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Leadership Plan

Table of Contents

1- Executive summary

2- Introduction

3- Future development goals

4- GROW model

5- Conclusion

6- References

Executive Summary:

The assignment is made to understand my nature as a leader and how I have planned my future to grow and advance in a business world to become a corporate citizen. With different phases in life and vast experience in handling issues I projected the trajectory for my ambition in which I cherish to pursue. This help to view my mission and vision in a time frame clearly.


Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not intimidation.

- William Arthur Wood

Leadership is the ability to influence a group towards the achievement of a vision or a set of goals. Existence of an ideal leader in practice is limited (Mostovicz et al, 2007) . With practically handful of people leading the industry actively others remain dormant either remaining a pleasing shareholder or just concerned with post or designation the person holds in the office. Total commitment to any task is not possible but an ideal leader calls for total commitment for the benefits of purpose seeking. A leader to should move constantly and try to achieve the unachievable As leadership is a progressive process( Greenfield, 2007) which develops with time and experience it is necessary to face challenges to pursue a goal in an ethical manner. Leadership is all about making choices. Leaders need to choose option between equally valid choices, but one with the highest principle. Motivation is one of the key traits a leaders carries with him. When individual work to achieve goals without money and fame then they are true natural leader.

Interpersonal relations and better understanding between individuals who work together are the basic traits of effective leadership. Bringing in the best talents and nurturing them to a result oriented workforce for the future is the key task every leader is facing in the current scenario.

Understanding people and bringing out the best have been my passion for which I strive for excellence. From my school days to working in NGO and organisation I enhanced my skill to manipulate challenges around me through my conscience and built a futuristic approach for all the problems. Changing negativity in working environment by infusing positive vibes ensure my fellow colleagues that I am a crusader of change and they trust me for the confidence I boost within themselves. With in-built traits of honesty and integrity, being impartial to others, focus and consistency and being harmonious in nature have led people to accept me as their leader( NCO , 2018)

Future development plans- For next 5 years as salesperson and then entrepreneur

A person should set his/her priorities what they want to do in their lives. Being clear about their goals ensures that what is required to be done? And how it is to be done?

I want to join an MNC in corporate sales as regional manager. As sales person requires the art to sale and also require to manage a team of co-workers whom I need to train and deliver the target set by the firm it would be a golden opportunity to enhance my skill in leadership and inculcating the values which I generated from my past experience. Being target oriented and focussing on what the industry needs and ensuring to work on quality more than quantity in training my co-workers shall be my first priority. Every individual has different levels of convincing people. It depends on how one approach and frame the mind-set. I believe that for every sales person changing the existing notion of product or service plays a crucial role.

As perception on consumer mind-set can vary, improvising the brain and proper product placement will ensure that the work is done. Every sales person must develop this art. Hence having a vivid convincing nature will ultimately lead to achieving the targets. I believe I am good in this work. I can convince people as well as subordinates. Facing continuous challenge make me strong from inside and build confidence of achieving more. Having leading a team of 10 in my NGO’s of different views I understood that every task has an assigned goals which can be met only when we work with full heart and soul. Any half-hearted approach will also have half- hearted result. I believe any person working in my team to work in a stipulated time frame and make an impact. Thus taking a challenging task as sales person will bring a massive change in my personality as well as in my personal life.

After a brief tenure of working as salesperson knowing the structure and nature of business providing services by my own means will begin. An entrepreneur’s life cycle always have ups and down. It only matter with which degree one works. Working with team to create big and achieve big with a small beginning. Manning the workforce and planning a long term goal rather a mission and vision of the firm to have an everlasting impression on the stakeholders and building a strong brand label will be ensure a step towards achieving the goals. Inclination towards biasness and focussing on results are the task I will work during my early entrepreneur days.

Motivation can be of power, money and fame, but it should be rather a self-centric motivation to boost others motivation working with you. For any long lasting decision that I take should not be causing harm to others, rather asking people to join me in the novel process and take measures to ensure smooth running of the firm. Getting to learn and moving to achieve more is in my nature. Thus acceptance of top business organisation model work culture and allowing it in my firm to improve the working mechanism will be given priorities.

GROW model-

The GROW model is one of the coaching model used in discussion to discover possibilities and unlock potential. It was co-founded by Sir John Whitmore and colleagues in 1980’s. It is one of the best models in goal setting, performance improvement and problem solving. Below is the explanation of the acronym of GROW model.

G- Goals and aspiration.

R- Current situation, internal and external obstacles.

O- Possibilities, strength and resources.

W- Actions and accountability.

The GROW model

Goals - To become a successful salesperson by acquiring knowledge in sales and marketing domain and then become an entrepreneur

Reality - Student studying management require experience in challenging sales field.

Options (obstacles) - To undergo extensive training to understand the market trend and

manage finance properly

Will (way forward) - Better accountability and additive suggestion for improving quality of work.


I believe that when you can sell other’s product then you can sell your product even better. Hence working in an environment which gives me exposure to sales and marketing will definitely help in moving towards my goal to become a successful entrepreneur. Working in a firm as a sale person will give me better understanding of consumer taste and preferences. Apparently every product has a customer base which requires proper channelization so that it reaches the customer. Thus I would get accustomed to product portfolios which are currently in demand and which are needed to be much focussed on. Understanding a product and service minutely gives any salesperson a competitive advantage over others.

Explaining the benefits of product and assisting customer to take decision will increase the chances of sales. To become a successful entrepreneur the ability to adapt to change comes first. Being innovative and learning the marketing trend will come as a boon. Starting with incorporation of ideas along with proper feasibility and business plan to help better understanding of the business will help me to start a proper business. Bringing in new people of talent with right and efficient working ability to pursue and reach our goals is my 2nd priority( Nisha, n.d)


 Being a management student learning the subjective part and to grasp enough knowledge to implement in the practical world is in process. The reality in sales and marketing begins when we sale and get money in hand. As the current scenario resists me from doing so I do not understand the tricks of the trade. Only studying management does not makes an individual a good sales guy. During my internship I want to go for firms which are dealing in hard core sales in corporate world. Improving communication skill is also important for me as corporate sales is based on the aura you carry and the reflective sense of question and answer series which should be convincing enough to the client approached.

Creating a belief of trust which I possess should be high in the minds of the customer. As perception is different than reality I want enable myself in realistic views of convincing. One point I will need to improve is proper time management. Entering corporate requires maintaining 3 things – discipline, dedication and determination. I am a disciplined person. But managing multitask at a given time requires patience and perseverance which I lack. Hence I need to transform myself in a multitasked person with agility as my backbone. Understanding the flow of money can only be gained done by working on field.


Undergoing training in reputed organisation will help me in gaining the required knowledge and skills for the task. Under guidance of an experience mentor who will help me in showing the right way to approach people, talk to them and convincing them is necessary. With working in a team and asked to achieve the target I could understand the internal competition and other’s strength and weakness and places where I need to improve. Understanding the 2 way communication process and correcting mistakes in my part will be given importance. Working in small live projects to understand the bigger marketing phenomenon and how the mentor handle cases individually and resolve them will increase my experience.

Additional language skills needed to develop especially Spanish or Latin. As With better language proficiency will assist customer to convince in their mother tongue. Being entrepreneur requires gaining knowledge of how money is generated in business is important? Every business runs on profit. Thus learning the financial credentials and exchange of trade to grow business has to be done with clarity. Eventually being accustomed to a new corporate lifestyle is the biggest challenge I need to overcome. Every working culture requires certain level of courtesy the way you present yourself in front of others. Better grooming and polished personality makes a good impression on the customer. Being a student I want to join a grooming class to have a better dressing sense, eating etiquettes and understanding body language.


The way to establish oneself in life decides on the will power he/she carries. Hence becoming a successful entrepreneur requires whatever work an individual performs if it is s success or failure it must be held accountable by the concern person. Branding one to be confident to accept mistake and move forward with a positive approach so that relations remain strong and future course of actions are paved for better business relation will always be in my rulebook. Viewing one to be self- centric is not a good idea rather involving with teammates and accepting there ideas to collaborative will increase my ambition to become a successful sale person and an entrepreneur. Competency is required as it is necessary for a leader to earn confidence and respect.

Being unselfishness will lead to open trajectory acceptance of my work as loyalty. Objective of the organisation in which I will work should meet with my objective. This will ensure that both sides are reliable and goal oriented. Taking decision should not be waived back and forth as it will demoralize the confidence within the teammate and have a negative image of the firm I represent. I will work to direct and lead a group of people because as it is unique kind of personal satisfaction in handling tough challenges.

Suggestion for improvement from others is most welcomed. Having a 360 degree mapping and getting appraisal is what I want as it is the mirror which never lies. What people think about me, my thought process and my working style will enable me to try something new. Changes are the only constant thing in the world hence working pattern which doesn’t suit the job environment shouldn’t be continued. I appreciate someone to monitor and asses my performance on constant basis. If I don’t perform then it will be tough for me to continue in the corporate world and working to be successful entrepreneur will remain dream.


My belief that every individual strive for growth and having leadership traits requires to be practically implemented. Hence goals are achievable only when one view it as a target. Accepting difficulties and overrunning any situation with positive vibes are the key way to lead an organisation.


Mostovicz, E. I., Kakabadse, N. K and Kakabadse. P. A. 2009. A dynamic theory of leadership development, Leadership & Organisation Development Journal , pp-1-6.

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Nisza, H. n.d. Dynamic relation essential 3: relationship for leaders.

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