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  • Subject Name : Microservices Architecture

Micro Services Architecture 

Executive Summary

The organization Whiteboard is eager to redesign its systems and prerequisites to move to micro service based architectural design. The organization is dealing with changing over its architecture into micro service based architecture in order to expel the conditions of relying on one another. This report the progression of micro service based architecture of Whiteboard Company is considered. The point is to perceive the causes why the organizations pick this sort of progress, and perceive the issues that organizations may confront while experiencing this change. The issues can be disengaged to engineering issues and business issues. The discoveries reveal that the significant reasons for moving to micro service based architecture design are versatility, multifaceted nature, and code ownership.


Executive Summary 


Micro Service Architecture 

Execution of micro service architectural design in various enterprises 




Benefits of micro service architecture 


Service modelling and Technologies available for integration 

Ethical, Legal and Security Issues 





The Whiteboard Company’s Chief Technology Officer has decided to overhaul its development systems and the organization of its IT components to ensure that they give strong researcher and learning structures to in excess of 600 schools and associations over the world. Whiteboard is a fundamental researcher and learning system provider, supporting in excess of 10 million researchers around the globe. Flexibility and briskness are fundamental to the Company with the objective that they can combine new code and new headways that energize instructing and learning as a significant part of the time as they can and measure the effort of that. The Whiteboard Company offers IT strategy and offers an exceptional edge to the Company over its competitors. The System they give altogether manage the entire lifecycle of a researcher, from researcher enrolment, researcher enrolment, cost of education, learning content administration, to scholar academic record facility, graduation and the issuance of ability and statement. Whiteboard is attempting to rebuild its segments and needs to move to small scale administration based design. It is attempting to move from a monolithic framework to micro service architecture design. The organization is trying to divide its design into micro service architecture to give the coding part so as to not have any conditions on different components of the framework (Masuda & Viswanathan, 2019). These days, it is vital for organizations to move towards progressively versatile establishments and usage. This can be practiced by changing over from monolithic architecture to micro services architecture design. Right now engineering, monolithic architecture to micro services architecture can be refreshed effectively, supplanted and migrated. Right now design, building programming gets simpler since sending and adaptability of coding gets less difficult. In monolithic architecture everything is connected with one another.

Micro Service Architecture

Micro services architecture design is striking programming used as a policy for sorting out applications. It is basically a system of arranging programming applications as suites of freely deployable organizations (Banica, Stefan & Hagiu, 2017). All of the fragments is reliably imagined and overseen freely. The Micro services architecture kind of design of programs is significantly versatile for the managing the education, as it is vaguely associated and freely deployable. This sort of computer programs is significant for the "Whiteboard" association as it incorporates instructors and researchers from different geographies, where various teams can work freely by diminishing the personal time. Subsequently, the modules with everything taken into account used by customers who could be essentially proportional to a graphical interface customer window. The structure of modules was consolidated with the goal that deliberate sections are described in a simple way for straightforward recognition, maintenance and analysing. The characteristics related with micro services architecture design are modified association, decentralized request of language and information, and understanding in the endpoints. 

Two or three years back, applications were organized in monolithic architecture unit. A portrayal of the monolithic architecture and its growth history in the progressive setting can be instructed. The drawback of this structure is that it does not give any augmentation to future and make issue in refreshing and investigating (Nadareishvili, Mitra, McLarty & Amundsen, 2016). Also, nonattendance of such features in monolithic compositional structure put progresses the driving foundation of micro services architecture structure, which is a kind of facility-oriented architectural design. Micro services architecture is created by joining various units; this at last makes the application speedier than the monolithic structure. This component of different parts makes it deployable and twistable without changing the steadiness of the application. In addition, the nearness of sharp endpoints in micro services architecture helps taking care of information and executing method of reasoning. This system contains a decentralized organization incorporate with least risk of dissatisfaction.

Execution of micro service architectural design in various enterprises

Associations that have executed the micro service architecture and are functioning the business viably joins, Coca-Cola, eBay, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Twitter, at any rate the once-over is not far reaching as the use have in like manner been begun in a couple of medium-sized firms, spoke to that with the transition to the micro service architectural design structure, there has been an enormous improvement in their progression, flexibility and organization transport of these associations (Dragoni et al. 2017). In the underneath fragment, we will discuss a segment of the model associations and highlight how the micro service architectural design is useful in their business assignments.


The retail site of this association was from the start arranged in various levels structure containing layers of information. The structure thusly had various fragments in each level, which are "semi-clearly coupled" the extent that data exchange and recuperation system. This structure goes about as a lone solid site, where different designers work (Yarygina & Bagge, 2018). Nevertheless, with time, when the data volume constructs, the creators stood up to issues while managing the data and completing new changes to each part busy with the venture.

There exists risk venture dissatisfaction with the thought of new features or through fixing a bug. Furthermore, the old structure does not allow Amazon to push out the customers on their own schedule; rather, it needs to encourage with various designers who have fixed methodology change around at that point. From the perspective of an item plans, the system the administrators can be depicted as a method which is repetitive, complex, and secretive. Moreover, the item improvement lifecycle was also moving down in light of information capacity piling. The risk of data structure thusly brings the change at Amazon  (Kalske, Mäkitalo & Mikkonen, 2017). Therefore, the perspective was then move viably from monolithic architecture to the micro service architecture. The alterations in the structure building have raised its front end advancement cycle. Additionally, the thing gatherings can choose lively decisions and update new features in the structure. At present Amazon makes 50 million upgrades for every year with the help of the reliable conveyance strategy of micro services architecture.


The company Coca-Cola took the decision to shift up to the micro service architecture. This helped to assist the company in achieving the objectives and change the software. With the help of the micro service architecture quick changes happened in the company globally. There were around 3800 items globally and in all the nations in the world which faced the restriction on linking the entities various continents and contributing the development. The company had the knowledge about implementing the micro service architecture in numerous ways and so it moved in to the novel architecture utilising the Dev-Ops prototype (Villamizar et al. 2016). In that there were a structure which was divided in a solitary app, with the help of which problems can be addressed which comes with the help of quickness and speed. After that, GIT formed a public library of refillable components, prearranged into areas that are accessible to all units in the collection. There were numerous ready to use services and venture around the company and stakeholders can be deployed in a small time and low price.


The company Netflix is one of the early adopters of the soonest adopter of micro services architecture, and one of the most talked about. The account of Netflix turning towards micro services begins in the year 2009, when this methodology was not known in any way. They set up their micro services architecture on AWS. Their change procedure advanced in steps: first they moved film encoding and other non-client confronting applications. At that point they decoupled client confronting components, similar to account recruits, film determination, gadget choice and arrangement. Netflix required 2 years to part their monolith structure into micro services structure, and in the year 2011 Netflix restructured their structure and sorting out it utilizing micro service architecture design. Netflix is considered as one of the significant pioneers of the micro service development. In August 2008, Netflix confronted a significant server blackout because of the debasement of its significant database. It chose an adjustment in the design of the framework into micro services. It chose to break the conventional monolithic architecture design into Microsoft benefits in 2009. In the underlying stage, Netflix confronted issues information synchronization, which was later settled (Higashino, Kawato & Kawamura, 2018). With the incorporation of micro service design and open cloud, Netflix can increase massive fame and accomplished surprising development in online video streaming facilities.

Benefits of micro service architecture

  1. Easy to Build and Preserve: this architecture is very easy to implement and retain. 

  2. Structuring of business abilities: Micro service architecture design has a legitimate structure which is sensible. 

  3. Self-governing, Cross-practical: Micro service architecture engineering is absolutely autonomous. 

  4. Resistance in Using Abilities and Scalability: There is adaptability in the micro service architecture design in order to adapt up to information upgrade in future. 

  5. Improved Competence and Rapidity: Micro service architecture design has a higher proficiency.


  1. When the "Whiteboard" association will part from the monolithic framework structure to the micro service architecture administration design, by then it will experience both specific and definitive challenges. 

  2. The system will be using the old architecture in previous days since long so it will be difficult to adjust with the novel architecture.

  3. Therefore, the movement in the novel architecture design should be driven in little parts. 

  4. Other than the particular troubles, it will address organizational challenges that ought to be tended to while separating from the monolithic architecture design. 

  5. There exists a danger where the current employee’s aptitudes and legitimate structure does not contribute the new plan (Dragoni et al. 2017). There comes a need to convince them.

  6. Thusly, for working up a better than average application, the association tries to alter the various levelled structure towards the structure of usage plan.

Service modelling and Technologies available for integration

Service modelling is portrayed as the composed system in an organized technique coordinated by the IT office for arranging and describing the future strategy. The organization showing relies upon five basic benchmarks, which are customer driven, sequencing, co-inventive, demonstrating, and widely inclusive. Beside this, for the fusion of micro service application, it is relied upon to considering two sorts of accessibility, micro service application inside system, and accessibility between micro service applications. In the essential occurrence of inside system, the micro service application powers a couple of littler scope benefits. This game plan of micro service application talks with each other, without the need of any API layer for wellbeing reasons. In the second occurrence of accessibility between micro service applications, the consolidated assignments are cleared upon the execution of micro service application. For dealing with the system API and entryways are used. There are different progressions that are used for mixing purposes, for instance, SOAP, REST, XML-RPC. Direct Object Access Protocol is the method for superseding XML based information over the web for rendering and utilizing web organizations. The SOAP-based data is moved as SOAP-envelope (Salvadori, Huf, Oliveira, dos Santos Mello & Siqueira, 2017). It is a lightweight show used for exchanging messages inside a decentralized appropriated condition. It involves three fundamental parts: an envelope to depict the message and its getting ready, arrangement of codes rules, and show for portraying remote strategy calls and replies. Illustrative State Transfer (REST) is the URL depiction of anything. XML, HTML plan can be used for addressing the information in REST (Wickert, Liebehentze & Zündorf, 2020). It bases on two critical things, that is, resources and interface. XML-RPC is a great deal of executions that license the working of programming on these planet working systems over the web. It uses XML for encoding and disentangling the distant calls.

Ethical, Legal and Security Issues

  1. The advancement to micro service architecture configuration can in like manner have good, legitimate and security related issues (Bao, Mauser, Kochanneck, Xu & Schmeck, 2016). For instance, changing into this new sort of structure may need to enrol new staff having unequivocal structure data and fire the old employees, and makes legitimate issues. 

  1. Likewise, an absolutely new advancement that designs the entire system is much of the time seen as dangerous by the staffs and makes moral issues. At long last, micro service architecture design is not absolutely protected and rights now, a peril of data hacking. 

  2. The association Whiteboard is glad to revamp its instruments and necessities to move to micro service architecture plan. 

  3. The association is working on changing over its plan into micro service architecture benefits so as to oust the states of coding reliance on each other.


The conclusion which can be derived from this report is that since Whiteboard has become large enough in scope in this manner it has begun confronting issues related with the size of the coding that is when micro services can be a proficient method to unravel the trouble and size. There are different issues which are emerging from this change. In any case, these issues can be be stress-free to resolve than the issues that the monolithic architecture presented to Whiteboard. Taking into account the different troubles that companies face when they move from monolith architecture to micro service design structure it very well may be presumed that this change is not basic and it will require a huge amount of time and effort from various parts of the company. Making a structure disseminated presents new troubles that ought to be settled. In spite of the way that micro services can be seen as novel design, micro services is extremely satisfactory and by far most of the challenges can be understood by applying publicly released equipment’s made by associations which have quite recently gained the ground from monolith architecture to micro services architecture design. The utilization of micro services architecture design carries advancement to Whiteboard. The utilization of micro services architecture design aids the start of use of programming dialects and devices which are used for tackling explicit issues. The discoveries clarify that the significant reasons for Whiteboard to move from monolith architecture to micro services architecture design are versatility, trouble, and code rights.


Obviously micro services architecture engineering aids different tools and systems which work with the internet of things, cloud organization, and portable applications. In any case, as showed by the some business, associations are realizing micro services architecture with a substitute shows including JSON or HTTP/REST. It is significantly basic for the offered association to safely and adequately move to micro services architecture benefits by using the reasonability. Thus, the association should partition its primary monolithic architecture into micro services architecture. This system would not place any break in its present structure working and simultaneously modify the outdate programming. For the viable splitting of the strong system, it is essential to research the structure and see where the issue develops. These centre issue should be displaced with micro services architecture. Besides, the association should isolate the entire gathering into littler segments and give oneself guideline of each micro services architecture for better organization. The fundamental clarification that it has been for the most part conveyed in the progressed legitimate systems is that this engineering is expressly arranged according to business needs and capacities, and right now association ought to use it capably. The organization Whiteboard should change over from monolithic architecture to micro service architecture design to evacuate versatility and intricacy issues.


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