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Change Management



Leadership approach.

The approach is important for both staff engagement and Health and Safety.

Strategies Related Workers:

Strategies Related To Resources:

The 7 S framework and leader steps to bring a Health and Safety and change.

Work-related deaths.

Changing the culture in addressing the issues.

The cultural issue, using one of the change theories.

Unfreeze process and perceptions.

Limitations of the theory.

SCARF model



Introduction to Change Management

The purpose of the assignment is to focus on the company background, leadership structure and related assessment, which can help to understand the Fletchers business model. By background, the company has established itself in the construction based sector in 1909 which was later restrategized and rebuild into the “Fletcher Building Company” in 2001 and got listed on the stock exchange in New Zealand (Sullivan, 2020). The company has established its office in Penrose, Auckland and so far has engaged the 20,000 employees. It mainly caters to the six different sections of construction work and has streamlined to the various categories of building products, includes the panels, and laminates distribution within New Zealand. The company also holds old and reliable technologies that are very successful and engaging and has so far expanded to focus on Asia and Europe (Stoller, 2020).

The company shows a culturally strong safety culture, shows an engaged and capable people that can show an interesting lean operating model along with the high level of customer intimacy. Due to the company's good culture, the company has shown an employee engagement at 71%, up 1% from 2018 (Spencer-Oatey, 2020). And so far the Health and Safety, has also been down by the 2% during the period of which there have been five deaths that have been reported, The company obliges the framework of the work-related deaths in New Zealand and has to follow the Health and Safety at Work Act in 2015.

Leadership Approach

The company should adopt a flexible type of leadership and even ensure, they are working in line with the employees and ensuring to improve and work for their overall well being. The company is purely into the construction based and the top management always looks over the marquee projects. Recently after experiencing higher instances of risky and low profitable projects, the company has started to streamline its process and even started to decline to most of the projects which would lead to compromise to the projects (Loughead, 2020).

The leadership theory which is best applied in the given case is of the Behavioral Theory (Law, 2020). The leaders have to focus on their specific behaviors and actions of leaders which can help to relate and bring out the best of the traits or characteristics. As per the theory, it is important to transform the leadership into a better style orientation that can help to project the learned skills in a better manner. The leaders while displaying the leadership style theory projects the three primary skills which are the inclination of the followers, which are the technical aspect, the human aspect and also integrating the conceptual skills (Jordans, 2020). From the technical skillset, it is important to have an adequate leader's knowledge that can focus on the process or the technique. For human skills, it is important to constantly interact and respond in line with the leader's knowledge and relate to the process or technique. To ave the adequate human skills style it is important to ensure, that the desired interaction with the individuals is aligned with the company prospectives. The conceptual skills are related to the ideas, presentation and also be linked with the core ideas of the organization or society smoothly.

The approach is important for both staff engagement and Health and Safety.

Strategies Related Workers:

It would be a high safety standard for their workers and the policies are linked with the Health and Safety Policy which can help to represent the harmless environment. The company also has to ensure, The leaders have to ensure they are working in line with the given management framework and also provide the adequate objectives, that can help to deliver as per the leader's perspective. The importance of the company leaders has to ensure, how with the required capability and adopting the set responsibility it can be helpful and linked with the desired health and safety issues that can ensure the framework of the worker. Leaders need to ensure that their employees can participate within the framework of Health and safety and also have to ensure, they are working at every level of business (Klar, 2020). The leaders need to ensure they are ensuring that the workers can follow various training programs that can ensure the best for the Safe work practices to its workers. At the same time for the company, it is best to lead the position in the field of health along with safety.

Strategies Related To Resources:

The company leaders also have to ensure they are working in line with the outputs and ensuring they are delivering with the best quality(Geerts, 2020). A company leader has to ensure, they are working on the various strategies and links with the resources. The company leaders also have to ensure, they are working to utilize the resources and can be paid the amount of profit. It involves the construction manager, that can have to take the decision related to the resources of production. It includes the company having the best strategies related to the resources.

The 7 S Framework and Leader Steps to Bring a Health and Safety and Change

The 7 S framework that would be applied in the case, as the leader would do the related to the health and safety for the good change are the-:

Strategy: The company Fletchers would plan out on the building and getting rewarding projects, which are the less loss-making and best integrated with the safety practices (Cleveland, 2020).

Structure: The company should orient and train its teams, have the set structure, which would ensure supervision and better safety rules. It should have a specific alignment as to who reports to whom.

Systems: The company needs to ensure, everything is recorded, all the architecture and the building designing has to be structured with the system and the materials, process and the manual labor needs to be done by the staff, to get the job done.

Shared values: the company should position its core values and ensure, that the employee engagement and the corporate culture are well in line with the general work ethic. The company has to ensure to work collaboratively with the "superordinate goals" and then get the model to be workable.

Style: The company should have better ethical practices to be followed, for example how the building designing and the better practices are learned, needs to be followed by the leadership and the followers (Bolden, 2020).

Staff: The employees and employers should have better-set capabilities.

Skills: The company should work over the streamlining of the skills and competencies related to the company employees.

Work-Related Deaths

It was on January, 18th, 2019 when two people died in the two months and the Fletcher Building safety practices were reviewed and streamline the company's steel division. The two workers age 30 and 58 died, due to the accidents at a separate incident, while one got killed in Fletcher Easysteel in Onehunga, Auckland. And the other got killed in the Fletcher Reinforcing in Levin, in the Horowhenua district (Bolden, 2020). The spokesperson of the company took the matter very seriously and had taken stiff actions in the internal process of reviewing the safety and the health issues.

Changing the Culture in Addressing the Issues

The company, in this case, ahs worked collaboratively with the internal environment and ensured to follow all the safety issues periodically (Bolden, 2020). The safety internal programs have to be followed diligently and any necessary safety and the risk assessments were stringently followed. In the fatal incidents, in the location of the Onehunga, which is the site of the imports, distributes along with the processes steel products, the accident happened due to the cranes and moving around with it. The other incident in the Levin branch which is the supplier of steel reinforcing mesh and bars, the accident happened to the worker accidentally overnighting and stepping into the danger zone area.

Instantaneously, the entire office and the plant was shut down, to investigate the matter, the leaders and the senior management team worked closely to review the matter. The external committee was also appointed, who worked collaboration with the company, to fine-tune itself with the WorkSafe and can follow the approved code of practice along with following the guidelines as per the crane's availability on the website (Klar, 2020). The company also has to ensure, that they can follow the responsibility of the business that can proceed with the procedures in place and keep the worker's safety when operating and working with the cranes.

The company culture is more employee-oriented and ensured, that the workers are trained and following the rules, procedures, and processes. The supervisors and the mangers appointed are also diligent with their role and the word of precaution and spreading the necessary steps was taken by the senior management (Klar, 2020).

The Cultural Issue, Using One of The Change Theories

The culture issue initially was the lack of communication between the top management and the middle and the lower management. The supervisors would not listen to the workers and the workers were not trained properly for the work. The workers, even if, reported the matter and complaining of ay unethical practices, the management used to ignore.

Lewin’s change management model

Here Lewin’s change management model is best applied.

The theory is an evolving changing theory, which has bifurcated the changes to be bought In the organization to three parts which are the change process into three stages such as the break a large, then bringing bitesize chunks which account concerning the processes and people in one own company (Klar, 2020).

The three stages of change management are the

  • Unfreeze
  • Make changes
  • Refreeze

Unfreeze process and perceptions

When the changes are to be foreseen, the first step is to unfreeze and then to set with the current process, it has to be applied with the human interaction that can help to evaluate the potential improvements.

Make your changes

The changes planned out has to be integrated with the deployed changes and needs to be guided with the team and process of adaption. The education, communication and the transition process has to be followed periodically (Cleveland, 2020). If required, any extra education, training and also relating to the team can help to integrate and link with the technology which can be helpful to use it and also adapt the new marketing policy.


the refreezing is more related to the process of the deployed, measured, along with tweaking in accordance to the feedback, and then understood as the “refreeze” to the point of the changes and the new adaption. Rewarding and realigning the process, changes and perceptions should be adapted.

Limitations of The Theory

The limitation of the theory is that it is a lengthy process and it involves every change to be reviewed, reported and then to be replaced It can't be a single-time event and it has to be strategic by the company as a whole (Cleveland, 2020). It should be a transition and an everyday process and not limited to the one time set up, as the healthcare setting and the safety issues have to be reviewed closely and should be applied, implemented and adhered to.


The SCARF model is more linked to the model and having a collaborative approach and even helpful to influence the people.

Status – To hold importance to others (Cleveland, 2020).

Certainty – to have the desired ability to predict future

Autonomy – to develop a sense of control over events

Relatedness – To have a better sense of safety with others.

Fairness – to derive a fair exchange.

The model has been helpful in the everyday scenarios and the setup to apply the emotional intelligence framework in the health and the safety setups for the employees. The model would make the management ensure timely action and integration with the collaborative approach to implement rules, policies and the training program.

Conclusion on Change Management

To conclude, the company has to ensure, it develops a better, skilled transformation to the leadership and focus on the safety and the health issues of the employees. It should adopt a better style orientation that can help to project the learned skills in a better manner. The leaders in the Fletchers Building, should focus on adopting a Behavioral theory and the follow the change management style of the Lewin Style management, to ensure that the inclination of the followers, and relating with the technical aspect, the human aspect and focusing on the conceptual skills (Jordans, 2020).

References for Change Management

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