Executive Summary:

I am a team leader of an organization having a team of more than twenty people. I have built this team evaluation report to have a better understanding of team management. We have a great work culture in which we share unity. Every team member has its own qualities of doing the same work in different ways. In this report, you will find how effectively and efficiently my team works. As a coin has two sides similarly, my team also has its advantages and disadvantages. I have analyzed that every member of the team cannot perform with the same potential as everyone has their own capabilities of doing work. The team delivers every appointed work on its time but they don’t have a mindset of ownership and they lack the motivation of doing the work and reaching the goal in an effective manner.

In this report, I have shared my recommendations and solutions briefly that how can we build a team that is more efficient in doing the work. Some of the major key recommendations to make an efficient team are good communication, team members should have a clear vision of the process to reach the goal of the organization and that includes in commitment, each member of the team working on the same project must have a mindset of ownership and ready to contribute their knowledge as well as time and focus not only on the organizational needs but also on the team member’s perks and benefits. All these recommended keys can help in constructing an efficient team.

Table of Contents


Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Team’s Effectiveness

Recommendations to Improve Effectiveness




Teamwork is an action that is taken by all the team members to work or accomplish the task in an effective and efficient manner. Teamwork plays an important role in an organization as all the team members have a common goal. Actions taken by the team members are always to reach the organizational goals. Efforts of each team member are goal oriented for the organization. Teamwork helps to reduce the burden of excessive work load from an individual. Teamwork leads to achieve many difficult tasks as every team member shares their innovative ideas to make it successful.

Teamwork helps to complete a project in a very short time of period as one work is divided and given to each member equally. I have been in a workshop in my college days for one semester. In that workshop, we built a team over there and we have been told to complete a task as a team (De Brun et al., 2019). Practical knowledge is one of the best ways to learn efficiently. The actual task which was given to us in the workshop has taught me the practical ways to work efficiently in a team. At one side my team has many good qualities like they all are united and ready to help each other that enhance the efficiency of work whereas on the other side it has qualities like communication barrier and lack of ownership mindset that increases deficiency of work.

To increase the efficiency in the team and to build a team with more qualities I adapted some essential ways for the betterment of the organization. The aim of the current report will be to identify the factors that impact the effectiveness of team performance. Another purpose of the report will be to highlight further recommendations that can be adopted in order to increase the efficacy of team work at organizations.

Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Team’s Effectiveness

The biggest responsibility of a team leader is to analyze the work of the whole team individually. I need to check everyone’s performance and productivity. When analyzing the performance of all the team members, I came through the fact that there are several positive factors which gives us results but I got to know that there many negative factors as well in the team which degrade the performances. I am having a team that consists of twenty members, all the twenty members belongs from different areas, background, culture and age groups, with the diversity in my team, every member has several innovative ideas, techniques and suggestions. Every member of my team is an asset for the organization. While spending so much of my time in working with my team, I came to know that there are two positive factors which are giving heights to my team.

There are two negative factors as well which are degrading the performance of the team. A team should be an asset to the organization and one of the qualities of the best team leader is to increase more effectiveness in the team. So, I am going to explain each one of the factors. Here are two positive factors which are helping the team to work effectively and efficiently:

  • Diversity :

As stated in the Harvard Business Review, a diverse team is smarter in a way that they focus more on facts in which researchers identified 58% of individuals in a diverse team are more likely to price stock than those in homogenous teams (Brennan et al., 2019). As I have mentioned above that my team is effective due to the presence of diversity. This is a positive factor that every member belongs from different age group. Youngsters always try to bring some new and cool strategies to implement the work according to their generation whereas members who are mature try to follow their culture and work ethics according to their experience (Salas et al., 2019). All the team members always respect each other’s culture. In my team, every member has their own way of doing and delivering the work on time. They always come with innovative ideas and accept all the projects. My team has another very facilitating feature that is they finish all the given tasks and projects before or on the given time.

  • Managed Conflicts :

My team has a very stunning feature that is they respect one another’s decisions and actions. Every team member is always ready to help another person who is stuck in some problem or any kind of situation. There is not a single person who has problem with some other member of the team. So, my team has no conflict issues. Every team member agrees in every decision which is taken by the management. People listen to each other problems and always try to sort every problem by helping in the best possible way. No one is selfish or self centered in my team (Doulougeri & Montgomery, 2019). My all the team members are united; they face every challenge with unity. They support each other in every situation which actually creates a sense of trust and safety in the team.

Now, moving on the negative factors that degrades or creates a hindrance in achieving the ideal goals:

  • Lack of Ownership Mindset:

There is a major difference between completing task and taking ownership. Having an ownership mindset in a single team member is equivalent to a leader. When someone takes charge of the responsibility, they actually create a big difference in the team performance. In my team this is the biggest issue that I have been facing. Every member does the work that is allotted to them but no one from the team has an ownership mindset to complete a task (O'Neill & Salas, 2018). If everyone from the team starts taking their responsibility on their own then, we can easily achieve the ideal goals in the organization. But no one gets ready to take responsibilities on their own because they have a mindset of an employee.

  • No Defined Goals:

Another major drawback of my team is that they don’t have any defined goals. They only do the work which is assigned to them in the given time frame. In my team, no one has an aspiration to grow themselves by creating some targets for their own growth. They don’t have even clear visions for the organizational goals. Sometimes it becomes really hard for me to motivate them to achieve the organizational goals by accomplishing the given tasks and projects. It’s very important that an individual have aspirations to grow in the career that not only helps the individual personally but also helps the organization.

Recommendations to Improve Effectiveness

Quality of the best team leader measures on the basis of improving the team performance after knowing all the positive and negative factors of the team. A group leader should be present to address issues revolving pressures of personal differences as well as to develop a cohesive environment within the group (Behnia et al., 2016). As a team leader it’s my responsibility that I find the solution and overcome the problems of my team. I planned to do some new things and adapt a new strategy to change the overview of my team. These are the things that I did to improve the effectiveness of my team:

  • Good Communication: I started communicating with every member of the team in a very effective way. I made them realize that they can come to me whenever they need me. Communication can be a biggest solution, when an employee is open or comfortable to communicate with his or her team leader about the problems and the mindset of them; it’s become easier for a team leader to guide them with proper and appropriate solutions.
  • Started Setting Goals: After creating a bond with using good communication, I decided to set some individual goals for every team member. I told them to set their own daily limits of work and increase their work efficiency day by day. On the daily basis, the efficiency of work should only upgrade (Reyes, 2018). They all started taking care of their own growth every day. I motivated them to have a list of their own personal life goals and work upon them, if they do so they can have a motive of doing hard work for themselves.
  • Encouraging: I decided to start encouraging them even in the small wins. It’s a human nature when someone encourages us, we strive to do better. I applied this methodology in my team. I started appreciating them for even small steps and they start getting motivated (Doulougeri & Montgomery, 2019). Eventually, they started taking interest in responsibilities. They realized that having an ownership mindset can also help them so much to grow in their career. They can get better opportunities if they start taking responsibilities and accomplishing the task having a mindset as an owner.
  • Visions: I started taking meetings on a weekly basis in which I used to share the goals and visions of the organization. When a team has clear vision then their actions directly complements the goals. They used to do only assign work before having clear visions. Now, when they knows about the organizational goals, they started putting extra efforts for achieve the targets and the projects (Verhoeven et al., 2017). After implementing all the factors, I have seen drastic changes not only in the teamwork but also in the personalities of the team members. Now, they have dedication in their work. They put extra efforts to achieve more. They also started taking responsibilities which is shaping their personalities and also helping the organization by becoming an asset.


Based on the team evaluation report, the major findings are, teamwork can also be done efficiently and effectively even if we have diversity in the team. All the group age can provide the helpful and innovative ideas which can lead to achieve the goals of organization in an effective manner. To become a great leader, it’s necessary to observe each and every member of the team and realize their positive and negative factors. Team members should be encouraged for the positive factors so, that they can feel motivated and do work with more efficiency.

For the negative factors, it’s the duty of the team leader to make a plan and implement so that team can get more effective. The lesson that I have learnt from this report are that we can make team more effective and efficient if we have clear visions not only for the organization but also as for ourselves, Communication can always make things easier for everyone, when an employee is open or comfortable to communicate with his or her team leader about the problems and the mindset of them; it’s become easier for a team leader to guide them with proper and appropriate solutions and at last it’s very necessary to have a mindset of ownership, it’s not only helps the organization but also helps the individual to grow as a personality.


Behnia, O., HosseinPour, M., & Zarea, K. (2016). The analysis of the team working facilitating factors among nurses working in training centers affiliated with the university of Jondi SHapour in Ahvaz. Avicenna Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Care, 24(4), 247-255.

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