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Case Study: Knowledge Management

Knowledge management solution for improving productivity and saving cost in an organisation.

Knowledge management system is a tool designed to help any organisation to solve issues arising due to lack of knowledge. It is an effective and widely used business tool designed for better circulation of knowledge within an organisation ( Greco et al,2013).

KMS’s not only helps in accumulation of knowledge rather finds the pinpoints of the knowledge origins, enhance the collaborative work of the team, searches for archives for forgotten knowledge and ways to strengthened the organisation.

KMS helps in improving production management and avoid the losses that are generated from poorer performances. It helps in understanding the quality of the produce according to the competitors and give pathways to survive in the global marketplace. KMS investigates reduction of time cycle, variability, better transparency and continuous improvement in terms of quality ( Abusweilema et al, 2019).

KMS and Performance Management

The best way of implementation of knowledge management and its role in improving organisational performance is one of the major challenge today industries of all formats are facing. KMS gains importance through its practices and operations in order to achieve positive result in productivity and enriching working environment. Every organisation must shift their attention, how knowledge management benefits? - Participation, dissemination, transformation, selection and storage. Explicit and implicit knowledge are known to be the main factors for firms to have a competitive advantage ( Maheshwari, 2014)

KM Components and Effective KMS

The key KM components are – People, process and platforms (Technology)

Understanding the concept of socio- technical system which is a combination of relationship between human and machines to foster a holistic approach of human centric design thinking. Every organisation has resource allocation for tangible and intangible assets including social and human capital whose optimum utilization can be done by the use of knowledge management solutions( Williams, 2016).

Decision table technique:

Printer status

 Red light flashing?

Is printer recognised by computer ?

Course of action

Not printing



Check for paper jam or ink.

Not printing



Check computer printer connection cable

Not printing



Call technical support

flow chart shows Decision making tree

Figure- Decision making tree

Case Study 2


Person 1 : The person is social and have been involve in training. Thus such person carries the knowledge of the organisation very well. Training individuals the person have the skills to overview the requirement in any newcomer and what is needed to fill in the deficit. The person must be interviewed properly since he/she is an extrovert. Extrovert can give an overall view of the scenario, can be social but in the same time cannot be a much introspective person. As a trainer he might feed as much information to the trainees and clear the working needs of the firm hence conducting an open ended interview with option of visual recording must be done.

Obstacles: The person is highly interactive so he can give details of others performance, working style and information of those individuals who can led the company during any emergency. Having a contingency plan derived from this guy is important. But such individual can have biasness towards particular individual or group. To get specific information about anyone the person may give varies results.


1. To ask him about the process of training and preparing a list of people who works in this process efficiently.

2. Understanding Human Resource planning and the need for upcoming future.

3. Process of Hiring and succession planning

4. Performance appraisal and incentives used.

5. Ask the person about the future of the company and in which path it is going ?

6. Build robust and important contingency plan as this will give lot of information about the existing employees and what changes might be required if there is sudden changes from internal or external factors in the business environment.

Person 2: The person is avoiding to go for a direct exit interview and rather he wants that every interview should be preceded with multiple choice question and then for an interview. This makes it clear that the person is wants to be specific and will only answer those questions that seem to be feasible for him. He is bit introvert , specific to choice and will provide selective knowledge.


As the person is bit introvert getting information might be difficult. Being selective in nature asking for feedback on the individual might led to biasness as introvert prefer to stick around those who are closed to themselves. They prefer to open up only to those people whom they trust and have confidence that they would not mean them. Even though his thought process of sharing information is specific , it should be carefully handled . As less interactive people have a wider listening and visualising power the information they provide will be genuine.


1. Before the interview of the person a set of questionnaire must be provided to get as much information regarding his way of working in the company.

2. Have a focus group discussion with a team of successor of person 2 (including himself). As this will help him in assisting his junior teammates with his expertise and information. FGD will also act as an ice breaker for person 2 in giving a live interview.

3. Involving him to discuss about the difficult scenarios that he faced during the entire journey in the timespan and the person who supported him in the time of need.

4. Which people can handle a crisis situation and which departments will require sudden changes if any crisis arises? Getting accurate solutions on continuous improvement and mobility on manpower.

5. The person during interview must be given real time crisis situation to solve and solution must be asked from him . As solving such problem will make the person feel in the shoes and give a clear picture what is needed to be done by the successor in coming years.

Case Study 2


Capturing of knowledge by coding and its long lasting strategy can be done in the following ways.

1. Gathering of the list of employees those who are going to leave the organisation in the coming years.

2. Sent in the message about an interview/discussion.

3. Audio and video recording of every individual to get their ideas and knowledge, so that it can be retained and used for future studies.

4. Formulating the strategies they followed in their working time and crisis time .

5. Create design tree for better digital image and assign live codes and this codes will help their successor to understand if a crisis arises then how to resolve the issues ( Kursina ,n.d).

6. Creating guidelines during the training process and getting feedback from industry expert to improve the quality of the work in the company.

7. Department wise segmentation of workers and assign one individual to lead the crisis management team from their department in case it arises.

8. Implementation of KMS software in every department for better output .

9. Developing of proper MIS (Management Information System). Building network of supplier’s, distributers and their stakeholder to get their feedback on the retirees so that all of them could accept their suggestion and the process of implementation.

10. Usage of the memory and coded system and conduct mock drills.


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