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  • Subject Code : MPM731
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  • Subject Name : Business Communications

Public Communication

Table of Contents

a) Introduction

b) Press release:

c) Transcript for the presentation

d) Reflection

Topic 4: Oral Presentation / Public Relations

Topic 5: Self- awareness & Emotional Intelligence

Topic 6: Intercultural Communication

Topic 7: Negotiation and Conflict Management


a) Introduction

The company, ZenMana, is planning to merge with a firm, MTAS. They have decided to run the business under the Brand name ZenMana. Their decision is backed by the benefits that the two companies offer if combined together. The company has decided to release a press statement for the same so that the message reaches the existing customers and potential customers that the two companies are merging together to provide them a better service. Additionally, the press release also reaches the competitors, telling them that the two companies are combining their strength and hence, move forward to become the market leader in the mobile and communication industry in the enterprise segment. The other stakeholder that for whom the communication will be released is the employees of the company who will be provided with the impact and the potential benefit of the merger that they are going to encounter.

It is important for a company to share vital information with its internal and external stakeholders especially the employees, customers, and the competitors. The press release effectively proliferates the information to the existing and the potential customers, along with spreading it to the competitors who might want to change their strategies. While the audio embedded message through PowerPoint will be shown to the internal employees.

b) Press release:

ZenMana& MSAT Announced the Planned Merger of Their Business Operations

San Francisco, CA, Release: May 2nd, 2020. To be Released Immediately

ZenMana and MSAT today confirmed the proposed integration of their corporate activities to deliver a single internet and communications service to the business segment. ZenMana will procure MSAT resources, personnel and customer contracts, and the combined company will run under the name ZenMana.

MSAT, established in 2001, offers smart mobile communications that improve profitability, promote teamwork and keep the company linked. The rich history in structured interactions and partnerships together with long-standing alliances with IBM, HP and Microsoft is a market-leading proposition for the company.

MTAS gives ZenMana an interesting opportunity to improve and extend it's market versatility, connectivity and partnership capabilities, as stated by ZenMana spokesperson Justin Burn, who is also the founder and CEO of ZenMana. The ZenMana approach is sponsored by several high-profile customers that the business would gain exposure to with the acquisition of MSAT. The goal of ZenMana is to lead the industry and satisfy potential demands by becoming a single operator to handle and support both wireless and centralized communications.

Kirk Tom, founder and CEO of MSAT, said that ZenMana's acquisition of MSAT offers a significant growth boost for both the company organisations by offering an expanded service portfolio to their customers. As companies continue their move to a fully interactive, collaborative connectivity and collaboration approach, they would be better positioned to help them on their path. Tom will be joining ZenMana Group as the head of the ZenMana Operations.

The enlarged company would represent more than 70 companies and government agencies throughout the United States and control more than 120,000 communications endpoints. ZenMana is the main provider of managed mobility services in California.It has been focusing exclusively on mobilization of the organizations since 2006.Since its establishment, ZenMana as a company and its service offerings have grown to satisfy the diverse demands of the competitive and established enterprise market.

As the leading provider of integrated mobility services, ZenMana has made customer support a core component of all of it operations.

More details about the tech solutions offered can be found on the company's website:https://przen.com/aboutus.

ZenMana's spokesperson expressed that they anticipate the final arrangements to be completed by 20 May 2020 and that the activities and personnel of MSAT would be moved to ZenMana's San Francisco headquarters shortly afterward, which shall be followed by providing training sessions to the employees in the organisation, irrespective of belonging to ZenMana or MTAS.

Contact info: Name: Justice Burn

Organization: Zen Mana

Address: San Francisco

Phone: +1-999-888-1111

c) Transcript for the presentation

Slide 1: Welcome to the team meeting for ZenMana. As you all know we will soon be merging with MSAT, thus the objective of this presentation is about the anticipated merger.

Slide 2: Today, we shall be discussing, what exactly shall happen after the merger, how it is beneficial for our family and what is that my family can do to help me when I am going to take this important decision.

Slide 3: We will soon be merging with the MSAT. However, we are not getting dissolved, we will be getting bigger, better, and stronger and with that, we will be conducting our operations, all our clients and future clients will know us as ZenMana. With the merger not only would be acquiring the customers of the MSAT, but we will also be benefitting from its technology and its employees. We have been supplying good services to our customers. But after the merge, we will be able to offer better enterprise communication solutions.

Slide 4: I am sure, you all are well aware since the past two to three years we have been going steady and neither have we decreased our market share nor we have increased it. How will it help us in growing, with this merger our sales and revenue is going to increase as we will be catering to new customers and entering new markets.

Slide 5: Broadly, I can say, through this merger, we are going to see an increase in customer range, thus increase in sales. We will be offering our services at better prices which would attract more customers.

The merger will bring increased cash flow in the business thus, better management of the finances.

Through the merger, because we will be welcoming the employees of the MSAT, thus we will have an increase in the talent in our company.

MSAT is known for innovative technology, thus we will also be among the technologically advanced company.

With increased cash flow, better technology, and our combined pool of talent will help the ZenMana achieve economies of scale and will enable us to deliver what we promise at all times.

Lastly, with this merger, we are anticipating entering the international market by the next year.

Slide 6: This merger will not only help the company to succeed, but it will also offer the employees; who are like my family; opportunities to grow in the company with the increase in the positions and requirements of the talent in the company.

Opportunities to grow will also help the employees by providing an opportunity to increased incomes.

With new technology, there will be more training and development opportunities which will help you all in your career advancement.

The merger also brings opportunities to travel abroad as we plan to go international in the coming months, and also bring greater benefit access.

Most importantly, please be rest assured that your positions are not unsecured, we are merging our talents, we have no intentions of losing the talent that we are so proud of.

Slide 7: Thus this merger will help us in increasing our market share, increasing the sales number. We will be benefitted from the new and improved technology. We will have a joined pool of talented resources, and diversification will be fostered in the company. In addition to all this, we will also see a reduction in overall expenses.

Slide 8: However, I am sure this merger will not be a piece of cake, it will have many difficulties such as there would be clashes in the corporate cultures, the business operations might get complex, there would be a fear amongst the employee, my family, you may feel less motivated, there could be a communication problem. However, fret not, I am here and so are you, we shall face turbulent times, which are to come together.

Slide 9: All I ask you is to have trust and faith in the management, be optimistic, adapt and adopt the changes heartedly, there would influx of new people get them to adapt to our culture, try and incorporate theirs, stay flexible and adaptable. Overall, communicate with your managers, with me if you have issues, doubts, or fears. We will help you.

Slide 10: I hope, that my family will support me in this new challenging situation, and we both shall emerge a winner in the end.

Slide 11: Thank you, feel free to ask me any questions if you have.

d) Reflection

While making the message for the two groups of stakeholders, I learned that it is important to keep in mind the audience that the message is being made for (Nabi 2018).

Even though both the stakeholders – customers and competitors, and the internal employees were conveyed the same broad message of a merger of two companies. However, the style of communication and the message was different.

For the external stakeholders, it was important to note and understand the kind of information that they would be interested in. Thus, informing them about the merger, and the potential benefits that they are to achieve was highlighted in the press release along with informing them with what name will the companies adopt to interact with the customers and the world.

While, for developing the communication message for the employees of the organisation, it was important to make them understand the importance of the merger, what are its objectives, how it benefits the company, and what all advantages are they going to get from the merger and how they can help to meet the potential challenges of the merger.

I also learned it is important to understand the intent of the message, whether it is persuasive, informative, or entertaining (Bovée, Thill and Raina 2016). I have learned it is also important to keep the audience in mind while generating the message and it is very important that the message delivers the information to the selected audience appropriately.

Through this exercise, I have learned that it is important to understand the communication competency and it is important to have contextually appropriate communicative behavior. For being able to express the purpose of the communication to the audience. I am sure, this learning would help me develop concrete and influencing messages in the future.

Topic 4: Oral Presentation / Public Relations

The activity in this topic was about Rory, who was called for presenting about the social media channels for communication with parents and other stakeholders, however, halfway through the audience felt bored.

For this activity, I had carefully read the case study, where I found a major mistake that Rory had committed, which I shared with my teammates. According to me, it was wrong on Rory's part to assume that the audience was familiar with the topic of presentation. Instead of presenting in a manner assuming that the audience knew the topic of the presentation, he should have delivered it as if they were new and knew nothing about the topic. It would have been better if he would have clarified from the school administration about the same. Additionally, using presentation techniques that were more engaging was required on the part of the speaker so that a better response and engaging atmosphere could have been generated and the audience would have been interested instead of feeling bored. As a solution to the problem, I thought making the session interactive could help him save the day, but asking questions and answering questions from the audience.

Through this activity, I learned, that it is important to learn about the audience along with understanding the context of the presentation (Saiki et al. 2017). I also understood that the content of the presentation plays an important role in keeping the audience engaged in the presentation and achieving the goals and objectives of the presentation.

Topic 5: Self- awareness & Emotional Intelligence

The activity in this topic was to ascertain steps which can be taken by an individual to enhance his/her and other’s emotional intelligence, what are some of the non-verbal communication in the workplace? The rationale behind this is that effective leaders should be emotionally intelligent.

For this activity, I pointed out for enhancing one’s own emotional intelligence, it is important to be self-aware about one’s own emotions and its effects, what influences those emotions, what can be done for regulating the emotions. It is important to ensure one is able to self-regulate the emotions through self-control and being optimistic (Serrat 2017). It is through learning and practice that we are able to achieve emotional intelligence. It is also through relationship management and social awareness that social competence is achieved which in turn helps in achieving emotional competence and therefore, emotional intelligence. People with high emotional intelligence are also able to regulate their relationships with other people.

An emotionally intelligent person will only be able to enhance the emotional intelligence of another person by using the assertive style of communication, using a positive attitude, eliciting empathy, being a good critique, most importantly by being approachable and sociable.

I also actively pointed out that non-verbal communication is the expression of messages through facial expressions, gestures and body language at the workplace (Bonnacio et al. 2016). Eye contact, types of clothes that we wear all constitute a part of the non-verbal communication at the workplace.

According to me, it is important for the team leader to be emotionally intelligent as they are responsible for making others feel good, they are good team players, and do not get angry or upset very easily. Managers or leaders being emotionally intelligent leads to better business decisions, happier employees, and productive teams in the organisation (Cooper 2018).

Topic 6: Intercultural Communication

The activity chosen by us was to discuss the regional differences in both verbal and non-verbal communication within any culture.

In the activity, I was able to point out some important barriers to effective communication which can happen in an intercultural context. Some barriers which I identified were perceptions: people assume a lot of things when they have a language problem. For example, a simple word such as "value" may cause communication breakdown if the receiver does not perceive the correct meaning of the word. For instance: I “value” our bond, what is the “value” of this car?

Similarly, distraction in the surrounding, emotional state of a person, not paying attention, not knowing about the meaning of different gestures in different cultural contexts can become a hindrance in the efficiency of communication and can cause communication problems. Choosing a wrong communication mode can also lead to communication breakdown, as the receiver may not be able to perceive the correct meaning of the message.

Through this activity, we understood that it is very common to have miscommunication problems because of cultural differences. I also understood that communication breakdown is a failure to exchange information to the correct audience in time, which results in miscommunication or no communication at all (Shipunova et al. 2017). I have also learned that it is important to know the culture before starting a communication. The activity was beneficial for me because it helped me be more open to cultures and overcome cultural differences.

Topic 7: Negotiation and Conflict Management

In the situation where a team leader witnessed a heated conflict between two of her team members and knew she had to intervene, there were few actions that I think were important for the team leader to take for resolving the conflict.

According to me, it was important for the team leader to first stop the conflict between the two members by finding ways that would satisfy both of them, or making use of her authority she could simply ask them to stop the conflict. Asking one by one about the reason for the conflict and then using the collaborative method of conflict resolution, she could resolve the conflict.

According to me, the primary reason for the heated conflict was because the team leader had not intervened earlier and found a resolution for the smaller conflicts which happened earlier. According to me, it is important for the person in power to reduce the conflicts in the team for increased understanding, productivity and timely achievement of the goals and objectives of the team. Through this activity, I also learned that utilising collaborative conflict management strategy is strategically important as it ensures that the two concerned parties are satisfied and do not feel discriminated. Additionally, for adopting the collaborative style of conflict management, it is important to have open discussion about the problem and together look for solutions that would be beneficial and satisfactory for all the parties involved in the conflict (Lacity and Willcocks 2017).


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