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Service Management For Tourism And Hospitality

Executive Summary of Accommodation and Food Services Industry Analysis

The purpose of the assignment is to focus on one hotel known as Sea Wave in order to look at its strategic performances along with the operational management efficiencies. In order to do this , the auditing have also been made along with its operational efficiencies This had been reflected through certain theories an also through the gap management Along with this the service blueprint also turned out to be important in this situation the service delivery system along with the operational management will also be reflected with the help of which the organizational position in relation to the other competitors in the market can be reflected and highlighted. Service quality in the hospitality industry becomes one of the most important factors for gaining a sustainable competitive advantage and customers’ confidence in the highly competitive marketplace, and therefore service quality can give the hospitality industry a great chance to create competitive differentiation for organizations. It is thus considered as a significant core concept and a critical success factor in the hospitality industry. A successful hotel delivers excellent quality service to customers, and service quality is considered the life of the hotel. The other sections which had been highlighted here is the effective analysis of the strategic as well as the operational management of the hotel in order to know how they can be able to cope up with the future goals and the visions.

Introduction to Accommodation and Food Services Industry Analysis

The primary purpose behind the framing of the report is to evaluate its operational strategies along with the analysis of the service blueprint and also the service delivery system. The other elaborated reports like the service employee management along with the quality management procedures will also get reflected in the following and its impact on both the customers along with their satisfaction will also get highlighted. All the sections that had been reflected through this are having a special focus on the customers that are travelers. Travelers or tourists are the target market for the hotel (Deng, 2020).

The organization that had been selected under this is known as Sea Waves Hotel whose location is within Queensland’s suburban areas situated in Australia. The primary purpose of the hotel is to target the solo as well as the group travelers along with the couple travelers for whom, the management of the hotel can provide some special offers or the honeymoon packages which will be helpful for them to sustain the competitive market.

Operational Strategy

Sea Wave hotel is defined as an unparalleled beachfront oasis that attracts the travelers with premium quality spa facilities along with luxurious, unique, and adequate vacation facilities to attract the attention of the customers in their vicinity. This hotel is having around 70 guestrooms which involve walkout terraces which is perfect for the evening walk. As per Heskett’s Framework, there must be a present and operational manager in the hotel who will be taking the initiatives in the assertive participation during the strategy debate. In the case of hotels, the demands among the customers drive the businesses and make the use of the right as well as updated technological versions so that the hotel guests can get well attracted and their homestay can also get enhanced side by side (Australian Government, 2020). The hotel-like Sea Wave in the context of the Heskett’s framework, it will be important to evaluate the positive feeling as well as satisfaction among the customers.

As per Heskett’s framework, the hotel ‘operational strategy’ involves the fulfillment of the customer needs along with the fulfillment of the corporate strategy and as per the service management trinity, three things needed to be considered to sustain the competition that is processes, capabilities as well as infrastructures. As a whole, it can be stated according to the management trinity that integrating strategy turns out to be effective which copes up with infrastructure, processes, and capabilities. The operational strategy process within the hotel develops the vertical relationship under the corporate hierarchy to satisfy the requirements of the market like the functioning of operational excellence. The service management trinity according to the operational strategy of the Sea Wave hotel closely takes into consideration the functional group, HR group along with the marketing group (Koseoglu, 2019).

At the time of structuring the report, one needs to understand the differences between the marketing and the organizational operations. The operations highlight controlling of the organizational cost along with the maintenance of the organizational compatibilities. On the other hand, marketing can be defined as revenue maximization along with the creativity and creation of urgency. In this context, that is ultimately necessary for the organization to reach the target market is as follows:

The above image reflects the organizational cost control along with the incorporation of the organizational capabilities where the prime aim of the human resource managers in the development of the appraisal system and also to serve the premium delicacies to the hotel staffs through which the future organizational goals along with the objectives can get fulfilled easily. The hospitality training ideas that are useful for the working staff in the Sea Wave hotel is the organizational orientation along with the manager coaching and also through the process of shadowing. These are certainly important tools and techniques with the help of which the organizational focus can be attained (Peters, 2019).

The other important thing through which the hotel staff can be easily retained within the organization is through the formation of the positive and transparent communication channels by reflecting positive body language so that strong conduct can get established between both the staff and the managers. Here the HR of the hotel will be primarily responsible for determining the people type to be hired (Australian Government, 2020). The other responsibilities involve management of the employee compensations along with onboard new hiring. The employee records like special attention to work permits along with certain end-of-season special bonuses will ultimately motivate the employees in working.

Service Blueprint

The hotel blueprint can be defined as one of the restaurant business overviews. From the image above, it can be stated that Sea Wave’s service concept should be one of the effective as well as a personalized strategy so that every need and the priorities among the guests can get fulfilled easily. This way, the peaceful along with the delighted internal environment can be promised so that the organizational future motto can be attained (Koseoglu, 2019).

The two critical points that will be discussed here is that the service quality along with the satisfaction among the customers is essential for the survival of the customers. Under this context, customer satisfaction is one kind of psychological concept which makes the involvement of feel-good factor from the appealing services which was currently absent in Sea Wave hotel in Queensland. Through these discussions, the service quality concept also takes place where to gain competitiveness, the service quality can provide the hospitality industry a higher chance to make complete competitive differentiation for the organizations.

This in some cases are lacking and hence to improve the customer's satisfaction, hotels like Sea Wave have continuously led themselves towards the customers to satisfy their hunger based on which the customer loyalty can be regained. These points are important since these are the primary parts in satisfying the needs of the customers (Peters, 2019). Hence the importance of the operations strategy can get reflected through primary focused areas like that of the development of the guest experiences along with the building of the reputations and also the same time branding to attract more new customers which can only be possible through positive word of mouth marketing. The research on this particular topic is important where the training by the human resource managers is essential for the organizational employees so that they can deliver the best possible outputs and the ultimate design of the products or the services can better meet the satisfaction among the customers (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, 2020).

Service Delivery System

For the hotels to function properly, the key operating service processes involve the effective process of the hotel housekeeping, the supply of the necessary inputs, and also the process of the arrival of the guests as well as their departures along with the production as well as serving food and beverage processes. Sea waves featured a wider range of resort amenities where one can pamper oneself and at the same time also can be relaxed or herself. As per the effective service delivery system, the model development is one of the primary concern like the Total Quality management model, Six Sigma, Internal Marketing through which the long term service goals can be accessed (Lestari, 2019). The quality as well as the productivity assessment can be highlighted in the following steps like:

  • Greetings of the customers in a warm manner
  • Offering some of the refreshments
  • Clearing of the tables after the finishing of the food
  • The waiter should also wait near the tables and should take some orders and should also specify some of the hotel’s signature dishes
  • The delivery of wine long with food and also the formal approach, concerning the compassions and adequate care

The service protocol systems of the Sea Wave hotel in Australia should maintain the state licenses and also the government permissions at the time of preparing or selling the food. It also involves outdoor dining along with proper disposal of the wastage. The State Authority should be responsible enough in maintaining the commitments among the suppliers, consumers as well as retailers according to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Koseoglu, 2019). Under this Act, the certain thing gets covered like proper product safety and the labelling, monitoring of the prices as well as maintenance of the industry codes and also certain industrial regulations along with mergers and acquisitions.

In terms of capacity management, the hotel is having premium quality rooms with adequate facilities. However, the number of rooms cannot be increased since the room occupancy rates along with the prices are fixed. Hence the hotels might face problems at the time of the busy seasons where the visit by the tourists increases at a higher amount. Hence it can be stated that the hotel operational success is actually linked with the effectiveness of the uses of the rooms and also the prices charged per room (Australian Government, 2020).

One of the important factors here is perishability where the involvement of certain trade-offs between the profit maximization objectives and the efficient operational cost can get well maintained. Hence for the fuller capacity utilization, there occurs a necessity in controlling as well as stimulating demand (Peters, 2019). In this situation, annual fluctuations might occur and therefore there needs to be a proper balance between the occupancy rate of the hotels and the and the rate of the rooms where the sale the most of the rooms at the lower rate may not be the better solution.

Service Employee Management

The golden rule of every hotel industry also for the Sea Wave hotel, is that to create trustworthiness, so that the guest can keep coming back to the hotel where never they need. This should encompass the hotel in managing the hotel surfaces clean and also attractive and luxurious for the customers to come. This also incorporates the positive communication methods so that the warm as well as the professional environment can be guaranteed (Deng, 2020). In this situation, there exist different departments in the hotels where the collaboration needed to be present with adequate harmony as well as the effective use of managerial skills. All things are important in these situations like hiring the right individuals along with the effective communication system and also a delegation of the responsibilities by the operational staffs by conducting certain monthly pieces of training where adequate knowledge’s, skills, thought processing leads towards the survival as well as the development of the hotel (Lestari, 2019).

Rewards and recognitions are also important to motivate staff so that they can delegate better responsibilities to the customers and hence the long-lasting relationship can be sustained. The advent of the science and technologies also plays an important role here where the certain applications need to be maintained by the hotel managerial authorities through which the customers can be able to get the direct accesses of the online booking and also reserving their seats and the rooms by availing certain offers and the discounts. The science and the technologies involve effective email tracking along with the proper online system like giving the seasonal offers to the guests on the social platforms based on which the business operations can get achieved for the long term achievement (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, 2020).

However, in many situations, the hotel like Sea Wave also faces challenges like high turnover rates among the staffs a well as the enhanced competition and also the changed expectations among the customers (Deng, 2020). This way the staff as well as the guests need to get involved and should also be having the confidence in handling any organizational problems ailing with the necessary knowledge’s so that the future dream of the hotel in the context of the customer satisfaction can be achieved well. Through this, the employee satisfaction can get gauged easily.

Quality Management Procedures

The quality management procedures by the Sea Wave hotel are the design of the control system based on which the organizational quality can get enhanced through the operational manuals which are known as Standard Operating Procedures (Koseoglu, 2019). The proper auditing needed to be done to evaluate the financial performances of the hotels along with the employee performances. To do this, certain gaps need to be highlighted which can be reflected through the following diagram

The above gaps can only be fulfilled through the process of effective communication systems and also the adequate marketing that needed to be done properly based on which their service blueprints can be achieved in the future with the long term goals (Australian Government, 2020). The target marketing that is the fostering of premium quality goods and services should also be provided to the tourist for their continuous visit to the hotels. Based on this, the quality of the services can get easily monitored along with the interpretation of the customer expectations in a better manner. The customers also need to understand the subjects in their levels and at the same time should also provide feedback to the managers to uplift their quality (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, 2020).

There exists certain service quality performance metrics like there need to be proper existence of the marketing communications along with the employee motivations and the visions. This also involves the organizational service learning along with the raising of the business standards based on which the service quality along with the higher customer loyalty can get enhanced (Australian Government, 2020). This way the strong service guarantees can be delivered which will assist the organizations in satisfying their customers faster. Through this, the business performances will get improved as a result of the improved SQL. It acknowledges the unconditional satisfactions guarantee based on which the good balance maintained between encouraging the customers to place their complaints and this should be taken on a serious note (Lestari, 2019).

Conclusion on Accommodation and Food Services Industry Analysis

To conclude, the purpose was to lo at the quality management and the operational strategies by the hotel. In doing this, certain theories have been discussed and along with that, the different operational aspects along with the human resource management are also being done through which the commitment among the customers for the hotel can be maintained along with an effective amount of trustworthiness. In the context of the strategic performance measurements, the application of the strategic quality measures gets highlighted and at the same time through this the employee motivation and also the organizational vision also gets satisfied.

References for Accommodation and Food Services Industry Analysis

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