Leadership for Sustainable Future

Introduction to Leadership for Sustainable Future

In general, there are two types of sustainability in business:

  • The effect of industry on the environment.
  • The effect of industry on society

A sustainable business strategy aim is to have a positive effect on one of those regions. When businesses refuse to take action, problems such as environmental pollution, discrimination, and social disparity will arise. Sustainability will help businesses succeed in addition to addressing global issues. Today, several investors use Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) indicators to assess a company's legal effect and sustainable activities. Investors include a company's carbon emissions, water use, environmental engagement programs, and board diversity, among other things(Anon, 2018). A sustainable business, also known as a green business, has little to no detrimental effects on the global or local climate, culture, population, or economy—one that aims to follow the triple bottom line. They are grouped under various headings, and the whole phenomenon is often referred to as "green capitalism." Sometimes, radical environmental and human rights initiatives are seen in sustainable enterprises. In general, a company is said to be green if it meets the four conditions below:

  1. It incorporates principles of sustainability into each of its business
  2. It supplies environmentally friendlyproducts or services that replace the demand for nongreen products and/or services.
  3. It is greener than traditional competition.

Background of Leadership for Sustainable Future

The wording used in the vision and mission statements of 24 environmental organizations was examined with the assumption that it reflects and influences the goals of their operations (Fallon, 2012). The position of government agencies and non-governmental organizations was combined in a dominant perspective based on the principle of "sustainable growth." The vocabulary reflected a utilitarian philosophy, with the world being portrayed as objects rather than nature. Also within wildlife-focused communities, aesthetic comments were extraordinary. Despite a widely held belief that human health and ecosystem viability are linked, humanitarian organizations rarely mention environmental concerns, while conservation groups adhere to societal goals and needs.

Mission statement

Words like "mission statements," "goal," and "values" are not set and absolute, and it is unavoidable that what one institution considers a "vision" can be construed as part of their "values" by another. Similarly, the substance of one institution's "mission statement" and another's "value package" can be strikingly similar (Ecocentral,2016). It doesn't matter; name whatever you want, based on what you think would resonate the most with your organization. What matters are the meanings that these different words represent, as well as the significance of ensuring that each is properly handled – however they are called. Without a mission statement (or a statement/set of values that meets this concept but is called by another name), the organization runs the risk of going "off mission," spending time and money on activities that are at best peripheral and at worst unrelated to the goals it should be pursuing.

Mission statements examples: We strive to be a vibrant, national, and entrepreneurial university. Via our study, we will collaborate with external organizations and involve our students as participants in a learning environment.Coventry University is a public university in Coventry, England.To make a positive contribution to society by pursuing international innovation in teaching, learning, and science (Schneider, 2015).Cambridge University is a university in the United Kingdom.Teaching and science, as well as the example and impact of its corporate life, will be used to advance and diffuse insight, wisdom, and comprehension. We have a clear mission: "Success for our Students," and we do all we can to make sure you get the best education and training possible.

Vision statement

If your mission statement is better defined as a representation of your institution's fundamental intent or purposes, your vision statement should support and reinforce that by describing where you think this purpose will lead. In short, it's a definition of what you want to be and where you want to go. As such, it is an aspirational declaration rather than a statement of truth, and it reflects a vision of the kind of organization you want to be and the high-level goals you want to accomplish. With these features, it's easy to see that an organization will need both a goal and a vision statement as integral and complementary aspects of its strategic planning.


A policy for sustainable growth, according to this guideline, consists of "a coordinated collection of participatory and continually evolving research, planning, and implementation processes."Deliberation, capacity-building, preparation, and investment are also part of the process.Society's fiscal, social, and environmental goals are all being pursued, and trade-offs are being sought in places where this is possible.“It's impossible.”Our guide to strategy execution includes six measures that you will take to ensure that the strategic plan transitions from a plan to a strategic implementation:

  • Build a strategy structure.
  • Make a policy.
  • Define your KPIs.
  • Set the tone for your plan.
  • Sharing on plan execution
  • Relationship between success and plan

These are the goals that plans should strive for.They are all important, and there is no implied order of importance.They are not a set of expectations to be followed, but rather a set of optimal procedures and results that take into account local distinctions.


A successful policy involves a people-centred approach, ensuring that vulnerable people enjoy long-term benefits.

Consensus on long-term vision:

Strategic development processes are most likely to succeed in the context of a long-term vision that is well defined by the stakeholders. Around the same time, means of addressing short- to medium-term needs and transition must be included. For a new Government to not see a certain policy as expressing just the opinions or policies of its predecessor, a long-term agenda must have the attention of all political parties.

Comprehensive and integrated:

Economic, social, and environmental goals should be integrated where possible in the strategies. However, if there is no convergence, trade-offs must be negotiated. This process must take into account the rights and potential interests of future generations.

Targeted with clear budgetary priorities:

In the current budget systems, a sustainable development agenda has to be integrated completely to ensure that strategies have the financial support needed to meet their goals and are not ‘just wish lists.’ On the other hand, consistent identification of goals would guide budget formulation.

Discussion on Leadership for Sustainable Future

Sustainable challenges

We clearly state our global sustainability challenge: it blends an analytical evaluation with a normative argument. The factual opinion that is held by many scientists is that existing relations between civilization and the natural world are not sustainable – both critical ecological and social wellbeing processes are adversely affected in ways that risk permanent, long-term damages (UNEP, 2007). The normative role of sustainable development is attached to this scientific claim; that societal pathways for development should address basic human needs within and between generations while retaining the world's framework of supporting life and the conservation of living resources.

At the 2005 World Summit at the UN Headquarters in New York, the commitment to sustainable development was revitalized. The implementation of the UN's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), aimed at the poorest and the most disadvantaged, including halving the proportion of the world population living on less than one dollar a day by 2015, and without access to clean drinking water or adequate sanitation, was seen as indispensable to maintaining and preserving the joint climate(Gulf Organisation for Research and Development, 2012). World Summit leaders have agreed that the main goals of sustainable development would be to meet the extreme and long-term global climate change problem. General recognition of the global problem of sustainable development, therefore, hides major differences in how to best tackle it.

Economic and technological conditions for sustainability

In the transition to sustainability, the systemic realignment of our dominant urban growth directions away from energy and material-intensive systems is certainly the biggest obstacle. The most influential prospect of sustainable economic and technical conditions in northern European countries is "environmental modernisation," shaped by scholarly debates and policy decisions(Mc Gill, 2017). This strategy encourages the greening of manufacturing systems by technical creativity, by providing 'Win-Win' options for business stakeholders through the more sustainable use of resources and energy; for workers and neighbourhoods through the lower level of contamination.

How we can overcome these challenges:

  • Use sustainable development as a single point of sale

Consumers, particularly in the food market, are increasingly interested in buying ethically produced, sustainable goods. Brands are supposed to make a difference in their sustainability to promote profits, says Rich Clothier, Wyke Farms Managing Director.

  • Consider the long run

The emphasis on short-term primary success metrics and budgets is one of the major structural obstacles in society. A profitable company would allow all of its employees to look at long-term outcomes and recompense them. This notion is perhaps most evident in architecture, where the higher costs perceived often impede the building of greener buildings. "It is very economically meaningful to create a green building while looking at expense over the life span of a building," says Elaine Trimble, Siemens' urban infrastructure economist.

  • Contact otherwise

For several causes, people engage with sustainable enterprises. It may be an interesting task or the highest goal for a graduate. It may be the peculiar essence of the company and the prospects for success for an investor. Therefore, sustainable companies should be tailored to their needs when they engage with each company.

  • Promoting other sustainable companies

When they market their goods, many firms say a satisfying sustainable tale, but they cannot buy into the tales of sustainability presented by other companies, says Arratia. While some stories may be greenwash, sustainable companies are willing to help those like them with the purchase of their goods.

Conclusion on Leadership for Sustainable Future

To respond to a diverse and highly interactive societal, environmental and economic climate, sustainability reporting relies on current business administration techniques and principles and extends them more widely. It uses traditional market strategy approaches, such as primary success metrics, but it focuses on three-fold management and management of the life cycle. A sophisticated methodology is needed to integrate non-financial, sustainable success metrics into an organization's conventional reporting. A strategic company that understands, adapts, and constantly develops will have a strategic edge in addressing the demanding environment faced by companies(Intellect, 2018). To improve operating results and to minimize negative societal impacts and highlight the positive societal effect, any small or large, new or mature company can incorporate aspects of sustainability reporting in its organization.Although sustainable reporting is still expanding, there is substantial advice and knowledge available to better navigate sustainable activities.

Recommendation on Leadership for Sustainable Future

Instead of a mechanistic framework, a living system concept underpins leadership for economic development. Complex living systems have long-term features and routines and may provide key leadership strategies. The characteristics and features of living systems (how all life work) are power, adaptability, intelligence, and creativity,and relationships. Given our universe's inherent paradoxes, the essence of certain facts, and the reality that live beings construct and adapt to their environments, leadership must be multi-faceted, agile, self-renewed, robust, willing to learn, and intelligent—qualities contained only in living systems (Milne, 2013). Policymakers do not provide a compromise but "find ways to get people together and deliver their ideas." The world needs good leadership to sustainably develop, which takes an interior process to first anchor a person in self-awareness and mutual vision. In addition to fluid intelligence and personality characteristics of social support: the function of emotional intelligence depends on the capacities of the environment before participating in development with others.

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