the designing of new software for the Company which can keep it safe. Lack of security can reduce the customers of Alinta energy and will automatically strong his competitors. Alinta is already working digitally with omnichannel but need to be more digital with marketing advertisements and media channels.

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