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Introduction to Responsible Leadership

The essay is based on analysing and evaluating two responsible leadership theories which helps in maintaining relationship with the company leaders and employees effectively. There are two frameworks are described in this essay which includes RLP and RLR. Along with this, CRL survey conducted and it helps in examining skills and competencies and provides accurate results accordingly.

1. Responsible leadership is the phenomenon in which the leadership of the organization makes decisions in the direction of the future aspects of the organization and the decisions made by the leader will benefit the organization with better outcomes and results for the growth and development of the company. There are various kinds of theories or concepts present for responsible leadership. The stakeholder theory of responsible leadership is the theory or concept of responsible leadership in which the leadership focuses on the stakeholders of the organization. The main centre of attraction in the organization for the responsible leadership will be on the relations of stakeholders with the organization for the betterment in the company’s growth and development. The responsible leadership plays an important role in the relations of the stakeholders and the company for the conflicts and business purposes. The responsible leadership handles the stakeholders’ interest and accumulation in the business activities and further growth of the organization in the future timeline (Miska et. al. 2018).

Another responsible leadership theory or concept is the Responsible leadership theory of ethics. This is the theory of responsible leadership in which the leadership plays a role of responsible ideal who behave virtuously, ensure the ethical and pro-social environment in the working place of organization, acts according to the ethical standards and also use moral principles for reasoning in the decision making process. This theory of responsible leadership is very important for the enhancement of business activities on a larger and wider level in all over the world. The responsible leadership of ethics uses an ethical approach in the leadership values within the organization. This process helps the organization in the increment of the employees understanding and following the leadership without any complaints about the decision-making process within the organization by the leadership. The responsible leadership does not take in effect the growth and development of the individual or the organization but it takes the employees and the whole organization in the way of improvement and betterment for the overall growth with the ethical approach of the responsible leadership (Waldman, et. al., 2020). Thus the two theories or concepts of responsible leadership are very important for the organization in different aspects of the business which can prove to be very helpful and crucial for the organization.

There are various real case business examples of the responsible leadership of ethics and stakeholders in the world which follows the theories of the responsible leadership and make profits from them. The cosmetics branded company, LUSH is using responsible leadership of ethics in which the leadership is creating the cosmetics from ethical means and do not harm any kind of living organism in the making or testing of the products. This is made possible from the use of responsible leadership in an ethical manner which is now making the organization more powerful with the aspects of non-harming products. This is increasing the growth and development of the company in all over the world. Responsible leadership has played an important role in the progress and decision-making process of the company. The ethical decisions were made for the enhancement of the business of lush and also do business on an ethical approach.

Another example of the real case business which is using the responsible leadership theories for the betterment of the organization is the I-promise schools. Lebron James founder of i-promise schools has adopted the theory of stakeholder’s responsible leadership. The school provides education for the underprivileged children and also provides basic and fundamentally necessary items to the stakeholders of the children in schools. The responsible leadership in the stakeholders of schools has provided the parents and students with the basic necessities for living a proper life (Maak et. al. 2016). This has improved the leadership quality for the progress of the organization on an international level due to the use of responsible leadership of stakeholders taken effect for the organization. The responsible leadership of stakeholders has proved to be important in the progress and development of the real case business in an influential way. Thus the leadership theories and concepts play an important role in the business organization.

2. In every organization, leadership is important for maintaining and managing company operations effectively. The responsible leadership theory is the relative addition to the area of leadership studies. It also promises to increase the knowledge and practices of leadership by carrying out more combinations to the current conception of leadership and enhance the responsibility of leadership towards stakeholders and results. There are two Responsible Leadership Frameworks which are described as under:

Responsible Leadership for Performance –In this, responsible leadership is not simply described regarding the attributes and attitude of the individual leader in an organization but it is taken into consideration the whole system, which includes different aspects such as the contextual environment and the internal settings. The theory of RLP is proposed by Lynham and Chermack in the year of 2006 and they provide an effective framework that highlights the leadership that mainly concentrates on both responsibility and performance (Sarkar et al. 2016). This is helpful for the company in managing systems and structures in a better manner. It developed and designed the leadership as a performancesystem for interacting inputs, outputs, procedures, response, and boundaries in which every variableinfluences others. Along with this, the leadership is described as a system which practiced in the reciprocity to their constituents along with limited goals that are reaching and set by stakeholders effectively.

Responsible Leadership for Relations–It is that leadership which is defined as the art of developing and sustaining great relations to their desired stakeholders and they are performing role in the company functions and other operations. However, the idea of designing and sustaining effective relationshipsometimes it does not impact on accurate actions towards sustainability (Han et al. 2019). RLR is an important framework that helps in developing the relation of leaders and managers in an organization where they are perform required actions that help them in achieving potential goals and objectives.

Comparison of Two Responsible Leadership Frameworks:


Responsible Leadership for Relations and Responsible Leadership for Performance


RLR and RLP frameworks are mainly accountable for managing organizational relationship among employees and leaders.


The main goal of these frameworks to develop relationships among leaders and workers effectively.


Both frameworks helpful in managing balance in the performance of the workers and leaders of an organization.


RLP and RLR theories are accountable for motivating their employees towards achieving potential goals.


These frameworks' responsibilities are to develop relationships and increase performance levels in the company with the help of effective leadership systems.

The contrast between theTwo Responsible Leadership Frameworks:


Responsible Leadership for Relations

Responsible Leadership for Performance

Major concerns

RLR concern is to design and develop effective relations with its leaders and employees.

RLP framework's main concern on developing relations that helps in increasing leaders' and workers' performance level as well.


The main objective of the Responsible leadership for relations framework is to develop and formulate relations with leaders to perform great functions and roles in the company.

The objective of this theory is to maintain the performance of the organizations and leaders.


This is that framework that has the power to gain the attention of followers and develop relations effectively.

RLP has the power to increase employees’performance and by this, they can easily achieving desired goals.

Leaders Roles

In this theory, the leaders’ main role is to build relationshipsand motivate followers to do great work.

The main role of the leaders is to focus on analyzing and evaluating their employees performed and implements necessary changes that required.

This framework uses helps in promoting responsible leadership within an organization. With the assistance of such theories, leaders can analyze and examine their work that needs to be performing to get the potential goals. This helps identify the performance level of each employee and evaluates it properly(Mousa et al. 2019). Also, both the framework assists in maintaining relations and performance. Such theories help in promoting responsible leadership in the company through which leaders can perform their task based on these frameworks and complete it. It is important for company leaders are to evaluate the RLP and RLR to conduct any activity in an organization as it helps in managing entire work systematically.

3. CARL was established and developed by a group of Thought Leaders who are committed to the formulation of Responsible Leadership. It is the simple online assessmentsurvey that helps in building and developing a profile around 5 RL competencies and there are three domains activities are involved (Voegtlin et al. 2019). It helps in analyse the competencies of an individual accurately. CARL survey conducted at the beginning of the semester which scores 75 per cent and after the semester it reduces with 66 per cent. However, it is bad as it shows that some competencies are changed after the semester and some replace with others. There is only a 9 per cent difference which is not too bad and it also shows apositiveimpact on the personal skills and knowledge.

At the beginning of the semester, I have knowledge and skills to deal with people but after the semester I am busy studyingand could not properly focus on my competencies. The beginning results show that 75 per cent scores in the skills and knowledge and after the semester it consumes only 66 per cent which is not bad at all. It helps me in focusing on my competencies and works on properly improving my abilities.

There are some significant changes that are required in the after semester results and I need to focus on self-awareness and system understanding which is important. I also maintain and balance my attitude towards the work. In the after results, the total score is an indication where the current responsible leadership capacity based on this assessment is evaluated effectively (Zhao et al. 2019). I analyzed it shows my average outcomes but the beginning of the semester, I am good at learning leadership and perform much better as compared to the after results. For this, I require to work on my abilities and make improvements in current skills in a better manner.

My result is reduced as compared to the beginning score which is 75% and after the semester it evaluates 66%. I think leadership skill helps me in getting a good score at the beginning of the semester but after the semester I face some issues by this I could not concentrate on my assessments properly. Through this, I got confused which impact on my results or score.

With the help of Responsible Leadership, I have learned it helps me in understanding and evaluating the role of leaders in an organisation and how they motivate their employees to perform great work and also provide direction to achieve potential goals. Responsible Leadership assist me in learning how to get positive attitude to perform good work and encourage the team members to reach objectives of an organisation. This is helping me in my professional life as well.

4. Moral imagination is the phenomenon in which the individual is able to generate useful ideas and also has the ability to differentiate between good and bad of the ideas and then execute the best of the ideas in the action form for delivering services to the other people in need. Moral imagination is very important for being a responsible leader. The responsible leader is in charge of the decision making which is why the leader should develop moral imagination. The development of moral imagination will help the responsible leader in taking decisions in an appropriate manner. The leader will be able to differentiate between the good and bad of the executioner impact of the decision on the working conditions of the organization. The moral imagination is the path which the responsible leadership can obtain to improve and be more responsible leadership in the improvement of the organizations working activities.

The moral imagination will help the responsible leadership in imagining the best ideas for the progress and improvement in the business organization for the future results to be obtained. The responsible leader will be able to obtain the sense of justice and equality in the organization to make the decisions which will show the best impact for the growth and development of the organization. The leader will be able to manage the conflicts within the organization in such a way that the conflict will have a minimum impact on the progress of the organization’s working and growth opportunities (Witt et al. 2016). The employees will be more involved in the business activities for the development and growth of the company due to the improved development of the moral imagination in the responsible leadership.

There are various kinds of examples in the organizations which show that the development of moral imagination in the responsible leadership will be more beneficial. For example, the employees of the organization will be more respectful towards the leadership of the company. This will help in the more engagement and involvement of the employees in the business activities which will help the organization in better development opportunities and gaining a higher level of improvement and enhancement in the business field. The employees will show a great level of trust in the responsible leadership if the development of moral imagination in the leadership takes place. On the level of administration, the development of the moral imagination in the leadership will help the leadership in being more responsible towards the higher-ups of the company.

This will help the organization in maintaining a high range of working field for the improvising in the business activities and decision-making process. The responsible leader will be able to imagine the possible outcomes of the decision to made, and the leader can alert the administration and the higher-ups of the organization for the upcoming possible outcomes or results. This will enable the company to tackle the situation of drastic events. Thus the development of moral imagination helps the leaders to be more responsible for their work and responsibilities(Haque et al. 2019). The customers will also gain a higher level of attention by the responsible leadership if the leaders will develop the knowledge of moral imagination for being more responsible. Thus these are the various examples which show the importance of moral imagination development by the leaders will help the organization working in various ways.

Conclusion on Responsible Leadership

On the basis of above essay, it can be concluded that responsible leadership framework helps in managing relations and increase performance of leaders in better manner. The responsible leadership will help in various ways to tackle the unidentified situations for the development and growth of the company

References for Responsible Leadership

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