Part 1.

Internal Issues.

External Issues.

High Priority Issue.

Management of the Job Description.

Limited Focus.

Complete knowledge of the job profile.

Policy problem..

Part 2.



Policy Statement



Prior to Recruitment

Clearly defining the job role.

Creation of a large pool of candidates.

Managing the complete application and selection process:

Making the appointment


Evaluation Measures.


Human Resource Management - Part 1

Internal Issues

The main aim of the organization is to achieve maximum transparency during the recruitment process and along with that, the organization wants to increase its confidentiality policy. It was identified that organization majorly focuses on external candidates. This particular scenario clearly shows that the organization does not think about the employees of the organization. Being a new company the organization needs to make a brand name for itself it can only be done through following proper guidelines during the recruitment process. As the organization's corporate social responsibility activities are minor as compared to other pre-established organizations in the industry.

External Issues

It has been identified that the rules and regulations of the organization can change at any moment, because of which it becomes quite hard to predict proper guidelines that should be used for governing the business. Also, major events such as recession, pandemic, riots can adversely affect the organization, because of which the organization cannot have the same policies throughout the time of its operation. Although these factors are uncontrollable, this does not mean the organization will work without policies. The organization will make the policy in such a manner that the damage can be minimized to an extent (Sharma et al. 2010).

High Priority Issue

Management of the Job Description

It has been identified that even when the recruiter has fully understood the job profile, there are still chances that he/she might make some mistake. This particular phenomenon is very common in almost all organizations. To overcome this particular issue, the recruiter should be provided with time as well as the helping hand from HR specialists. This particular process should be done in a face to face manner so that there are no chances of communication gap. It has been stated by Verboncu & Zeininger (2015), that job description is one of the most important components of a management structure and the same has been identified by multiple texts and specialists.

Limited Focus

It has been identified that the recruiter might identify a characteristic that they might be looking for or expecting from the future employee of the organization. This might give rise to biases in the interview process. Also, there are chances that the recruiter might shortlist CV without even completely going through the CV. there are chances that the recruiter might solely focus on the reason why the previous employee left the organization. If they can identify any candidate who possesses that skill that would ultimately bring down the employee turnover ratio, they might simply give importance to those sets of candidates (Kahan, Rehal & Cro, 2015).

Complete Knowledge of The Job Profile

This is one of the most common problems that is seen in different industries throughout the world. The problem here is that the recruiter is not able to identify the exact information about the vacancy that has to be filled. This particular problem can only be solved when job analysis is conducted regularly and a job description is designed taking into consideration all the tasks that have to be conducted by the employee. It is also important for recruitment to identify that the job roles do not remain constant they evolve as time passes by. If even one of the steps is conducted incorrectly, then there are chances that the job posting will go entirely wrong.

Policy Problem

It was identified that the current policy had multiple problems, it was identified that the pool of candidates for the recruitment process only consisted of external sources, because of which there were not enough chances presented to the current employees of the organization to grow. It has been observed that if an organization focuses on the internal resources for the future recruitment process, the cost to the company decreases significantly. Along with that if the present employee will be hired for any job profile. It will only become easy for the management as the current employees just have to be trained because they are familiar with the organization's environment (DeVaro & Morita H, 2013). In addition to this, it was also identified that the anti-discrimination laws were not emphasized in the current policy that was being used by the employees and most of the employees in the organization were not taking the confidentiality issue seriously. Confidentiality plays a major role in anti-discrimination, it has been identified that the people are taking undue advantage of confidentiality clause (Allen, D., & Blackham, 2018). Also, in the current policy, there is no sign of the background checks in the policy that was being used by the organization. Although, there is still an argument about whether background checks should be a part of the employment process. According to Westrope (2018), there are millions of people who are haunted by their criminal records and are not able to get employment in their desired organization. He adds that background check is discrimination of its kind.

Human Resource Management - Part 2

Overview of Human Resource Management

The main agenda of the recruitment and selection policy is that all the candidates should be judged without any discrimination and biases throughout the recruitment process (Dany & Torchy, 2017). The policy helps to ensure that the right candidate is accepted for the right job and at the right time. Also, recruitment and selection policy play a very significant role as it provides credibility to the organization because of which the company can aim for a larger pool of potential candidates for their organization.

However, in the previous policy, some gaps might seem small and insignificant but they could affect the recruitment and selection process negatively. Keeping the gaps in mind a new policy will be formulated below.

Scope of Human Resource Management

These policies will apply to all the applicants. That is, whether they are the external applicant or internal applicant.

Policy Statement

The organization makes it a point to appoint the right candidate, for the right job profile at the right time. The new recruitment and selection policy is aimed at a larger pool of candidates. This will enable the organization to attract applicants from all backgrounds, which might possess the skills, knowledge, and experience that might be required for a particular vacancy (Allcorn et al., 2018). The main reason behind a larger pool of candidates lies in the fact that the organization does not want to entertain any sort of business as well as discrimination.


The organization's policy should comply with all the policy that is mentioned throughout. However, special importance should be provided to the Fair Work Act. As this particular law is the most important legislation that is applied throughout the different organization in Australia, this particular body of federal legislation control all the employment and workplace relations which are directly related to the employees (Jordan & Mavec, 2018). In addition to this, particular attention should also be paid to the anti-discrimination law as well as the workplace surveillance laws.

Process of Human Resource Management

Prior to Recruitment

Any recruitment manager must identify whether the recruitment process is required or not. The main reason behind it is that there have been instances where the managers react to an employee leaving an organization. It is the role of the recruiting manager to understand the importance of the ex-employee of the organization.

If the organization identifies that without new employees the organization cannot function properly then, a recruitment process will take place ((The Children Centre, n.d.).

The recruitment manager should:

  • Clearly define the job role
  • Create a large pool of candidates.
  • Management of all the selection and application processes
  • Identify what offer will suit the potential candidate.
  • Making the appointment

Clearly Defining the Job Role

It has been discovered that recruitment in the aftermath of an employee leaving an organization, this leads to an existing job profile within the organization (Raheef, 2019). The recruitment managers should review the job description and identify whether the job profile has some use for the organization or not.

In the events of a new job profile, the recruitment manager should take the advice of the senior departmental managers. This will help the manager to identify the job role of the potential candidates. This particular process will help the recruitment manager to easily document the job description.

Creation of A Large Pool of Candidates

To create a large pool of candidates the recruitment manager should identify whether the candidates for the job profile should be selected externally or internally. As a particular job vacancy that has been created with the employee leaving the organization might work as a stepping stone towards progression and development for an existing employee.

However, if the job profile is an entry-level profile or there are no candidates suitable enough to fulfill the job roles that are being presented by the organization (DeVero, 2020).

In the above-provided case, an external job posting will take place. This will be done with the help of advertisement, it is quite crucial to understand that advertisement should be provided to all possible mediums and the following things should be included in the advertisement:

  • Job requirement
  • Skill, knowledge, and experience of the candidate
  • A description of the organization.
  • The remuneration provided for the particular profile

Whenever drafting an advertisement manager should use his/her words carefully, that is no discriminative language should be used while documenting the advertisement. If a manager is confused regarding the word choice to be made he/she should consult his/her superiors.

Managing the Complete Application and Selection Process:

All the applications should be examined privately, and only those individuals should be told who is directly linked with the recruitment process, for example, the human resource department or the line managers. The initial step of the process is to shortlist the candidate from the large pool with the help of information provided in the application forms.

The second round is an interview process with the candidates that have been chosen by the recruiting managers as well as the senior management. It is important to have a structured approach for the interview process otherwise the candidate might feel that he/she is not being treated equally (Castillo-Montoya, 2016).

  1. The questions for the interview process should be directly linked to the skills and knowledge that will be crucial for the job role.
  2. The primary structure for all the questions should remain the same. However, the follow-up question should vary from individual to individual.
  • The answers would be assessed on the accuracy, body language, and time is taken to answer the question.

In any interview process, a complete panel is required. The main reason behind it is that, if a single person takes an interview, the candidate might feel a sense of bais. A panel helps to provide a balanced approach to an interview process and in addition to that, it also eliminates the chances of misconception in the mind of the candidate.

The recruitment manager should take the help of senior management and other human resource managers to determine the rightful owner of the recently vacant job position.

Making the Appointment

In case the candidate chosen is of foreign nationality. Then the organization must check whether the individual has the proper documents that can allow him/her to work for the organization in Australia. Until the check is not complete the organization can provide the individual with a conditional offer letter.


  • The human resource will be accountable for all the complaints that are based on the ground of discrimination.
  • If there is any complaint from external candidates then the director of human resources will have to address the issue. The same will be the criteria for the employees of the organization.
  • A candidate can even go to the employment tribunal court if she/ thinks that there was unlawful discrimination in the recruitment process.
  • In case of queries, the head of resourcing and recruitment should be answerable (Monitor, 2013).

Evaluation Measures

The organization should practice standard reference checks however, in addition to these the organization should majorly focus on the Disclosure and barring service or criminal records bureau check and the suitability checks.

The contract or the offer letter will only be provided when the above-given criteria are fulfilled (The Children Centre, n.d.).

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