KFC and Client Facebook Engagement 


In the contemporary world, there is no denying that the use of the web has seen to the advancement of very many business organizations in the entire world. Business organizations that would have otherwise remained in their local status as they were formed. It is vivid that the primary goal of the establishment of all business organizations is to make profits. On the other hand, profits can only be made with the availability of the clients and the retention of the clients. Thanks to the millennials who are the largest population in the current world. The role that the millennials play is crucial and unavoidable to the growth of any business. In order for the profitability of any business to increase, businesses have to increase the network coverage of their clients and it is for this reason that the web is praised. The web creates international connections and it is from this that the world is said to be a small village these days. Take an example of that local business in the locality of the USA in its startup state. At this point the business can only serve a limited number of people in the USA locality due to the lack of its awareness in the international market.(Freeman, 2014).

This state can, however be manipulated by the introduction of the web in the business and this brings in the aspect of product promotion. The most common element to be identified in the field of product promotion is advertisement. The small business will definitely be known all over the world by simply posting its operations and products to the web to be viewed by all the people who have access to the internet. Internet accessibility increases yearly and this is due to the rapid advancements in technology of the world. The increased number of very cheap mobile phones that have internet access is also another factor that makes the viability of the web in business vivid. The most common web platform in the world is Facebook which is used by billions of people in the world and can be accessed by anyone who owns a smartphone and the iPhone. Computers are also a good option to access the internet but due to their immobility, they are not commonly used. Facebook creates an interaction and engagement platform for the customers and the businesses.

The interactions are made possible by the businesses posting about their products and receiving feedbacks from the customers. The feedbacks received provide insights into the weaknesses and the strengths of the businesses and this prompts for the improvement of services provided. Therefore, this is a report on the engagements of the fast food company, KFC and its clients or customers on the Facebook platform. KFC is an American based, international fast food company which has set foot in many parts of the world through franchises and direct investment by the company itself.

Managing all the international clients is hard and this is how Facebook comes in. Facebook has helped the company grow internationally and its success can be said to be attributed to the use of the Facebook web over the past decade. 

Literature Review 

The advancements in the technology and the improvements in the social media platforms makes the finding of unlimited information very effortless. The KFC Company has turned almost all of the FB users its clients due to the impression it creates in the users whenever they login to their Facebook accounts. The popping of delicious looking images of food prepared by the KFC kitchen is so intriguing that one may decide to make an online order even if they did not plan to. The images are designed in a manner that is so captivating and the colors used are also very captivating to the eye. One may just enter their Facebook pages and the first thing to find is the KFC prepared meal image. Owing to the fact that I the entire world, very many families are increasing in terms of wealth, the online purchasing habit is also increasing in all parts of the world. This is one of the reasons why the KFC Company is also increasing its online shops. The Facebook images are just a prompt that will link an interested FB user to the online purchasing button where an online order can be made.  

The use of the Facebook platform also enables the Facebook users to make their comments about the images. Most of the Facebook users make good comments just due to the nature of the images displayed on the Facebook pages. (Kwok, 2013).  The good comments prompt other people to love the products of the company and this way, they make their orders too. From the Facebook comments and posts from the clients, the KFC Company determines its strengths and also weakness.

This owes to the fact that some clients can make negative comments while some are bound to make positive comments. The interaction between the company and the clients on the web is an important strategy to the achievement of the company’s financial and expansion goals. 

One very important feature about the KFC Facebook posts is that the Facebook users are free to make their comments right below the posts without any restrictions. This makes the customers feel free with the company and they are drawn to it as it has depicted the aspect of customer orientalism. Also, one realizable feature about the posts is that the company makes comments on most of the posts by the clients and the company itself. Business organizations that are organizing their business operations and neglecting the use social media such as the popular Facebook will not be as competitive in the world market as the businesses like KFC which engage their customers at a space where many people cannot avoid to see the posts. Road posts are good but they are not customer engaging as the Facebook posts that give the clients a freedom to talk and express their feelings about the services and products of the company. 

Research Method 

This research paper arrives to the findings of the paper by making use of the publicly available data of the web and that is the Facebook platform. The Facebook platform used in this case is that which shows the interaction of the KFC customers and the posts of the company. The use of content analysis has been employed in coming up with the final findings of the research paper that can be depended on. The main approach used in coming up with the findings is the quantitative approach that tells us about how many and how much. The quantitative aspect has been used in estimating the number of users who engage in the KFC Facebook interactions and it is from the statistics and estimations that the performance of the company can be determined. Also another strategy that has been used in coming up with the findings of this paper is the nature of the comments made by the customers to the company. Talking about nature means implies the positivity and the negativity of the posts made by the clients towards the posts of the company. One can tell the performance of the business from the nature of the comments made by their clients and it is from the comments that one can make improvements. 

The content analysis of the research paper has been done basing on the reaction of the clients towards the company’s posts. The reactions are in terms of the numbers of the posts and the nature of the posts made on the posts from the time of posting to the current time of the report. 

KFC Use For The Facebook Posts (Sales Promotion) 

From one of the posts of the company to its customers on the Facebook web, it can be seen that one of the use of the Facebook posts by the company is to promote its products to the customers. The images of the products are designed to have the price tags that are cheap and appealing to the clients.

Images of real people enjoying the meals is another special feature to prompt the instincts of the people to crave for the KFC products. (Parsons, 2013).  The smiling faces of the family waiting to enjoy the meal is a motivator to the buyers to crave more as the aspect of joy has been created for whenever one acquires the same package. From the comments of the people, however few they are, it shows that there is an active interaction between the company and the online customers. One recent post of the company got 9 reactions, which is the comments of the buyers and the company. This means that there is an active and useful interaction and engagement between the clients. The fact that the comments of users were not in millions in relation to the numbers of people on Facebook does not mean that there is no interaction. It owes to the fact that one client asking for the price and the form of delivery of the product and getting a reply from the company, serves all the millions of people on Facebook. One question from a Facebook user and the reply from the company are made public for all people to see.

This therefore means that the answer given to the one person will serve all the people who had the same question and therefore they will see no need to comment over the same. The management of the company is keen to react to the comments of the clients and this is a very good show that attracts many clients to view and click on the link to buy the products online. 

Also, the comments made by the people about the products posted by the company provide the insights into the nature of the company’s products. It gives the company a clue of whether the client  are happy with their products or not. Such a comment like, yum yum, shows that the client is happy and willing to buy the products. It is from such a comment that the company may make a decision of either maintaining the quality of their products or to make some changes basing on the client’s comments. In one of the posts the client has commented on the closing hours of the KFC shops claiming that they close so early. (Jayasingh, 2015).  The company has responded that they will do some changes to it. It is brilliant step by the company to reply to the comments of the customers especially when they are making a Complain as this makes the customers to feel part of the KFC family and thus are retained automatically. 

One recommendation for the company about the online posts is that the company should employ more staff that could handle all the customers. This is due to the fact that some customers may have the intentions to bargain. The company should introduce a space on the Facebook platform where the clients who bargain for the products and come to an agreement are considered on delivery of the products. This strategy is more engaging and the company will be able to attract more customers and even snatch the competitors such as Starbucks. 


It is undeniable that the Facebook posts have taken the company to the international level. It is for this reason that the company should focus on the use of the Facebook posts and even make improvements to attract more customers. 


Freeman, B., Kelly, B., Baur, L., Chapman, K., Chapman, S., Gill, T., & King, L. (2014). Digital junk: food and beverage marketing on Facebook. American journal of public health, 104(12), e56-e64. 

Kwok, L., & Yu, B. (2013). Spreading social media messages on Facebook: An analysis of restaurant business-to-consumer communications. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 54(1), 84-94. 

Parsons, A. (2013). Using social media to reach consumers: A content analysis of official Facebook pages. Academy of marketing studies Journal, 17(2), 27. 

Jayasingh, S., & Venkatesh, R. (2015). Customer engagement factors in facebook brand pages.  Asian Social Science, 11(26), 19.  


KFC 'cripsy goodness' facebook promotional post

The above image of the of the KFC Facebook post that received 8 comments from the clients. The posts from the clients are questions about the products and the deliveries of the products too. As much as the number of the comments are few, they represent the whole population of the Facebook family. The post can be termed as company originated and it takes the form of product promotion posts. 

KFC 'break the fast with loved ones' instagram promotional post

This post also received 7 comments from the clients and one of the comments is, “yum yum”. This is just an expression of the appreciation of the KFC products. It is a prompt to the other clients to buy the products and feel the ream meaning of the client’s comment in reality. It is also a form of a product promotion post. 

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