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The Plastic Backlash

Introduction to Microplastic in The Marine Organism

In the article “The plastic backlash: what's behind our sudden rage- and will it make a difference?” Buranyi (2018) talks about and makes an effort to put light on the global issue of plastic utilization in almost each minute activity of human subsistence. The author of the article is directed at identifying the origin of plastic and the possible reasons for the abrupt spike of this manifestation, with the aim to identify the viability in creating a difference in the segment.


Although there has been a tremendous rise in plastic usage, the article proposed is suspected of identifying whether the public and regulatory attention or action can create a difference.

Summary of Microplastic in The Marine Organism

The article explained that it has been a wave of public attraction towards the use of plastic in each domain, to illustrate, clothing, automobiles, daily essentialities, and whatnot as it has eased the modern human life with the most flexible accompanying of the activities in regular lifestyle at the optimum economic and flexible ways. The relieved processes of daily activities have been, as identified by Ritchie and Roser (2018), as the predominant reason for the elevated utilization of plastic, which has impacted the environmental reasonability to great extent in the upsurge of boundless production and consumption of plastic for decades.

Nevertheless, it can’t be misguided that the excessive utilization of plastic has not merely impacted the human segment by habitual intake of it leading to the evolution of unknown reactive issues, but has also placed a risky spot on the zoological and even marine habitats at the global span in the habit of use and throw practice of the single-use plastic (Guzzeti et al., 2018). Likewise, concerns about the usage, throw, and disposal have also been witnesses to impact the over-accumulation of the plastic waste in landfills, eventually disgracing the natural habitat and environment in the way (Rai et al., 2020).

The backlash in the facet of plastic utilization has begun pre three decades already, that has been observed to negatively impact the comprehensive global human livelihood and environmental existence.

Analysis of Microplastic in The Marine Organism

 The unending treatment of plastic catalyzed by modern needs has been tremendously growing, with around greatly negligent consent of the acknowledgment of its origin and its manufacture. The article by Buranyi (2018) has elaborated that the manufacturing or invention of plastic has been in arrival from the side of petrochemical industries by the composition of a solid structure to the carbon-rich mixture. The motive to develop the plastic has been supposed to be utilized as an insulator in electrical areas, the acceleration of which gave rise to plastic in diverse use (Lintsen et al., 2016).

In the zone of extended dependence of routine activities on plastics have been disgracing the global climatic and environmental conditions, eventually arising as an alarming condition noticeable by the worldly human population that has catered the intake of the peak step towards the sense of reducing the use of plastic. Also, certain global bodies such as identified by Buranyi (2018), the US Congress have also paved certain steps to eliminate and limit the use of plastic in form of microbeads contained cosmetics. Even at the present, companies lie Pepsico has also taken a step ahead to reduce their plastic intake in view of safeguarding the environmental health (Yee et al., 2020).


Even in the late identification of the disgraced impacts of plastic use has embarked the sense of attentiveness among people to put their interests in the prevention and control of the plastic waste (Ritchie & Roser, 2018), especially post the identification of the degraded situations and effects given by the excessive plastic generation, usage, and dependency. Around each social organization serving at the national and international levels has also been in the interest of controlling plastic waste.

In the article by Buranyi (2018), not merely the environmental regulatory and social organizations but the environmental conditioning also required the assertiveness of the general people to get their hands in the process of plastic waste prevention and control. It has been also highlighted that it is the reason for the irresponsible individuals that litter the preventive actions in the play. Minor efforts at the personal level such as lesser utilization of plastics, avoiding single-use plastics, substituting the plastic products with that of others, and so on can cater as the fundamental exercises in prevention at a personal level (Ritchie & Roser, 2018).

Plastic has been identified as an indispensable substance and hence the destruction of it is questioning, that forces the need for its prevention at all levels viz. individual, national, and international.

Conclusion on Microplastic in The Marine Organism

It is humane to think and act for the conservation and sustenance of the environment responsibly as it caters to the important part of the ecological system. The worldwide recognition of the unfavorable effects of plastic, even after decades of its use, demands the spread of awareness of non-utilization and boycotting the plastic substances for environmental and thus habituated benefits. As the article supports, in the case of a sooner justification and understanding of the destructive effects of plastics might have had benefited the easiness of its control by putting the actions like non-utilization of non-recyclable plastic and other such degrading plastic substances.

References for Microplastic in The Marine Organism

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